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Feeling My Flo

Author: Lantigua Williams & Co.

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Feeling My Flo is a reported podcast where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies.
7 Episodes
In the last episode of season one, young activists tell us about their work for “menstrual equity” – the idea that period products should be affordable, safe, and available to everyone who needs them.
His Sympathy Cramps

His Sympathy Cramps


As a trans man, PJ Brooks started taking hormones in college, and his period stopped. But once he met Zoë Johnson, the two found themselves experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) together. In this episode, we hear about the couple’s discomfort, acceptance, and love. We also talk to a doctor who unpacks PMS for us.
Raising two daughters is hard, especially when they’re in their teens and starting their periods … especially when you’re two dads who have never experienced menstruation. In this episode, Erik and Mark, along with their daughters, Ceci and Liv, talk about how their family navigated periods together.
Cass Bliss was so open about being a transgender and non-binary menstruator that they both received a hateful backlash and were recognized as a world leader. We talk to them about how they got started and how Toni the Tampon was born.
López Family Values

López Family Values


Guided by three generations of López women, we hear how one family’s attitude toward their bodies and menstruation has transformed through time and space. In this episode, twenty-year-old Aszana, her mother, Vanessa, and her grandmother, Rosa, each share their unique period stories.
Just in Time for Lola

Just in Time for Lola


High schooler Lola Blackman talks to Kamilah about being a late bloomer, the idea of “womanhood,” and what it was like to impatiently wait to get her period. Our producer, Mia, also investigates why people are late bloomers – spoiler alert: there’s nothing wrong with it!
Feeling My Flo Trailer

Feeling My Flo Trailer


Premiering July 11, Feeling My Flo is a reported podcast where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies. The show will feature menstruators who identify all along the gender spectrum. In addition to centering the stories of menstruators from a broad swath of cultural and economic backgrounds, the podcast offers reliable and actionable information about the changes that occur when people experience menstruation. 
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