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Author: Katie,Carl and Peter

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A podcast about crypto adoption, and occasionally booze! We'll take you across the globe, talking to guests who are either spending cryptocurrency in the real world or who have opened businesses or created products that allow you to spend yours.We alway want to hear from you if you have found cool places to spend your crypto in, or products to spend it on - so get in touch!
17 Episodes
We hope you have enjoyed listening to the series as much as we enjoyed making it. In this episode we talk about our highlights, as well as introduce what will be coming up in the new season : The Crypto Bar Rekt. If you have any stories about bad investments or big mistakes you have made please let us know at
In this episode we chat to Vinay about one of my favourite topics, doomsday prepping, and how to survive an apocalyptic event. This is particularly relevant at the moment with the threat of pandemics and biological terrorism at the forefront of many people's minds. We also touch on how blockchain could be of use in these situations. 
In our second chat with Vinay Gupta we discuss the future of crypto and Bitcoin as well as Etherium 2.0 and his project Mattereum, a real use case for blockchain technology. *Please note we are not financial advisors and we are not giving any advice, just our opinions. 
In this weeks episode, Peter and Carl chat to Pynk's Rupert Barksfield about financial inclusion, financial literacy and why crypto is right, but not for right now. Also listen out for a rather rude interruption by a passing marching band! 
In the first of three episodes we have done with Vinay Gupta we go all the way back to the Second World War and the invention of cryptography which played a major part in the war effort. We cover digital gold, the early days of Etherium and much more in this fascinating insight into the history that has lead us to Blockhain and Cryptocurrency. *Please note we are not financial advisors and we are not giving any advice, just our opinions. 
Still hanging out at Mercato Metropolitano (and after a few beers), in this episode we chat to James Bowater of Crypto AM and London Blockchain Forum fame, along with Jeff Hancock, co-founder of UK based exchange Coinpass. *Please note we are not financial advisors and we are not giving any advice, just our opinions. 
After a fantastic first episode of series one, we are back at Mercato Metropolitano to check in with the Craft Coin Company. We speak to Florian Krueger, CEO, about what they have been up to over the past year and their very exciting plans for 2020. *Please note we are not financial advisors and we are not giving any advice, just our opinions. 
The Crypto Bar is back for its second season and as you may have heard on our podcast with John McAfee we have a new co-host, Peter! Over the series we will be learning more about Peter, the nicest guy in crypto (according to Carl) as well as meeting some great guests and learning about how they are using blockchain technology in their businesses. 
John McAfee Interview

John McAfee Interview


We talk to U.S. Presidential candidate, cryptocurrency advocate and former McAfee Anti-Virus boss John McAfee about everything from human nature, a future run at the UK Parliament and ....the 'Dickening'.  
We chat about where you can spend crypto currently in the travel industry, what Norwegian Airlines are planning with their new exchange, which websites you can pay for your holidays with bitcoin (and if you would even want to) on, and how blockchain can improve processes such as baggage handling and the inevitable loss of bags. 
Walton Jones, host of Blockteq Talk podcast and owner of talks to us about his journey into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as how he thinks the industry has changed and will change in the future. **No financial advice here folks, just our opinions which are questionable at best**Contact us: Email: info@cryptobarpodcast.comTwitter/Instagram: @thecryptobar
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general have received plenty of negative press due to concerns over its impact on the environment.We talk to Charles Adams of to find out the true environmental cost of cryptocurrencies, and explore whether an alternative argument can be made for the green benefits of Crypto.**The Crypto Bar podcast is not financial advice, or any kind of advice actually...**Contact us: Email: info@cryptobarpodcast.comTwitter/Instagram: @thecryptobar
It's 2019 people. Cryptocurrency has been around for over 10 years and still, most retail stores don't accept it as a means of payment. Why is this? Josh Igoe, of Cryptocurrency payment solutions provider Salamantex, steps into the Crypto Bar to shed some light on the retailers' side of the story. Grab a glass of Korean Soju (also explained in the pod!) and enjoy.
In today's episode we chat about our experiences at the Malta Blockchain Summit a few weeks ago. We discuss what we thought about the event, who we met and also how much we loved the country itself! 
In this episode we discuss the news that Facebook have launched the whitepaper for Libra Coin, how it will affect the crypto industry as a whole, and if it will end in Utopia or Doomsday for other cryptocurrencies. 
Episode 2 of the Crypto Bar, a crypto adoption podcast. Today we chat to Jaide Barclay who is based in Brisbane, Australia, about her adventures around the world trying to live off cryptocurrency alone. 
Our first episode of the Crypto Bar, a crypto adoption podcast. We chat to Florian Bollen from the Craft Coin Company about their beer token and how it is revolutionising how we spend cryptocurrency. 
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