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Entrepreneur$hip- Let$ Talk Bu$ine$$

Entrepreneur$hip- Let$ Talk Bu$ine$$

Author: Rezella Lee McDonald

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Business Start Ups. The Pros & Cons, from the mind of a bookkeeper.
18 Episodes
How to level up your mindset, so you can achieve greater success in your personal and work life.
Level Up your mindset

Level Up your mindset


Changing up your mindset, to achieve greater success in your personal and work life
Start Ups Get your business RIGHT....Have you considered the risk, set plan, goals, executed them.Are you on your GRIND, Get your entity right.
Start ups are you business ready, Get your business RIGHT>
Business Start Ups and setting up your entity
Employee Overtime - Setting up a loan payment - August 16th Guest Speaker LIVE SHOWReferral Sources: Skilled professional 🔰👇🔰👇🔰👇🔰👇https://www.mcdonaldlawgroup.com
Episode 4 Series 5 Accounting Principles and Terminology - 5 Common mistakes business owners make. - August Guest Speaker (Tune In LIVE Facebook / YouTube) 08/16/2019 6:00- 7:00PM Pacific
Small Changes adds up. Tips to save you money with out the hassle. Stay Tuned for our August Guest Speaker, Life Before & After the NFL. Sports, Money & Family. Get a pre-close up look at his upcoming biography....
Multiple Streams of Income VS Passive Streams of Income, know the difference.Accounting Terminology.. Gains & Losses. Bookkeeping Made Simple & Quick books. Your growth is our growth .
Business owner VS Hustler, whats your business entity. How serious are you about your business, Do you need a reality check.
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