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Another Classic IDTFF!
IDTFF Replay from 090420

IDTFF Replay from 090420


What's A UAP?
Classic IDTFF REPLAY from 121318
Just listen, mkay??
Latest Nerdfest Here!!! Listen in!
April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. We caught up with BCBA Heather Couchenour to talk about Autism, identifying and defining it, new treatments, and much more! Listen in!
Advancements happen. In spite of the feeling that we are sinking as a species, some pretty incredible things are happening. Listen to find out!
All of the things you won't find anywhere else, right here on I Do This For Free
The world is advancing (I know it doesn't seem like it at times, but it is), and this episode is FULL of information you never thought you needed to know!
Interested in something that Big Tech DOESN'T control? Tray ham radio.Plus...well....look at the title.
2020 was weird. 2021 doesn't look much better, but your odds of surviving it unscathed can improve.Listen in!
Anthony joins me for another I Do This For Free! We cover everything from Christmas gifts to wine and cheese!
Post Thanksgiving fun and frolic with a touch of sarcasm and maybe a new tune.
I never got the hang of Novembers. We will discuss, along with Friday the 13th, Bizarre Thanksgiving Traditions, and MORE!
It seems our host, Allen Ray, has succumbed to the stress of pandemics, politics, and the blue moon rising on Holloween Night.No worries, we're sure he'll be back to normal soon.......or will he?
The refreshingly non-political podcast about everything else, including cougar attacks, space junk, your mental health, and more!
General skrewing around and shenanigans...
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