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#OilerNationBound is a must listen for incoming students at the University of Findlay. Each episode gives advice on a variety of topics, from what to bring to school to tips on making the transition from high school to college. Get all the advice upperclassmen wish they had received by subscribing to #OilerNationBound!
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The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be a bit intimidating with all those taxdocuments and financial questions. But by filling it out, you’re unlocking free money to help payfor college. In this episode, Kobe talks to Lisa Snyder, assistant director financial aid of financialaid, who has some great tips to help make the process easier.University of Findlay’s Financial Aid Office webpage: more information about the FAFSA, and to begin your application click here: To create your FAFSA ID, click here:    Federal & State Grant listing, Direct Loans and private loan information and links: to FAFSA frequently asked questions:
So you’re #OilerNationBound! Congrats! Aside from enjoying your last year of high school,you’ll have plenty to do in the time between getting accepted to UF and starting classes. In thisepisode, Kobe and Ashley share next steps for getting ready to be #OilerOfficial.For information about the FAFSA, click here: to join the OilerNation Incoming Class of 2020 group here: deposit information here: a campus visit here:
If there’s one office on campus that’s on “Team Student,” it’s the Oiler Success Center. Theyknow that success in OilerNation looks different for everyone, and they provide resources thathelp make it happen. Ashley talks with director Bill Johnston about how the Center can helpstudents.OilerSuccess Center:
Whether it’s midnight pizza runs or binge-watching the Bachelor together, life with roommatesmakes for some of the best college memories. With a little bit of preparation and a whole lot ofcommunication and understanding, you can make it work! Kobe and Ashley share tips.
Derrick is everywhere. The Oiler letters are on the mall. There’s plenty of swag, and you canbegin your collection of UF event T-shirts! Find out about Welcome Week in #OilerNation.Welcome Week Schedule:
OilerNation move-in day sounds like it should be a zoo —hundreds of students, with theirpossessions (and parents) in tow, looking for their dorm rooms. But at UF, we know it takes avillage to move an Oiler in, and that’s just what we have.Here’s a link to some packing/move-in day hacks:
New Student Orientation is your chance to get settled in, register for classes and learn about allthe OilerNation resources you’ll be using. But most of all, it’s time to meet other new Oilers!Listen to Kobe and Ashley talk with Orientation Leader Emily Remark – they’ll give you all thedetails on what to expect there.2019 Orientation Schedule: available on the OilerMobile App)
Taking care of your physical and emotional health are important to your success in theclassroom, and as a college student, that can be a challenge. Stress and lack of sleep can lead to health issues. But Cosiano Health Center and our Office of Counseling Services are here to help.Listen to Ashley and Kobe talk about all the different ways you can feel your best at Findlay.Learn more about:Cosiano Health Center: Services:
Planning to work during college? Ashley and Kobe are two of the more than 900 students whowork for Findlay, and you can be too. Find out what their work experience at UF has been like,and hear how you can connect with an on-campus job.Connect with the Office of Student Employment here:
One of the things OilerNation is known for is the way they serve. We even have a #FindlayServes hashtag. There are so many different kinds of opportunities to be part ofservice projects at UF, and some of them even involve international travel! You’re bound to findone that’s a great fit for your talents.For more information about opportunities to serve at Findlay click here:
You’re not in high school anymore. Adjusting to the challenges of college academics is differentfor everyone, but Ashley and Kobe share some of their tips for being successful from day one,and how Findlay can help through support services.Learn more about resources at UF for academic success here:Academic Support Center: Success Center: of Accommodation & Inclusion:
The University of Findlay was founded as Findlay College more than 130 years ago. Campustraditions have emerged over decades of experiences shared by our students, faculty, and staff.These shared experiences are woven together to make all who are here feel like a part of#OilerNation. Ashley and Kobe share what you need to know about these traditions, and howwe came to be known as the Oilers.Learn more about Findlay traditions here:
Going to college is about so much more than just classes! One of the quickest and easiest waysto make new friends at UF is by joining a club or student organization. Kobe and Ashley talkabout the many ways to get involved at UF.Ready to jump in? Learn more here: Organization Fair - September 5, 2019 - 6-7:30 p.m. - Alumni Memorial Union
Kobe and Ashley talk about what to do, where to go and what to eat in Findlay. Joining themare Doug Jenkins, with the Findlay•Hancock County Chamber and Danielle Wilkin, with theHancock County Convention and Visitors Bureau.Learn more about Findlay here:
One of the things that separates college from high school is living on campus. When you moveinto your residence hall, you’ll want to get to know your residence assistant. RAs are studentswho act as a point of contact to help you with any issues you may be having, and help to createa community within your hall. In this episode, Ashley and Kobe talk with Jillian Banky, an RA whoexplains her role and offers advice as you get started in #OilerNation.Get the details on residence life at Findlay here:
Squeeze all your earthly possessions into a single room? Not likely! But Ashley and Kobe speak from experience about what you should bring to your new home in #OilerNation (and some things you should plan to leave behind.)For a look at the UF official checklist, click here:
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