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Each week hosts Tessa Netting and Princess Weekes will skim the surface of what’s popular and deep dive into the lore of Netflix worlds bigger than our own. Worlds like: Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, The Witcher and many more! You’ll also get to hear from some of your favorite actors and creatives on fun behind-the-scenes tidbits and, of course, what they are geeking out about.The Geeked Podcast is your geeky safe haven – come and get hyped with us!Produced by @NetflixGeeked and Spoke MediaFollow our hosts: @TessaNetting, @WeekesPrincessTo stay updated on all things Geeked, follow @NetflixGeeked on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok
It’s October 2020. A pandemic is raging. And 603 people enter a bubble in Boston. Their mission? Make a movie. Their world? Chaos. It feels like it might be... The Last Movie Ever Made. This is a podcast about what happened when the cast and crew of the movie Don’t Look Up created a story about one crisis – while living through another. Episode 1:A question is rolling inside Adam McKay’s brain: If danger comes, will people respond? He writes a comet disaster comedy, and sets off to make it. Then, a pandemic hits.  A new question haunts McKay: Am I out of my mind?
The Witcher Season 2 has finally arrived, and Netflix Geeked is providing fans with a spoiler-filled destination to reveal behind-the-scenes secrets, explore the adaptation process, and answer all your burning questions about The Witcher's new season. Welcome to THE WITCHER: UNLOCKED. Hosted by Felicia Day, the Netflix Geeked official after show includes brand new interviews with stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg, Freya Allan as Ciri, Joey Batey as Jaskier, Kim Bodnia as Vesemir, Paul Bullion as Lambert and Yasen Atour as Coen, alongside showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The cast and showrunner join together to discuss their characters' Season 2 journeys, spoilers from the end of Season 2, and what's still to come in Season 3 and beyond.Watch the full episode on YouTube.
In our last episode, we focus on the final episodes 7 and 8 of Shadow and Bone, where we discover the birth of the Shadow Fold and enter it for a final battle between light and dark. We hear from the folks behind the creation of the Fold, and the monsters that live within it, from VFX, to sound, to the backstory of our resident sad boy that everyone is literally dying to know.
In the Grishaverse, relationships are complicated: sun versus shadow, Grisha versus non-Grisha, state versus border. And relationships -- whether romantic or platonic -- are just as complicated, if not more when small science is involved. We’ll hear from writers, directors, and the man behind the mayhem, actor Ben Barnes (General Kirigan), on how light and dark often live side by side. Plus, we’ll talk with sound designers Craig Henigan and Brad North about how they used their craft to highlight the differences between good and evil.
We’re going even deeper into the Shadow and Bone Grishaverse as host  Brandon Jenkins sits down with the ultimate heist crew from Ketterdam -- The Crows -- played by Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, and Kit Young. The actors share how they brought their characters to life  and stories about one of their favorite guest castmates, who truly is the G.O.A.T. We’ll also hear how showrunner Eric Heisserer put together his own crack team of writers to combine the worlds of the Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows books.
Before it was a Netflix series, Shadow and Bone was a book by author Leigh Bardugo. This season of Behind the Scenes takes a tour of the world she created, called The Grishaverse. We’ll hear from Shadow and Bone’s Executive Producer/Showrunner/Writer Eric Heisserer, the author and Executive Producer Leigh Bardugo, as well as writer Christina Strain and lead actor Jessie Mei Li. They share how they combined the Shadow and Bone series and storylines from Six of Crows to present an alternate and even more inclusive Grishaverse for the screen. Plus, we provide you with all the backstory and  never-before-heard stories that you won’t want to miss.
Netflix is releasing a new fantasy series, and it’s time for another season of Behind the Scenes to get into how it all happens. This time, we’re diving head first into the epic world of Shadow and Bone. Starting April 28th, host Brandon Jenkins (Mogul; Complex) will sit down with the folks behind the scenes of the show. We’ll hear from showrunners and writers, actors and designers, special effects and more. Put on your shades because we’re summoning a lot of sun this season.
On this season of Behind the Scenes, we’ll dive deep into the making of Shadow and Bone. Get ready to learn how the characters and worlds from Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling books come to life on the screen. Find out how it all happens starting on April 28th. Hosted by Brandon Jenkins. 
Welcome to the world of Castlevania: a show adapted from a Japanese video game set in a gothic world of vampires, demons and monsters. We’ll speak with the Deats brothers about how they turned the original video games into an exciting animated series. We’ll also speak with Adam Connaroe, the technical director/key lighting about what goes into making this dark show come to life.
Learn all about the wild world of Simpson creator Matt Groenig’s Disenchantment. We hear from comedy legends Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, and Nat Faxon who voice Dreamland’s quirky characters. The trio gives us a sneak peek into the wacky antics and chaotic offscreen dynamic that bring their animated characters to life. It’s a wild ride complete with fake falls, true friends, and a lot of laughter.
Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, the team that brought you Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, join us on the podcast to talk about their reboot of the 1980s franchise, Voltron. We’ll talk to them about growing up with the original run of the show, how animated series influenced them as kids, and how that influence inspired them when they were tasked with creating their own rendition of this animated classic.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power aren’t just for 80s kids - they’re back for a new generation. We’ll hear from showrunner Noelle Stevenson and from actor Aimee Carrero who voices She-Ra on how they updated the series for the current day while staying true to the show’s roots.
We’re kicking off this season of Behind the Scenes with Nick Kroll, Mitra Jouhari and Brandon Kyle Goodman, some of the masterminds behind the animated series Big Mouth, a show that captures growing pains like no other. We’ll talk to them about code-switching, camp showers, on-screen moments from their real lives, the gross-out stuff that makes us cringe, and so much more. It’s a peek behind the scenes of a show with big laughs and big feelings that will make you glad you aren’t in middle school anymore.
Introducing Animation

Introducing Animation


We’re back! And this time, it’s animated. Starting December 7th, host Brandon Jenkins will take you behind the scenes of five hit animated Netflix series. We’ll hear from showrunners, voice actors, animators and more to get the inside story about how show like Big Mouth, She-Ra, and Disenchantment go from script to screen.
The heart of this show is a family drama. In this episode we’ll be talking with actors Aidan Gallagher (Five), Justin H. Min (Ben), Tom Hopper (Luther) and Kate Walsh (The Handler) to find out what their audition process was like, what they thought of the comics, and what external forces influenced their characters.  
When you’ve got super powers, you’re going to get into fights. Whether it’s a tight hallway match, or a major outdoor battle, the Academy gets into their fair share of scuffles. We talk to the stunt coordinator who choreographs these fights, the actors who perform them, and the VFX team who adds that superhero flair. 
Music is a character in the world of Umbrella Academy, and it takes different forms. There's the score, needle drops, an original song. It even makes its way into the script. In this episode, we talk to the people who chose the music of the show, and we’ll talk to them about some of your favorite musical moments of season two. 
In this episode,  we learn how a little Canadian town was transformed into the show’s bustling backdrops. From negotiations with farmers and shop owners to creating spaces for the show’s more eccentric characters, we’ll hear from the crew about how they created the world of Umbrella. 
Season two of Umbrella Academy is a period piece. When the gang lands in 1960s Dallas, just days before the assassination of JFK, they face a whole new set of challenges. We’ll hear from writer Rob Askins about the rules of time travel, and from writer Aeryn Michelle Williams and actor Emmy Raver-Lampman about how going back in time as a modern black woman can have dangerous consequences.
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So excited for Shadow and bone series😍

Apr 12th

Sean Diver

Absolutely buzzing for this 💚✌️💚

Jan 3rd

Ken Hiro Kaneki

Just finished watching season 3 and damn, what a good season and a he'll of a roller coaster! Just one question... What are your intentions with "The American"?

Aug 2nd


only 3 episodes and it's over??

Jul 29th
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The first two seasons were great. So pleased to begin seasons three #strangerthings3 #movies #netflix

Jul 29th
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Mammad Pcman


Jul 25th
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Amber Hake


Jul 24th
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I'm glad that will didn't suffer as much as the last 2 seasons, he is a really strong boy, he survived in the upside down, he survived the Mind flayer after all.

Jul 18th
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