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Author: Pastor Khalid Griffin

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Thank you for listening in to Redemption Church in Fort Wayne, IN. We are glad you are interested in hearing our Sunday morning lessons by our lead pastor, Pastor Khalid Griffin. If you desire to grasp a deeper understanding of the Word and apply the Word to your life, take a listen. We are hopeful this Word inspires and encourages you as the listener.
109 Episodes
We move forward in our series about the fruit of Spirit. Take a listen to understand the difference between happiness and joy, and what joy means for believers. Support the show (
Loving each other the way God loves us is not easy. Meet us in 1 Corinthians 13 to examine the attributes and misconceptions of demonstrating agape (the unconditional love of God). Support the show (
We explore the first characteristic of the Holy Spirit that grants us access to various other attributes of Jesus Christ. Take a listen to this basic yet essential sermon about love. Support the show (
We shift our focus to why we aren’t maximizing our spiritual productivity to what we can do. Living our best life begins with God and the fruit only He can offer. Join us in Galatians 5:19-26. Support the show (
Take a listen to this sermon to learn about the impact of our spiritual diet. We can only produce for the world what we consume. Join us in Matthew 7:16-20.Support the show (
Take a listen as Pastor Khalid unpacks the parable of the barren fig tree (Luke 13:6-9). Support the show (
Deception is an issue plaguing our churches today. Take a listen to this message to learn the basics of deception and how to handle deception in life and in church. Support the show (
Pastor Khalid reveals the most common reasons our spiritual lives are fruitless — flawed mindsets, hard hearts, and toxic people. This Word will bless you. Support the show (
Built for This

Built for This


Take a listen to this previously recorded sermon that reveals the relevance of our experiences as we navigate our path to purpose. Support the show (
Where is the Fruit?

Where is the Fruit?


We begin a new series that challenges us to consider evidence that we’re saved. However, before we produce the things of God, we need to be connected to the right source. Support the show (
This expression needs no explanation. Take a listen as Pastor Khalid examines the issues with the YOLO mentality. Support the show (
We explore the common phrases regular church goers use to demonstrate their spiritual development and maturity. We learn in this message it’s more than what you do or what you say.Support the show (
The phrase “You Got This” is often used to encourage and inspire others to keep fighting. It also suggests we take control of a situation and some good will eventually be produced because of our hard work. Often, we don’t have control nor the capacity, but that’s an opportunity to give it to God. Support the show (
Too often we blame our humanness to justify our lack of spiritual growth and/or development. Take a listen to this sermon in order to understand how you can move beyond settling in your human nature. Support the show (
We often use this expression when we’re in a crisis. We assume God won’t challenge us to grow beyond our comfort level. However, it’s the opposite. We have to experience discomfort as we develop. Support the show (
We explore another overly used phrase that contradicts specific truths about our spiritual journey. Take a listen to understand the reality of stress/pressure as believers. Support the show (
We explore another cliché that suggests God will give us whatever our heart desires to have. Join us in Psalm 37 as Pastor Khalid debunks and challenges the assumptions that are connected to this misused phrase. Support the show (
We begin a new series that challenges us to think about spiritual clichés and how we use them so casually. Rather,  we should seek to understand what we’re actually saying when attempting to  justify and/or explain aspects of our spirituality. Support the show (
Can We Talk? Get Ready

Can We Talk? Get Ready


We have started a new series on prayer.  Prayer is a conversation initiated by us.  When we pray correctly, we should anticipate specific things to happen in our lives, so "Get Ready!"Support the show (
Let It Go

Let It Go


We explore forgiveness. This term is used so loosely that we could devalue its significance or not truly understand its significance. Pastor Khalid teaches and reminds us about the various layers of forgiveness. Support the show (
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