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Author: Gaynete' Jones

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Welcome to the Forbes-featured Freedom Slay Podcast, where fempreneurs, side-hustlers, wantrepreneurs & other passionate peeps come to fast-track their success. Here you’ll get the tools you need to slay your goals to create that life of time and financial freedom you desperately seek, while doing the things that you love. Basically a mashup between Beyoncé's 'Mood 4 Eva', 'Bigger' & 'I Was Here', meeting Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' and Sinatra's 'My Way', in podcast form. **Forbes 21 podcasts to listen to in 2021**
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The "Influencer’s Influencer" Tiara Willis, who took over the influencer world at the age of 14,  speaks from the heart about her personal experiences becoming the face behind many beauty and makeup influencer campaigns and a voice for women of color in beauty. Upon graduating high school with high honors at the young age of 16, Tiara had already built a social media empire providing tips, insight, and info to her loyal followers (previously @makeupforwomenofcolor).  Now, with half a million followers across platforms, at the age of 21, Tiara is a licensed esthetician and internationally renowned beauty and skincare influencer who has worked with CeraVe, Nissan, Target, L’Oréal, Ulta Beauty, POPSUGAR x Garnier Green Labs, Paula’s Choice, Topicals, Harvard University, Burt’s Bees and multiple collaborations with Twitter including Twitter Spaces and InStyle to name a few. 
Philomina Kane is the founder of Kin Apparel, a inclusive clothing and accessories brand with an emphasis on haircare. Kin Apparel's satin-lined hoodies have gotten the attention of the Sharks on Shark Tank and people across the globe.  Website: @kinapparel_  Philomina’s IG: @naturallyphilo
In this episode you will learn all about sales psychology: what is it and how can you leverage it.  Natasha Zoryk is a 7-figure business mentor, international speaker & podcast host. She has helped clients reach 6-figures in 8 months and even hit $300,000 in revenue in 3 months! She didn’t start here. She actually left her cushy Canadian Government job that was paying her $61,000 a year at the age of 21 straight out of college. Natashazoryk.comnatasha.zorykGo high level
How to shift your mindset, reclaim your body & tap into your true potential. Angelica Ventrice is a High-Performance Mentor & Health Coach who helps driven female entrepreneurs, executives, and real estate professionals who desire to up-level their Health & Wealth! She is a 7 - figure business owner herself & has been featured in Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and MyFitnessPal. Angelica is obsessed with guiding driven women to shift their mindset & bank accounts. 
Want to learn how manifesting really works and why you keep getting stuck? Well you found the perfect episode as we discuss that, along with and all things EFT. Theresa is the founder of Becoming More Me and works with high achievers to overcome their distractions and limiting beliefs in order to align their ambitious business and family goals with their actions and values so they can enjoy their present moments while they manifest even greater outcomes.If you'd like to experience what it's like to do EFT Tapping with Theresa, you can access her private sessions resource absolutely free by going to theprivatesessions.comYou'll receive access to dozens of value-packed sessions full of guidance, nervous system regulation, and breakthroughs!More ways to connect with Theresa Lear Levine:Website The Becoming More Me Podcast: Instagram: @theresalearlevine 
In this episode, we’re diving specifically into productivity tech hacks for entrepreneurs and how to outsource to a virtual assistant or virtual team. Molly Rose Speed is a talented strategic thinker with cultivated skills in online tech solutions, systems, seamless automation, online programs and processes that improve company efficiencies. She has launched her career from being a corporate accountant cubicle dweller to becoming an entrepreneur and a creator of Virtual Assistant Academy - which provides trusted Virtual Assistant solutions and flawless tech execution serving busy entrepreneurs and business owners. Molly Rose is the go-to professional for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the speaker/author and content creator
DIBIA Dream founder and STEM expert, Brandon Okpalobi is back on the podcast again, this time to talk about his new business,  Siyanse. Siyanse is a fun, educational brand for kids to explore complex topics through play. In this episode, we discuss how he came up with the brand name and what went into building this new venture. 
For over 25 years, Taliah Waajid has been a leading Natural Hair Care specialist, a licensed Master cosmetologist and the manufacturer of the first complete line of beauty products for natural, chemical-free hair care. She also founded and hosts The World Natural Hair Show Which is the first, largest and most influential lifestyle event for natural and multicultural hair, beauty & wellness.In this episode we dive into what it was like spearheading an industry that did not exist and how she went from the corner of a salon, to selling products out of her garage to the shelves of Walmart, Target  Sally beauty and more.Website: Instagram :
Ashaala Shanae is a Celebrity Vocal Health Expert and Pedagogy Performance Coach with over 20 years of experience providing voice care and vocal instruction in the Music and Entertainment Industry. Her Vocal Coaching and Instructional Agency has generated over a million dollars in revenue. She’s worked with major music acts, such as a Grammy Award Winning Soul Icon, Betty Wright, Award-winning Gospel Artists, Yolanda Adams, Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary), Award-Winning Music Icon, Patti LaBelle, and so many moreGuest Info:Instagram -  @ashaalashanae WebsitesAshaalaShanae.liveVocal University Info / Sign UpVoice Masters Academy Info / Sign UpHost Info:Instagram - @gayneteWebsitesGaynete.comMenstrual Care Business:
At just 27 years old, our guest today is an award-winning actor, producer, singer, and television personality. Kalen Allen catapulted into the mainstream media, reaching millions of people worldwide across his social media platforms and through his online content. In this episode we dive into his journey, where he’s going, important lessons learnt along the way.Kalen's Instagram: @thekalenallenKalen's YouTube: @thekallenallenKalen's Twitter: @thekalenallenYour hosts socials:Instagram: @gayneteBusiness IG: @best.periodtWebsite: Gaynete.comBusiness Website:
Shanice Miller is a business productivity consultant, specializing in project management, who helps businesses save hundreds of hours—and thousands of dollars—by identifying and creating solutions for operational inefficiencies. If you’re feeling the pain of not having an effective project management system in place then you’re gonna love this
Amy Porterfield is an ex-corporate girl turned online marketing expert and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. During her corporate days, Amy worked with mega-brands like Harley-Davidson, as well as Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins. After one fateful boardroom meeting and witnessing the lifestyle, financial, and work freedom an online business has to offer, Amy developed her nine-to-five exit plan and never looked back. Through her best-selling courses and top-ranked marketing podcast Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs turn in their two weeks' notice and trade burnout for freedom, income, and impact.And now, Amy has a book coming out all about how you can do the same, entitled, Two Weeks Notice.Amy's work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more. Her company has twice been awarded the Inc. 5000 Award as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.Learn more at AmyPorterfield.comGrab Two Weeks Notice on Amazon  or wherever books are sold!
Michael McGriff's game Growing Up Black Memes has an exclusive deal for distraction in all Target stores. Getting there however, was not an easy road and in this episode we discuss what it took and exactly how Michael got his product onto Target shelves.Growing Up Black Memes can be found at all Target stores, online, and on Target’s app. Their Out of Bounds game can be found at or Amazon. You can follow and learn more about the games on their Instagram page @outofboundsgame.About your Host:   Gayneté Jones is an entrepreneur, podcaster, keynote speaker, best-selling author, contributor for Black Enterprise, a wife and a mother. She has most recently founded Best, Periodt. , a unique menstrual care brand changing the game -- making periods sustainable, fun, comfortable and cool, for the first time. You can find her on Instagram @gaynete or on her site at
Sanya Richards-Ross is an Olympic track gold medallist, a 6x World Champion, and the newest addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is also a brand ambassador for Nike (and has been for over 20 years), a serial entrepreneur, a sports analyst on NBC, iFit Partner, and the founder of Mommi Nation, a site that is creating a much-needed community for Black mothers.In this episode, we dive into her journey and the process behind building solid brands and community. You can find Sanya Richards-Ross' Mommi Nation  at or on Instagram @mommination and Sanya Richards-Ross is on Instagram @sanyarichiross and online at SanyaRichardRoss.comAbout your Host:   Gayneté Jones is an entrepreneur, podcaster, keynote speaker, best-selling author, contributor for Black Enterprise, a wife and a mother. She has most recently founded Best, Periodt. , a unique menstrual care brand changing the game -- making periods sustainable, fun, comfortable and cool, for the first time. You can find her on Instagram @gaynete or on her site at
In this episode you'll hear from Eliott Carlyle who has made a name for himself working behind the scenes and in the spotlight in the world of fashion.  Elliot Carlyle is a creative consultant for the Council of Fashion Designers and in this episode, we chat all about his journey, personal branding and living a balanced, passion-filled life.
If you’ve ever wondered just how companies are pulling in sponsorships from larger companies for events or how to sell your product or service in a way that generates real results, then this is the episode for you. Sales and Sponsorships pro Chantel George, who is the founder of Sistas in Sales and has garnered 7 figures in sponsorships for her events. In this episode we dive into just how she does it - including what’s important when requesting partnerships, how not to get ghosted and all things sales. Sistas in Sales (also known by the acronym SIS) has grown tremendously over the past 5 years and is now the largest sales organization for Black women in the US with members in 28 countries. SIS has partnered with reputable brands like Google, Conde Nast, Pinterest,  Sales Force, TikTok and many more and even have Tarje P Henson as a keynote speaker for their upcoming event.  
As entrepreneurs, so many of us our multi-passionate, but how does one know how to marry them together and "juggle it all" in a  way that makes a difference? Well, in this episode, we speak with Cordell Robinson.  Cordell is a Navy vet, a Doctor of Law, has a degree in computer science and electrical engineering, is a celebrity and corporate chef, a cyber security pro and President & COO of a foundation. 
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