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Author: Martina Lindo

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Welcome to Creative in Bloom hosted by Martina Lindo. an inquisitive creative in bloom inviting other bright minds to share their experience in bridging the gaps between personal development & growth, passion & purpose, and business & branding.Join Martina each week as she shares actionable steps, tools, and resources from her ten years of experience as a storyteller building personal brands, developing business strategies, and launching creatives in full bloom. This podcast features conversations with everyday creatives navigating the space between finding value outside of what you do and who you really are becoming. Now you can begin living your best purpose-filled life!Learn more about Martina at and on Instagram
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In this Episode Martina shares about managing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and creativity all while remaining true to her strength and capacity to produce. She shares her birth and how traumatizing the experience was, advocating for the lives of black women. 
Full Bloom is now OFFICIALLY Creatives in Bloom! I'm so incredibly proud of the journey to this transition and in this coming back episode, I'm sharing with you all the way I've taken ownership of my creative voice despite the many challenges and obstacles that have tried to silence my creativity. 
In this episode, I talk with DIamond Sands about her journey to Full Bloom, from overcoming trauma and emotional abuse to building a 6 figure business and communities for women of color. Diamond is the epitome of an entrepreneur living a life filled with purpose. She talks about how she built her businesses from the ground up, lost everything, and returned home to start again. Her main take away however is thats living a life filled with gratitude is one of the most valuable lessons she learned through everything she's been through. You can find Diamond on Instagram @thediamonsands
In this episode, I talk with Adrianna Danise about her love for worship and using to share her faith with those in her community. She is passionate about God and what he's done for her and through. She is a leader for this generation and wants to use her voice to make a differenceYou can find Adrianna on IG @adrianna_danise 
In this episode, we talk with Jasmine Paul about how she turned her homelessness into launch pad for financial freedom and faith. Shares her story of faith and how she created a platform for millennials to take control of their finances and create the life they want. Her wisdom and knowledge is so invaluable and can help you turn life around for the better. By 23, she was debt free and already a landlord, all because she took control of her money and made it work for her. She is the author and podcast host of Find and Sustain, a book where she teach millennials how they can set their truth free by taking control in every part of their life. You can Jasmine on IG @jasminelikepaul and @findandsustainWe are giving away a free copy of her book !Follow us on IG @fullbloompodcast to learn how to enter by 6/30- the winner will be announced on July 1 
In this episode Tiffany Huba Bonilla shares her story of Faith and how simply living her life for Christ and fashion came together to create an undeniably successful online lifestyle blog. She is a woman of integrity and live her Apostolic lifestyle proudly and boldly. We talked to her about her life growing up and how her faith shapes how she lives her life day to day. You can find Tiffany on IG @tiffboni
In this episode, I talk with Gabrielle Santiago about her experience coming to God and she created a community to help her generation have the same experience. It started as an idea that has become a space and safe haven for millennials to find God real in their everyday life. You can find Gabrielle on IG @livingrevelations and @gabytsanti 
So over the last few weeks, we've seen another onslaught of black bodies killed and disregarded by police using excessive force and abusing their power while ignoring their oath to protect and serve. However, the death of George Floyd I believe is the straw that broke the camels back, America, not just black America has said enough is enough. We are tired of being tired. Black people in America are tired. We are tired of having to live a country our ancestors built. So in this episode, I share a messenger to our generation, particularly White American's who voice has the power to truly affect change. It's time for you to make it a personal priority to educate yourself and understand the history and force of systemic racism in this country. Then make an active effort to do something about it. And Black people, whether we want to or not, we have to hold our white counterparts accountable. We can't let those passive-aggressive and insensitive comments slide. We can't be manipulated anymore by white tears. Please don't misunderstand, this is a message of unity and solidarity. We as millennials have inherited a really crappy world and it's unfortunately now our job to clean it up. I've seen messages from corporations and businesses at every level showing support and sending messages of hope. However, that's not enough. We are fighting against a mentality that has been passed down for more than 400 years. The change will not happen overnight. But we have to be committed to seeing and being the change we want to see.We are in this together, for the sake of our future and the sake of future generations. Time's Up, we have to get it right. 
In this episode, I talk with Dadriaunna Hayes, an Angel Mom whose story will encourage any women dealing with the loss of a child. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and is intended to increase awareness of infertility, which affects the reproductive systems of both women and men. Many women under the age of 30 often struggle to talk about this subject because of the shame they feel. Dadriaunna's story is, unfortunately, not uncommon. But she shares how she overcame the loss and is still fighting today. She is a part of several organizations geared toward advocacy and education for women dealing with loss and infertility. She started her own platform called Beauty for Ashes, a community for millennial angel mom's to share in their and trade ashes for the Beauty of God! Now more than ever, you can find a community and a safe space to grieve while dealing with loss with women who can truly relate and understand. Dadriaunna shares openly about her experience at the hospital and how as a WOC she felt she had to advocate for herself to receive basic care. This conversation will change your perspective on child loss and hopefully allow you to become a better self-advocate if the situation ever arises. Follow Dadriaunna on Instagram @beautyforashes_con or @dae_williamsDon't forget to join our mailing list, so you can have access to our community of Bloomionaries! 
in this episode, I talk with Patrick Kelly about his experience as an entrepreneur who is walking in his purpose and bridging the gap of generations! His life's work has to lead him to this moment, where he is passionate about helping Millennials and Boomers understand their differences and work together in the workplace and in lifeCo-Authoring the book Millennial Boom with Hans Finzel, Patrick is passionate about this work and it's evident in the conversation. Millennial Boom is available for FREE on Kindle with coupon in this episode until April 15. Use these links to get your free copy! CLICK/COPY LINK: “”COUPON @ CHECKOUT: MillennialBoomFreePlease make sure if you download the book to post, share, or like our page to add awareness towards generational success! You can connect with Patrick on all the socials  
In this episode, we celebrate 700+ followers on Instagram! How exciting. it's important to acknowledge the milestones In celebration, you can join our mailing list as we finally have tribe name! #Bloomionaries. Connecting with the Full Bloom tribe will help continue to move forward together to bloom and grow! Subscribe to our mailing list here! In my purpose rant, I talk about the state of our world and simply being able to sit outside, is something we've taken for granted for so long. But now given the current state of our world, where we can even stand closer than 6 feet to our neighbor, sitting on the patio is truly a blessing. This week's like hack is an app called Unenroll.Me. This allows you to unsubscribe from those pesky emails that are filling your mailbox. The Lesson in Bloom this week is about overcoming self-doubt. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and review this podcast in Apple and please share this podcast with a friend.
In this Bloom SZN conversation, I chat with Brelynn "Barbie" Hunt about her journey to Full Bloom. She wears many hats and as a full-time grad student, YouTuber, and Pageant Queen, she is the perfect balance of Beauty and Brains. She's been documenting her road to medical school and she shares her experience and tips about everything that comes with the journey. Enjoy the episode! You can follow Brelynn on Instagram @ BrelynnBarbieOn YouTube @ BeautyandBrains
In this episode, I talk with Desiree Booker, Career Coach and Founder and CEO of ColorVizionLab.She shares her corporate career journey and how she's turned into a profitable business helping POC reach their career. So through guidance, she's amassed 1.2 million dollars in salary increases. Listen as she opens up about her personal journey and how she managed to turn her disappoints in appointments! /
In this episode, I give 5 tips on how to survive the coronavirus and preserve your mental state. These are strange and interesting times and now more than ever we need to hold on to family, friends, and God up above to keep us from losing faith. We will pull through as the human race but we have to take care of ourselves in the process! Here is a list of different hobbies that will make you money!Here are some for people looking for a passion or passion project! Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate, subscribe, and review this podcast in Apple.
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