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Granger Whitelaw Interviews Betty Tran on Part 3 of the series; Textiles: Manufacturing,m Retail & Fashion In Vientma and S.E. Asia. Betty has found Global success and awareness with her Fashion Brand and Is now living In Vietnam again, sharing her expertise with the Community and looking to build more for the Future. Please join us In Listeing the Betty on The Lotus Talks!
Granger Whitelaw and Carey Zesiger discuss Retail In Vietnam. Part 2 of our 3 part series on Textiles: Manufacturing, Retail, and Fashion In Vietnam and S.E. Asia. Carey Is the Co-FOunder of Shooz, Geox, Furla, and - all success full retail and e-commerce brands In Vietnam. His Insight both Online & Offline gives him a unique view of the Consumer industry In Fashion Retail. Sit back, turn up your speakers and Enjoy!
Granger Whitelaw begins his 3 Part Series on ' Textiles: Manufacturing, Retail, and Fashion In Vietnam and Asia with Bill Watson of Coates Group. Bill has been living In Asia for 27 Years, From Hong Kong to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and now China. Bill's fascinating journey has seen him ride the "tip of the Wave" and he has enjoyed a great sense of learning, and success along the way. Listen In! We hope you enjoy!
Granger Whitelaw Is back with The Lotus Talks after a 3-month Hiatus. Today he speaks with Dr. Mason Cobb on the return of COVID-19 In Vietnam, what the current facts are with the Disease - and what Individuals and Employers can do to help stop the Spread In Vietnam again - and get back to work. This Is a Serious Issue we all need to come together on - so please listen and think about how you can help. 
Getting Back to Work !

Getting Back to Work !


Today on Monday Morning Coffee, Granger Whitelaw discusses the biggest question on every business owner's mind - "How Do We Get Back To Work" In this "new normal" we now face with Coronavirus still ever-present In our lives? So grab your coffee and let's Go!
Good Morning! March 30, 2020, and today Granger Whitelaw discusses working from home - and how to do It right. It's not always as easy as you think, so grab your coffee and let's go ! 
March 27, 2020. Today Granger Whitelaw at The Lotus Talks updates us on a few things affecting us all In Vietnam - and Reviews the $2 Trillion US Stimulus Package. Grab your coffee and listen In.
Friday the 13th! Always an ominous day, and one we happen to enjoy at The Lotus Talks. Today Granger Whitelaw profiles a business in S.E. Asia that helps Individuals, Families and Companies choose the proper Health & Life Insurance for their needs. Meet Asia Summit Consulting. Grab your coffee and, Let's go ! 
On todays Monday Morning Coffee Granger Whitelaw discusses Health Insurance In Vietnam & S.E. Asia. What should you look at when considering a private or group Insurance plan for your self or your company? Grab your coffee - we hope you enjoy.
Friday March 6, 2020 - the markets are still feeling pressure globally and we all all looking for solutions. Following on our Monday Morning podcast, Granger Whitelaw features MOPO, a company leading Vietnam's renewable energy market - and partnering along the way. Grab your coffee and turn up the volume, we hope you enjoy ! 
Today on MOnday Morning Coffee, Granger Whitelaw addresses the current market decline, the Impact stemming from the Corona Virus, and general fear In the Markets. Granger discusses ETF's and Emerging Market Investments - with a quick overview of Energy In Vietnam. Grab your coffee, sit back - and Let's go!
Today on Friday notes we follow up on our discussion regarding Tax Structuring In Vietnam and SE Asia. Granger Whitelaw Is joined back Jack Nguyen, partner at Mazars Vietnam, as we profile his company and the multiple Integrated services they offer for small companies and global leaders as well. We hope you enjoy the show!
Today Granger Whitelaw reviews Corporate and Tax structures everyone should be aware of In Vietnam and SE Asia. Granger Is joined by Jack Nguyen, an expert In Tax and accounting. Grab your coffee, sit back..and Lets go!
On this episode of Friday notes at The Lotus Talks, Granger Whitelaw Is joined by returning guest Keith Schulz, EVP of Motul & Vilube who oversees 16 Countries, and has seen great success with the brands. Keith shares his experience with us, and what the Companies are doing In the ASEAN markets and beyond. We hope you enjoy this profile on an exciting company, that Is not only successful, but giving back to society.
In this Monday Morning Coffee, Granger Whitelaw sits down to discuss the Supply Chain Impacts from the Coronavirus outbreak with his guest, Keith Schulz. What Is the current status of Demand, Disruption and resolution - and what can we learn from history - to try and lessen the effects to our businesses, and perhaps create opportunities. Grab your coffee, sit back - and Let's go.
Today we join Granger Whitelaw and his guest (again), Caroline Nguyen as they follow up on their Monday talk about "Business Lunch" and where to go In Ho Chi Minh. A little twist, Instead of the 'usual suspects and place', they are going to share two non-profit Restaurants that not only serve great food, but are helping kids create skills and their futures! So sit back, relax - and enjoy!
For our February and first edition of 2020, join Granger Whitelaw and the Lotus team as we honor one of Saigon's finest. Albin Deforges, Co-founder of successful F&B projects Bia Craft & Quan Ut Ut, to name only a few - What is he up to now? Read below to find out - We hope it suits your taste buds :) 
Granger Whitelaw visits with Vietnam Celebrity Judge, cook and all around Foodie, Caroline Nguyen to discuss "Business Lunches". How do you pick the right restaurant for your client or meetings? Is It different for 1st time guests? And what should you consider when choosing the venue. We hope you enjoy our conversation today, and get a "bite" of Information to use for your next Business Lunch!  SO - Let's go!
Join Granger Whitelaw and Brian Letwin as they discuss the Saigoneer in Vietnam, listen to the interview and get your "culture on". We hope you enjoy this latest edition of The Lotus Talks!
Granger Whitelaw looks a the coming year of the rat, 2020 - where Asia Is now economically, How the World views us, and some thoughts on how to Improve your business as we continue this exciting growth! 
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