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Author: Ryan Castle, Dr Mike Ashby

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Welcome to Business Leader Breakthroughs where we help unlock the potential in you, your teams and your business. Hosted by Ryan Castle, along with Dr Mike Ashby, we share insights, experiences and stories on achieving breakthrough successes in business and life. In addition to a podcast, The Breakthrough is also a coaching and advisory business that provides programmes for business leaders, owners and managers to develop your skills and capabilities to boost your business and enjoy a better life.
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In this week’s podcast, Mike and Ryan discuss one of New Zealand’s most successful and beloved organizations: The All Blacks. While most don’t associate a rugby team with business, the All Blacks are very much a business organization, whose product happens to be a sport. Their unparalleled success over years, and right now with their successes in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, makes it a great organization to study and learn from in a business context. Mike and Ryan talk especially about the impact of Devolved Leadership, which is the practice of distributing practical decision making to on-field leaders instead of leaving all the decisions to a single, top-ranking, detached leader.
In this podcast Mike and Ryan discuss the competitive tripod - a framework to help you get clear on what you need to be great at to differentiate your offer. When you focus on meeting the market in two areas and beating the market in one area, you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors. You’ll hear examples of organisations that have been successful by focusing on one of the differentiators and those who have missed the mark because they’ve tried to be all things to all people. Mike and Ryan provide a good starting point for those who aren’t sure of their direction, what they want to famous for.
In this episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s top conference speakers, Matt Church. Matt speaks at conferences and runs development programs for leaders. He has been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world and is also a prolific author having written 10 inspiring leadership books.One of Matt’s great philosophies can be summed up in one word: NEXT! Ryan starts the interview by asking what that means for him – “Tomorrow can be as good if not better than today. You don’t want to shrink your way into the future. You stretch your way by pushing the edges of what’s possible both physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically and commercially.” Matt goes on to talk about what the future may look like and offers insights into how businesses can evolve and adapt
People are truly what make a difference in an organization. This week's podcast is focused on hiring and growing your best employees. Ryan and Mike talk about a helpful model which Ryan refers to as the 5 Olympic rings of people. These are► Career: Where do you see the employee going and where do they see themselves going?► Culture & Values: Hire based on values and whether the employee will fit with the organization. Are they an energy sustainer or drainer?► Capability: Do you have the capability to deliver on responsibilities and career development?► Responsibility: Being very clear on expectations► Remuneration: What is the market pay for this role and how do you deliver commercial value for the dollars you are paid?
Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Darren Ellis, owner of CrossFit New Zealand. He talks about his journey, where it began and what he’s achieved along the way including becoming the first CrossFit affiliate in the country. He mentions how powerful CrossFit has been in instilling a sense of community and social belonging in its members, as well as - his insights into health, well-being, fitness and running a business.
Most business owners often get trapped in the sense of overwhelm and urgency keeping up with today’s business. In this episode Mike and Ryan get you to focus on strategies for growing tomorrow's business, they share their expert advice and offer insights into growth models. From their experiences helping other business owners grow their companies to their personal experiences growing their businesses. They share all the important do’s and don’ts.
In this powerful episode, Ryan interviews industrial and organisational psychologist, Alia Bojilova. She shares with us how migrating to NZ as a teenager shaped her future and gives us insights into the power of the mind and what she learned about working with the NZ Military, in particular, the elite SAS regiments. She shares her own experience of being kidnapped at gunpoint in Syria and how it has also shaped not only her experiences but what she now understands about the power of the mind. If you want to know what makes high performers tick, today's podcast guest Alia is just who you need to hear from.
In this episode, Mike and Ryan share insights into the value of board reports and external advisors. Having both chaired for other organisations and their own, they share their experiences and offer advice for listeners who might not currently have board structures in place. Mike shares why having an external advisor is so important and Ryan shares why having a forced reflection to review performance every month is so valuable.
In this episode, Mike and Ryan talk about how people progress through their careers. Specifically, how they transition from employment to business ownership and eventually to an investor. They identify how people can often get trapped in the move from self-employment to business owner because the business is so reliant on them. In order to change this, they recommend a few leverage points. Firstly, simplify the business – focus on your biggest leverage point initially which is often people. Those who share your values, culture, and vision. Secondly, clarify your process and think about systems to make things highly repeatable and scalable. Every good business is one that is systemised, standardised, automated, and highly repeatable. This is what they refer to as the business machine. Once achieved, the transition into investor can be made with ease as you can move out of an operational role in your business.
In this episode Ryan interviews Raelene Castle, CEO of Rugby Australia. Raelene shares her journey, where it began, and what she’s achieved along the way including becoming the first female CEO of a NRL club. Working in an industry heavily dominated by men, Raelene shares the many challenges and adversity she’s faced.Her story begins at early childhood to working with the likes of Xerox, Bank of New Zealand, and Telecom. She then transitioned from big corporates to sporting organisations, becoming CEO of Netball NZ, followed by a move to Australia with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and now CEO of Rugby Australia.
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