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More interesting than the actual game, the commercials on this year's Super Game made some impressive statements. John and Angel review their favorite ads based on how well they made the connection between the brand and the content. John's commercial and documentary background  leads to his belief that its not enough to have a memorable ad, it must remind you of the actual brand who made the ad. Fresh out the morning after the game, we review these ads and you can also listen to our podcast each week on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and anywhere you can listen to a podcast.Watch this episode on YouTube: Website is
Welcome to episode 75 of Marketing Media & Cupcakes, where we bring best practices for your business. This week John and Angel discuss best practices for your business. Angel has been training staff at her Fortune 500 company for many years. Traning is critical to having a consistent voice for your customers and clients. She shares 4 quick tips that can help your training be more effective. John is a licensed drone or (UAV) pilot. Aerial photography is a great way to enhance your business's brand when you can show beautiful aerial shots of a car dealership or commercial property or just showing off your location downtown.  However, there are risks you take when hiring a drone photographer or trying to do these shots on your own. John will explain why you need to take hiring a drone pilot seriously, and what to look for. Also, ways to make your pilot get great shots for you. Angel's 4 Training Tips 5:30 into the show1) Setting Expectations for the  training2) Make a schedule that divides, lecture with applied learning. No 8-hour lectures!3) Hands-on Time, or OJT4) Web/Computer-based trainingIf you have additional comments or questions email Angel at angel@marketingmediacupcakes.comWhat you need to know about hiring a drone photographer at 20:30 into the episode. 1) The need to have a UAV FAA license, DO NOT HIRE someone unlicensed2) Your pilot should have one-million-dollar insurance policy coverage.3) Create a shot list for your pilot4) You cannot fly a drone within five miles of an airport, and you are limited to 400 feet above the ground altitude. There are exceptions and a licensed operator will know what they are. For more information or questions email john@makertingmediacupcakes.comFind us at Marketing Media & Cupcakes website and on social mediaThanks for listening!John & Angel
Email Best Practices

Email Best Practices


Email remains the most accepted way to connect with business communications. Even more so after 2020 and social media platforms becoming less reliable for existing. Angel reviews her best practices for composing emails.1) Be clear and concise 2) Proofread3) Copy back important point or responses4) Use subject lines keywords to get attention5) Don't say anything you don't want to regret later6) If the email has to bounce back and forth more than 3 times, call them. John repeats the phone calls and emails are still best practices for "first contact" situations with clients or customers. If someone DMs you on LinkedIn or Facebook, direct them to email you at your address. If people contact you via text or some other platform, tell them your best way to contact you is  (is a phone, email, cellphone) If your cellphone is not for business tell your customers if you give them it, please only use it for emergencies. Check your email daily. If your business email is on a website or on your business card, and you don't check it often, then remove it from those contacts. You are paid to solve problems not creating ones but having customers worried that you didn't get a message. Please subscribe to us and share us with your friends.To email Angel about cupcakes or customer serviceTo email John about media and building a brandFind us at Marketing Media & Cupcakes website and on social mediaThanks for listening!John & Angel
John and Angel are joined by guest Terry & Nay Dismore, small business owners, as they share ideas on how you can set effective realistic goals for 2021 for your business. They suggest that you shoot for small wins, finding areas that are nagging your productivity and set to resolve those issues. Listen to the right people. Don't let Covid talk discourage your mojo for success.Invest in yourself in 2021 so you can be a better business owner and leader. You can listen to Terry's podcast at Quiz The Diz on all podcast platforms. Nay's snacks can be found at And like and subscribe to us at 
This week John & Angel discuss how the pandemic and the changing regulations have forced businesses to look at best practices. Angel shares tips on dealing with customers who are upset with late deliveries. Then John shares 5 of his personal favorite documentaries and how they relate to telling a story in our mediaFinally Angel shares 3 quick dishes you can make in just minutes to take to that surprise get together.1. Seven Layer Dip Jelly & Cream Cheese Mini Cheesecakes email Angel about cupcakes or customer serviceTo email John about media and building a brandFind us at Marketing Media & Cupcakes website and on social mediaThanks for listening!John & Angel
On this podcast:Angel Shares 5 tips that will help your customer relationships with your business. John will share changes we are making as of this episode to upgrade Marketing Media and CupcakesAngel shares some holiday dessert ideas that are Easy As Pie! 5 Ways to improve Listening to your CustomersRemove Distractions - and make sure your team know you want them to completely focus on the customer they are working with. Don't Multitask!Listen for the emotions of your customer-  Much of this relates to the area of the country they are from. We also talk about emails and how to communicate that way. Customers are looking for a "Bid for Connection". If you fail, you likely will lose a customer. Don't Interrupt - No matter how much you understand the customers questions, do not interrupt, let the customer finish their thoughts. Plus we discuss how to answer emails. Echoing - Repeat back the customers concerns. Empathize but don't apologize. Verify Satisfaction - Make sure you have solved the problem and ask if there are any other concerns. Again, make sure your team knows, don't rush to get off the call. Big Changes To Our PodcastWe appreciate our audience who've been with us for so long. We feel we need dive deeper into our topics, so starting this episode, we are throwing out the clock and going longer on each podcast. In return we will only have two episodes a month. We have launched our website so go to now to find our episodes, how to connect and more to come. You can now find us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram also under MarketingMediaCupcakes.Our focus will continue to be helping you with best practices for your business. Today's Dessert: Easy As Pie Angel shares simple ways you can make a pie. Store bought crusts, canned fillings, but with a little embellishment you can make a delicious treat for the holidays.  Here's an example: email Angel about cupcakes or customer serviceTo email John about media and building a brandFind us at Marketing Media & Cupcakes website and on social mediaThanks for listening!
Faith, Hope & Business

Faith, Hope & Business


How important is believing and inspiring success in your business? Author & Podcast host Monica Guidry joins John and Angel to share about positive affirmation is not just some feel good team building activity but an actual best practice! Find out more about Monica: and her podcast is at: wholeheART with Monica Guidry For more on John's media business: OndoMedia.comMore on Angel's Cupcakes:
What can we learn from political ads about how to better communicate with our customers?  John and Angel discuss some of the points from a great article in  Center for Civic Design (link here) about how to communicate with voters. But if you remove the word voter and replace it with customers, the same rules apply. Key thoughts 1) Know your media 2) Have a professional media design 3) Answer questions 4) Have a conversationFind out more about John & Angel's businesses! Ondo MediaAngelsCustomCupcakes
Attorney Rachel Alvarez from Orlando Florida joins us this week to dicuss best practices for you or your employees. We will disucss when can you use social media with your team to help your business, and how to best do that. And if you need to let an employee go the best ways to protect yourself. For more on Rachel AlvarezFor more on John's business Ondo MediaFor more on Angel's Custom CupcakesMore information on this topic
Quiz the Diz

Quiz the Diz


Terry Dismore is a business consultant, and radio show host. He shares about his brand new podcast, "Quiz the Diz" which is premiering this week. How you can ask him questions about life, business and living a prosperous life. Terry answers some of our questions on the podcast today.Find "Quiz the Diz" on all podcast apps. Like and share Marketing Media & Cupcakes on Facebook & Instagram 
After John's brief rant about how he feels iPhones are not as easy to use as they use to be, he and Angel are joined by Lifestyle Strategist Monica Guidry. Monica is an entrepreneur and broadcaster who is helping her clients find passion in their business and lives. Fear is a big issue for most clients she meets with.Find out more about Monica: and her podcast is at: wholeheART with Monica Guidry For more on John's media business: OndoMedia.comMore on Angel's Cupcakes:
Orlando Florida Bankruptcy attorney, Rachel M. Alvarez Esq. ,challenges the stereotypes of what bankruptcy is. Rachel will share when is the best time to consider a bankruptcy or when just a refinance or financial restructure is necessary. The main idea is you need to stay in control of your finances rather than letting credit card companies run your life and debt. She will explain the differences of Chapter 7 , 11 & 13. There are differences between personal and business bankruptcy. For more information on her bankruptcy class which helps people figure out how to better manage their finances. rachelalvarez.comAlso to find out more on John's media company Ondo Mediaand to find out more on Angel's Custom Cupcakes
Everyone knows 2020 has changed the thinking for business, it has also forced non-profits into developing new ways to share the needs with their donors. Michele Savoldi is the Sr. Manager of Corporate Relations for the Greater Cleveland Area Food Bank. She share with John & Angel how they have developed new ideas for online fundraising in 2020. We discuss how these trends will work out in 2021 as a hybrid fundraising plan may be the best way to develop new fundraising strategies.For more information on Greater Cleveland Food Bankor FeedingAmerica.OrgFor more information on Ondo Media's Fundraising Campaigns
John and Angel discuss the 4 biggest problems small business owners deal with daily with marketing their small business. 1) Not Enough Time2) Consistency3) Content Creation5) Tracking the resultsJohn will share his thoughts in regard to this. Angel also shares a new Gluten Free recipe that will bring out the best flavor to your Gluten Free cupcakes6 cups Brown Rice Flower2 cups Potato starch1 cup Tapioca starch1 tablespoon of Xanthan gumFor more information and for your questions email us at john@ondomedia.comLike and share us on instagram and FacebookFind out more about AngelsCustomCupcakesFind out more about OndoMediaMarketing Media & Cupcakes@marketingmediacupcakes
John and Angel share how small business owners can start a business by carefully using credit cards to get started and transition into bank loans. They discuss how there is a different philosophies between handling personal debt and business debt. That you need to seperate the two concepts.We also discuss how you buy time with credit cards, but you can also get burnt when you don't make the same as cash payments on time. Loans and Credit Cards are tools. Use them wisely.Find out more about AngelsCustomCupcakesFind out more about OndoMedia #smallbusiness #debt #marketing #cupcakes
If you're own a business you are going to have a bad review show up in a phone call or post online. How should you respond? John and Angel share their process on how to deal with an upset customer. Angel shares her HEAT process.H earE mpathizeA pologize (not for what you did but for the experience)T ake Action  (do not say what you can't do, but what you can do)John suggests with online reviews, do not ignore them! You should post online showing you are addressing the issue. Do not get into a post war. If you can't resolve the issue and have it removed by the customer, then you should move the conversation offline. If the post remains, the only way to combat this is to add new legitimate reviews that will reduce the ratio of the bad review and up your rating. Don't have your friends write fake reviews. Have legitimate customers. You should have an active review process to get more reviews. In today's challenging times, it is critical for your small business to have reviews online. If you have other suggestions or ideas, write us at john@ondomedia.comIf you want to find out more about John's business Ondo MediaFor more on Angel's business Angel's Custom CupcakesSubscribe and share us through out Facebook Page & Instagram Thanks for listening!
Author/Entrepreneur & Pastor Rob Yanok shares his thoughts on how 2020 may be a year you can shift to a new role and a new successful business. He is the author of Your Ultimate Comeback and he says your 2020 can be amazing as this could be the best time to try a new approach to your business.John and Angel discuss how Zoom meetings have lost some of their power as more people want to return to standard phone calls. Rob shares how he changed his approach to his sales on the phone.For more information on Rob Yanok and his booksFor more information on Ondo Media and our media consultingThanks for listening! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Small Business Q&A

Small Business Q&A


John and Angel ask and answer in 2-minutes the top questions many starting a small business ask. How much financing do you need to know? What legally do you need to do? Should I hire family members.Subscribe and share our podcast and let others know about this show that encourages small business! For more information on OndoMedia.comFor more information on Angels Custom Cupcakes
Email Overload!

Email Overload!


John has an issue with emails and notifications. It makes his blood pressure rise not matter who or when he gets them. Angel's full time job runs on emails. Our guest Brittnay Dixon of the The Process for Profit Podcast joins us to share steps to organize your email so you aren't living life through your emails. 1) Prioritize your emails and clear out the ones you don't need or are junkYou can find out the rest by listening to the podcast and sharing it with your friends. Find our more about Brittany Dixon and her amazing podcast at: out more about how Ondo Media can help you be a media influencer. 
John shares how he made a mistake (well several) in launching his new Podcast Production brand. In many cases, branding mistakes happen not because of one glaring error but several small errors that alone aren't a big deal, but until you see the whole picture, becomes a major problem.John shares how rolling his Premiere Podcast brand back under Ondo Media was the best choice he could have made. John's points to avoiding a brand sin are:1) Make sure you run your brand through another set of eyes, someone who is not familiar with your brand. 2) Make sure you do a thorough check of the domain name, making sure you check for alternate spellings or other markets with similar business names. 3) Separate brands need separate phone numbers and addresses or Google will count that against you.For more information on Ondo MediaFor more information on AngelsCustomCupcakesEmail us at
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