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Duane Jones, founder of ArtPayMe is a graphic designer, painter, podcaster and all around dope creative. In this episode, we dive into  wearing (& juggling) multiple hats, along with facing fear head-on when taking on your creative ventures.Find Duane on Instagram @artpaysme and Twitter @artpaysme
Retirement may seem like it's too long away to give much serious thought, but Tanya Taylor,  CPA, MBA will share why this is not the case and how to prepare for it in a way that feels achievable. Mentioned in  episode:Book: What People Think of Me Is Not My BusinessWebsite: growyourwealth10x.comInstagram: @growyourwealth10xYoutube: @GrowYourWealthTV
Confidence in the real world and in business can be the difference between getting what you want and being passed over. In this episode, we hear from confidence expert Melody Pourmoradi and dive into overcoming blocks and perfection paralysis. As a twin girl mom, an award winning author, empowerment coach, podcast host + founder of the GiRLiFE Certification program, Melody Pourmoradi is on a mission to introduce girls and women alike to their personal power.  Melody’s heart-centered Business has been featured in Forbes, The Today Show, Huffington Post, Bella Magazine and others.Connect with Melody:Instagram: Group: with your host of the Freedom Slay Podcast, Gayneté JonesWebsite: Gaynete.comHer Black-owned Menstrual Cup business: BestPeriodt.comOn Instagram: @gaynete and @best.periodt
Learn what you need to be focusing on as a New Majority business owner for you business to take off with our amazing guest Melissa Bradley.  In this episode with discuss the numbers you need to be focused on, what scaling really means (and what it entails) and what investors are really paying attention to.Our guest Melissa Bradley is a community leader, brilliant entrepreneur, savvy investor, and professor at Georgetown University— and these are just a few of the hats she wears.  She has most recently Founded and is Managing Partner of 1863 Ventures – a business development program that accelerates New Majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth.  Learn more about 1863 Ventures at or on their Instagram page @1863Ventures . Melissa is also on Twitter @bradleyml and Instagram @bradleyml
There hasn't been a solo episode in a while. Let's chat the year in review, plans for the future & how those goals will come to life.The host discusses launching her menstrual care brand Best Periodt and where she sees it going in the next 12 months. Check out the best menstrual cups in the game:https://bestperiodt.comLink for planner mentioned in episode here
Bianca Edwards, Floyd Mayweather's former aesthetician, is the founder of the first black-owned, luxury beauty tool brand, BDR (Beauty Done Right). In this episode we discuss her journey, mindset and plans for the future. Website: bdrbeautydoneright.comIG: @bdr_beautydoneright
Akilah Releford has returned to the Freedom Slay Podcast to discuss the recent sale of her business and events that led to this point. We also get into routines, Tik Tok and the organisation required to pull off the huge feats she has in such a short period of time. Keep up with Akilah and her company Mary Louise Cosmetics on Instagram @akilahreleford and @marylouisecosmetics . You can shop Mary Louise Cosmetics at MyMaryLouise.comCheck out Akilah's first episode 43 entitled: 43 - A Master Lesson In Entrepreneurship & The Need to Pivot with 23 Year Old Akilah Releford
Jaclyn Mellone, a.k.a. the 'Go-To Gal',  breaks down her 5 part framework for getting you noticed in your line of work. Jaclyn Mellone is the founder of Go-To Gal Media, business coach for entrepreneurs, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast.  She speaks with experts around the globe to help them become the Go-To Authority in their space, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, and Parents. Keep connected with Jaclyn:Website: http://www.jaclynmellone.comInstagram: @jaclyn_melloneQuiz - Which Movie Villain is Sabotaging Your
Noel Durity is another Shark Tank star gracing the Freedom Slay stages, who is doing big things. In this episode he shares how he built a product from scratch, overcame hurdles along the way and the problem solving skills required to succeed. Noel's Twist It Up Comb has millions in sales and it's only the beginning. Keep In Contact with Noel & Twist It Up Comb:Website: Twistitupcomb.comInstagram: @twistitup / @noel.durity 
In this episode you'll learn the key thing our guest does as a precaution when throwing huge events, the importance of routine, the make up of a successful entrepreneur and so much more. Our guest, Ronsley Vaz, is a man with many titles: podcaster, author, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur. He is the Chief Day Dreamer at the AMPLIFY group. AMPLIFY is Australia's First Audio Marketing Agency. Ronsley hosts the First Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere - We Are Podcast. and is the podcast host of both The Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Should I Start a Podcast?You can find Ronsley Vaz on Clubhouse, on Instagram @RonsleyVaz and Twitter @RonsleyVisit Ronsley's site at: out his podcasts:The Psychology of Entrepreneurship Should I Start a Podcast?
Duane Myko has grit by the pound and in this episode, you'll get a dose of what it really takes to succeed. From being broke and living in his car, to striking a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank and getting his burgers in stores across the country, this entrepreneur knows a thing (or five!) about perseverance and shares his wisdom with listeners.Everything Legendary has plant based burgers (and other meat substitutes) that are changing the game. Not only are they dubbed the best plant-based burgers, but the best burgers, periodt. You can follow them on Instagram at @go_legendary or visit their site at Host:You can find Gaynete on Instagram @gaynete or visit her site at Gaynete.comGayneté's high capacity Best Periodt menstrual cup is perfect for those with heavy flows and comfortable enough for those with light flows too. It's creating a serious buzz, honey.  You can take a menstrual cup quiz to find your perfect size best period cup and then grab the best menstrual cup in the game.
In 2.5 years Colin Rego has hired more than 200 people, generated over 15 million dollars and has made a huge impact thanks to his company's Sargasso Sea app. It was not an easy road to get to this point though and in this episode, he shares his failures, difficult moments and lessons that helped him to get to where he is today.Sargasso Sea website here: https://sargassosea.appSargasso Sea on Instagram: @sargassoseeabda
Kaelyn Kastle is a Bermudian pop singer and TikTok star living in Atlanta, GA. On this episode the small-island girl shares what she has done to amass over 2 million followers on TikTok, 300k on IG and survive in the entertainment industry. Listen to Kaelyn Kastle on Spotify, iTunes or TIDAL. (2Pretty is a personal fav)Follow Kaelyn Kastle on TikTokFollow Kaelyn on Instagram @kaelynkastle
Robyn Atwater, founder of Curl Daze shares how she built a loyal Youtube following and turned the audience into customers of a successful haircare business. She dives into the fear of oversaturated markets, securing media opportunities and more!Robyn Atwater / Curl Daze Links:CurlDaze.comRobyn IG: @curldazeCurl Daze IG: @curldazehaircare--Want to grab the dopest menstrual cup in the game? Head to and don't forget to use the code FREEDOM at checkout!
Veronika Payne is the founder of Ora Ana, a jewellery designer who dives into how she has gotten her product on famous bodies, grabbed the media's attention and building genuine industry relationships which are so very needed when running a business.Stay connected with Veronika Payne & Ora  IG: @OraAnaOfficial  & @Veronika_Payne-- Want a period solution that actually works? Try a Best Periodt cup at Uncertain how to choose the perfect menstrual cup size for you? There is a cool menstrual cup quiz on the site as well!
Every entrepreneur needs to understand and master the art of storytelling in order to connect an audience to the brand in a profound way.  In this episode we dive into this and so much more (like NFTs & the power of Sleep Hygiene!) with a story telling master Joe Sichta. Joe Sichta is an Emmy nominated American director, writer, storyboard artist, and producer who has worked with Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Netflix and many others and is well known for his contribution in the Scooby Doo franchise. Joe's Twitter bio brings it together well: "Storyteller. Artist. Tech Enthusiast. Human. Production @ NFT Genius"Joe's NFT website: btcorigins.comYoutube Channel Joe Referred to with his company's interview with Mark Cuban here:NFT Sessions-- Host's Info:Follow Gaynete on Instagram @gaynete & her Business Best, Periodt at @best.periodt and get your hands on the dopest menstrual cup in the game.
Na'im Lynn is a comedian, actor, franchise owner and mental health advocate who is known for his work with Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry and the Plastic Cup Boyz. In this episode Na'im gets real about show business, entrepreneurship and depression and drops so many jewels along the way.Follow Na'im on Instagram @naimthestar to learn more --Follow the host @Gaynete on Instagram and make sure to check out her new menstrual care company Best, Periodt. The Best Periodt cup is great for those looking to do better for their body and the environment whole saving coins along the way. The Best Periodt cup is a menstrual cup that has a higher capacity than most cups on the market and come with a cute menstrual cup case.
Rachel Rodgers is a CEO, business coach, mother, wife and intellectual property lawyer who founded Hello Seven to help women scale their businesses and their lives to 7-figures without sacrificing their families or their sanity. She even had a $1M month and bought a 57 acre ranch  during the pandemic— and in this episode,  she shares how others can do so too!Find Rachel and info about her membership program at Helloseven.coGrab Rachel's new book We Should All Be Millionaires here (or wherever books are sold)and follow her on Instagram @RachRodgersEsq--Freedom Slay Podcast host Gayneté can be found on Instagram @gaynete and her dope menstrual care business Best, Periodt. , that's changing the gave for people with periods can be found on Instagram  @best.periodt 
Learn Michelle Seiler Tucker's 6P method for selling your business for huge profit, along with the mistakes you must avoid to keep your business alive and should you want to, exit rich. Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA).  As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses.In addition to being featured in INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and USA Magazine, Michelle is an international keynote speaker and makes regular radio and TV appearances on Fox Business News and CNBC. She has spoken alongside many prominent speakers: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donna Karen, Stedman Graham, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, and more. She is the Best-Selling Author of the book “Sell Your Business for more than It’s Worth” and has a new book coming out called “Exit Rich®.Get your Exit Rich book: Find more info on Michelle: SeilerTucker.comWhen you grab Exit Rich Book at you get an immediate  digital download, docs to prep for your rich exit, employee handbooks, sample org charts, sample closing documents, video training, 30 Day membership Club CEO & more.Follow Michelle:on Instagram @michelleseilertuckeron Twitter @mseilertuckeron LinkedIn--Heard about the Best Periodt menstrual cup and want to grab? Head to
Don't know where to begin with sourcing product or finding a manufacturer? Have excess supply and don't know how to properly forecast sales? Don't know how to save on the backend of your business to grow your bottom line? Not sure how to properly communicate or negotiate with vendors for the best rates? LaRitta Webb is The Profit Nerd and shares how to properly run your business with a wholistic view, focusing on the backend operations.LaRitta is a 2x engineer with an MBA in supply chain management who has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs to maximize profits through her knowledge of strategic ops, purchasing, sourcing, inventory management, forecasting and business growth.Find LaRitta on Instagram @theprofitnerd or online at host's Instagram is @gaynete--Got a heavy flow and want a healthier alternative to period care? Give a Best Periodt cup a try and follow us on Instagram @best.periodt
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