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Welcome to the Hawk Vision Podcast Your host Chuck Hawkins Jr will bring you interviews and talks from some of social media's most influential game changing entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Rather it be in the arena of love or money, we can all learn from someone that has successfully gone before us. Where Vision, Work Ethic and Belief come together!#HawkVision#HawkVisionPodcast
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Kimesha Janey is a certified credit expert that is teaching thousands of people all over the country how to go from BROKE TO BLACK CARD. Over the past several years, she has been seen on CBS, NBC, ABC and more. She has leveraged her experience and has emerged as one of the leading, trusted voices in how to establish business credit. She is an author, and owner of Financial Growth Strategies which is a dedicated resource to understanding, establishing and leveraging business credit into additional capital. In this episode, we discuss “The 5 C’s Of Credit”, common credit mistakes, and how to tell the difference between good and bad debt. If you’re wanting to learn how to raise your personal or business credit profile, this episode is for you.Guest Site: Kimesha Janey OnlineGuest Social: FGS Facebook Host Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision Facebook#HawkVisionPresents#MeeshTheCreditPro#SaveMoney#InterviewSessions#CreditCoach#ChuckHawkins#BlackOwnership#TopShowHost
Hamza Sabree is the CEO of Global Connects LLC and an absolute visionary. After learning to secure government funding for a construction company almost 7 years ago, he has now launched his own firm which specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs land state, local and federal contracts. With hundreds of satisfied students, boasting their 5 and 6 figure contracts they’ve received from state and local governments, Hamza dedicated this episode to making sure that the listeners understand that there is a customer that literally has to spend money, and will never stop spending money, which means that you must be in the position to do business. We discussed the Global Connects bootcamp program, the synergistic atmosphere of the New Black Wall Street seemingly sprouting out of Atlanta. The GlobalLeader over-delivered in this episode. With his knowledge and energy on full 100% tilt, Hamza wants you to know that you can win at the highest levels of business, with a customer that never stops spending. Guest Site: GlobalConnects.comGuest Social: GlobalConnects on IGHost Site: HawkVisionOnlineHost Social: HawkVision on FB #GlobalConnects#WeGlobal#GovernmentContracts#SuccessTips#HawkVisionPresents#HamzaSabree#ChuckHawkins
Michelle Matthews, better known as Coach Mimi Jay embodies everything that we strive to teach and share. She has worked to establish herself as an emerging, trusted leader in the career coaching space. As an advocate for those chasing their dreams while building a business, Michelle takes a strategic, no nonsense approach to helping her clients understand the process of career change and developing the vision for their personal brand, and the rest of their corporate livelihoods. In this episode, MiMi discusses her personal inspirations, the perception of balance, and the key steps one needs to take to secure your next position… Greatness. Guest Site: Michelle Matthews OnlineGuest Social: Michelle Matthews LinkedInHost Site: HawkVision PodcastHost Social:  HawkVision YouTube#CoachMiMiJay#ChuckHawkins#HawkVisionPresents#Entrepreneurship#TopShowHost#Interviews#Motivation
Shanah Walton aka THE BITCOIN BOMBSHELL has spent the better part of the last 5 years establishing herself as one of the leading voices in the cryptocurrency space helping black women understand digital currency better and learn how to knowledgeably capitalize on the thriving opportunity. Since you can’t turn on a single screen these days without hearing about Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum to name a few, Shanah gave several tips, tricks and professional advice on how to acquire, manage and secure your crypto. After the recent rise in popularity, Shanah’s interview serves as a trusted voice in the space, and an example of diversity in the new transfer of digital wealth. Guest Site: The Bitcoin BombshellGuest Social: Bitcoin Bombshell on IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision on FB#BitcoinBombshell#ShanahWalton#ChuckHawkins#DigitalCurrency#CryptoEducation#WealthTransfer#DigitalWealth#PodcastInterview#SuccessTips#BlackOwnership
Tamika Newhouse is so much more than a storyteller and a business woman. She is a visionary that has been working at all aspects of her brand for over 10 years. She has amassed countless awards, partnerships and recognition, but where her legacy is cemented lies in the fact that she has helped to publish over 300 titles through her company Delphine Productions. In this episode Tamika discusses her creative process, her approach to entrepreneurship, mentoring others, and how it feels to be celebrated as the Shonda Rhimes of publishing. This is truly a celebration of a legacy for someone that has been operating at the highest levels of success, and destined to continue her trailblazing path.  Guest Site: Meet Tamika NewhouseGuest Social: Tamika Newhouse on FBHost Site: HawkVision OnlineHost Social: HawkVision on IG #TamikaNewhouse#SuccessTips#ChuckHawkins#AAMBC#DelphinePublications#SuccessTips#BlackOwnership#ShowHost#Entrepreneurship#SuccessTips#BlackOwnedPublishing
This episode is for all of my visionary women. From the outside looking in, Himiko Sadiki has it all together. She is a multi-million dollar producing real estate agent with a thriving/engaged online community, and an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right. But just a few short years ago, she found herself in an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship fighting for her marriage and sacrificing in ways she could have never imagined. Miko could not have been more transparent in this interview, and while it’s different from our normal format that we cover, there are SO MANY GEMS around building the life that you know you deserve within this conversation that I know it will be one of our most impactful episodes.Guest Site: Cuffed And Bound BookGuest Social: HimikoOnInstagramHost Site: HawkVision SiteHost Social: HawkVision Facebook#Submission#NewAuthor#BlackAuthor#OtherSideOfHealed#CuffedAndBound#Entrepreneurship#aStoryToTell#SuccessTips#VisionariesOnly
Sharvette Mitchell is the very definition of a VISIONARY.  She has built both her radio show, and Sharvette Mitchell Productions – a services and consultant platform into highly profitable businesses. With over 13 years as an entrepreneur, Sharvette knows what it takes to start from scratch, build a recognizable brand, and adjust and implement strategies that get results. In this episode, she shares her years of experience to teach how to overcome fear, the difference between a business and a brand, and the 6 keys to building a successful platform. Guest Site: Sharvette Mitchell ProductionsGuest Social: Sharvette on IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision IG#Branding#Entrepreneurship#SharvetteMitchell#ChuckHawkins#VisionaryLeadership#BlackOwnership#ShowHost#TipsOnEntrepreneurship
Ryan Cox is an absolute visionary. He helps business owners and dream chasers alike in the one area that most will never admit that they need help in, ACCOUNTABILITY. Ryan has a very distinct style of coaching that allows him to dig deep, quickly while building trust at the same time. He has been the secret weapon behind some of our most downloaded guest episodes and now has joined the show himself to share the secrets to his success. With an intensely loyal and active community of several thousands of people, Ryan has built a growingly successful business by doing exactly what he tells everyone else to do, acknowledge the fear and do it anyway! If you are dealing with any limiting beliefs, fears of success or failure…this episode is for you! Guest Site: Social: Site: Social:
This week’s visionary, Jenna Dancy is someone that entrepreneurs everywhere should know. Where most people are concentrating their efforts on list building and email marketing strategies, Jenna has mastered perhaps the most important part of monetizing and online business-keeping the customer on the page. Having spent significant time researching chat bot technology and all that it encompasses, she is now coaching others on how to keep shoppers and potential customers engaged through her personalized and strategic methods. In this episode, Jenna discusses her path to running a profitable business, and displaces the common myths that so many believe about the various stages of business. Guest Site: Jenna Dancy OnlineGuest Social: Jenna Dancy IGHost Site: HawkVisionOnlineHost Social: HawkVision IG#HowToLaunchYourBusiness#BusinessAdvice#BlackShowHost#Motivation#Entrepreneurship#OnlineMarketing
Troy Spry is one of the foremost authorities in the dating and relationship space. As a certified life and relationship coach, Troy’s written, and physical works have been recognized by some of the nation’s top platforms. In his second appearance on the show, Troy openly discussed his favorite parts of being a husband, which parts he wished came with a manual, and how often we should address relationship issues before we abandon the relationship. We also discussed the perception around successful women and if they truly intimidate men. This conversation is for grown folks only. #RelationshipIssues#GrownManStatus#BlackOwnership#LoveAndMarriage#SuccessTips#CoreValuesGuest Site: XclusiveThoughtsGuest Social: Troy on IGHost Site:  HawkVisionOnlineHost Social: HawkVisionIG
Shevaughn Baker is the founder and visionary mind behind “Our Corporate Concierge” a boutique consultant agency that is geared towards helping to support tech founders grow and scale their business revenue through strategic partnerships. Additionally, she is one of Oakland, California’s most ardent supporters in the fight for racial equity and visibility for tech founders of color. After partnering with some of the best in the fintech space and more, Shevaughn is laser focused on identifying founders in her hometown of Oakland and building a community and infrastructure that both serves Oakland and allows for incubation and accelerator opportunities. This episode takes us along Ms. Baker’s journey into entrepreneurship and helps to shorten the learning curve for those new business owners that are looking to work their way out of their 9-5 job and become profitable.  #OaklandEntrepreneurs#BayAreaFounder#ChuckHawkins#ShevaughnBaker#BlackOwnedStartUp#SuccessTips#EntrepreneurshipGuest Site:  Corporate ConciergeGuest Social:  Corporate Concierge IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social:  Hawk Vision FB
Meisha Amia is more than an entrepreneur, she is nothing short of a true visionary. As an author, two-time founder and business strategist, Meisha has branded herself as a force to be reckoned with the online business community. As a brand strategist, she is leveraging her career experience as a traveling registered nurse (RN) and teaching a community of over 30 THOUSAND PEOPLE (along with her chicks with checques community) how to uncover additional wealth, by doing what they already love to do.  Her Bedside Boss course, which she discusses in depth, is an absolute game changer for a working population that has been over worked, and under paid during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Meisha genuinely believes that there is enough success to go around, and her dedication to teaching nurses how to add value to their resumes, negotiate top paying contracts and market themselves within the medical and online communities is unparalleled.  This episode is a story that all new and veteran professionals should hear because it is the very definition of understanding circumstances and overcoming defeat. Because this episode can touch so many, I challenge you to share it with not only other visionaries, but other nurses as well.  #TheBedsideBoss#TravelNurse#NursePreneur#Chickswithcheques#MeishaAmia#ChuckHawkins#Nursing#BlackOwnership#PersonalGrowthGuest Site: MeishaAmia.comGuest Social: TheRealMeishaAmiaHost Site:  HawkVisionOnlineHost Social: HawkVision FB
Amber Aziza is a globally successful entrepreneur that has not only influenced the way millennials approach launching businesses, she is also actively leading a wave of new disrupters and leaders through her training and coaching platforms. Let there be no mistakes made, when you have the chance to interview an 8 figure, globally successful entrepreneur, you know that you are in for a treat and the very definition of NEW BLACK HISTORY. Amber Aziza is one of the sharpest minds in the game. Through Amber Aziza Enterprises, Amber has been able to identify and resolve pain points for her clients while also transitioning several of those pain points into opportunities to coach and train others into increased levels of income, business acumen and professional growth. In this episode, we discussed imposter syndrome in depth, rebuilding after a dramatic loss, and how to thrive once the excitement of launching a business wears off. I challenge you to listen in, with one question in mind: What can I learn from this interview, that I can implement in my chase for greatness immediately?Guest Site: Amber Aziza OnlineGuest Social: Amber Aziza IGHost Site: HawkVisionPodcast OnlineHost Social: HawkVision Facebook #LeadershipDevelopment#BlackOwnership#ProfessionalGrowth#MillenialMillionaire#BlackShowHost#Entrepreneurship
If you have been online ANYWHERE over the last couple of years, you’ve heard the “start your LLC mantra coming from every corner of social media, and while well intended, there are a few steps you should know before you launch that part of your business. Ashley Watkins is one of the coaching industries brightest rising stars. Her sincere, authentic approach to entrepreneurship, coaching and business building has catapulted her business and visibility to the highest levels. Ashley has mastered the ability to build an online community with the highest levels of engagement and teaches women everywhere how they can do the exact same. With well over 20 thousand active followers, Ashley is helping women everywhere stand strong in their businesses and become profitable. By helping others gain clarity around the vision for their business, and strengthening their mindset, Ashley Watkins is making a positive impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs and dream chasers. In this episode, we discuss specific do’s and don’ts that every new business owner should know, and SO MUCH MORE. #AshleyWatkins#ChuckHawkins#Entrepreneurship#BlackShowHost#SuccessTips#SmallBusinessCoach#VisionariesOnly#BusinessPlanGuest Site: Coach Ashley WatkinsGuest Social: Ashley Watkins IGHost Site: Hawk Vision PodcastHost Social: Hawk Vision Pod FB
Ernest and Barbara Smiles are visionaries. Not only have they managed to thrive in a time and environment where most people are understandably trying to put the pieces back together and hang on to what they have, but they also launched and expanded an amazingly popular and necessary business. The Smiles’ are built for a time like this, their successful marriage and business partnership only serves as the foundation for their greatness. With a track record of individual education, accolades and accomplishments, they have successfully bet on themselves. The Smiles Shield is changing the entire landscape of what a functional and fly protective shield looks like and is also introducing personalization and luxury to your health and safety. Timing is everything, and no doubt if you are a student of wealth and success, you’ve heard the countless stories where fortunes were made during the worst of social times. In this episode, Ernest and Barbara share exactly how they are able to launch their business as well as the success tips and exact business strategies that they use to have some of the top A-list celebrities rocking the SmilesShield. Guest Site: SmilesShield.comGuest Social: SmilesOnInstagram Host Site: HawkVisionPodcastHost Social: HawkVision on FB #SuccessTips #Entrepreneurship#BlackOwnership#BlackExcellence#SmilesShield#FaceShield#ShowHost#PersonalGrowth 
Karmen Kendrick is one of the great ones, a digital consultant that specializes in WordPress, and website maintenance. She has worked both feverishly and effectively to ensure that her clients show up professionally strategically prepared, and more importantly, that they are profitable. If you've ever tried to create your own site, then you undoubtedly have found yourself navigating the endless maze of add-on's and plug-in's that promise to be the golden ticket to a profitable website. Karmen Kendrick is the Olivia Pope to your wordpress scandal. Her years of experience, attention to detail and specific/personalized building strategies have not only made her best in class, but more importantly has allowed her to create site after site that brings in real dollars for her clients. In this episode, Karmen discusses the moment that propelled her into entrepreneurship, and 3 specific things that your site must have built in, if it's going to be successful. Find out why Karmen is the industry go to for a who's- who list entrepreneurs. Lastly, in this episode, you can learn why YOUR next 10 years STARTS TODAY! Guest Site: KarmenKGuest Social: Karmen K TweetsHost Site: Hawk Vision PodcastHost Social: Hawk Vision FB#WordPressOptimization#WordPressExpert#SuccessTips#Entrepreneurship#BlackExcellence#ShowHost#PersonalGrowth#StartUp#ChuckHawkins
Bianca Tatum is widely regarded as one of the true gems and absolute powerhouses in the business world. She is an extremely successful entrepreneur and has been the visionary strategist behind some of your favorite social media brands and personalities, The Bianca Tatum Collective helps to teach branding strategy, social media marketing, and business development for service-based businesses.and quite simply, she teaches entrepreneurs how to build and grow a trustworthy brand that gets them paid. In this episode, we discussed the importance of finding the correct platform for your brand, the difference between social media managers and strategists, and perhaps most importantly, the importance of having STRONG content and offerings after you post. In a world where content is king, Bianca is one of the leading voices helping to strategically separate the noise and put an effective game plan together. If you have an online presence, and want to grow your sales, and your business...this episode is for you!#MediaStrategist#Entrepreneurship#SuccessTips#Entrepreneurship#VisionariesOnly#BiancaTatum#ChuckHawkinsGuest Site: Bianca Tatum Unlocked USE CODE "HAWKVISION" for 20% off!Guest Social: Bianca Tatum CreativeHost Site: HawkVisionPodcastHost Social: HawkVision Podcast IG--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
As the founder and CEO of The Erika Monae Group Erika has established herself not only as a powerhouse executive HR Coach, but also a trusted voice teaching thousands of individuals how to network on purpose. With over 7 years of experience in the world of human resources and leadership development, Erika knows exactly how to identify and communicate both value and values. In this episode, Erika discusses her successes and the step by step processes that allowed her to leave corporate america and become a full time entrepreneur well ahead of her planned schedule! She also teaches leaders and aspiring leaders how to network on purpose. For those that are trying to navigate their way up the corporate ladder, Erika reminds us that grace, authenticity, courage and integrity are the pillars that we can build an amazingly fulfilling career on, as well as a highly profitable and successful business. She is a remarkable speaker, businesswoman, leader, and a true visionary. #Leadership#LeadershipCoach#SuccessTips#Motivation #TopShowHost#PersonalGrowthGuest Site: EMG.comGuest Social: Erika LinkedInHost Site: Hawk Vision PodHost Social: Hawk Vision FB--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
Dr. Tamara Beckford is not only a board certified emergency physician, she is a visionary and positive force for change in the highly politicized field of healthcare. Over the past few years, we've seen healthcare and the access to healthcare be placed at the forefront of our everyday lives. Covid-19 has reinvigorated the importance of the conversation around how many people have, and still need affordable healthcare. Dr. Beckford has created and successfully launched UR CARING DOCS which is a platform that allows people to see a doctor quickly via telemedicine. Equally important is the educational piece that she's providing whbile teaching the difference between urgent and emergent medical scenarios. In this interview, Dr. Beckford discussed the benefits of an entrepreneurship incubator community, and the process of launching a business while balancing a demanding job as an emergency room physician. #BlackExcellence#StartUp#SuccessTips#Visionary#PersonalGrowth#EntrepreneurshipGuest Site: UR Caring DocsGuest Social: UR Caring Docs InstaHost Site: HawkVisionPodcastHost Social: HawkVision FB --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
Attiquewa Green, better known as "That Finance Chick" by her adoring online community which is tens of thousands strong, is one of the most trusted voices across multiple platforms. Her vast depth of the finance industry and light hearted, yet no nonsense delivery has allowed her to grow her business of teaching other how to build individual wealth into a success. Simply put, Attiquewa is teaching women how to break the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living, and teaching them how to acquire assets. In this episode, we discuss what you need to know before investing in the stock market, three different types of budgest to healp build wealth, and what to do when there's not enough money coming in. "That Finance Chick" is a highly successful entrepreneur with a track record of success that is growing every day. There is currently a high level of awareness in the black community about getting financially and for those that are just beginning their wealth journey, there are few better equipped to help you budget your money, and understand your finances better. #BlackExcellence#Finance#MoneyTips#Entrepreneurship#MotivationGuest Site: Finance Wealth ChallengeGuest Social: Attiquewa Green Finance IGHost Site: Hawk Vision OnlineHost Social: Hawk Vision FB--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
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