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You And The Laws of Attraction

Author: Dr Wendy Dearborne

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You and The Laws of Attraction is an interactive, informational podcast that demonstrates to you, how to effectively use the Laws of Attraction, every time, to manifest what you want! You will get clarity and understanding on what the individual Laws are and what they can do for you. You will see the power of your spoken word and how you maybe setting into motion things that you don't want to happen in your life. This podcast is for people who are, serious, about creating the life they want to live. Each show, provides the fundamental elements, which are the keys that unlock the mystery, of how to consciously manifest what you want, on demand. The secret of the law of attraction is understanding the Universal Laws and using them accurately. Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne every Wednesday @ 1:00pm PST.
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How Badly Do You Want It?

How Badly Do You Want It?


Many of us lament, bitch, moan and whine about what we are lacking or wishing for in our lives, but how badly do we want it, the things that we are longing for, dreaming about, but don’t have? Today I will share a fable that many of you may have heard before. Using the moral of this story as a metaphor for your own life, it will give you a serious yardstick to measure how badly you want it…whatever the ‘it’ represents in your life. Conscious manifestation is an internal job with an external experience. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne, Choice and Laws of Attraction Coach and Expert as I share my thoughts on you being able to achieve your desired goals, by understanding “wanting it badly enough” is a key element to manifesting it.
Sculptor of Your Truth

Sculptor of Your Truth


Truth isn’t something that can be learned. Truth can only be recognized, as it is an unshakable belief that already exists within you. It’s part of your physical and spiritual DNA. You are your truth and you can never be separated from it. In the same way you want others to embrace your truth, and to share your beliefs because it creates common and stable ground for effective communication, others want that too. It’s important to honor another person’s truth, even if it goes against all that you believe and know to be true. Their truth is as important to them as yours is to you.
Many may disagree with what is presented here today. Yet all understand the phrase, “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear.” Situations that bring you to your knees and leave you broken and literally drowning in your own tears, fears and confusion, the Creator, God or your chosen deity, views each one as something for you to triumph over. Situations like that, present you with multiple opportunities for growth in understanding of self and others, knowledge from which to take action and wisdom; which ultimately allows you to grow in spirit and supports you living YOUR purpose filled life…if you choose to. Your life is all about your choices.
What Dad Said is a compilation of parables and stories designed to impart knowledge and wisdom for manifesting your life the way you want it. "God will save me!" Is a well known story. And the fact is, God will indeed save you, when you know what it is that you want. Understand that God The Universal Creator doesn't make choices for you, you do...and then The Creator, creates them for you. This is how it works! Saving you, starts with you making a decision.Understand that it's the Laws of Attraction and not the law of attraction. The things they don't tell you about when using the Laws of Attraction to create what you want to manifest and experience in your life. From your choices, to the foods you eat, the color clothing you wear, to the words that you speak and the thoughts that you think...all invoke the LAWS of Attraction.
Manifesting isn't just about seeing, believing or saying, praying for what you want? Although, seeing, believing and speaking what you want is important, it’s an integral part of the process. But the reality is, "being" what you want is paramount. In fact, it’s essential. It seals the deal. You cannot manifest without “the being,” being part of the equation.
In today’s podcast, we talk about the importance of being the author of your life. Who have you given authority to, so that they can control your life? If you want to start living the life you are here to live, then you must be the authority in your life. Authority means that you are in control. Take your life back, take control back, be the authorized user of your life.
When you believe something and you believe it to be true, the Universal Creator will move people, places and things to support that belief.
Each year on New Year’s Eve I go into the silence, to commune with God. I simply ask, “show me what it is that I need to know and work with for the next 365 days.” I don’t ask anymore, what I need to work on, but what I need to work with, to assist and support myself and others to be able to consciously manifest the desires of our hearts. And also, to have a greater and clearer understanding of the Universal Laws, how they work and how to work with them, maximizing their fullest potential.New Year’s Eve 2019 gave me the Universal Law of Grace. Whenever I thought about or used the word grace in reference to spirituality, I always thought about Divine Mercy, forgiveness, empathy or compassion. Or something along those lines; after all this is what I have been taught.
The Parable of The Peanut is telling us that life is about inclusion and not exclusion. It's about strategizing your wants, not sacrificing to get what you want. What Dad Said, are a collection of parables that Dad told us to help us as we moved through life.
Manifesting what you want can be likened to creating a recipe for a delicious dish. Knowing, understanding and using the different Universal Laws can support you in getting what you want for your life. Today’s podcast introduces you to some of the Laws that you may want to add to your manifesting recipe. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne as we explore, “Creating A Divine Recipe For Manifesting.”
When we know what we are wanting and follow that pathway without reservation, even when the pathway before us, APPEARS to be unclear; miracles happen. They are happening everyday and in all ways in our lives. Do you want to create miracles in your life?
There are many reasons why your manifestation doesn’t happen for you, but primarily, it’s because something different needs to happen in one or more areas of your life. Not receiving your desired manifestation or having your prayer answered is not to be confused with the Universal Creator or God giving you something different. The reality is that can’t happen…that goes against spiritual LAW!Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne as I share my thought on this process with you.
Knowing that the Creative God Power is accessible to you, because it’s within you, and is you, happens to be your starting point for your ability to consciously manifest what you want for your life. This week’s podcast shares an experiment that you can carry out over the next 48 hours to prove to yourself once and for all, that you have the CONSCIOUS Power at your fingertips to manifest!
Forgiveness: The Universal Law of Forgiveness gives you permission to release and let go of people, places and things that no longer serve you or you them. By holding on to them you place yourself in bondage. Forgiveness allows you to have control over your life, instead of the circumstance of your life controlling you. Forgiveness establishes a strong foundation for building your spiritual practice and for the manifestation that which you say you want.Join the 21 Day Forgiveness Project starting Now! Download your PDF worksheet from
Introduction to my new podcast which is focusing on you and the way in which you use natures Laws to manifest what you want in life.We'll explore how to use the power of your conscious choice, food selection, colors, shapes, aromatherapy and much more.
In our lives, to varying degrees, we will experience states of utter confusion, total lack of organization and general order. When this occurs in your life, you’ve experienced chaos.  Chaos can show up in minor ways, like the small junk draw in the back of your garage.  It can also show up in larger ways, like your closets that a filled to overflowing with outdated clothing.  And then it can present itself in epic ways, where you have become paralyzed, you’re literally frozen in place and unable to have a meaningful and coherent inner conversation with self.  This results in you being unable to make a choice in the best interest of self; and the cycle just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Chaos has the ability to undermine you in many ways.  The obvious is not achieving your desired manifestation.  But the unobvious is far more sinister and detrimental to your overall wellbeing.Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert, Clarity and Laws of Attraction In Action Coach as we look at the role chaos plays in our lives.
Finding you, that’s who, and what you are, shouldn’t be an ah ha moment experienced on your death bed.  Although, it could be argued, better late than never.   Finding yourself is to know yourself at a conscious authentic level, and then choosing an authentic life even if it goes against the grain of what everybody believes you must do.  You’re lost because you are not doing what is authentically right for you. You are not living your truth.  And the TRUTH will always come out, because that is what truth is created to do…find its perfect expression…through you. Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert, Clarity and Laws of Attraction Coach as we look at feeling lost and what to do about it.Click here to download your contrasts and paralell worksheetTo visit website click hereFacebook Group: #attractioners  #drwendydearborne  #choices #itsmylifemychoice #foodbeyonditsnutrition
In order for you to have something new come into your life, what has gone before must die.  This is one of the biggest challenges that many people face because they don’t want to let go.  Letting go is key in your ability to manifest what you want for your life.  From health to wealth and everything in between. When you look at the life cycles of a butterfly, you can witness from conception to birth what has to take place to make that happen...for the butterfly to be born.  It goes through changes.  Change literally means to make the form of something different for what it would be if left alone.  Metamorphosis is needed for you to manifest anything in life.Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Clarity and Laws of Attraction Coach as we look at some of the challenges we face when consciously manifesting our lives.Visit The Laws of Attraction In Action for more information
Many people have a hard time justifying why they have taken a certain action, especially when it goes against the grain of their moral fiber.  Reconciling the action is a confusing challenge because it doesn’t mesh with their ethics, nor is it a part of their intrinsic belief.  It doesn’t belong in their culture, up bringing or religious or spiritual doctrines.  And this is not who they are showing up in the world as, and yet still, they have done the deed.  You see this exhibited as addictions of all types from food, to sex to drugs to shopping and everything in between.  It demonstrates itself as abuse to self and others, anti-social behaviors, even culminating in murder.  What is it that can have this action on people?  In a word, “DESIRE!” It is a powerful medium that can compel anyone including you to do things that you can’t believe you are doing.  Many people have fallen into the trap of desire only to realize that their lives have been irrevocably changed...and usually not for the better.  The Universal Law of Desire is a powerful mesmeric energetic force that rivals any Law out there including the Law of Love. Desire temporarily amplifies a thought process turning it into something that becomes a must have, or die, type of situation.   How is desire playing out in your life?  And how can this compelling feeling be used to consciously manifest what you want?Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert, Clarity and Laws of Attraction Coach, as we explore the Universal Law of Desire and how you can use it to manifest what you want for your life.
Your ability to choose, is without a doubt, the most powerful energy that you will ever control.  Choice, much like DNA, are the building blocks that give physicality to everything created inside and outside of your life. Choice is the power upon which the Universe is created. The first law in the Universal Laws of Attraction is choice.  It’s a natural law, a spiritual law, manmade law and it IS God’s Law.  Nothing can and will happen in your life, good or bad, without you first making a choice.  More often than not our choices appear to be circuitous, but the reality is, they are not.  You’ve experienced and are experiencing what you are going through, because of choices you have made in the past or in the present.   Don’t get this confused with the feelings of rightness or wrongness of the results experienced.  Attractioners, right or wrong is an emotional call – and that too is a choice!   The Universal Law of Choice the creative force that set into motion all things.  This energy isn’t a respecter of your feelings, it respects the action you decide upon.Genesis 1-4 “Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And seeing that the light was good, God separated the light from the darkness.…Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Clarity Coach as we rekindle our relationship and understanding with the role choice plays in our lives.
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