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The Marketing Counts Digital and Social Media Marketing Podcast
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The Marketing Counts Digital and Social Media Marketing Podcast

Author: Shreya Banerjee and Paul Counts

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Shreya Banerjee and Paul Counts from Marketing Counts, team up to empower entrepreneurs to generate more traffic, sales, and leads with their cutting-edge digital marketing and social media marketing tips and tricks. Pulling from their combined 30+ years of marketing online, they will help you unleash the power of the web for your business! You will discover search engine optimization best practices, email marketing tips, copywriting and conversion boosting hacks, marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and more. With a global following of over 100,000 entrepreneurs and 30+ years of combined digital marketing experience, Paul and Shreya will help you unleash the power of the web for your business!
9 Episodes
We are sick and tired of the unethical digital marketing agencies and their unethical practices! You are about to discover the real truth behind 5 myths that many digital marketing agencies do not want you to know! The answers may shock you, but we believe an educated consumer (business owners) is the best consumer! Listen to this episode and learn these things: - What one red flag to watch out for to ensure you do not hire an insecure digital marketing agency! - The biggest lies you are being told by marketing agencies! - Other agency owners have told us we are out of our minds for doing this one thing, but we do it anyways BECAUSE that is right for our clients! - How agencies are setting you up to fail long term, and they don't care one bit! - We are calling out the unethical business practices of other marketing agencies and fighting back, for you! - What you should insist on with the setup of your ads! - The one service marketing agencies charge monthly for, but you should only pay a one-time for it! - You own your business! Quit giving up control to unethical agencies!- What you should never, ever do with a social media assistant or manager! Learn about all of this and more! We jump on and off our soapboxes numerous times, but we are fighting for you by empowering you with the knowledge you need to effectively hire the correct marketing agency. Listen closely because one tip in this episode can save you literally thousands of dollars worth of wasted marketing dollars, or cost you with wasted time and lost opportunity. If you need anything you can visit us online at 
Special guest Thomas McMahon from Clickbank joins us to discuss a "whole new world" of marketing possibilities for your business! Discover how you can reach a new audience, generate a new income stream, establish your credibility, and think outside-the-box to achieve your business goals. Clickbank offers a unique all-in-one payment processing solution for you to venture into the world of marketing through information products, software, and digital media. You will also learn more about our 3 pillars including the foundation, traffic, and engagement, and how Clickbank checks all those boxes. To accelerate your business growth get in touch with us at 
Special Guest Tom Woods from the Tom Woods Show Podcast to discuss the power of email marketing! Tom reveals some amazing email marketing tips including how he works everyday life into his email copy to engage with his following like none other! When you listen to this episode you will discover: How to sell without selling.How to creatively sell to your audience. How to boost conversions. The power of being you in your emails! Why following your passion in business can be a bad thing! Why testing counts! The ugliest landing page ever! Plus much more! After listening to this you will be ready to start extracting more sales from your email list! Unleash the power of email marketing today! For more information on us visit 
Listen to learn about real-life sales funnels that we love, and how that can apply to your digital marketing plan or your offline business! You will be surprised to learn what major brands can teach you about your niche and your business. Start applying this today and watch your business grow. Visit for more information. 
This is part 1 of our special podcast mini-series called "Funnels Among Us". You will learn about sales funnels, and how they apply to your online business. Applying our proven sales funnel tactics to your business can drastically increase your profits and lifetime customer value. Marketing funnels are everywhere we go. Can you spot them? We even share with you how mermaids can impact your digital marketing sales funnels. You will not want to miss that nugget. If you need help with your digital marketing funnels you can contact us here at 
In episode 4 we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of paid traffic versus free traffic! Which one should you be using and why? Shreya shares one free traffic method that may be actually costing you more than you realize! Listen to find out what it is! 
Boost your sales, customer retention, and lifetime customer value with these proven email marketing tips and tricks! We share the one digital marketing method that still produced a 4,400% ROI, and discusses how most businesses fail with this! If you want to maximize your profits you need to listen to this fun and insightful episode! We also uncover a few other ways you can engage with your audience to get more from your current customers or email subscribers. Engagement is the 3rd pillar and one that a lot of businesses get wrong! Give yourself the strategic edge and listen to this episode! Visit for more information on email marketing services for your organization.
We reveal our favorite website traffic strategies on this call. Listen to discover multiple ways that you can generate more traffic into your website! We held nothing back and even shared our unique system for repurposing content. Successful digital marketing starts with understanding how to get website visitors. We even reveal how you can get more traffic by effectively utilizing social media marketing the proper way. Walk away with some new sources of traffic you never had before.
Shreya Banerjee & Paul Counts reveal the most important step of any digital marketing campaign, and that is the foundation piece! If you want to win big with your online marketing efforts, and truly unleash the power of the web for your brand or business you want to get this step right! Do not worry if you have already launched your business they discuss exactly how to fix your process so you can grow! Click Here To See An Example of Their Marketing Counts Foundation WebsiteEnjoy this episode!
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