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Author: Pastor Khalid Griffin

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Thank you for listening in to Redemption Church in Fort Wayne, IN. We are glad you are interested in hearing our Sunday morning lessons by our senior pastor, Dr. Khalid Griffin. If you desire to grasp a deeper understanding of the Word and apply the Word to your life, take a listen. We are hopeful this Word inspires and encourages you as the listener.
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Misfit: Virtuous Woman

Misfit: Virtuous Woman


Pastor Khalid teaches about a godly woman who complements the godly man he taught about last week. Take a listen to learn about the strong, courageous woman. Support the show
This is a message to men.  This message validates and confirms some of men's struggles to be a man of God.  Moreover, this message reveals why some men process and prioritize the way they do. Support the show
The most difficult task for us as believers is loving  others like God loves us. Take a listen to learn about those aspects of our natural identity that make loving like God so challenging. Support the show
Forgiving others is not easy, but it is an expectation for all believers. Take a listen as Pastor Khalid challenges the popular belief that forgiveness should be determined by our feelings. Support the show
What is “right” is fluid and inconsistent through the lens of society.  As believers we cannot build our identity and values on that unstable foundation. Rather, we should look to the unchanging standard of righteousness set by God. Support the show
We begin a new series that focuses on being set apart as believers. Too many of us are trying to fit in or be accepted by the world although scripture makes it clear we have been chosen to be different. Support the show
We conclude our series on fasting with a word encouraging us all to continue to unlock the greater aspects of ourselves we've experienced during this fast. Why would you want to go back to a lesser version of yourself?Support the show
We must resist the temptation to give up on what God has made available to us. Breakthrough, deliverance, and blessings require us to hang on until something happens. Support the show
Fasting is a weapon. Take a listen to learn how fasting is a contribution to the spiritual battle that occurs beyond our natural world. Support the show
Pastor Khalid teaches on biblical fasting. Take a listen to understand the misconceptions and assumptions we often make about fasting. Moreover, there are specific truths that should be part of our foundation when fasting. Support the show
New Year. Old Me.

New Year. Old Me.


Resetting the calendar cannot produce the change we desire for ourselves. If we do not address what needs to be addressed within us, we will never experience the change we desire to see year after year. Support the show
Many of us do not have a problem saying “thank you” to God. However, this sermon helps us understand the importance of demonstrating our gratitude to God. Support the show
Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from getting what you need from God. Support the show
It’s time to refocus on the main thing; it’s time for us to grow and continue to grow as believers. Support the show
During Jesus’s ministry we witness some profound and unique interactions he had with people from all walks of life. In John 5 we meet a man who has embraced his unfortunate situation, but we see Jesus has other plans in store for him. Support the show
Bold and Blind

Bold and Blind


We conclude our analysis of the parable of the prodigal son by examining the behavior and attitude of the older brother. He is so consumed with the actions of his younger brother and father that he fails to realize his own issues. Support the show
He Still Loves Me

He Still Loves Me


We continue our exploration of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. We take a closer look at the father, his attributes, and his desires. Support the show
I’m Trippin’

I’m Trippin’


Like the prodigal son, we’ve all lost our way in life. It’s important to understand how we end up lost. More importantly, it’s important to know how to return home. Support the show
It’s Handled

It’s Handled


Psalm 23 is arguably the most quoted psalm, yet many of us fail to understand and appreciate its deeper meaning. Take a listen to figure out what David wants us to know about God. Support the show
When we ask for God, we often expect him to answer “yes” immediately. We should understand because he can intervene doesn’t always mean he will intervene. More importantly, we must know he hasn’t responded for a reason. Support the show
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