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Welcome to Freedom Slay Podcast, where fempreneurs, side-hustlers and wantrepreneurs come to fast-track their success. If you’re a Millennial Girl Boss, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the goods. Every Thursday you’ll get the tools you need to slay your business goals to create a life of time and financial freedom you desperately seek.
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Huge goals often require bold moves and unreasonable requests. In this episode we learn from the Queen of successful unreasonable requests, Stephanie Burns, who has made many unreasonable requests that have helped propel her businesses to massive heights. Stephanie is the Founder of Chic CEO, a company she created to help women build their businesses from the very start. Stephanie is a serial entrepreneur and also a contributor for Forbes, Today Show and Entrepreneur and know a thing (or 5!) about media pitches. Tune in to learn how to make your own unreasonable requests to help propel your business forward along with the dos and don'ts of pitching yourself to the media.Connect with Stephanie Burns:Instagram : @heystephanieburnsTwitter: @stephanieburnsWebsites: Stephanie-Burns.comChic-CEO.comRead Stephanie's Forbes
Berrion Berry is a professionally trained board certified Integrative Health Practioner and Founder of the Flo Academy and in this episode, we are chatting about her transition from corporate into the world of entrepreneurship, but also about taking a more holistic approach to your life and business .Berry's Links:WebsitePodcastSignature Program for 1-on-1 assistancePeriod Nutrition ProgramPersonal InstagramThe Flo Academy Instagram 
Naira Perez has over 20 yrs experience in marketing. She's worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses and in this episode we discuss paid media, marketing on a shoe string budget, marketing with a small social following, identifying customer behaviors and much more.Naira's Links:
Jaime Schmidt, founder of Schmidt's Naturals, shares all the gems of scaling her business from her small Portland kitchen, to giant warehouse and 30,000 retailers BEFORE being acquired. She shares how she did it, the trials that came along the way (like copy cats, legal threats and growing pains of growing a team) and what life looks like after a 9 figure buy out.Get in Jaime's world:JaimeSchmidt.infoIG: @jaimeschmidtTwitter: Capital:Color.CapitalIG: @colorinvestsTwitter: @colorinvestsDon't forget about the Super Maker giveaway. Shoot a message on Instagram @gaynete
If you've ever been in debt, had a poor credit score or wanted to get your financial life together, Arnita Johnson-Hall, founder of AMB credit, is your girl. Learn how to sort your money and your money history out in this episode.Arnita's Instagram @helloarnitaAMB's Instagram
Nickie's Curls Dynasty is sold at Target and dozens of other beauty supply stores across the USA. In this episode she shares how this happened and the lessons learned along the way. Curls Dynasty WebsiteCurls Dynasty Instagram PageNickie Nou WebsiteNickie Nou Instagram
We haven't had a solo episode in a while, let's chat!Also, don't forget to follow @best.periodt on instagram and join our email bestie list 
In this episode, Marquel Russell and Aundrae Gaskin are teaching the must-knows for client attraction. To date they’ve helped their students make more than $100 million in their businesses while scaling their own in a massive way.If you have a coaching or consultancy business and you want more leads and clients, Russell and Gaskin have a free tool they put together called The Paid Ad Playbook that you can grab at In it they’ll teach you how to get 50 to 100 leads every single day that actually convert into clients.You can also learn from them on Instagram @marquelrussell @aundraevgaskin.
Ever dream of writing a book? Pitching the media? Living more boldly? If so, this episode is for you. Arianna Davis, Digital Director for O, The Oprah Magazine, recently released her book What Would Frida Do and we chat the writing process, living boldly and even pitching the media.Grab your own copy of What Would Frida Do anywhere books are sold. If you want to support an Indie book store (yes, please!), you can find one here.You can also follow Arianna Davis on her bold journey @ariannagab on Instagram and @AriannaGDavis on Twitter.
Teri Ijeoma paid off $17k of debt in 30 days and recently bought her house cash, from investments. She teaches other's to do the same. Tune in to learn how you too can do this.Keep up with's YouTube
First degree intentional homicide is the charge Edward L. Hennings originally received 24 years ago. Unlike most charged with this, however, Hennings has not only found freedom outside of a cell, he also escaped the lifestyle that got him there and is now a respected business man, author and sought after motivational speaker. His story is one for the books, and the 180 mindset shift Ed Hennings made is one all should lean in and take note of. Every story worth reading, however, has a rising action that leads to conflict and Hennings’ began in his teens.Ed Hennings contact info:Website: Beard oil: kingedwardgrooming.comInstagram: @edhennings1Facebook: Ed Hennings
Learn everything you need to know as a business owner as it relates to protecting your interests & intellectual property. Our guest, Ticora Davis dives deeply into trademarks, patents and copyrights so that you'll prepared and aware of what is needed to begin securing your legacy through your business. Ticora's Information below:Instagram - - - - -
22yr old viral sensation Kyle Dendy has helped over 7,000 people land speaking gigs and get onto huge media outlets. In this episode he shares all the gems, including how to get people to open your emails and his thoughts on the constantly changing Instagram algorithms. Connect with Kyle Dendy using the links below:on Instagram
If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that business as usual leads to business gone.  If you need to learn what it takes today to drive sales online, you're in luck.Irene Moore has over a decade of experience handling PR, social media and digital marketing for global brands such as L'Oreal, Kat Von D Beauty Cantu and Dior. She's an official business mentor for the Virgin Startup Group and is on this episode sharing the latest online marketing trends and how to drive sales when ads are not working.When our guest, Irene Moore launched her first business, DM London , in just 3 months she was  able to grow  it to a 6 figure company.  Learn all the gems to drive online sales and brand in this post-COVID world.Get connected with Irene:Instagram: @irenemoore_Website:
If you've ever wanted your business processes more streamlined , wondered how to be more efficient in your business day-to-day or how to properly vet and work with a manufacturer to save time and money, this is the episode for you.  LaRitta Webb is an engineer with over a decade of experience helping businesses to add to their margins by creating more streamlined systems from the operational side. LaRitta's Instagram: @laritta_w & @3lfitnessLaRitta's Website:
Time to dive into the elements that make a strong brand. I you want to lean how to brand effectively, Karen Tiber Leland, an 8x best-selling author, marketing and branding ninja and PR pro is your go-to and will show you the way in this episode! Karen's links: Website: Podcast: Column: Mapping Book
Where you've been doesn't determine where you can go. Bun Bydaway is a prime example of this. After 7 x  in prison and 11 years probation, Bun Bydaway channelled his skillsets into entrepreneurship and has recently hit the 7 figure mark.Connect with Bun Bydaway:Bun's IG @bun_byda_wayConnect with Gaynete' on IG @Gaynete
Husband and wife duo Marx and Amber Succes are the founders of Côtier Brand and have successfully managed to get two of their products into Target. Learn what large retailers are looking for and what it is that you need to do in order to sell there too. Côtier Instagram: @cotierbrandAmber Instagram: See their Convokins on Target site hereSee their 'Did Baby Poopie' baby shower scratch off game here 
Pauleanna Reid, a celebrity ghost writer, journalist and millennial mentor discusses her struggles with depression and suicide while diving deep into mindset shifts needed to get on the other side to slay goals. Check out Pauleanna's links below:Instagram @PauleannaReidTwitter @PauleannaReid PauleannaReid.comRead Pauleanna's Forbes Column here
If you'v ever asked yourself "How can I get more traffic to my website?" then this is the episode for you. Our guest is Ronan Walsh, who is the Founder of Digital Trawler - a SaaS Marketing Agency based in Ireland. Where they help companies with their marketing strategy and messaging and have experts in SEO, paid adverts, social media and more.Links / Books Discussed in this's Contact:www.digitaltrawler.com  
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