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In this episode, we speak with Connor Swalm ( of the Anchor Security Team ( about how they are starting up their phishing platform and how we can utilize phishing training to help bolster budgets through awareness."I completed my first successful real estate flip when I was 19, and I own and run a successful real estate flipping company to this day. I am also a triplet"_Connor SwalmSupport the show (
In this episode, we talk to Pat Craven from the Cyber Center for Safety and Education.The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, formerly the (ISC)² Foundation, is a global non-profit charity formed by (ISC)² in 2011 as a conduit to reach society and empower students, teachers, parents and the general public to secure their online life with award winning cyber safety education and awareness programs in the community. We hold the exclusive global rights to Garfield to teach young children how to be safe and secure online.Support the show (
This episode is with my Italian colleague Alessandro Rossetti. He is an Intelligence Team Leader with Soft Strategy.  We talk about Threat Intelligence, how he views threat intelligence, and the do/don't's of preparing Italian food." I would like them to know that like you, I share the same passion for intelligence analysis and in particular OSINT. and I would like them to remember that I am one of the lucky ones who can work and talk to police forces all over the world "LinkedIn Profile URL: Url: the show (
How are you handling COVID-19?  With all of the chaos in the world today, it is so important to reflect on how we maintain composure. Stay safe. Stay healthy folks.Support the show (
Charity Wright is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor with IntSight Cyber Intelligence. She is a US Army retired veteran who has an amazing story of how she got into the cybersecurity industry.  In this episode, we talk about her journey as well as touch on mental health and trauma.LinkedIn Profile URL: Url: @charityW4CTISupport the show (
In this episode, we speak with Aaron Boldt about his role as a headhunter in the cybersecurity industry. He gives practical advice for those who are anticipating the next move or simply want to know what executive recruiters are looking for in candidates." I have over 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry, supporting IT and cybersecurity roles locally and nationally. Over the last few years, I have helped HireVergence modernize their marketing initiatives and become more involved in community events." -A. BoldtCompany: HireVergenceRole: Digital Marketing and SalesLinkedIn Profile URL: Url: the show
This episode is with Chris Cochran a co-host of the podcast "Hacker Valley Studios". We will be discussing the concept and role of a "Purple" team in cybersecurity as well as touch on some leadership topics.LinkedIn Profile URL: Url:"I want people to know how awesome the cybersecurity community is and that we are all in this fight together."Support the show
This is the final episode of Season 1 and 2019.  In this episode we will speak about where we are going next and challenging our listeners to promote our mission. Also, Wilson will reflect on the importance of communications within our cybersecurity teams and how it impacts what we do in daily operations. Support the show (
A.J. Nash is the Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali"I am a strong advocate for the concept of servant leadership.People First.Mission Always.Integrity Throughout."LinkedIn Profile URL: the show
Matt Ouille is a software engineer focusing on the reliability and performance of distributed systems at Intuit and an open source contributor/maintainer. His work has been featured on This Week in AWS, SRE Weekly, Hacker News, and Reddit for both technical articles and his regular focus on the downline effects of standardization, processes, and systems on developer productivity and reliability at scale.Matt resides in San Diego where he enjoys the great outdoors, time with his dog, and coding.We will be discussing his role and how it relates to cybersecurity as well as the benefits of having a collaborative working environment.LinkedIn Profile URL: the show (
In this episode of Dev.Sec.Lead we are interviewing Jonathan Sneed of Boecore. He is a Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer that has a lot of ideas.  This was an interesting conversation in that we had an array of topics that were discussed. From Risk Management Framework, to cybersecurity to trends, and the challenges of autism, Jonathan brings a lot of passion and energy into everything he does and it shows in this episode. "My overarching philosophy to life is that you can not address an issue until you understand the why of the issue. Without addressing the core problem you risk making it worse accidentally."LinkedIn Profile URL: the show (
This episode is with Kayla Underkoffler.  She is a Senior Security Specialist with The Walt Disney Company and a United States Marine Corps veteran."I want listeners to hear my story and how I got into security, as someone with a “non-technical” background, and I want them to be inspired to take a chance and pursue a career in Cybersecurity or even technology in general, even if they don’t have the traditional “hacker” background."LinkedIn Profile URL: Url: @kmarieh41Support the show (
This episode is with Phil Bosco from Security Illusion, LLC. He is the CEO // Lead Tester for the firm. In this episode we will talk about his career and life as a penetration tester. He will also give some great advice to future pentesters in how they can get into the field."My interests and passions go further than just the cybersecurity industry. I'm a tech enthusiast and always enjoy getting my hands dirty with the latest and greatest technology from IoT to Machine Learning, and beyond! I also love combining these passions by looking for opportunities that crossover between the latest tech available and aiding the security industry."-Phil BoscoLinkedIn Profile URL: Url: the show (
If you want to be a leader, you need to learn how to lead as well as to mentor.  You have to give back and help the our teams become better professionals and human beings overall.  This episode is about that, mentorship. I've brought in one of my mentors, David Gallagher, who works with Cisco.  He's had an amazing information security career and does his part to give back to others.Support the show (
In this episode I'll be talking to my colleague Michael Riffel.  He talks about his journey into information security at ABB Inc, which is a huge multinational corporation specializing in power and automation. He's located in Germany and is going to give some practical advice that he's learned over the years."I'm curious about everything!"-Michael RiffelLinkedIn Profile URL: Url: the show (
"I am improving the effectiveness of the security program at the organization I currently work by facilitating a culture of security and implementing controls that will reduce the risk of loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data."- Cassie BrunettoLinkedIn Profile URL: Url: the show (
"I'm an intelligence analyst by training and a cybersecurity analyst by trade. For the past 5 years, I've worked at the intersection of threat intelligence, security awareness and psychology -- particularly as it relates to mitigating human risk and decision fatigue. What I've found it that 'secure' is something we do -- or more accurately -- something we CHOOSE to do. I'm on a mission to secure the mind by helping people break down cognitive habits and learn how to reduce uncertainty in decision-making."-Graham WestbrookLinkedIn Profile URL: the show (
In this episode, Brandon Champion, CISO of Syneos Health talks about his  career in the commercial and military space and provides tips to improve as a cybersecurity professional.  Support the show (
This is the introduction of the podcast and to the host, Wilson Bautista Jr. You'll learn about why this podcast exists, Wilson's career, and his leadership philosophy.Support the show
A little bit about Johnny Crowder"I have "SAVE THEM" tattooed across my knuckles 👊 If that doesn't tell you who I am, nothing will.In short, I'm a 29-year-old suicide/abuse survivor, TEDx speaker, touring musician, mental health advocate, and the Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to users in nearly 100 countries around the world.What a mouthful, right?After 10+ years of clinical treatment, peer support, and public advocacy, I'm here to rebrand the global mental health conversation and stick up for people like you and me all over this great big planet of ours.Still reading, huh? You might get a kick out of learning more:"Support the show (
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