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The Solution: The Growers Mineral Podcast
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The Solution: The Growers Mineral Podcast

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Welcome to The Solution, a podcast by Growers Mineral, Corp. Here we will discuss Growers Mineral Solutions (GMS) and how it is used with the Growers program. GMS is a 10-20-10 noncorrosive liquid nutritional product for crops. It is both safe and easy to handle and apply. It is one of the few products on the market today that can help farmers comply with CAFO, Nutrient Management and other environmental regulations. By combining GMS and calcium applications in the field or the Growers Program, the resulting crops are higher in energy. As world energy demands increase, this increase in crop energy will be quite important for further producer profits. Improving the profits of farmers since 1955.For more info on Growers, visit the links below
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Our featured speaker was Matt Gooding and we will discussed the pictures featured in January of the Growers 2023 calendar. These pictures showcase the effect of GMS on root growth.  Support the show
The Growers Conference Call for December was held on December 8th, 2022. Our featured speakers were Tyler Whitsitt and Jim Seiler. Jim Seiler is a peach grower in Indiana who has used GMS to great effect to protect his crop from frost events. Tyler and his father, Marty, are Grower's salesmen in that area who have worked extensively with Jim and are learning a lot about peaches. The call will serve a dual purpose: to give information to anyone interested in starting to grow peach trees, and to discuss Jim's success with the Growers program and how the program works with peach trees. Tyler is himself growing a few peach trees as well. Support the show
See the PDF presentation on Understanding the Role of Soil MicrobesSupport the show
Support the show
The September 2022 Growers Conference Call was held on September 8th , 2022 and is up online. Our featured speaker was Mike Bulcher, a District Manager from Ohio, who discussed several things, including some new GMS trials he has undertaken on his own farm and how our research links with the results he has seen.Support the show
The call featured Zach Smith, Marguerite Fall, and Asa Bobel, who will be covering the question "What is the Growers Program?". Marguerite and Asa are both familiar with the program but don't have extensive knowledge of it, and will be "interviewing" Zach, as well as voicing their own thoughts on the program. We welcomed any extra questions or input from those calling in as well. This call served as a good foundation for how to define the Growers program and what makes it unique and successful. Support the show
This month’s conference call featured 5 of our District Managers, all from different regions we do business in, who discussed how GMS can be used on various crops in their region. GMS is a very versatile product, and we hope to showcase how it is used on many different crops and the success our customers have had with it. The DM's featured on this call were Loren Scherping of Minnesota, Mike Bulcher of Ohio, Larry Webb of Ontario, John Sensenig of New York, and Daniel Weaver of Georgia.Support the show
This call was focused on the ongoing supply and pricing changes and challenges that Growers is working through. Matt Schoder, our VP of Finance and Operations, will give an update on the pricing and supply chain topics, after which we transitioned into a discussion on the Excel version of our Cost and Nutritional Analysis (CNA). We used the CNA to show how GMS compares to other fertilizer products, given the price increases of all products across the board, to show how our program is still competitive and highly effective. Lastly, we discussed how the Growers program has always put a focus on reducing cost by increasing efficiency, and how that can assist your operation in these high-priced days.Support the show
The featured speakers for the November 2021 conference call were Jim Halbeisen and Zach Smith. We will mainly be discussed the dried GMS experiment where the GMS seemed to grow as it dried, but also discussed other research findings. The growing GMS is an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss the manufacturing technique and structure that help make it such a unique and effective product.Support the show
Matt Gooding and Robert Greenfield come on to discuss their experience using our new Cost and Nutritional Analysis (CNA forms) to compare not only the cost but the nutritional elements of using the Growers Program.Support the show
In this episode of the Growers Podcast, Marguerite Fall and Zach Smith have invited on Matt Gooding, who is one of our District Managers and is our partner in research. In the 2020 season Matt did a soil test trial where he took weekly top and subsoil samples from an established hay field, as well as doing a variety of other tests in the same vein. Our main goal was to observe the changes in test results across an entire growing season. We discuss the results and some observations we’ve made.Support the show
Our September conference call featured Rick Bobel and Matt Schoder, our President and VP of Finance, respectively, who discussed pricing for the new year, new order forms, raw material pricing, information on our annual winter meeting, and information on our updated sales manualSupport the show
Larry Webb, Marguerite, Zach Smith, and Jim sit down to discuss how to improve a lawnSupport the show
For more info on Growers, visit the links below the show
FULL AUDIOBOOK is Now Available on AMAZONSupport the show
FULL AUDIOBOOK is Now Available on AMAZONSupport the show
FULL AUDIOBOOK is Now Available on AMAZONSupport the show
FULL AUDIOBOOK is Now Available on AMAZONSupport the show
FULL AUDIOBOOK is Now Available on AMAZONSupport the show
The April 2021 Conference Call was held Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 9:00 P.M. ET.The featured speakers were Nelson Wedge, Tim Marland, John Sensenig, and Zach Holmer. Nelson is a long-time dairy operator who has been on the Growers program since the 1990’s. Their farm is now in the fourth generation and has been in their family for over 100 years. Tim and John, a Growers sales representative and District Manager respectively, have worked with Nelson as Growers representatives for many years. Zach Holmer has worked closely with all involved and will be mediating this portion of the call. In addition, and time permitting, we will be discussing the research trial featured in April of the 2021 Growers Calendar, which shows the results of a petri dish experiment comparing sod microbes’ reaction to GMS vs. 10-34-0.Support the show
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