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In a first for Music Talks my guest in this episode is Rachel King who is married to my previous guest Harris King, 'the love of her life'. They share a deep love and passion for music and as per the title of the episode they live in 'A House of Music' .   Rachel was born in Chattanooga, a couple of hours from Nashville but is not a great lover of country music. She has a music loving sister, and they grew up listening to Motown from her parents and Big Bands from her grandmother, along with 40's music and Elvis Gospel. An incredibly formative influence for her were mixtapes pilfered from a friends older, cooler sister. Not only did she have great taste but there were no song titles on the tapes!   Rachel has a deep love of 'the South' but describes herself as 'very blue in a red state' but works hard to avoid conflict. She has built a successful career in the Insurance Industry, which doesn't have a great record when it comes to diversity and equality, and we discuss some of the challenges she has had to face and overcome as a woman in that environment.   Other interests include Sports (Baseball, Formula1, Basketball), Reading and Gardening but what is clear from our conversation, and as John Miles said in 1976, for Rachel it's a clear case that ' Music was my first love and it will be my last' Rachel's song choices were:  70's -   Suicide                             Ghost Rider80’s -   Pride                                  U290’s -   Fake Plastic Trees      Radiohead 00’s -   Just Be Simple              Songs: Ohia 10’s -   Slomo                                 Slowdive20’s -   Like I Used To                Sharon Von Etten, Angel Olsen  A song from every artist we mention , including Rachel's song choices, can be found here. It's a great mix. Enjoy :-)
My guest in this episode is Harris King. Harris was introduced to Music Talks by previous guests Steven Routledge and Justin Steiner who are fellow members of the brilliant community that has grown up around the Rockin’ The Suburbs Podcast and now Radio Station -  suburbspod.comLike many of my guests Harris isn’t just a music lover he’s a music scholar who immerses himself in the music he listens to and the bands that he likes. As he says at one point in our chat “I’m always listening”. As you would expect all that listening spans a wide range of musical styles and to my delight a lot of bands and songs that I had simply never heard of. As well as a fascinating chat it’s going to make for a great Playlist :-). Harris lives in South Carolina and in many ways is very rooted in the South and can trace his families roots back to the 1700’s.  But in his adult life he has also built a real connection to Germany and has lived and worked there for several years.  Those two very differing cultures are reflected in some of his song choices and are also the reason for the title of the episode. Elektro Kultur is the title of his radio show on Rockin’ The Suburbs Radio that focuses on electronic music and the culture that surrounds it.  And in amongst all this music chat is a lovely heart-warming about how Harris met his wife Rachel on Twitter after they connected through a shared love of Baseball and specifically the Atlanta Braves. They later realised they also had a shared passion for music, and both had Radio shows. The rest, as they say, is history and I’m a sucker for a happy ending 😊 These are Harris’s song choices and please remember that if your app supports ‘Chapters’ so does Music Talks 6:34                    The 70's - Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown9:51                    The 80's - The Silo's - Tennessee Fire33:54                  The 90's - Southern Culture on the Skids - Biscuit Eater46:41                  The 00's - DJ Koze - Brutalga Square56:30                  The 10's - Low - What Part of Me1:04:23              The 20's - Lucy Dacus - First Time
My guest is Julie Simpson, a delightful, fun lady who I met in the late 90’s and I have always viewed as ‘a force of nature’ and you will hear a lot of her energy, enthusiasm, and humour in this episode Julie is the youngest of 9 children and was born in Germany but grew up in Basingstoke. Her story is an inspirational one of starting with little and triumphing over adversity. This started at 14 when her much loved father, a Sergeant Major, died of a heart attack whilst she was with him.  Leaving school at 16, she eventually found her way into the IT sector and in 2003 took the brave step of setting up her own company Resource IT, which is now one of the most successful marketing agencies focused on the I.T. Channel. Music for Julie has always been about joy, passion, and community but in recent years, particularly after her Mum passed away, some of that has gone and so appearing in this episode is part of an effort to regain some of that joy and passion. I sincerely hope its successful!So, we talk about music, but we also rightly talk at length about the challenges of being a woman in an IT sector that even today is 87% male. Julie is a co-founder of the Women in Technology Network (WIT), a global not-for-profit organisation that is centred on driving the diversity and inclusion agenda. In just under four years WIT is now represented in over 40 countries with over 3,500 members. You can find more details at Home ( listeners will know I love my connections but I am not proud of this one. 87% of the IT Industry is male and it appears 87% of the guests on Music Talks have also been male. Please help me change that ! Julie would be the first to acknowledge that her song choices are mainstream, but they are also songs that she absolutely loves and that bring back a lot of great memories and positive messages. Enjoy! 60's - Mamas & The Papas - California Dreaming70's - Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby80's - Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver90's - The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony00's - George Michael - As10's - David Guetta, Sia - Titanium20's - Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me
In this episode my guest is Mat Bancroft, Independent Curator, Archivist and Art Director specialising in 20th Century Pop Culture. Mat has many strings to his bow but the first thing that will pop for any music fan is that he has been Johnny Marr’s Art Director since 2012 and has produced a distinct and impressive body of work over that period. Mat was born in Nottingham in 1979 but very deliberately went to University in Manchester in 1998 because of his love of the city’s culture, both art and music. That interest and passion continues to this day and in recent years Mat was involved in two celebrated exhibitions examining the impact of Factory Records (Use Hearing Protection) and the work of Joy Division and New Order (True Faith).  It wasn’t a direct route to the work Mat does today and his is an inspiring story of the need to listen to what your gut is telling you and being brave enough to start again. It’s also a really encouraging story that, in the case of his work with Johnny Marr, serendipity will sometimes come along to help a little. Mat’s song choices are below, and you will see that he doesn’t just listen to music from Manchester. However, for me the highlight of this episode is the excitement and joy that comes through when Mat talks about being 15 and discovering Oasis and Britpop.Enjoy!70’s       Joy Division                      Shadowplay80’s       Pet Shop Boys                 West End Girls 90’s       Oasis                                     Some Might Say 00’s       Madonna                             Hung Up 10’s       Ibrahim Maalouf             Defile 196220’s       Sault                                        Wildfires
My guest in this episode is Justin Steiner who comes to Music Talks through his friendship with Music Talks regular and long-time supporter, Steven Routledge. They describe themselves as ‘mind meld musical brothers’ but the interesting thing about their friendship is that, to date, they have not actually met face to face as Justin lives near Chicago and Steven near Stirling, in Scotland. They met through the brilliant Rockin’ The Suburbs Podcast ( which, when Covid hit, started ‘Friday Night Hootenanny’s’. This was a group of people, geographically disperse, connected by a love of music, meeting up to drink, chat and play! Justin talks very movingly about that experience and what a lifeline it was during the challenges of lockdown and Covid. For me, it’s an inspirational story of the power of music and technology to connect people and long may it continue! Before we get to that though Justin takes us on a fascinating musical journey from The Muppets, through classical music in Dad’s car, Country music, Top 40 Radio, the musical peak that is 1997 and the desire to explore and find new music. He also reminds us how much the technology that delivers music has changed over that time.  His song choices are: 70’s       The Muppet Show Theme           The Muppets80’s       Michael Jackson                            Billie Jean 90’s       Matthew Sweet                            Girlfriend 00’s       Nada Surf                                       Always Love 10’s       Superchunk                                   Everything at Once 20’s       Jeff Rosenstock                             Ohio Tpe
In this episode my guest is Mark Croft who I describe as a ‘musical scholar’. All my guests have a love and passion for music, but Mark takes that to a different level and to every aspect of music.In a wide-ranging conversation, we explore (amongst other things) the magic of live performance, the importance of shared experience, the joy of playing live, the art of song writing, and the fact that music was around 40.000 years ago in Europe with the bone flute! It’s fair to say that we both believe music really matters and Mark finishes the episode with Nietzsche’s quote:“Without music, life would be a mistake”. In typical style Mark tweaked the format and chose all live performances for his song choices and each day for the next two weeks I will be posting those clips (and some of Mark’s shortlist) on choices were: 60’s       The Clancy Brothers       The Parting Glass 70’s       Rory Gallagher                    As The Crow Flies 80’s       Talk Talk                                   Living In Another World 90’s       Massive Attack                   Karmacoma00’s       Brandi Carlile                      The Story 10’s       Gillian Welch                       Revelator 20’s       Bob Dylan                             I Contain Multitudes We also talk about the benefits and dangers of streaming technology, and I know Mark has some deep concerns particularly around Spotify and its CEO Daniel Ek. I respect those views and therefore there is no Spotify playlist of songs from this episode. Mark also performs live himself, with Farmer’s Markets being a speciality. You can find some of his recordings at: .
My guest today is Roy Sharples, the Founder and CEO of Unknown Origins whose mission is to build a better future by “saving the world from unoriginality by unleashing the power of creativity”. When you start a company with as bold and inspiring a mission as that you must have strong views and a real belief in them. Roy shares a lot of those views and thoughts during our conversation and whilst I don’t necessarily agree with everything, he says to his immense credit he’s never anything less than thought provoking.I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and got real insight and inspiration from it. I hope the same will be true for you.  If you want to dig deeper into Roy’s thinking, then last year he published a book which is the title of the episode ‘Creativity Without Frontiers’. It’s available here: Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future: Sharples, Roy S: 9781736568606: Booksbut as we discuss in the episode, visiting your local independent bookshop might be preferable 😊Also try and take a look at Unknown Origins | Creative Design Studio | Unleash The Power Of CreativityIt was no surprise that Roy’s selections were wide and varied and included music from two film soundtracks. His selections were: ·        70’s      Walk On the Wild Side                                            Lou Reed ·        80’s      What Difference Does It Make?                        The Smiths ·        90’s      Fade Into You                                                                 Mazzy Star·        00’s      Comptine d’un autre été, l’apres-midi             Yann Tiersen ·        10’s      King And Lionheart                                                     Of Monsters and Men ·        20’s      No Time To Die                                                               Billie Eilish Enjoy! 
My guest in this episode is Elisa Doucette a writer, editor, and entrepreneur who currently travels the world looking for great stories to live and interesting tales to share.Elisa was born and grew up in rural Maine, with a strong Scottish and Irish cultural heritage. That was undoubtedly a key influence in words, language and music becoming a lifelong passion and in latter years (after a successful 10-year sojourn into Insurance sales) a writing and editing career. She has travelled and worked extensively across Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe which has included writing assignments in exotic locations such as Bali, Lesvos and Aberdeen. (Yes, this a lady who has fallen in love with Aberdeen!) Her work has been published in numerous prestigious publications including The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Huffington Post. In 2015 Elisa founded the editing and writing coaching agency, where she oversees the acquisition and cultivation of a talented team of word and content geniuses while also encouraging the development of clients’ writing and thought prowess. The title of the episode comes from a Frank O’Hara poem, which in a Music Talks first, Elisa reads and talks us through its connection to her song choice from Norah Jones and the wider subject of creativity. These are Elisa’s song choices: 80’s       Def Leppard                                   -          Pour Some Sugar On Me 90’s       Pearl Jam                                         -          Betterman 00’s       Norah Jones                                   -          Painter Song10’s       Labrinth                                            -           Beneath Your Beautiful (feat.Emile Sande) 20’s       Santana, India-Arie, Yo-Yo Ma    -    While My Guitar Gently Weeps 
This time of year isn’t just the season of goodwill it’s also the season of “Best Of” lists and it’s part of the musical year that I love. It’s always good to know that things you like are also enjoyed by others but the real joy for me is gaining new insight into albums I’ve enjoyed or discovering albums that I have missed. My hope is that this episode will do some of that for you. As in previous years I am joined by my Podcast pal Steven Routledge and we both talk through our Top 10 albums. A new addition this year is that we also play a short clip from each of them. In this part we count down from 10 to 5 and in Part 2 (released in two weeks on 30/12/21) we go from 5 to 1. Please let me know what you think of these choices and particularly if there is new music you like. You can do that by emailing me at , I really look forward to hearing from you. Have a great Christmas and here’s to 2022 being another great year for music. 
My guest in this episode is friend and colleague Phil Atkinson . Like many of my guests he has had a long and successful career in the I.T industry, but as you will hear his route  into that career is far from typical.   In this episode we discuss:  ·        Being born in Barking, East London into very humble beginnings. ·        At age 7, the family move  to Basingstoke  to try and better their situation ·        His lifelong love affair with Liverpool FC. ·        His parents’ divorce and the impact that had both at the time and later in life ·        Leaving school at 16 and going into the Army for 5 years ·        Playing semi-professional football for Basingstoke Town ·        His career as a hairdresser (with distinctions!) ·        His 30 years in the I.T industry including stints at both Apple and Microsoft ·        The challenges of on-line dating and his delight when he met Julia ·        His newfound passion for cycling and his plan to ride from Lands’ End to John o'Groats   Phil made the following song choices   60’s       Jerry and the Pacemakers                You’ll Never Walk Alone 70’s       The Jam                                                        Down in The Tube Station At Midnight 80’s       Duran Duran                                              Save a Prayer  90’s       Soul II Soul                                                   Back to Life 00’s       Coldplay                                                       Clocks 10’s       Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars)    Uptown Funk 20’s       Terence Trent D’Arby                             Dance Little Sister 
This is Part 2. of my fascinating conversation with Mark Spickett and takes us from the 90’s through to the present day. Mark entitled the 90’s “The Roller Coaster Years” and that should tell you that his life continued to be exciting, challenging,  full of change and filled with fantastic stories. Mark also makes a great set of musical choices a three of which were new to me. His choices are : 90’s       Massive Attack                                            Blue Lines 00’s       Federico Aubele                                          Maria Jose (Toy Hernandez Remix) 10’s       Michael Kiwanuka                                      One More Night 20’s       Moby                                                                  Extreme Ways – Reprise Version Bonus   Cesaria Evoria, Ismael Lo                       Africa Nossa In amongst the stories and music Mark talks very movingly about discovering the concept of “Third Culture Kids”. These are people who were raised in a culture other than their parents' or the culture of their country of nationality and who live in a different environment during a significant part of their child development years. This is exactly the experience Mark had and I for one learnt a lot here. I hope you find the same. Enjoy!
My guest in this episode is Mark Spickett who I have known for over 25 years as both a colleague and friend. in 2019 I had the pleasure of his company for 4 days at the Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival and given the 2021 ACL festival starts today it felt like a good time to have Mark on the show I have known for many years that Mark’s story is an interesting one but as if often the case with Music Talks, I have only now realised exactly HOW interesting that story is, and how many facets there are to it. My goal is always to keep episodes to a maximum of 75 minutes but in Mark’s case there was just too many great stories for me to do that and so this is a two-part episode. In this part one we cover the first three decades of Mark’s life through to the end of the 80’s. In amongst making three great and diverse musical choices Mark talks us through: ·        The story of his remarkable parents Bill and Marian·        Being born in Essex but then growing up, from the age of 2 , in Nigeria. ·        At age 5, seeing a Nigerian soldier put a  rifle to his dad’s head·        Suspicions that his dad was a spy! ·        A family friend who had two company land rovers and two company camels·        Being sent to Boarding School in England as a 10-year-old·        How dealing with that culture shock has impacted him ·        His lifelong passion for flying and almost becoming a BA pilot ·        His 9-month trip around Australia and South Africa with his best friend Mike, where he almost died in a blazing car and was smuggled across a South African Border. And that is only a selection of the stories in this fascinating and compelling episode!  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did, and Part 2 will be out in 7 days’ time on October 7th 
David Breeze has been friends with Steve Beswick (my guest on Episode 45) since they were at Lancaster University together in the early 80’s. David heard Steve’s episode and got in touch to say he would like to be on the show, and I love it when that happens David was born and grew up near Chesterfield in Derbyshire and had an idyllic and very stable childhood. That geographical stability changed when he started his career in the transport sector which has seen him live and work in numerous places in the UK and latterly Europe as well as travelling widely to places such as Macau, Hawaii and Tokyo. After all that movement David and his wife Lyndsey have, for many years, been firmly settled in Farnham Common with their two children Daisy & Zac. David’s lifelong passion has been art and his father-in-law is the esteemed Art Restorer Eric Harding who received the OBE for his work on restoring the “Leonardo Cartoon” which a gunman shot at in 1987. That passion and skill came together in 2015 with the launch of the art business which Lyndsey has run very successfully since. David’s musical journey has been a long and varied one and his love of music shines through as he talks through each one of his excellent choices which are 60’s       The Beatles                      She Loves You 70’s       Queen                                  It’s Late 80’s       Joy Division                      She’s Lost Control 90’s       Radiohead                         Fake Plastic Trees 00’s       The Strokes                       Last Nite 10’s       Arctic Monkeys               R U Mine 20’s       Fontaines D.C.                 Too Real 
Nick was born the year AC/DC were formed (1973)) in the historically significant town of Hastings, which by then was more than a little tired. His parents John and Chrissie later moved the family up the coast to Bexhill-on- Sea, which Nick brilliantly sums up as a place where the main industry is care homes, London is the North and ambition is modest.   At University something clicked for Nick and with that came a desire for "MORE" and he was in a hurry to get it. In Nick's own inimitable words in the 90's he became a "fully loaded sales dick" and a successful one at that.   The first half of the 00's on the other hand was an incredibly challenging time for Nick and was in many ways life changing, as was the arrival in his life of Vicki who he married in 2011.   When we recorded this episode Nick and Vicki were preparing to move themselves and their three children Ben, Noah & Matilda to a new home and a new life in the French Alps. This is a plan and a move that has been in train for several years, and they are now in their new home.   I wish them every possible success in this brave and inspirational endeavour, and I look forward to having Vicki on the show in a years’ time to tell us how it’s going and share her story.   Nick's musical journey has had as many turns as his personal journey and he came up with a great set of song selections: 70’s     Kenny Rogers                                                                                             The Gambler 80’s     Guns N’Roses                                                                                You Could Be Mine 90’s     Sisters of Mercy                                                                                                         More00’s     Foo Fighters                                                                                               The Pretender10’s     Pete Tong/Jules Buckley/Maxi Jazz                                                          Insomnia 20’s     Jackie Wilson                    (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher  These selections and a song from every artist mentioned is included in this Spotify Playlist.
My guest in this episode is Dan French. As is often the case with my guests there is a work connection however in this case Dan worked with my brother Jim in the 90’s, not with myself. His name has come up regularly since that time and I am delighted he came on the show. To say Dan is an avid consumer of music is an understatement. This episode is a veritable Cook’s tour of the last six decades of music and in this 75-minute episode we manage to reference a 124 artists and songs spanning a whole range of genres and trends. Somehow Dan managed to whittle that down to these seven great choices 60’s       The Beatles                                                     Revolution70’s        Derek & The Dominos                             Layla 80’s       Joan Armatrading                                       All the Way from America 90’s       Jeff Buckley                                                     Hallelujah 00’s       The Magic Numbers                                   Forever Lost10’s       Adele                                                                    Someone Like You 20’s       Live Lounge All Stars                                   Times Like These In amongst all that music Dan has some fascinating stories including: ·        An extended road trip to the US and Canada in the early 80’s ·        Moving a Buick Regal Sedan from Seattle to San Bernadino on a motorcycle licence ·        Working with  big  names in I.T including James Martin & Tom Gruber (creator of Siri) ·        The journey to becoming CEO and owner of Consider Solutions·        Making his daughters late for school by taking them to the IOW Festival ·        Forming the band Bromma Plan and playing in Amsterdam, Vienna, Ibiza, and Edinburgh Dan is the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Hannah and Amy and now lives in Weybridge with his partner Georgia and her children Raff and Sienna. Here is the link to the hit packed 123 songs on Dan's Playlist. Just cut and paste into your browser and enjoy :-)
My guest today is a dear friend I met whilst living in Seattle. Ben is a likeable, larger than life character with a strong social conscience and we bonded over beer, bars, sport and most importantly music. Born and raised in Utrecht Ben’s working life started with four  years in the Dutch Navy followed by a long career in I.T with Cap Gemini and then Microsoft. He is now happily retired and living in Spain with his wife Illonka and their son Joe who will shortly be returning to university in Canada. Ben is a self-confessed Anglophile and this shows through in his musical choices, his dress sense and his unstinting devotion to Paul Weller and “The Arsenal” . Despite the latter he really is a nice guy 😊 and he has a raft of stories along with some great song choices, all of which are of course from the UK: 60’s                 The Rolling Stones               Street Fighting Man 70’s                 The Jam                                       In The City 80’s                 Elvis Costello                           Tramp the Dirt Down 90’s                 Oasis                                             Champagne Supernova 00’s                 Arctic Monkeys                      From The Ritz To The Rubble 10’s                 Stereophonics                          C’est La Vie 20’s                 Parklife                                         Blur Enjoy !  
Getting to Episode 50 is an important milestone for me and one that I wanted to celebrate in some way.   I didn't want to get into choosing my "favourite " clips as that would be a harder task even than choosing a song from each decade of my life :-) It also didn't feel the right thing to do as I have genuinely enjoyed every one of the 49 episodes.   In recent months I have been flattered that a few people, thinking about starting a Podcast, have reached out for some advice and guidance and that gave me an idea for a theme I could use for this compilation episode.   The clips in this episode take you through some of the things I think you need to make a Podcast successful and fulfilling. This theme made choosing clips easier, as some pick themselves, and it also allowed me to keep the narrative structure of the decades.   As I say at the end of the episode, if you are a regular listener, I hope you will enjoy revisiting the archives and if you are a new listener, I hope this serves as an enjoyable introduction to what you can expect from Music Talks.   Whatever sort of listener you are I do want to say a heartfelt thank you. Music Talks has given me all sorts of unexpected joy and fulfilment and the buzz that comes from knowing that people are listening (and even better hearing from them) never diminishes. Long may it continue.   The Tracks chosen by my guests in this episode are   Larry Hauser - 50's             Elvis Presley            Hound Dog Jesse Jackson – 60’s            Sam Cooke              A Change Is Gonna Come Paul Simpson – 70’s             Jethro Tull                Wond’ring Aloud Steve Clayton – 80’s            U2                                 Where the Streets Have No Name John Wills – 90’s                   June Tabor                The Great Valerio Jo Berry – 00’s                        Keane                          Everybody’s Changing Brain Painting – 10’s           Dr.Dog                        That Old Black Hole Mike Pegg – 20’s                   The Beatles               Here Comes The Sun  I have compiled a Spotify Playlist of all the song choices that have been made over the previous 49 episodes and it neatly comes to 300 songs. It may not be the biggest or the best Playlist but it’s certainly the most “decade-consistent” you will find and a must for all family parties 😊 You can find it here: and Onwards we go. 
In listening back to this episode with my guest Mike Lloyd I was reminded of John Miles 1976 hit “Music”. It’s not a track I particularly like musically but I have always loved the sentiment in the lyrics: “Music was my first love, and it will be my last, music of the future, music of the past”.  It’s very clear that those lyrics apply to Mike, and in this episode, he takes us on his journey since the 70’s to seek out fun, interesting, innovative and challenging music, that at times has also been a guide and a moral compass for him. He now lives in London, with his wife Carmen and close to his two children Roslyn & Rees. Originally from Llanelli in Wales, Mike has travelled to over 30 countries during his career and had stints living in Brussels and San Paulo. All that travel has influenced his musical tastes and during our chat I believe he touches on more categories of music than any other previous guest. Mike is a deeply curious technologist and writer with a lifelong passion for learning. In 2013 he launched his own business with the goal of making the complex simple and democratising deep technology. In addition to music Mike loves science, culture, modern art, and cinema. Being Welsh, rugby is inevitably added to that list. Mike’s song choices are: 60’s                      Led Zeppelin                                                    Ramble On 70’s                      The Who                                                          Love Reign O’er Me 80’s                       New Order                                                       Blue Monday90’s                      Buena Vista Social Club                                Buena Vista Social Club 00’s                       Elsa Soares                                                       Mas Que Nada 10’s                      Tom Jones                                                       Did Trouble Me 20’s                       Roslyn Lloyd                                                    Wait & See In addition we also played out with “Eclipse” from Pink Floyd. Mike's wide ranging taste in music is represented in this Spotify Playlist which contains a song from every artist mentioned in the episode.
My guest in this episode is Richard Tooth, a colleague and friend who I have always known to have a long and deep love of music.   An extended Playlist, curated by Richard,  containing almost 100 different artists is testament to the fact that Richard's tastes are wide and varied. But anyone who knows him is aware that there is one band that sits above all others for him, and they have for approaching  50 years and that is The Grateful Dead.   We talk about being a "Dead Head”, how important Bootlegs were to that community and how technology changed the production and consumption of Bootlegs over the years.   In what was a delightful conversation we also covered a whole range of other topics including:   ·        His epic US road trip in the 70's·        Attending Glastonbury in the 80's ·        How ZZ Top led him to IBM·        A magical musical experience in a traffic jam ·        Finding a musical middle ground with his son·        Discovering his next great musical love (Pearl Jam)·        The sad passing  of his friend Matthew Seligman who played with Bowie at Live Aid.  Richard's Song Choices are: ·        50's - Bill Evans - Peace Piece ·        60's - Booker T & the MG's - Time Is Tight ·        70's - Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil ·        80's - ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin' ·        90's - Guru (feat. Donald Byrd)  - Loungin' ·        00's - Mozart - Dove Sono (Marriage of Figaro) ·        10's - Pearl Jam - All The Way ·        20's - the Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You In addition to the 57 songs and artists mentioned in the episode Richard provided a further 34 songs he wanted included. The complete (& extended) playlist can be found at : 
Today's guest is Brian Hawkins.   In painting his pen portrait at the start of the episode Brian recounts a story of being described recently as "disruptive" and the fact that this pleased him because "there cannot be change without disruption and my life has been about change”.   As we go through his choices and stories it’s clear that he has a point! As well as being a husband and father to two daughters, living in Scotland, London and Cyprus and travelling the world, Brian has had five distinct careers spanning Theatre Producer, Trainer, Sales Coach, Accountancy Nerd, and since 2010, a celebrant of the Humanist Society of Scotland.   It's no surprise that Brian has a raft of great stories, matched by one of the most wide-ranging sets of song choices we have had on Music Talks.   If you are a lover of not just music, but of life, this episode is for you!  Brian's song choices are:   50's     Chris Barber                                    Climax Rag (Live) 60’s     The Corries                                        Killecrankie 70’s     Donovan                                             Song for John 80’s     Bruce Springsteen                         Racing in The Street 90’s     Annie Lennox                                   Walking on Broken Glass 00’s     Arcade Fire                                        Keep the Car Running 10’s     Bellowhead                                        New York Girls 20’s     Christine and the Queens          Tilted  These songs together with a song from every artist mentioned can be found on the Playlist below. Enjoy! 
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