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Community Difference Makers by Emerge Fitness

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We live in a community where wonderful things are happening every day. The difference makers, our neighbors, are making those things happen. Emerge coaches meet with and have candid conversations with those difference-making members of our community. The podcast features, also, Stephen Simmons from Konquered Balance.
38 Episodes
Mike Sonderegger, musician and community difference maker, shares how the Love Your Neighbor Project brings hope and happiness to our local community. Even during a pandemic with restrictions on gatherings, Sonderegger has brought people closer together with music. Support the show (
Formerly 5 Trainers and a Mic, Community Difference Makers has a strict focus on our local communities and the people doing wonderful things in our own neighborhoods.Support the show (
Mike Soots, President of Missouri Rush Soccer Club, chats with Emerge coaches about bringing club soccer to St. Charles County, and how to navigate the expectations of parents and athletes playing youth sports.Support the show (
Jason Barbour, strength coach and owner of Metabolic Meals, discusses health and fitness during a pandemic, and the changes that are likely to come. Support the show (
Covid-19 has changed people’s day to day lives, but it’s not an excuse to lose your health and wellness. Dr. Hendrix and Emerge coaches discuss strategies for staying healthy during a quarantine. Support the show (
Jaime Rothermich (Functional Elements), John Farkas (Blue Ocean Fintess) and Emerge Fitness Training discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the fitness industry. What do we do next?Support the show (
Jaime Rothermich, registered dietician and strength and conditioning coach, talks about "quarantine nutrition." While this time brings certain challenges, there are some major upsides to having the extra TIME to change habits.Support the show (
Leaders are made. According to Tennant, this is a trainable skill. Do your leadership skills need refining?Support the show (
Adaptive training and general population training share some programming concepts, but MUCH of it is dependent on each individual client and THEIR specific disability. Whitney Lance gives insight on this and on giving back to our Veteran population as well. Support the show (
There is a lot of opportunity for learning and gaining experience when starting your training career in a big box gym like 24 Hour Fintess.  There is also a  lot of opportunity for shenanigans.Coach David Lutz tells about his time leading up to his arrival at Emerge.Support the show (
Keeping lost weight off for the long run can be a tough endeavor. You’ve heard stories of incredible weight loss, only to hear that the weight came back, and then some. So, how is weight loss SUSTAINABLE?Here are two success stories:Colleen Lang and Marilyn Hoops. Support the show (
Pierre Desir wasn't a shoe-in for a professional career in the NFL.  In fact, he was a huge long shot.  Support the show (
Simmons has made a large pivot in life from working IT to living his passion in the fitness industry.Support the show (
Brendan O’Neill, a 19 year veteran trainer, entrepreneur and fitness professional talks about opening and closing a business, how fitness has changed over the years, and what it takes to be a success in this business.Support the show (
The business of pro soccer is a tough one. Ledbetter talks about the highs and lows of the pro soccer roller coaster, and has some insights on the current state of youth sports.Support the show (
Emerge coaches Beth Pirtle and Glenn Ezell discuss the changing landscape of fitness for the senior citizen demographic, including gender differences and how exercise and strength training has become an accepted part of "active aging."Support the show (
The St. Louis Slam professional women's football time are 4 time national champions.  In this episode, we speak with two players and a coach about what it takes to play, and the sacrifice and life-balancing involved to be successful.Support the show (
Emerge coaches have a discussion on how fitness professionals can give back to the community during the holidays AND all year long.Support the show (
What does it take to keep your body functioning optimally and feeling good today...and into your 80’s?Dr. Matt Lytle discusses this and shares his story of how he became one of the very best soft tissue therapy specialists in the country. Support the show (
Kathryn Sansone shares her story of raising 10 children while playing multiple roles.Support the show (
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