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Reviews and commentary on recent internet articles that involve UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other exopolitical topics.
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(10-19-19) The ‘Falcon Lake’ coin and the new ‘Shag Harbour’ coin are part of the Canadian Mint’s ‘Unexplained Phenomena series’. The coins have a ‘sci fi glow’ when illuminated with a blacklight flashlight.
(10-18-19) In September, the US Navy confirmed that while the Navy videos of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (or UFOs) were not meant for release to the public, they were authentic. John Greenewald, Jr of ‘The Black Vault’ website was the man that got the Navy to discuss the videos, leading to the video confirmation. The Navy, however, didn’t know what these phenomenon were.
(10-13-19) Registered lobbyist Teresa Tindal has recently joined Bassett in fighting for greater transparency about UFOs. They want nothing less than ‘full disclosure’ where the government admits to the extraterrestrial presence and the massive cover-up to hide the truth from the public. Says Bassett, “A significant percentage of all people on Capitol Hill are convinced there is an ET presence. They are just not able to speak to it publicly.”
When astronomers stumbled upon a cosmic radiation that suffuses throughout space, fifty years ago, it provided a road map of the history of the universe since the “Big Bang”. In short, in one-millionth of a second, “lumps” of matter were created which would evolve into galaxies.
Retired Navy Commander David Fravor, who was one of the fighter pilots who chased a ‘Tic Tac UFO’ off of San Diego in 2004, was on the Joe Rogan podcast show on October 6th giving more details about the remarkable encounter for nearly two hours. Rogan and Fravor were joined by Jeremy Corbell, the filmmaker who recently released a documentary about Bob Lazar of Area 51 fame.
In 2020, Mars and Earth will be relatively close to each other in their adjacent orbits around the sun. Taking advantage of this fortuitous orbital circumstance, NASA and European-Russian space agencies will be dispatching a small brigade of spacecraft to Mars. The new NASA craft will go beyond merely scouting for locations that were once suitable for life. They’ll be looking for life itself.
Residents speculate UFO involvement. But a ranch official, a Harney County sheriff’s deputy, and the director of a local university’s agricultural research center each have their own theories:
Is this further proof of a space battle between the Deep State’s secret space program and the Alliance SSP being waged above the Earth?
the aliens chose Thailand as their contact point because the country had so many Buddhists who meditate regularly, which is the gateway to communicating with the ETs.
The study’s sole author, James Benford, says that there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of stars that have been close enough to the Earth throughout its history for a potential intelligent civilization to make contact. Such a civilization may have seen on the Earth single-celled organisms or possibly dinosaurs, depending upon when they viewed them.
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