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Best Friend In A Handbag

Author: T. Styles

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National bestselling author T. Styles’ novels have been carried in women’s purses for over a decade. But now she discusses the controversial topics inspiring her books to uplift, using her offbeat and outrageously funny personality. Life is trash without a best friend. So when the world gets you down or want a good time, come hang out with your new BFF. You’ll be motivated to live your best despite yourself. And to think, she’s always with you, right in your handbag!
30 Episodes
The story about a friend's epic birthday party failure and 5 red flags you don't have true friends. 
Girl, why you still holding onto that dead friendship that doesn't serve you? Here are five signs to know it's over. 
The Last Ride

The Last Ride


When T. Styles accepted a ride from a friend, she didn't realize what lessons the trip would provide. 
Here are four things your best friend might tell you. One of them, may surprise you. 
Are you in a funk right now, Best Friend? Well I have five books that may nudge your mood in the feel good direction. To make it work even better, download the audio. 
Thievin' Thursday

Thievin' Thursday


When a friend almost gets T. hemmed up, she discovers something about the friend and herself. 
A grumpy friend can be a blower. Listen to the story of Aisha The Grumpy and be on the lookout for these moments in your life. 
Best Friends, I'm Back! Before I tell you where I've been, let's set up 2022. We want an amazing start to an amazing year. 
T. Styles discusses the time she broke out in a strange disease and how fear almost held her back. 
In this hilarious story, T. Styles uses her skills to show how we get in our own way when trying to win at life. 
The Great Guilt Trap

The Great Guilt Trap


T. Styles tells her story about how a flying skate almost ruined her life. Oh, and why you need to forgive yourself. Now. 
T. Styles talks about a bizarre encounter she had with a woman who was very troubled with reading the bad news listed in the obituaries. And yet couldn't stop reading them. 
Hey Bff! Let's discuss the many reasons a friend can ghost you. 
T. Styles talks about how her love for wigs reminded her of an incident that shaped her life, and impacted her friendship with women. Do women learn to hate each other at an early age? 
In this episode, T. Styles talks about the importance of checking on your strong friends. And the case of the stolen taco. 
Inspired by the article The Ugly Truth About Adult Friendships, your best friend in a handbag discusses knowing the difference. 
The Coronavirus is threatening more than just your health. Your Best Friend In A Handbag talks about focusing on what you can change. 
How your Best Friend In A Handbag, a lifelong germaphobe, found happiness during a pandemic. Also an update!  
Finish up the list on the top twenty wants to know your man is crazy. 
A new study proves that women are attracted to crazy men. Toy breaks down twenty traits to prove this theory, starting with the first ten. 
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