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Host Bill Horan helps listeners uncover hidden talents to maximize individual success.
227 Episodes
Bill Horan talks with Dr. Mark Syms, author of LISTEN UP! Dr. Syms will discuss why most hearing aids don't work, why many people do no use the hearing aids they buy, how hearing loss can lead to dementia, and the mistakes to avoid when buying a hearing aid.
Bill Horan talks with Christopher Rosow, author of SUBVERSIVE ADDICTION, about how to get published. Christopher will discuss how he became an author while working full time, what were the obstacles he encountered, why he makes himself write at least 3,000 words a day, and why he feels independent publishing is the route to take.
Bill Horan will interview Barry Shore, author of THE JOY OF LIVING. Barry will discuss the 3 fundamentals that will change your life, why we should get MAD (make a difference), how choice not chance determines our destiny and how to be a victor instead of a victim.
Bill Horan talks with Kathleen Cutler, a luxury sales consultant for fine jewelers, about high end sales. Kathleen will discuss what a luxury sales expert is, how she got into the business of high end sales, what keeps her motivated and what are some of the methods that lead to her success.
Bill Horan talks with Chris Cicchinelli, author of THE SECRET IS YOU. Chris will discuss how his company PURE ROMANCE actually increased business during the pandemic, why he views himself as more of a head coach rather than a CEO, why he says we should always be both comfortable and uncomfortable, and why we should stop putting labels on ourselves.
Bill Horan talks with Noah St. John, author of POWER HABITS. Noah will discuss the 3 habits that define our lives, why he says thinking is far worse than doing, why everything you desire is on the other side of fear and how we tend to block our own success.
Bill Horan speaks with Bill Sanders, author of Creative Conflict. Bill will discuss how negotiation has changed over the years, why the "nice guy " may win more negotiations than the tough guy, how our 'comfort zone' may hold us back in negotiations and how, through negotiation, half of those people who asked for a better deal received it.
Bill Horan talks with Ruben Ugarte, author of THE DATA MIRAGE. Ruben will discuss why he says the biggest challenges are related to people and psychology, how to rank your company on their date proficiency level, why we should always look for cause, not blame, and the biggest challenges he faces when helping a company analyze their data.
Bill Horan talks with Sarah Dawn, Esq., about Business Growth. Sarah will discuss why she transitioned from an attorney to a business growth consultant, how to spot burnout, how we know we are stuck in our comfort zone and how we can find our "zone of genius."
Bill Horan talks with Jessica Weaver, author of STRONG WOMAN, STRONGER ASSETS. Jessica will discuss why her blog is called NOT YOUR FATHER'S ADVISOR, why her approach to finances is different, why she says money isn't going to fix your money issues and what money stories are, and how do they guide our finances?
Bill Horan talks with Suneel Gupta, author of BACKABLE. Suneel will discuss how he went from the poster boy for failure to a successful entrepreneur, what is the key to having a "backable" idea, why we we should come up with at least 3 objections to our own idea and why it is so important to put these ideas on paper even if this is not the final version of our idea.
Bill Horan talks with Robert Cialdini, author of INFLUENCE. Robert will discuss what the psychology of compliance is, what the 7 categories of compliance tactics are, why unthinking compliance is more prevalent in our fast paced society, and what is the principle of "social proof?"
Bill Horan talks with Paul Hellman, author of YOU'VE GOT 8 SECONDS. Paul will discuss why we only have 8 seconds to win someone's attention, how others judge us during the same time we are judging them, why we should "say less," and how to find the first line of a compelling story.
Damon Centola - Change

Damon Centola - Change


Bill Horan talks with Damon Centola, author of CHANGE. Damon will discuss why he says successful social change is not about information but about norms, how people do not know what really causes them to change, how cultural norms cause resistance to change, and the myth of weak ties.
Bill Horan talks with Marilyn Anderson, author of HOW TO LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. Marilyn will discuss how, by clicking on a website, you can find out if there is money that you are entitled to but do not know about, how to take courses at Harvard, Yale and other schools for free, how to find free benefits, coupons and discounts from organizations that you already belong to and how to be sure you are getting the lowest price on anything you buy.
Adam Bryant - CEO Test

Adam Bryant - CEO Test


Bill Horan talks with Adam Bryant, author of CEO TEST. Adam will discuss why leadership is so difficult, why he says simplifying complexity is a leaders super power, how simplification helps time management. and why we should focus on outcomes not priorities.
Bill Horan talks with Dr. Chloe Carmichael, author of NERVOUS ENERGY. Dr. Chloe will discuss what nervous energy is, how it affects successful people (referred to as high functioning people), why many high functioning people do not think of themselves as successful and what are some of the techniques she uses to turn nervous energy into successful actions.
Bill Horan talks with Patrick Bet-David, author of YOUR NEXT FIVE MOVES. Patrick will discuss why you must ask yourself who you want to be, why all choices are dictated by the answer to the previous question, how to make pain our fuel and how to live a life of "future truth."
Bill Horan talks with Christopher Hadnagy, author of HUMAN HACKING. Chris will discuss what he means by human hacking, how understanding the way humans are hacked can help you avoid this, why empathy is so important and the four basic questions we must ask.ourselves.
Bill Horan interviews Fawn Germer, author of COMING BACK. Fawn will discuss why it is important to be relevant if you want to stay employed, why half the workers over the age of 50 will lose their jobs before they are ready to retire, how we can start becoming a victor instead of a victim and why job longevity is now seem as a detriment.
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