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Dan must really like to talk. He’s both an award-winning trial lawyer and a radio talk show host. Since Dan has never shied away from a microphone or a good fight he’s also been a legal analyst for most of America’s top television networks and newspapers.
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In a shocking revelation, Dan shares with Ryan and the audience that he had never before in his life eaten a taco. That is, until desperate times called for desperate measures at a backyard gathering last night. Also, a friend of Johnny Hurley (Corey from Arvada) remembers the fallen hero of the Arvada shooting that also saw the perpetrator take the life of police officer Gordon Beesley.
Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO 3) joins Dan to discuss leading efforts on behalf of several U.S. House Republicans to censure President Joe Biden for his 'dereliction of duty' on the southern border. Also, she joins fellow Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX) - the former White House physician for President Obama and President Trump - in calling for Biden to undergo a cognitive test to determine whether he is fit for office. Finally, Dan reveals a surprising story about hitchhiking cross country during his younger years.
Dan focuses on the chaotic moments during which a mass shooting takes place, the minutes and seconds that are critical in response, and how armed guards and citizens can save lives as first responders as the bullets are flying. What the example of Johnny Hurley proves is that concealed carry laws work, helping protect other fellow innocent civilians from harm and death.
In the aftermath of the purely wicked and evil actions of a deranged lunatic who targeted, shot, and killed Arvada police officer Gordon Beesley - a good guy with a gun had the courage to step in and take the shooter out with a gun of his own, and gave his life in the process. Dan asks how we can best honor Johnny Hurley as the fallen hero he is.
Ratcheting up the anti-cop rhetoric and cultivating cop hate for votes has been a go-to strategy for Democrats nationwide since the Black Lives Matter movement began. Now, Arvada police officer Gordon Beesley is dead - targeted by a deranged lunatic because he was a member of law enforcement. Is it time for Democratic leaders to tone down the 'Defund the Police' talking points? Or more than that, is it time to hold them accountable for their words that led directly to these actions?
Dan says, with the tremendous enthusiasm of a broad loyal base of voters, the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination is Donald Trump's - if he wants it. Ryan contends it's time for Trump to pass the torch and give his blessing to Florida governor Ron DeSantis to carry forward the policy ideas and legacy that Trump himself began.
Tragedy strikes again with gun violence in Colorado, as a suspect shoots and kills a police officer in Arvada - before being shot and killed himself.
Catholic bishops are mulling a decision on whether to deny President Joe Biden holy communion, based on his stance on abortion. Dan explores, along with a listener with experience, the reasons why or why not that is a justified decision.
First, caller Farren attempts to discredit a black Illinois father who slammed Critical Race Theory at a school board meeting as a conservative activist with his own talk show. Then, he and Dan spar over the very existence of CRT in public schools, whether it should be taught, and if parents in disadvantaged neighborhoods and school districts should have the ability to choose a better educational experience for their kids.
In a video that has gone viral on social media, a black father in Illinois confronts his school board on the issue of Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools. Also, Dick Wadhams discusses his recent op-ed in the Denver Post with Dan, analyzing the re-election bid of 'The Accidental Senator' Michael Bennet.
On the surface, the description of Colorado Senate Bill 169 seems harmless enough: "Concerning protecting consumers from unfair discrimination in insurance practices." But according to Rep. Rep Dan Woog (R-63), the devil is in the details. The amended statute would prohibit insurance companies from using demographic factors like education, occupation, credit, or gender when determining rates. The consequence? Significant insurance rate hikes for good, safe drivers and many types of professionals. Plus, Rep. Moog contends there are already laws on the books that protect against unfair discrimination in insurance rates against individuals.
Following a unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court finding in favor of a Catholic agency in a dispute over foster care placement in Philadelphia, Dan discusses the victory for religious liberty in permitting the orphanage to refuse allowing children to be placed in LGBTQ households. Brittany Vessely, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, joins the program for a conversation on the topic.
Dan explores Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton-Brown's assertion that Democrats in the Denver Public Schools are compromised on allegations of sexual abuse against Tay Anderson, because they are 'pot-committed' to bankrolling him through the last campaign. Also, the elderly angst of President Joe Biden shows through again in a bitter rebuke of CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins. Was it because she was a woman?
The comparison could not be more night and day, as a lucid and meticulously prepared Vladmir Putin cited distorted facts about American domestic unrest extemporaneously... and President Joe Biden had to read his opening statement from a teleprompter and only take questions from a pre-approved list of selected friendly reporters in Geneva, Switzerland.
It took a jury merely a few hours to render a guilty verdict and convict the STEM School shooter on all counts brought by prosecutor George Brauchler. He joins Dan with his reaction to the court proceedings and decision.
Over five months after it happened, we still don't know the identity of the Capitol Hill police officer who shot and killed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. Why not?
Heidi Ganahl, the highest-ranking (and only) statewide elected Republican in Colorado, blasted current Governor Jared Polis as 'King of the Karens.' Dan breaks down whether this is a fair and effective attack, and whether it carries more weight coming from a female potential candidate for governor in 2022.
In a tweet, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO 3) congratulates on Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets winning the NBA Most Valuable Player award as 'a true gentleman.' Comrade Kyle Clark of 9 News and other liberals on Twitter immediately condemn the comment as implicitly 'racist.' Dan wonders why.
Keisha King of Duval County, Florida. Deborah Flora of Douglas County, Colorado. Two moms, one black and one white, both equally concerned about the negative impact and damage being done to children being taught Critical Race Theory in public schools. And each had the courage to speak up about it at a school board meeting. Kristi profiles each and offers her commentary as a mom of school-aged children as well.
The Not-So-Notorious KBB rejoins The Dan Caplis Show as guest host, focusing on the drug cartels in a border crisis that has implications in Colorado, and the miserable failure of Vice-President Kamala Harris in managing that endeavor. Also, inflation and cost of living continue to spiral out of control with too many available jobs going unfilled by people who are being paid more NOT to work.
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