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Rose presents The Entrepeneurlifeshow. Take a journey with me and my guests, sharing there stories of the highs and Lows, accomplishments and mishaps.
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Victoria Wieck, immigrated from korea to America, inspired by her mother and travels, is self made and welknown in the fashion jewelry industry.
David Page Changed the world in food televion by creating the hit show. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and most recently Beer Geeks
Career after Covid. Entrepreneurs, Employees. Organizatinal Deveopment, Trasistioning from Employer to Entreprneur
DC Glenn LIVE R&B Rap Group TAG TEAM
Best Known for his trademark moves- Cutty Finger Salute, now actor with a list of films under his belt, currently a reccuring role on The Family Business
Host of Soapbox Sundays, KNowns for Nationally Recognized Game Show I've got a secret, Theatre and Off Broadway Actor
Courtney Starks, Media Enfluencer, Minister, & Speaker. Connecting with musician,s writers and entertaners, on Todays hottest Topics.
Melanie D. Perry CFP©️

Melanie D. Perry CFP©️


Melanie Perry founder of Zeallionaire Enterprises Inc., Educating Entrepreneurs and youth about wealth planning
Grammy nomited, best known for her #1 millions sold "Superwomen" "Secret Rendezvous" The first femal artist to have her first 3 solo releases hit#1 on the charts. She empowers women with her foundation supporting women of color and entreprenuers.
Marquise Trent is a published author of the book Oversatanding. Its a comprehensive look at Gangsta Rap, and its effects in our community.
Tim Tortora has worked with some of the most enfluential peole and companies in Hollywood. Harpo Films, Disney Tri Star, Columbia and more. what an amazing resume.
Celebrity Entrepreneur Kevin Hart. Whats the SCOOP
Just Leon, Best Known for Temptation, 5 Heart Beats, Little Richard
Lean Robinson, Best Known for, 5 Heart Beats, Temptation, Cool Running, Singer, Musician Actor
Meet Parker , He is not opnly charamatic, and innovator, and Style enfluncer, he turns technology into fashion. He is an inspiration.
Zav Ravid has built 6 million dollars businesses. Learn how he made it big with email marketing.
Darrin Henson

Darrin Henson


Choreographer, Actor, Author
J. Young MDK Carter is an American Singer, Songwriter, Director, Actor and Entrepreneur.
Movie Star, Film & TV Director, Entrepreneur, best known for, One on One, Coach Carter, House of Wax, Empire, Vampires Diares and so much more
Grammy awars wiinder Arrested Developments Spreech. His journey in music, an american rapper and musician..
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