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Author: Pete Tyjas

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Pete Tyjas from Fly Culture Magazine sits down with people whose lives either revolve around or are shaped by fly fishing.
64 Episodes
Andy Baird has run the well respected Small Fly Funk blog for a number of years.In it, he chronicles his love of fishing small streams with flies in size #22 and much smaller.I learn how his interest in fishing such small flies started along with how to fish and tie them too.We also share a deep love of music that we touch on.If you've ever wanted to learn more about the use of small flies this is the place to start!
Jim Curry has been around fishing from an early age and it was inevitable that he would end up working in the fishing industry.We talk about the life he has led and his current role as brand manager for Guideline in the UK. I also learn about his passion for fishing in the South American jungle for some real off the grid adventures.He is an entertaining and engaging guest who I am sure you'll enjoy listening to.
Located in the far north west of Scotland is what might be considered a fly fishing hotspot. Small streams and lochs populated with trout, a coastline with rod breaking pollack along with salmon fishing  set against a stunning back drop.I learn a little about the varied fishing from a hugely passionate angler and guide Stewart Yates.
I catch up with my friend Kris Kent and talk about him fishing the trout rivers of the UK. So far, he has fished 120 but always has an eye on a new venue. I also learn from about his transition into the fly fishing industry starting at a tackle shop and then as a fishing guide. Food is an important aspect of a day on the water and he shares what it means to him. You'll probably shudder when you learn about the number of fishing rods he owns too!
From an early age, Susan Skrupa has felt the urge to travel. It was started by her father who also introduced her to fishing. I get to hear about her fishing travels to far flung places but also in the UK too.She captured perfectly her relationship with her father and how it led her to fishing in a beautifully written piece that appeared in Fly Culture called "Bloodlines" and I was keen to learn more.She is also involved with The Mayfly Project a charity that helps mentor foster children through fly fishing.
I catch up with angler, guide, photographer and author Steffan Jones about his love of his home river, the challenges fishing faces, sea trout and how he wanted to share his knowledge of sea trout via his book - Sea trout, Tricks, Tips and Tribulations.It is a fascinating and thought provoking conversation about one mans love for our pastime.
I talk with writer, presenter, photographer and angler Matt Hayes about his fly fishing career and how it has taken him to Norway where he now runs a fishing lodge.This is a fascinating insight that covers his TV work and how he discovered a deep passion and love for fly fishing.He is open and honest about many aspects of his life that I am sure you will enjoy listening to.
I invite Paul Procter, Ieva Breiteryte and Andy Buckley to talk about how fly fishing looks in the current climate along with the developments we have witnessed during our fishing careers.It is an interesting and lively debate that covers many topics.
I talk with Paul Whitehouse about his hugely successful TV program Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, his love of fly fishing and how one of his Fast Show characters was based on someone he met fishing.This is an interesting and very funny podcast that I am sure you'll enjoy.
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I meet up with friend and fishing guide Gerald Spiers and while maintaining social distancing rules we fish a beautiful stretch of river for grayling that means a lot to him.Do we catch any fish? Tune in and listen but as you'll discover we cover many subjects that you'd probably talk about when fishing with a friend.
Jim Murray is an actor who is also a passionate fly angler.We talk about many subjects from trout and salmon fishing, the benefits of fishing to mental health and his part in taking on a salad washing plant on his home river and won.This is a fascinating discussion that looks at many aspects of fishing and will be an interesting listen.
Stuart McTeare is a river keeper who passionately believes that the fish come first on the water he manages. I learn what goes into this process along with hearing about how he managed a fishing lodge in Ireland and all the work that goes on behind the scenes.
Alex grew up with a fly rod in his hand. He has been involved in just about every branch of fly fishing and knows his subject intimately.In episode 52 I get the chance to pick his brains about tackling grayling. This episode is packed with information so don't miss out!
Join me as I talk with journalist, TV presenter and fly angler Matthew Wright about coping with lockdown, trout  and saltwater fishing, the music of Hawkwind along with much more.We travel down his fly fishing timeline to learn about his passion for fly fishing. This is an entertaining listen!
It was inevitable that Hywel would follow a fly fishing path.From fishing a small, local stream near his home he has gone on to hold numerous casting records along with representing Wales on numerous occasions.He has also appeared on TV programs, released his own range of fishing DVDs and demonstrates at fly fishing shows.Even after achieving so much the passion for fly fishing still burns bright.
It didn't take long to discover the deep love that Phillippa has for fly fishing. From hitting the river everyday and learning her trade she has become a well respected member of the fly fishing community and is a regular at fishing shows tying flies.We talk about her passion for fly fishing and how it began for her.
Stuart Foxall has had a passion for fishing at a very early age. He has a passion for trout and salmon that he has caught across the UK and has fished extensively for steelhead. He is also know for his fly tying especially salmon flies.This is a fascinating conversation that covers many aspects of fishing with lots of thought provoking topics.
Gareth and I talk about our fishing season along with the fishing books we enjoy reading when we're not fishing.We each select 5 books and talk a little about why we like them so much and read a short excerpt too.There is an interesting mix and some you might have heard of and others may be new to you.
Stuart Watson is chairman of the Pike Fly Fishing Association and a self confessed predator fish addict.I get the chance to learn about his fly fishing career and plenty of information on tackling pike with a fly rod.
I talk with Ali Hutchens about salmon fishing, get some tips, the crossovers with trout fishing and salmon farms. We cover many topics including what fishing means to Ali and travelling to distant destinations to cast a fly rod.
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Tony Rideout

Utterly Brilliant, thank you very much indeed.

Feb 14th
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