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Author: Nath Addai

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Why are we here? What is our purpose? Questions we may or may not ask ourselves everyday. I'm just an artistic, animating, hip-hop-loving young Christian from the UK exploring the various faiths/religions, stories and views of interesting people I meet - whilst playing some cool tunes relating to spirituality, made by yours truly. :-) Hope you find the content enjoyable but most of all, eye-opening!

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4 Episodes
Here's Part 2 of my interview with my uni friend Mo - in this part he talks more about what he has recently been learning and applying regarding being an authentic Christian. Feel free to also read Mo's blog to find out more about him: Tracklist (all vocals from me):1. 'No Guidance' (Chris Brown ft. Drake Original Cover) - reproduced beat from: 'Just Tryna Be Godly (Remix)' [Spoken Word] - produced by Steve HubbardHear the podcast on other platforms through here:
Here's the (slightly overdue) third episode of my new podcast; enjoy this first part of my talk with another uni friend of mine who discusses his Muslim roots and particularly his gradual journey into being a devoted Christian! Check out Mo's blog: - and his social media: TRACK LIST (all tracks by me):1. SWITCHO MODE (#FreestyleFriday no. 12) - full track: Sending One Up (Guvna B cover) [#FreestyleFriday no. 5] - stream here: NEW TRACK: Just Tryna Be Godly (Version 2.0) [produced by Steve Hubbard]ALL PLATFORMS for the podcast:YouTube - - - Podcasts - Podcasts - - - SOCIAL MEDIATwitter: Insta: and
Episode 2 of my new podcast #Faithtalk is here! In this segment I talk to a graduate from my uni Scott about his general views and experiences regarding faith and morality. As always, some new rap tunes from me are included, that tie in with the interview subject matter. Don't forget to STREAM/DOWNLOAD, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for future episodes. Enjoy!Episode tracklist:1. NEW SONG: Nath Addai - 'Losing Myself to Find Me' - Nath Addai - 'Cancelled' (Remix Cover of Bryson Tiller) (#FreestyleFriday no. 11) - NEW SONG: Nath Addai - 'Thank You Freestyle (Ode to Diversity)' (Remix cover of DJ Khaled ft. Big Sean) - PLATFORMS for the podcast:YouTube - - - Podcasts - Podcasts - - - SOCIAL MEDIATwitter: Insta: and
Ladies and gents, my FIRST ever podcast attempt, let alone my first Faithtalk episode! Faithtalk is my new mini podcast series with which I intend to learn more about different moral views, religions and spiritual experiences of everyday people that I meet - whilst having fun and engaging these topics with cool urban tunes all from me!In this episode I chat with an interesting bloke called Chris about his rollercoaster of a journey to becoming a Christian...Episode tracklist:1. NEW SONG; Nath Addai - Hold Me Back (Remix Cover of KB) #HoldMeBackChallenge - 2. NEW SONG; Nath Addai - Accepted - 3. Nath Addai - Emotionless (Drake cover) - PLEASE LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE on all platforms:YouTube - - - Podcasts - Podcasts - - -'t forget to subscribe to the interviewee Chris Jones' YouTube channel:  MY SOCIAL MEDIATwitter: Insta: and .
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