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News of the day from a free thinking independent conservative pompous ass. Published weekly, usually Saturday AM.
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Strong and the Trophy Wife traveled to Colorado to explore the National Parks and visit The Maddog on his Southwest Colorado Villa. Trip Highlights including National Park details and charming small towns. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. No exception here.
Urban Meyer will probably be fired for getting frisky with a lady half his age. The damning video is very tame when compared to other NFL member's shenanigans. Sex is a beige line that can't crossed. So is race, ask Jon Gruden. So is gender, ask Dave Chapelle. Strong discusses these topics in a way that would get him fired if he worked for a traditional media source. But he doesn't. Fasten your seat belt and hang on!
Double essay today. 1) The Tic Tac UFO mystery may have been solved via Tic Tok video. 2) Music legend Steve Winwood has had a multi faceted career with countless bands and music genres. A biography of one of entertainment's most talented people.
Betting on sports has always been a fun sidebar to the game itself. But has the sidebar become the reason for the game? In a world where "follow the money" is the reason for the quest, perhaps it has. In college sports, everyone gets paid except for the players. So what if they get a spiff for shaving a few points that don't affect the winner of the game? So what? So let's dance!
Luis Elizonda is a 20 year US Army Veteran with counterintelligence and Pentagon spook experience. He worked with Harry Reid and AATIP on UFO (UAP) investigative programs. He was a top guy with Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy. But is he the real deal or just another showman? This podcast will help you decide.
With a unique view of the 9-11 anniversary, Strong outlines why the US is better than ever with a bright future in spite of all we have been through during the past 20 years. So do the other Western countries. While we all have problems, ours pale in comparison to all others. Think Afghanistan, India and China.
Building on Podcast 233, Strong discusses the conspiracies of the day with Andrew X. He wishes to keep his last name private for now, as he is a prominent member of the St. Louis community. Global Cabals, The Deep State, Covid 19, 9-11, the Kennedy assignation, all are discussed. Andrew responds to Strong's pointed questions with detailed answers.
Vote Matt is a Podcaster, First Responder, Army Veteran and former Counter Intelligence Operative. We discuss Afghanistan, Covid 19 and government involvement in both. Some conspiracy, some common sense, some history and opinion based on facts. Spoiler alert, we don't always agree. The Vote Matt Podcast is top rated in Kershaw County SC. It can be found anywhere you get your podcasts.
Veteran Talker James Greyfalcon and Strong discuss the changes in Talk Radio over the years, from Rush to Rogan. The St. Louis metro area recently got 3 new conservative talk stations. Is radio, the appliance still alive, or has radio, the audio format via podcasts taken over? Listen and learn.
After WWII, many of the most notorious Nazi war criminals escaped to South America. Aided by Catholic clergy and heads of state, many lived normal lives under their own names for most or all of their lives. How did this happen? Why were they protected? Today's essay explains.
Economies of scale are what big businesses use to increase profits. Did you know that you can do the same thing? How? Listen here. But remember, like most things, implementation is simple, but not easy.
ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill died this week at age 72. The band, together uninterrupted for 51 years, influenced and was influenced by artists that you can't imagine. Their music evolved, but stayed similar for 51 years. Power Pop, Hip-hop and electronic DJ's greatly influenced the move from LaGrange to Legs to I Gosta Get Paid. History of a great band!
Contrails or chemtrails. Two different entities or one in the same? Conspiracy theorists say chemtrails are the result of government programs to spray from airplanes particulates to alter the weather, public health or control the population. The government says that's silly. However, they have done it before. More than once. Chemtrails, a history to help you determine the current story.
Conspiracy Theories can be fun (UFOs, UAPs Bigfoot). They can also harm, divide and kill (Killer Vaccines, Stolen Elections, Reparations). Why do the far left and far right embrace these harmful mindsets and accept their silly accusations as truth? And the far ends of the spectrum are eclipsing the logical moderates. Listen and learn.
The Boogie Man, the entity we feared as children. He hid from plain sight, masking himself from view, waiting to pounce when we least expect it. China's President, Xi Jinping, is the real life Boogie Man. Strong presents facts that haven't been lead stories in traditional media sources. The real enemy isn't Biden, Trump or Pelosi, it's Xi!
Strong picks four unrelated news stories and dissects them, separating what they say to what they mean, in his opinion. How does the California drought, Regular 88 gasoline, the US Supreme Court and banning hate speech against animals define our culture? Listen and learn.
Life long baseball fan JJ Marx discusses the NEW baseball with Strong. What is WAR, Spin Rate and OPS? Why do teams rank these stats higher that batting average, stolen bases and wins/losses? Sabermetrics gone wild on today's podcast.
Last year, lawmakers inserted a provision in the Intelligence Authorization Act that said government must submit an unclassified report on what it knows about UFOs. That report is scheduled to be presented to Congress on June 25. Here is a preview of what that report reveals from very reliable sources. Dear listeners, it's frightening!
Woke is the new black to some but has eroded freedoms for those who question it's objectives. When media and government are in lock step, the opposition loses it's voice. Clearer minds are beginning to see this, but is it too late?
Before the internet, television or radio, Edgar Cayce was world renown as a soothsayer, healer and psychic. His legacy lives on today,. Where did his gift come from? God? Satan? Alien worlds? Or was Cayce a scam artist preying on the greedy and desperate? Listen and decide.
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