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Netflix's Ginny + Georgia has been viewed a total of over 504 million hours, and at the crux of all that success, is actress Brianne Howey, who delivers a one-of-kind, head-turning performance as Georgia Miller, the sweet cherry on top of this two-season-to-date series that is defying demographics. Since appearing in Fox's The Passage, Hulu's Dollface, The CW’s Batwoman, Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, Horrible Bosses, and more, Howey was meant for the role of Georgia: single mother with a deeply dark past, abundance of personality, endless energy, slew of survival skills, back pocket wit, gorgeous smile and spot-on Southern drawl that has people believing it's her own. (It's not). On episode 126 we go behind the scenes with Brianne to talk about ALL the Ginny + Georgia things. We discuss Georgia's "performative" personality and powerful voice, what makes her character one that's filled with the kind of contrasting traits that makes fans of all kinds fall in love with her,  and those "sticky subjects" and "social and cultural blinders" her character is known for. We talk her beloved relationship with her co-star Antonia. Then there are the details of the show's idyllic town, inclusive cast of characters, and serious subject matter--- all served alongside a serious dose of humor---that Brianne gives backstory to. She shares how cast, crew, and creators feel and first felt while making Ginny + Georgia, how it's touched lives, and the the two important entities the show relies upon in order to tell their stories responsibly.  We get into Ginny + Georgia's secret sauce, how Brianne transitions in and out of her sometimes "exhausting" character, how she landed the part just as her husband was about to propose, and working on a show she pridefully deems  "art and argument". We head back to childhood and early years, when she favored the stage while her siblings favored sports, her time as an acting student in New York City, how television inspires her, how reading grounds her, and we of course get into a list of some of her most favorite things. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:Watch Ginny + Georgia on NetflixRead The New Wilderness by Diane CookRoses candle by DiptqueCandles by Le LaboCandles by Salt + StoneWatch Amazon's Good Night OppyListen to Etta JamesListen to Otis Reddingfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Over many years, actor, poet, playwright, writer, producer, director, activist, and Tony Award-winner Sarah Jones would contribute her powerful perspective to culture, ultimately birthing what would become her one-of-a-kind brand with a message. Influenced by growing up in Queens, her time as a downtown New York slam poet, and more, Sarah is known for her multi-character, one-person shows, the Broadway hit Bridge + Tunnel, and the critically-acclaimed play, Sell/Buy/Date. She's given multiple TED Talks, performed for the Obama's, and at the World Economic Forum. She recently launched social justice-focused, Foment Productions, and recently acted in Broad City, Noah Baumbach's Oscar-winning film Marriage Story, and in Julie Delpy's series for Netflix, On The Verge. On the podcast Sarah discusses deepening the alignment in her values, and working with artists whom she truly believes in. Given the much deserved title of "master' of her genre by none other than The New York Times, Sarah just made her debut as film director, with her documentary Sell/Buy/Date, in which she, of course, also herself, and as a handful of the diverse signature characters she's known for. On episode 125 of the podcast we get into ALL of it. In a delicate symphony of self expression, self exploration, cultural and individual life experience, Sell/Buy/Date doc, an 'Unorthodoc' , as she calls it, dances between deeply honest and organic discussions with those in and around the sex industry, intimate friendships with familiar faces like Ilana Glazer, Rosario Dawson, and Bryan Cranston, the Greek-chorus commentary and comedy of her characters, and a very personal peek offstage and into Sarah's own life and family. We talk about the night that Sell/Buy/Date the play went from being performed in her living room to its very first audience, the major backlash that turned what would have been her movie into an exploratory documentary, how exactly her hybrid film was made, how she voices her characters, how and when they took shape, and the way in which she introduces new ones...and doesn't. We discuss the origins of her activism, how she prepares for her multifaceted performance style, being an 'HSP', and how putting self care first helps her art. Sarah and Tamara share stories about the United Nations International School, where they met as students, what makes it such a unique place, and how it's informed a lot of Sarah's work, as an artist and as an activist. Be prepared to laugh! You'll hear Sarah share her thoughts and her story in at least seven other accents, and as at least seven other people. We talk about what stokes her drive to give back, teaching poetry on Rikers Island, and that time she was the first artist ever to sue the FCC for censorship. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:Sarah Jones WebsiteWatch Sell/Buy/Date on Prime VideoClare V.  for elevated casualCaddis Birdcage GlassesRebecca Nadler Designs rings + jewelryCharlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Pillow Talkfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
We sat down with cover star Gretchen Mol for this week’s podcast. An actor since the mid 90’s, Gretchen’s choices reflect taste and a certain sensibility, audiences have fallen in love with the characters she’s played. Think The Notorious Bettie Page and Boardwalk Empire’s Gillian, whom she returns to frequently in her own personal life, and you’ll hear why. Her latest character is Michelle, in Showtime’s series remake of the iconic 1980 film American Gigolo, a riveting must-watch. She plays her complex character so beautifully, the audience left wanting so much more from her. On the podcast, we talk about everything from why Michelle was so difficult “to be in”, as Gretchen describes, to some very interesting behind the scenes details about her character’s physical appearance. We discuss all the things that have made up Gretchen’s rich, well-balanced career, tracing back to her beginning, in acting school, and working at Angelika Film Center alongside her brother and the musician Maxwell. We talk her stint as a jazz club MC, New York City roots, and what she misses about the acting scene of a certain era. We talk the shifts in tv and film, why theater is important for all actors, what saying no to a certain role taught her about setting boundaries, working with visionary directors, having a creative life partner, and being surrounded by creative people. There’s some great favorite things, of course, what she’s in the midst of designing, the actors she most enjoys watching most, some valuable advice for actors who could use a little emotional support, and more.  Discover more + Shop The Podcast: American Gigolo on ShowtimeWatch Gretchen Mol tv + film on Prime VideoBoardwalk Empire, all five seasonsThe Notorious Bettie PageJoanna Vargas Eden Rejuvenating Pro SerumThe New Yorker Book of Cartoon Puzzles + Gamesfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
This week’s podcast is many things. Much of it traces the dramatic details of shoe designer George Esquivel’s remarkable and inspiring life. Growing up in seedy motels, surrounded by drugs and violence, and with a father tied to a life of crime, some chance encounters greatly impacted the course and purpose of George’s life, a life that would go on to be grounded in ingenuity and authenticity, and the tireless pursuit of creativity and learning. Listen in to discover how making a pair of shoes on a trip to Mexico turned into 2000 pair produced in a garage, and the chance to contribute to Gwen Stefani’s iconic stage costumes. Since his start, George has designed for many more celebrities, including Jenelle Monae, Brad Pitt, and Madonna, and on this podcast he shares the key to those relationships that he holds so sacred. You’ll hear all about his supremely unique vision and process, how he works with private clients and retailers, and the many people and brands he’s worked with over the years. From Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Wintour, to Chloe and Tumi and more, George gets candid about what it’s like to create both for your own brand, and also for others. He shares advice and the way in which he perceives and truly lives his brand identity. We discuss his greatest hits like Tumi’s X bag and Accent Kit and his Fratelli Rosetti J. Crew loafer that Jenna Lyons still sports today. We get into creative spaces and personal style, and his downtown LA atelier and signature candle. He shares his favorites pieces from his own collection, the six things he’s loving right now, and we talk the magic of Harry Styles. Recalling the love and kindness of strangers experienced in his own early life, George gets specific about his charity efforts and Esquivel X Collection. It’s an honor to share George’s perspective and entrepreneurial story, so happy to do so, especially at this time of year, as people reflect on the year gone by, when people might need a little lift into the next one, because it offers strength, hope, motivation, and most importantly, a message of kindness and gratitude. Here’s the amazing story of George Esquivel, a talented designer determined to move forward as a maker, at one point, against all the odds. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:GeorgeEsquivel.comGive back with Esquivel XTutima + Esquivel watchNick Fouquet hatsfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
One of our very favorite actors is Genevieve Angelson, for the passion and intelligence she brings to her work. Versatile Genevieve was once identified by her manager as someone who could play a doctor masterfully, and this year she did just that, as head of holistic medicine, Dr. Mia Castries, on NBC's New Amsterdam. Most recently, Angelson can be seen as Alanis Wheeler on Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale. Sitting down for episode 122 of the podcast, the New York City native was dressed in a jacket joyfully snagged from set, in Gilead's signature green; listen in to the actor, who skillfully paints a picture of her craft, share details for how she approached playing this season's key character, how costumes played a part...and she also dishes details behind the scenes on the beloved, critically-acclaimed series. We discuss Genevieve's path from Upper East Side prep school Brearley to Wesleyan, to Tisch, to the stage, to tv and film, and the limiting self-beliefs she ultimately broke free from during her last year in college, causing her to attack her pursuit of acting voraciously. We talk co-workers and mentors, her bicoastal  identities and lifestyle, and her tribe, and how writing is fulfilling to her. We discuss the challenges of downtime, her best role to date, and how she chooses and refuses projects. We talk about her role in Apple TV+’s The Afterparty and how she created her character, Indigo. We get into Amazon's Flack, playing opposite Anna Paquin, and how she will always make time to do theater. We discuss her feelings about the inherent lack of control in role portrayal in tv and film versus the stage. We talk about The Handmaid's Tale’s themes of childbirth and fertility, including the diverse fan reaction to the show's hot button topic. We talk about what it's like to work with an intimacy coach, for upcoming film Which Brings Me To You, and what to expect from that project. We talk the industry post Me Too, and the origins of her activism and why it's so important to her. We get into what’s been rewarding, Christmas trees in October, learning new things for growth and fulfillment, who she's dying to play, and so much more, along with some savvy advice for actors starting out. It's a gorgeously honest and robust conversation with one of the most delightful and talented people, one who is destined for so much great work ahead. Discover more + Shop The Podcast: Handmaid's Tale Season 5 on HuluThe Afterparty on Apple TV+Flack on Amazon PrimeOversized blazers from SandroChristmas Trees in OctoberSomatic healing with Been Caught Healingfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
It’s a great time of year to remain cognizant of personal wellness, and this week we’re doing just that with health coach, plant-based cook, Instagram pioneer, and Co-Founder of Clean Market, Lily Kunin Doran. Lily turned heads in the early days of Instagram with her gorgeous and healthy, rainbow-bright smoothie bowls. On episode 121, we go back to that time, and to all that went viral and why. We talk about the relationship that Lily forged with beauty and wellness legend and our episode 47 podcast guest, Bobbi Brown. We get into all things Lily’s cookbook, Good Clean Food, including the mask recipe included in its pages that she still relies upon today. We discuss her current self care habits and diet, and how those have evolved over the years and since co-founding Clean Market, wellness spaces filled with a truly unique combination of doctor-led treatments from IV drips to lymphatic massage and more, along with a carefully hand picked, best-in-class retail curation by Lily. She brings us to the beginning of her story and how her upbringing along with some personal physical struggles sparked her quest for better health. We get into detail about exactly how cooking at home turned into a social media pursuit, how she cooks and entertains today, her approach to work and to exercise, and how she creates work-life balance. Lastly, Lily fills us in on what’s next, including her idea for a new book that’s brewing involving children, and more treatments at Clean Market. Lily shares her secrets for good clean skin, what she’s reading, wearing, and more. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:Clean MarketGood Clean Food by Lily KuninStarling JewelryMarie Veronique C-Therapy SerumMarie Veronique Barrier Restore SerumMarie Veronique Soothing B3 SerumTaking Charge Of Your Fertility by Toni WeschlerMoon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Management Capsulesfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Our episode 120 guest is on the mark: our latest cover star continues to bring intelligence to his choices as an actor, and while doing so, harnesses the power of his diverse fan base. Specifically speaking, Luke Macfarlane brings his skill for playing luscious leading roles to gay rom-com Bros, from writer-director Nick Stoller, producer Judd Apatow, and co-star and writer, Billy Eichner. And yes, there’s another Hallmark holiday on the way, and also, a star-studded AppleTV+ series to come. We sat down with the Julliard-trained actor to talk about his current projects, his career path, and who he is and how he spends his time off the set. We head down memory lane with days at Juilliard, and  how NewYork will always feel like the place where his creative life really started. We talk about how he ultimately decided to ditch the cello for acting, and his continued love of music and for doing theater. We talk being Canadian, and obtaining American citizenship. It’s an intimate and incredibly honest discussion where Luke shares thoughts on being a longtime openly gay actor, the opportunities that have come his way, and his hope for future roles within the action genre. We talk in detail about Luke’s north star: the importance of doing the work, and how that’s helped him navigate decision-making when it comes to his career. He also shares how being open-minded has and will continue to serve him, “We all have ideas about where we want to head, but then we also look down the road, and followwhere the road is guiding us a little bit, too”, Luke shares on the podcast. His thoughtful approach to all things, and his integrity, are both infectious and inspiring. We talk about being a part of groundbreaking tv and film, the 360 moment he’s experiencing now, with his film, Bros, and then, with his series Brothers + Sisters, and all that time in between, including the three series he was on. We talk about one of his very favorite roles, in a PBS period piece. And we talk all things Brothers + Sisters of course, and how what was supposed to be a short stint, turned into him appearing in nearly every episode across five seasons, and people falling in love with his character, Scotty. Luke shares the important things that he learned from Sally Field at that time, and from cast members like Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart. Luke talks all about being a Hallmark leading man and the “Tom Cruise” of the channel’s much-loved films. Listen in to episode 120 for tons of Hallmark BTS, including how working on the films has fostered trust in his instincts. And hear all about what it was like to make Bros, specifically how he collaborated with the modern rom-com’s crew, and how he approached playing his character Aaron, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  We talk about his beloved woodworking hobby, and how it’s key to his psychic health. This and so much more, including a list of his current favorite things. Enjoy this wonderful, in-depth conversation with actor Luke Macfarlane. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:BrosHallmark Movie AppBrothers + Sisters on Hulufollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
In 2009, New York based designer Gigi Burris created a long-needed shift in the hat market when she established Gigi Burris Millinery, both with her fresh designs and her point of view on heritage and her craft, a craft that had its beginnings in 16th Century Europe. Since then, she’s gone on to become a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and a CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalist. The modern milliner had a longtime affinity for embellishments and for joyful heritage design, and when she put together her graduation collection as a student at Parsons, it was the hats that she paired with each ready-to-wear look that totally turned heads. A thoughtful designer who leads with a kind spirit, on the podcast we discuss Gigi’s biggest learnings, including learning to deal with those whose integrity doesn’t match her own. We discuss her innovative Sharina hat with its cult following, made famous when actor Mahershala Ali wore it the night he nabbed his Oscar win in 2019. We talk about how she chooses materials to work with, the subversive details she’s known for, and how design inspiration comes to her. We discuss the drive and mission she has for Closely Crafted, the foundation she created to transform, uplift and sustain the craft industries within fashion, and Closely Crafted’s ultimate goal of growth. Gigi shares the behind the scenes details for many of her collaborations, from Oscar de la Renta to Disney. We talk the power of styling, the important place hats hold in history and as symbols, and the famous faces like Lady Gaga who have worn her designs. We discuss her work in bridal, hat trends, and the one important thing that’s required when it comes to sporting a hat. We discuss her Florida roots, her plans for the future, the hat she wore to her wedding, and how her deep love of artisanship fills her cup as a human being, artist, retailer, and in her day-to-day life. Listen to how cutting edge talent meets humility meets purpose, in this conversation with genius Gigi Burris. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:gigiburris.comGigi Burris Laura hatGigi Burris Sharina hatNette Sunday Chess candleWestman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion DropsMacari red wineNew York Public Library E-Reader Appfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
“Be careful what you wish for” says our episode 118 guest. Dr. David Colbert’s New York based dermatology practice grew like wildfire within two years. Today, he is in demand on both coasts, and operates a roving clinic in between. This is a doctor who innovated and shattered the mold for what we came to know as the typical medical and cosmetic dermatologist. On the podcast, David explains how he first did so when he rejected the idea that the kind of practice he was to build needed to look a certain way, and be located on Madison Avenue. Explaining that things get really big, really fast in New York if you hit the vibe or the zeitgeist of something…Dr David Colbert did just that. His thoughtful approach to his work, keen connection to his patients and clients, forward-thinking spirit, and artistic authenticity, led him to tap into all the things that people wanted, needed, and then some; becoming one of the most sought after in his field. From the models that need to get ready for the runway, to the actors that are being filmed for the screen, and everyone in between, he has trademarked treatments, products, and a one-of-a-kind touch that has shattered and continues to shatter the industry standard, and he shares stories tied to those moments here. We discuss his famed Triad Facial and the music legend who sparked its development and success; we get into product development, and his delicious Illumino Face Oil. He explains the polarity in client needs and wants that comes with working on both coasts, his aesthetic, both personal and in his work, the innovations he’s interested in, and correcting cosmetic work and the importance of what he describes as “not shopping in a grocery store when you’re hungry”. A longtime proponent of how critical food and nutrition are for supporting the skin, he discusses why he wrote his High School Reunion Diet book, and how lifestyle including stress and drinking water play a bigger part than most people realize. We get into his early life including why Baryshnikov made him pack up his plan for studying ballet at Joffrey, and time spent at Chanel in Paris. We dissect the way he eats and lives, the lessons he’s learned along the way, his biggest learning as an entrepreneur, and being a reluctant businessman and an avid outdoorsman. And then there’s art: David explains how he's artistic in his work, and also his love of art and art-collecting. And then there’s charity: we talk about life-changing time spent in Haiti, and more. Soulful and artistic, low-key and high-end all at once, you’ll hear firsthand about the discreet way, the restrained and refined touch, that he is known for, and what sets apart his New York Dermatology Group from all the rest. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:NYDG.comNYDG WellnessFollow @drdavidcolbertFollow @studio6nnycColbert MD Illumino Face OilColbert MD Intensify Facial DiscsThe High School Reunion Diet" How To Lose 20 Years In 30 Days by Dr. David A. Colbertfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Our latest is a podcast featuring a very special Story + Rain contributor. London based artist Daisy de Villeneuve creates art for the magazine, namely the colorful and unique portraits of our podcast guests that you see on our podcast channels, on social media, and on Daisy and Tamara have stayed in touch spanning YEARS. After all, they first met when Tamara was working in her first job in fashion and Daisy was in school, arriving at her office for her internship. Tamara remembers the artful nature of Daisy’s penmanship;  a clue for what was to come for her. Since that time, Daisy has developed a career as a sought-after artist and illustrator. Known for her very distinct designs, which began at age 3 with a love of felt-tip pens, Daisy has partnered with a long list of only the best brands to showcase her work, including: Top Shop, Zac Posen, Kate Spade, Missoni, Liberty London, Moet + Chandon, Nike, Soho House, Absolut Vodka, Heathrow Airport, and many, many more. On episode 117 Daisy shares her process as an artist and what it’s like delivering very important work, work that has great visibility, to very established brands. Half American and half English, Daisy discusses the influence of travel and a love of ’80’s aesthetics on her work. We head into the 90’s and down memory lane, recalling the details of her time spent in school, in New York, and when the pair worked at Interview Magazine together. On the podcast Daisy talks about her point of view on projects, when she’s felt most creative, including her collection of bold books…both in design and in theme. Daisy shares the routines and practices that help her to do her best work, and what it’s like growing up in and with a family of creatives, including mother, Jan, father, Justin, and sister, Poppy. We talk about what’s inspiring her now; things like seeing art, her colorful kitchen, cooking up food---and Daisy shares a favorite recipe and the book, the autobiographical book, that it comes from. We get into all things style, shopping your closet, her It Girl status, and her own personal aesthetic. We talk intimately about designing textiles for her longtime friend Zac Posen, her recent collaboration with Weleda Skincare, what she’d love to work on next, and more. Discover more + Shop The Podcast:daisydevilleneuve.comI Should Have Said by Daisy de VilleneuveHe Said She Said by Daisy de VilleneuveWhat Goes Around Comes Around by Daisy de VilleneuveI Told You So by Daisy de VilleneuveDaisy's recent collab + favorite Weleda Skin FoodWhat Daisy's reading: Always Home by Fanny SingerDaisy's into Isabel Marant high topsDaisy has collab'd with and loves Globetrotter luggagefollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Carla Lalli Music has spent years working in many facets of food, from restaurant-managing to editorial work, to teaching. Today she is a James Beard Award-winning author, podcast host, and host of her popular youtube cooking series, Carla’s Cooking Show. Listen in for an episode chock-full of recipes and tips, along with tales from the culinary and publishing worlds. We begin with her tried and true, go-to soup that she found herself revisiting during the pandemic, and all across the years with its many iterations, and get into food memories---from her childhood and through college. We discuss how she thinks about meal prep; tips for new home cooks and cooking in college, where and how to get the best culinary training, what she learned about chefs, cooking and restaurants during her time at Bon Appetit magazine, working for Martha Stewart, cookbooks, cookbook writing, her process behind recipe naming, and how she learned to write for the home cook. She shares what it’s like when she’s recipe-developing, and her vision for her distinct visual branding. We talk about the importance of good on-set vibes for creating and making, and the secret sauce that makes her cookbooks ones that the home cook reserves a permanent place for on their counters. We discuss personal influences, and Carla shares some insight into food writer and television cook Nigella Lawson, including why Nigella loves her work. We got the media maven’s take on why cooking content has exploded online, and we talk the many ways in which people make cooking videos. Carla breaks down Borderline Salty, the podcast she shares with fellow cook and author, Rick Martinez , their relationship, how they met, and why they complement one another. We wrap with the lessons found in learning, going and getting what’s next, what she’s cooking next, and a must-have list of her most favorite things. Discover more and shop the podcast:Carla's Borderline Salty PodcastCarla's Cooking Show on YouTubeWhere Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli MusicThat Sounds So Good by Carla Lalli MusicCarla's  favorite Zojirushi Rice CookerCarla's go-to Ren Jelly CleanserCarla drinks bubbly water with Superieur Electrolyte MixCarla uses Nars Lip Pencil in Promiscuousfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
The immensely talented actor, writer, and producer Alison Brie is our episode 115 guest. A four-time collaborator of writer-director Jeff Baena, the pair have just put out Spin Me Round, a masterful and modern rom-com with a titanic twist, for IFC Films. Our captivating cover star is equal parts fan favorite and actor’s-actor, and on this podcast we discuss specific roles she’s played, her big body of work, roles on Mad Men, Community, GLOW and so much more. We talk tv versus film and the changed entertainment landscape, all peppered with intimate stories around her cool corral of creative collaborators, including husband Dave Franco, of course. We talk to the two-time Golden Globe and five-time SAG Award-nominated actor about what it’s truly like, being widely and publicly recognized for your work. We talk about her turn as a writer;  about how she does it, where she writes from (literally and figuratively), and about creative partnership. We discuss refueling and recharging as an artist, and the important role exercise plays in her life. You’ll hear about the kinds of work Alison would like to take part in making in the future, as a writer, director and producer, and also as an actor, including her desire for doing something “dangerous and messy” when it comes to film. We talk working with women, basking in all things GLOW, Promising Young Woman, and exciting new project, Somebody I Used To Know, including the story about co-writing it in quarantine with her husband Dave, who is also director. Alison explains why fans of Community will get a kick out of its casting. She shares her special moment with Spielberg, all the details about unlike-anything-you’ve-seen Spin Me Round, down to Molly Shannon’s crazy costumes and how part of the film’s premise was sparked by an article about a certain Italian restaurant chain, and more. Then there’s her #Obsixed list of latest obsessions, spanning skincare and touting tv. It's an incredible conversation with Story + Rain cover star, Alison Brie. Shop the podcast:Spin Me Round on AMC+Horse Girl on NetflixGLOW on NetflixCommunity Box SetMad Men Box SetShop Alison Brie's Favorite Facial ToolShop Alison Brie's Favorite Sauna BlanketShop one of Alison Brie's Favorite BooksShop the Alison Brie + Story + Rain Cover Storyfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
It’s a big group on this week’s podcast. Sisters Kat and Nicole, along with friend Sarika joined forces to create 21Seeds tequila. “2” symbolizing the sisters, and “1” symbolizing a friend. These three female founders are a force. Honing her storytelling chops at CAA and in television and film, in her spare time, Kat was known for infusing tequilas in her Brita pitcher and her concoctions were a huge hit with friends. Her sister Nicole worked in finance before life took a turn to tequila, working for companies like Refinery 29 and Angel List. And Sarika had long worked in food, helping to develop everything from probiotic chocolate to quinoa and seaweed snacks. Each armed with a killer skill set that created the best breadth of knowledge amongst the three co-founders, they launched and sold 21 Seeds in a mere three years. Now part of the Diagio group of beverage alcohol, 21Seeds offers three flavors of supremely smooth tequila that is clean and natural and requires little to no mixing; an alternative to fermented wine and beer, something that Kat had been looking to move away from. We discuss all the details behind their incredible story, how a psychic in India predicted it all, and how they work together as a team. They share the details of the steps they took to launch their brand, how they cultivated creation, how Mexico inspires, and some insights into their proprietary process. They share a ton of valuable entrepreneurial advice and how the customer experience is of paramount importance to them. We talk about how and why 21Seeds has transformed the way people think about tequila, how it elevates in its brand experience, how they rose to serve a growing need, and how they are totally inspiring trailblazers. This conversation serves up a large dose of the beauty in what is possible. On to episode 114 with Kat, Nicole and Sarika of 21Seeds. Shop the podcast: 21Seeds.com21Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus Tequila21Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno Tequila21Seeds Valencia Orange TequilaThirteenLune.comFarmRio dressWhere the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owensfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Michelle Murphy has dedicated her life to helping others accept a reality beyond that which they can see and feel. Our Story + Rain Talks episode 113 sit-down with the medium sheds light on the afterlife, and how this particular intuitive uses her gift. We discuss the many ways in which energy workers practice, how they recognize and support one another, and more. Michelle talks about seeing what she jokingly calls 'the useless future,' about her routines and rituals, and how she experiences and lives with the energies of others, making her 'heart beat faster than others around her' through things like exercise and nutrition to stay clear and present. We get into the big topics like life’s patterns, humanity’s deepest desires, and a post-pandemic shift in client needs, from clients who once wanted to address the loss of their loved ones, to clients who now need to look at the loss of themselves. Michelle discusses her creative (and fashion) flair, her love affair with language, and the gift and tool of metaphor in her sessions. With great intimacy, she shares what’s most fulfilling and what’s most difficult in her work, and she speaks very candidly about her compassion work: her work with the sick who are close to crossing over. We go over the characteristics of those who get the most out of sessions, and of those who do not. We talk about being a teen when she first recognized her gift and how her family has played a part in her life’s path. We talk about the times she’s come across naysayers, and how she would like to see both people and her work evolve. If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a psychic medium or have been tempted to talk to one….your opportunity is now. Notice the calm and gentle energy of this beautiful discussion with the witty and the wonderful - Michelle Murphy. Shop the podcast:Tune BedLeonard Cohen poetryNikki WaltonMarc ChampagnePaige Novick Grey Freshwater Pearl Open RingPaige Novick Yellow Gold Gemstone RingPaige Novick Wave Ring Paige Novick Palm Cufffollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Nestle in for this treat of a podcast that will invigorate and excite you about the power of ownership in personal health. Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef range of best-in-class skincare-from-the-inside-out products, is with us for episode 112. We begin with Carla’s non-entrepreneurial life, in fashion and as a beauty editor, and how the health struggles she was looking to address in her family sparked her hugely successful and innovative brand. We discuss all things probiotics, fermented foods, the lacto-fermentation process, and bespoke bacteria, all of which Carla is an expert and pioneer in. We discuss the details about why gut health is important and how it affects big-picture health, her love of product development, and more. As we navigate nutrition, Carla dishes on her delish dishes and her two so-great cookbooks to date. We talk about her best-selling products, like Glow, and The Beauty Chef’s exciting new launches, including topical skincare. We get very specific about what sets her perfectly potent powders apart, and about innovative practices. It was a treat to go a-day-in-the-life with her on both the details of her skincare routine, her daily meals, and how her routine walks are an essential “filing system" for her brain. Our latest episode inspires. Listen in for valuable learnings from an entrepreneur’s bold path, adopt so many tips and practices for good skin and gut health, learn how to achieve lasting wellness from within, and discover exactly how she creates as a maker. Shop the podcast:The Beauty Chef The Beauty Chef's GLOW Inner Beauty EssentialThe Beauty Chef's Flora Fix BalmThe Beauty Chef Gut Guide by Carla OatesThe Beauty Chef: Delicious Food For Radiant Skin, Gut Health And Wellbeing by Carla OatesFeeding Your Skin by Carla Oatesfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Savor the season and also, plan to pack your bags…by listening to episode 111 featuring Sarah Wetenhall: this podcast will take you on a vivid voyage of all things vacation. The former fashion executive turned President and Owner of The Colony Hotel in historic Palm Beach gets into all the details, including the importance of attention to detail, that make the famed big pink building a desired destination and Florida hot spot filled with bespoke activities and experiences and enchanting and elegant eye candy. We start at the beginning, with how Sarah’s midwestern roots and background in fashion, working for companies like Calvin Klein, have helped shape the skillset she brings to her work today. We also talk about her early relationship with The Colony, and the days when she and her husband Andrew dreamt up what they’d do to the place, if ever given the chance. Well that dream came true in 2016, and with Sarah at the helm after what she describes as a series of crash courses in food and beverage, housekeeping, facilities, finance, interior design, hospitality and more. Here, she shares her thoughts on branding and brand perception, the interesting and intricate way in which she built her concept for the hotel’s look and feel, working with designer Celerie Kemble and the hotel’s many fabulous brands and collaborations. We discuss the major moment that Palm Beach is having, and the designers, both national and international, who want to be a part of it all. We talk best advice, best ideas, the importance of listening, learning to manage a staff in the hospitality space, and the hotel’s diverse customer. Then there's the hotel's reopening in October, with an exciting new retail experience based on customer desire to "take The Colony home" + a renovation of the space + brand Sarah describes as "a state of mind."  We get into favorites, like Swifty’s crabcake and her soothing summer read, and discuss all things style, from Palm Beach’s unique and whimsical irreverence to Sarah’s own personal sense of style. You’ll hear about how she dresses for work, her taste in her own home décor, and we wrap with a breakdown about how to make The Colony’s coveted style your own, both at home and in your wardrobe. This, and much more. Shop the podcast:The Colony Hotel Good Left Undone by Adriana Trigiani Hermès flavored lipgloss in Rouge Amarelle Liquid I.V. in Golden Cherry flavorDr. Barbara Sturm Glow Dropsfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Our goal is to bring you the stories of artists who inspire. Episode 110 featuring pioneering fashion icon Norma Kamali is perhaps the pinnacle of this, and literally chock full of advice. The designer and innovator-in so many categories-shares an intimate account of her story, from the very beginning, including the moment when she brought the miniskirt to the masses, here. From her clothing of course, including her famous sleeping bag coat (and the story behind it), to her supremely pure skincare collection, her olive oil, her furniture collection, her I Am Invincible book, and more; we dissect it all. Norma tells the story about how she came to invent athleisure, she really did, and talks about her beloved and bestselling Diana dress, a wedding attire favorite, with three iterations since its debut, that Norma, herself, has recently re-fallen in love with. We discuss the specific story behind her journey to wellness circa 9/11, and how she was an early adopter and innovator in that space. During this conversation, you’ll be in the front row at an intimate discussion with the groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind designer who will leave a truly huge legacy in fashion and in design. Get inspired as you hear her explain her point of view on being who you are, naturally. Hear her share her point of view and the details of her lifestyle when it comes to self-care and aging, a point of view she feels is important to impart on the younger generation. On that topic, Norma talks about what she shares with and why she’s inspired by Gen Z. Norma explains why she’s also inspired by technology, talks becoming and then shedding being a “possession freak,” and how she learned to make space for new ideas. We are beyond thrilled and honored to add to Story + Rain Talks this incredible and important firsthand story from a game-changing artist who, for decades to come, will have an enormous influence on design and on future artists of all kinds. What else can be said except that after listening, we assure you, you’ll want to take a page from her book and from her I-Am-Invincible attitude. Shop the podcast here:Norma Kamali NormaLife's Skinline KitI Am Invincible by Norma KamaliNorma Kamali Diana DressNorma Kamali Sleeping Bag CoatAnnenMayKantereitPlatform Crocsfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
New York native Joey Wölffer has years of impressive entrepreneurship under her belt. Pun intended, as the Chief Brand Officer and Co-Owner of Hamptons-based Wölffer Estate Vineyard also runs a fashion business, developed an early background in fashion, and has a particular affinity and eye for accessories. Carrying on the innovative legacy of her father, Joey and her brother Marc took over Wölffer in early 2013, and on episode 109 of the podcast, Joey shares intimate details about her father, her family, and the many roots that were planted and that have brought her to her multifaceted work today. We talk about her European upbringing and the choices her parents made to raise her outside of New York City, the Hamptons then and now, and her treasured time in London sparked by the need to get away from a “horrible” boyfriend, of course. We get into all the details behind the brand’s iconic Summer in a Bottle Rosé and its success, and why rosé has exploded as our cultural drink of choice. We discuss the various businesses under the Wölffer umbrella, and Wölffer’s famously appealing and authentic branding and design that Joey is responsible for. We talk all about core values, working with and as family, her non-corporate approach to business, and how staying in one’s lane produces the right results. Listen in for a volley back and forth: it’s wine-fashion, fashion-wine…as we discuss Joey’s career path between the two and why she chooses to stay busy for inspiration, how one facet of her life inspires another, Joey noting that she’s the most successful when she’s doing the most. We talk to the tastemaker about all her favorite things, what inspires her, how she gets the big ideas, what she’s wearing now and how her style has evolved, and being inspired by Morocco. We talk Wölffer merch, the origins of Styleliner---her before-its-time fashion pop-up, and her experience as a brick and mortar retailer. It’s an exhilarating talk that includes what Joey’s learned most about the intersection of creativity and business over the last ten years, and so much more,  including her Obsixed list of current obsessions that you can discover and shop, along with more, here:WölfferSummer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence Rosé 2021Summer in a Bottle Long Island Rosé 2021Wölffer merchShop Joey WölfferWölffer Wine Stand eventsDesigner Johanna Ortizfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
Veteran designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra are cutting edge and tradition, all at once. Organically emerging on the fashion scene by making clothing for their stylist friends, it was in 2004 when they sent their first handmade photocopied lookbook---shot on a broken mannequin in their apartment---to Vogue’s offices. From Costello Tagliapietra to JCRT, on episode 108 we trace the evolution and path of this designer duo, whom Andre Leon Talley once called “the last great dressmakers”. From elevating jersey to perfecting plaid; from a very first project for Nine Inch Nails to launching JCRT home, Jeffrey and Robert have designed through the last few decades, expertly attesting to all its ebbs and flows, and sharing their longtime fashion insider stories here on the podcast. We discuss the influence of music on their work and what makes for a strong brand, including the advice they were once given by Anna Wintour. We go back to the beginning, to how they met, and we talk about the influence of social media on their business today. They share what’s exciting about the mix in the way people are currently choosing to dress and they share valuable insights on creative partnerships. We discuss the basis for their latest brand and the JCRT customer, their workspace, their home space, fashion shows, designing by theme and designing by color, moodboards, their greatest strengths, their biggest learnings, and more— including one of the best lists of current obsessions we’ve seen. Jeffrey and Robert are some of our favorite people, and favorite visionaries. Discover more and shop:JCRT.comHemi-Sync meditationsMind Hacking Happiness by Sean Webb Elden Ringfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
It’s been a big year for Jesse James Keitel. Starring as one of the leads in the Peacock reboot of Queer as Folk is a dream job for the actor, who is also a writer. Shortly after the series’ debut, there came Jesse’s appearance on an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds---another dream job moment for the artist...all on the heels of two seasons on the ABC David E. Kelley hit, Big Sky, where her character, Jerrie Kennedy, quickly became a fan favorite for what she describes as Kennedy’s ‘realness;’ realness that Keitel had a heavy hand in shaping, and that she worked hard to bring to the screen. On episode 107, Jesse talks about the influence Big Sky’s Jerrie Kennedy has had on friends, fans, and on network television, where she broke ground as ABC’s first openly transgender series regular on primetime television. An advocate in moving the needle for LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood, here, Jesse discusses the lack of queer actors being cast in straight roles, and how she’s looking forward to playing characters that have nothing to do with her gender and sexuality in the future. We discuss the roots of her creativity, how she found an outlet for it after college, and her very first roles---including her standout performance as intern Tam, on Darren Starr’s Younger. Jesse explains how and why community is a source of inspiration, and talks about the sense of community she experienced on Queer as Folk. We talk all things Queer as Folk, of course, we get into detail about her character Ruthie, and we discuss everything from the series’ topics and themes, to costumes and location. Jesse shares her acting process, what’s ahead, what she’s looking for creatively in her work, and what she’s writing. Becoming an adult, finding her flow, her Obsixed list of current obsessions, and more…a multilayered conversation with one of our very favorite actors, with so many exciting things ahead.Discover more and shop Jesse's Obsixed list: Queer as FolkStar Trek: Strange New WorldsBig SkyRoller Derby roller skates Anine Bing workout clothesHer hammockMaison Margiela Tabi bootsfollow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
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