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Author: Leana Delle

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What’s this show about? Women. Outstanding women, to be exact, and bestselling author and TEDx speaker Leana Delle is behind the mic. Together with sports radio celeb Mark "Friedo" Friedman, sound guy and occasional conversation contributor, you'll be entertained by thought-provoking and often humorous insights.

If you don't believe these interviews can make a positive difference in your life, then girlfriend, we need to talk!
58 Episodes
Has she found the secret "code" to better health? When it comes to food, she just may have.Website:
Her life as a journalist has led her down the path of many adventures but none as rewarding as The Forgiveness Project.Website:
She’s the artist behind Lily’s Tomlin’s character, Frankie, on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, and her approach to life and art is a smash hit!Website: www.nrosen.comFacebook:
Among the many challenges of COVID-19 is the added burden of leading remote teams. Cindy Wahler discusses best practices on handling our new unprecedented reality.Website:
She was brutally gang raped at the age of 13, but despite the anguishing journey that followed, Madeleine Black found her way to forgiveness. Website: Book Link (USA): Book Link (UK):
Kat Edmonson’s voice sweeps listeners into deep reflection on how the world once was and what we're missing most. Her music, overall, inspires a state of mind where all things, once again, become possible. This American singer/songwriter has released her 5th CD titled Dreamers Do. Listen in as she discusses the age-old question, "Is it too late to dream?"Website: www.katedmonson.comFacebook: the Album:
It’s the road trip that has captivated nations. Eighty-nine year old Grandma Joy (Joy Ryan) and her grandson, Brad, have been on the road for some 4 years now, visiting every national park in America. Their story has warmed the hearts of millions, and their relationship is shining hope into a nation that’s lost its way.Facebook: Show clip: Tribune article: This Morning:
Singer/performer Tanya Willis took on her greatest passion in her forties, and she’s a shining example of what’s possible when you don’t give in or give up. Website:
Are people who don’t have children selfish? Do they have something against kids? Are they destined for a lifetime of regret? LeNora Faye and myself are all in on answering these questions and more.Website: Bitchy Bookkeeper Childfree Blog: Girls Web Series:
Award-winning author, Kristen Tsetsi, talks story, creative process, and the use of pseudonyms. If you haven’t read her books, you’ll definitely want to.Website: Girls Web Series:
She’s a psychologist and expert in human behavior, and she’s a rock star at executive coaching, talent planning, and all things leadership related. I asked if we could talk about Millennials, and boy did we. What exactly do they want, anyway?Website:
She’s got the soul of a warrior and the passion of an artist. As Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Footage Foundation, Kristen works tirelessly to improve the lives of young women on a global scale. Website: Foundation:{Connect}Her:
Are you concerned about your child's education? Teru Clavel has some advice, and it comes from personal experience. She’s a comparative expert and author of the book World Class: One Woman’s Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children.Website:
Wendy Gilhula is an educator, writer, and author of the Pika Bunny book series. Adorable little Pika teaches life lessons to children, while providing tools for navigating complex situations in the most adorable way possible!Website:
She’s CEO and Founder of Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and she knows a thing or 100 about making things happen. Who better to bring back to talk about New Years Resolutions? Get ready for a great year, my friends. It’s law of attraction time!Facebook Personal Profile: Christy Whitman International Group Page: LinkedIn: Twitter: @ChristyWhitman or
They say that behind every good man is an even better woman, but is it true in the case of Santa himself? Check out this exclusive interview with the busiest woman in the North Pole!(Mrs. Claus is played by the very talented, Shonda O’Neal)Facebook:
’Tis the time of year for giving, but this couponing queen does it all year long. She and her sister, Sheila, save to give, enriching the lives of all who receive with their unique approach to an old practice.Janice’s Couponing Page: Love Savings - Canadian Facebook Group:
She was diagnosed at the age of 23 with terminal cancer and given 2.5 years to live. Since then, and now approaching her 11th year with the disease, she’s been on a mission to save lives and educate/empower young people to proactively check their boobs. One woman, making a world of difference. You’re going to love this interview!Website: Instagram:’s Instagram: Sun Columnist article:
Sonia Couto, Director of Konverge and Founder of MenuSano, talks leadership and how surviving breast cancer changed the way she does business.LinkedIn: www.menusano.comWebsite: www.konverge.comRecent Award for Menusano:
Worried about that dreaded holiday weight gain? Jeanette Bessinger, founder of MeBoot, is here to help us battle temptation.A special message from Jeanette:
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