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Author: Ottawa Jewish Archives

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613Archives is the podcast of the Ottawa Jewish Archives, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its archivists tell the history of Ottawa's Jewish community through the use of its archives. Honouring the past is one of the 613 commandments or mitzvoth of Judaism. 613 is also the area code of Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, a city that hosts a vibrant historical Jewish community. 613 archives is where we dig into the shelves and drawers of the Ottawa Jewish Archives for stories that bring our past into the present.
6 Episodes
What has always been very clear to me, is that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Episode 6 of 613Archives delves into the fascinating history of the Vaad Ha'Ir/Jewish Federation of Ottawa, exploring the origins of the organization and the crucial role it has played in the Jewish community over the years. 
From time immemorial, wherever Jews settle, first they would organize a minyan, and next they would arrange a place for burial.613Archive's fifth episode dives into the 130 year history of Ottawa's Jewish cemeteries and how they have affected our community. 
The Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation has been supporting our community for the past 50 years, but how much do you really know about it? In this special 50th anniversary episode we dive into the history of the OJCF, talk about what it does and has done for the community and explore how a fluke led to its creation. 
Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services


613Archives’ third episode explores social services in Jewish Ottawa. What does it look like when a community steps up and addresses the needs of all of its members? Learn about Jewish services throughout history, the harmful stereotypes that have prevented Canada’s Jews from getting the help they’ve needed, and the inspiring ways that Ottawa’s Jewish community overcomes them. 
The Rideau Bakery

The Rideau Bakery


613Archive's second episode explores the history of a Jewish Ottawa icon, the Rideau Bakery. Learn about the people and the neighbourhood behind the bakery, its old world European roots, and how the bakery was brought into modernity. Hear from the bakery’s owners, descended from the original family baker in the Ukraine.
The King Edward Shul

The King Edward Shul


613Archive's first episode dives into the history of the Adath Jeshurun Synagogue on King Edward Street. Learn about the synagogue, the Byward Market, and early Jewish history of Ottawa. Hear from a local who grew up going to the King Edward Shul and the exciting story of her great grandfather.
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