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Author: Wondery

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Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Girl marries girl. Boy gets boy back, but then his family can’t stand him. Wondery’s new series is all about love, relationships, and the sometimes bumpy road to commitment. Host Ingrid Haas (Chelsea Lately, Key and Peele) recently got engaged herself, and she will explore stories from real couples to learn what went wrong, and how they finally got it right. She’ll recount surprise engagements featuring pop stars and tense wedding ceremonies. And she’ll look for answers to the questions that keep us up at night: Will I ever find someone? If I like it, will I put a ring on it? And how the hell does anyone get to happily ever after anyway?

6 Episodes
Introducing The Moment, a new series from Wondery coming July 10th.
He Got Game  | 1

He Got Game | 1


Kirk’s heart skipped a beat when he first saw Jenny crossing the college campus. There was only one problem: Jenny was dating someone else and didn’t even know he existed. But eighteen years later, a Facebook algorithm brought Kirk back into Jenny’s life, and he finally landed a first date with her. It would take a “Say Anything”-level grand gesture to win her back. And Ingrid shares the grand gesture that almost worked on her. Support this show by supporting our sponsors!ThirdLove - Get 15% off your first order at Sunbasket - Get $30 off your first two deliveries at
After another bad date in New York City, Alex sent out a sad tweet into the world wondering if he would ever find his true love. He’d had some red wine, ok? But as fate would have it, an angel was waiting for him in the wings of the internet - it was Taylor Swift. She tweeted back a magical love spell that would lead him to the love of his life and a very special engagement. And Ingrid wonders: why do we stand under waterfalls and cross the country to show our love?Show your love by supporting our sponsors!thredUP - Get an extra 30% off your first order when you go to - For 20% off your first order visit and use promo code 'The Moment' at checkout
The Moment Has Moved

The Moment Has Moved


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Why are some episodes now missing?

Mar 19th



Jan 7th
Reply (1)

Stephanie Erhard

I was obsessed with this! The love stories were touching and really awesome!!! my favorite was between The Taylor Swift of it all and a twist of Fate. I really liked the one where the girl fell out of the tree to. I felt like it was a nicholas sparks movie. honestly he should write a book about it!

Nov 28th
Reply (1)

Amy Gagnon

This podcast makes me yearn to be loved.

Oct 11th

Jessie Pilly

I really enjoy listening to these many variations of love. Thanks for a great podcast.

Oct 10th

Hannah Lang


Sep 18th

Jillian Rosenberg

Thanks for making me bawl my eyes out! 😭 Love the show!

Sep 18th

Mylon Mazzotti

Estoy escuchando The Moment en Castbox. ¡Echale un vistazo!😀😀 Top 10 Best Reflexology Foot Massage in Huntington Beach, CA ...

Sep 8th

Julie homewood

these stories are really good, only complaint is the host talks too much about herself , just get on with the story .

Aug 22nd

King Juan

great story. I like things like this. I just wish women would be more aggressive.

Aug 16th

Gary Dodge Crystal Willey


Aug 7th
Reply (1)

Zaftige Y

Love this podcast

Aug 3rd

Jax Melfort

Episode 1's story is great, but the narrator is SO annoying especially during ads.

Aug 2nd
Reply (1)

Presley's Posse

Forgive me, but this crap is for losers. Losers mono m

Aug 1st
Reply (2)


Refreshing! Once again Wondery does it again.

Jul 18th
Reply (1)

Allison Bothley

I'm crying!

Jul 16th

Toby Murr

such a magical story

Jul 12th
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