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From the Files is a companion podcast for Casefile. In addition to covering breaking news updates and developments on cases previously covered by Casefile, episodes may focus on a specific episode from our back catalogue and include guest interviews to delve deeper into those crimes, investigations, and prosecutions.
2 Episodes
The host talks with the legal affairs editor for The West Australian newspaper, Tim Clarke. Tim’s journalism career spans more than two decades...Credits:Tim Clarke – special guestAnonymous Host - research, narrationErin Munro - research, writingMilly Raso - research, writingElsha McGill - research, writingMike Migas - production, scoringPaulina Szymanska – designFor all credits and sources please visit (
The host talks with former lawyer turned investigative journalist and Dark Web expert, Eileen Ormsby, who also writes for Casefile...Credits:Eileen Ormsby – special guestAnonymous Host – narratorMike Migas – producerBonnie Robinson – associate producerErin Munro – research, writingFor all credits and sources please visit (
Comments (8)

Leslie Flatland Seipel

are you shitting me?? Eileen?? why wouldn't you let someone know that there is an exhorbetent amount of money being offered as a hit?!?! in my opinion, you are just as guilty, you could have saved that woman's life. shameful

Jul 8th

Russell Lee

Leslie Flatland Seipel you need to listen more carefully. I imagine you've been told that many times

Jul 28th


Leslie Flatland Seipel She literally says five seconds after that she contacted the authorities to try and help her. Would you believe a total stranger if they said a hit had been put out on you? Please use some critical thinking.

Jul 11th

Di Sim

👍Interesting case follow ups and interview.

Jul 8th

Cover Time

great start #greenmonkey 🐒👍

Jul 7th

Maggie LaPan

Thank you!!!!

Jul 5th



Jul 3rd
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