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Author: Alex Sanfilippo

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Creating a Brand is a top 20 entrepreneurship podcast that releases weekly masterclass interviews. Join Alex Sanfilippo as he shares actionable content from successful leaders and subject matter experts on topics that help entrepreneurs make their first or next step in business the right one. If you want to grow faster both personally and professionally while saving time and money in the process, the Creating a Brand Podcast is for you. Prepare to accelerate your success!
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Leadership can be difficult to navigate, especially during times of crisis or challenge. As a leader, people rely on you and look up to you, what you do matters. In this interview, Walt Rakowich walks us through what he calls the 3H core from his new book, Transfluence. Walt’s 3H serves as a great framework for becoming a transformative leader, which is so needed in the change driven world that we live in today. Humility, Honesty, and Heart are how each of us needs to lead in our businesses and in our lives because leadership is influence.For resources and additional content visit:
Doing your most creative work doesn't come with a guarantee of success. But there is a pattern to who succeeds and who doesn't. The pattern is this: Engaging in the consistent practice of shipping your creative work. In this episode, I have the honor of speaking with the legendary marketer Seth Godin. Throughout this profound interview, Seth shares principles and stories from his book, The Practice. Prepare for a paradigm shift in the way you perceive your creative work!For resources and additional content visit:
What is the very next action you need to take that will grow your business? Questions like this one, are not asked enough among entrepreneurs. And because of this, we end up spending our time working on the wrong things.In this episode, I talk with Jay Papasan about his book, The One Thing. This conversation will help you discover the one thing that you need to do next to grow your business. Get ready to begin achieving extraordinary results in your life and business!For resources and additional content visit:
Are you busy? Simple question, I know. But almost anyone would immediately respond by saying yes. The problem is this, when we’re busy, it’s nearly impossible to grow our businesses, busyness can be a trap that can keep us from making progress at all. In this episode I talk with Kate Erickson, she has built a 7 figure, high-profit business with a small staff called Entrepreneurs on Fire. And she doesn’t work 24/7!In addition to running Entrepreneurs on Fire along with John Lee Dumas, she is also the host of the podcast titled, Ditch Busy. After listening to her podcast, not only do I highly recommend it, but I also realized that she would be an ideal guest to talk to us about how we can begin to ditch busy so we can grow our business.For full show notes visit:
Have you ever wanted to meet your hero? There is a system and strategy for connecting with the people that we look up to the most. In this episode, Travis Chappel; (Host of Build your Network and World Class) shares his effective 5-step framework for meeting your hero. For full show notes visit:
Do you avoid discomfort? Or do you embrace it? The fact is, the more comfortable we become with being uncomfortable, the more we enable ourselves to succeed in life and in business. In this episode, I interview Navy Seal Combat Veteran, Brent Gleeson. Brent was part of multiple tours with Seal Team 5 and after retirement from service, he joined the world entrepreneurship. He was later named one of the top 10 CEOs by entrepreneur magazine and is now a bestselling author. In this episode we're talking through his book, Embrace the Suck: The Navy Seal Way to an Extraordinary Life.For full show notes visit:
Work-Life balance has been called unobtainable, or even a myth by many business professionals. But Dr. Travis Parry has a different perspective. According to Dr. Travis and his 10+ years of research, achieving balance is possible, and should be pursued by every entrepreneur. Dr. Travis Parry is the creator of the Make Time Method and is the author of Achieving Balance. In this episode, you'll learn how to begin achieving work-life balance in our overworked world!For full show notes visit:
Sales is a topic that I consider to be a lost art. Being a great salesman or saleswoman is a rare skill to find in today’s world. We prefer to hide behind our marketing and funnels. But the ability to sell is a skill that leads to success. In this episode, I talk to the most ideal person to talk about becoming a successful salesperson. Bob Burg. He is the author of the global bestseller, The Go-Giver. In this episode, Bob Burg walks us through the 5 laws of stratospheric success. If applied, these 5 laws will skyrocket your sales ability and future success!For full show notes visit:
 Have you ever considered hiring a Virtual Assistant? There are many entrepreneurs who take full advantage of the benefits that VAs have to offer, while others have never explored what a VA can do for them. In this episode, Nathan Hirsch shares a 4-part system for hiring a great VA. Additionally, Nathan is going to be answering the most submitted VA related questions. For full show notes visit:
 Do you know what you are meant to do with your life and work? Is what you’re currently doing what you know you are meant to do? In this episode, Jeff Goins shares his story of leaving a comfortable life to step into what he was made to do which, ultimately, led him to a life of purpose. In this episode, Jeff shares with us the 7 elements found on the path of discovering your calling from his book, The Art of Work. For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Chandler Bolt on his book "Published".Here are a few points they cover. (See full show notes at our blog link at the bottom.)Looking for Your WhyYou need to define “why” from a reader’s perspective and “why” from the writer’s perspective. This is where you need to focus on why are you writing this book and how is it going to fit in with what you are doing.The 3 main reasons for writing are Impact, Income, or grow your business or a combination of any of these.Get clear on why you are doing this and write it down and keep it in front of you to come back to throughout the entire process. This is for motivation and for clarity! Having clarity will keep you from going down rabbit trails and focusing on the wrong things.Think of 1 person who is your reader and write to that person. Start the chapter almost as it is a letter to that person. What does that person want to hear? Do they want you to be funny? What tone of voice works best for this person?Once you are done writing should you self-edit?We recommend a verbal read-through after the draft. Actually, read it out loud. This will make the book better. After this hire a professional editor, they will make your book so much better!Reedsy or Upwork are great freelance platforms to find editors. For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Michelle Tillis Lederman on her latest book the Connectors Advantage.They highlight 3 points from the book. 1. Connectors are open and accepting. 2. Connectors believe in abundance.3. Connectors have a generous spirit.Michelle Tillis Lederman's final thought:There is no natural tendency to be a connector it is all learned behaviors it is all things that anybody can infuse into their interactions. It is just a way for us to embody the prioritization of people and relationships. When you are doing this, the things that you are working towards will get to you faster, easier, and better. – that is the connectors' advantage!For full show notes visit:
Many entrepreneurs wonder how to land speaking engagements; especially paid speaking gigs! In this episode, we cover 4 steps for becoming a successful public speaker.In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo talks with Grant Baldwin about his book The Successful Speaker and how to land speaking engagements!They discuss the acronym S.P.E.A.K. S – Select a problem to solve.P – Prepare your talk. E – Establish yourself as the expert.A – Acquire paid speaking gigs.K – Know when to scale. For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Joey Coleman on the 8 phases of customer experience.The 8 phases of the customer experience:· Phase 1: Assess· Phase 2: Admit· Phase 3: Affirm· Phase 4: Activate· Phase 5: Acclimate· Phase 6: Accomplish· Phase 7: Adopt· Phase 8: AdvocateFor full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Vanessa Van Edwards on becoming the most captivating person in the room.Vanessa answer's the following questions.What is the best way to work a room?How do you make a great impression?How should we position ourselves socially?How can you be the most memorable person in the room?For full show notes and resources mentioned visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo and Alan Stein Jr. talk about Alan's book "Raise Your Game" and self-care as an entrepreneur."Success is what you do all the time"What does this mean? Whatever you are trying to achieve will be a direct result of your habits, which are what you do unconsciously and consistently. We get to choose our habits and our habits dictate the finish line, the success, the happiness, the fulfillment. The best way to cross that finish line is to focus on our habits.They chat about dealing with burn out and Alan gives us an action step of doing a self-care audit. And how to be present, Alan says "Be where your feet are.". He gave us actionable steps on how to give someone or something your full attention and to block distractions.For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Dr. Ivan Misner on his book "Who's in Your Room?"“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with  - Jim Rhone?”Dr. Ivan Misner, what is the metaphorical room?Imagine, you spend your whole life in one room and that one room has only one door. That one door is an enter only door. So when people come in they are there forever and you can never get them out!-         If this were real and not a metaphor wouldn’t you be more selective on who you let into your life?Learn the practical steps on how to get the right people in your room and how to keep the wrong people out!For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo is interviewing Brant Pinvidic on his book "The 3 Minute Rule".Brant will answer these questions for us:What is the 3 minute rule?How do we use the 3 minute rule?Why should we use the negative?For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Shasta Nelson on building friendships that last and why they matter.Shasta will cover the following points:3 things come up in all of our relationship studies that show how we feel more connected to people:1. Positivity ➕ – feeling more happy feelings when you’re around certain people. We need 5 positive emotions for every 1 negative emotion.2. Consistency 🔆 – where we log the hours and create a pattern for our friendship, it is all of the time we spend and builds trust in a relationship.3. Vulnerability 👫 – revealing ourselves and sharing who we are authentically.For full show notes visit:
In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Jay Baer on Hugging your Haters!They go over 2 different types of complaints:1. On-stage2. Off-stageThey also speak about the Playbook for handling on-stage complaints:1.     Listen Harder – You have to find where the complaints are, most of the time they are in-direct and may not reach out to you or tag you in their social media post. 2.     Be Quick – the expectation for response time is fast. 3.     Respond with Empathy – the reality is that you have no idea what is actually happening in that customers life. Empathy is key to breakthrough in any conversation that has any sort of tension or disagreement in it.4.     Reply only twice - Don’t get sucked into the argument or conversation. Reply only twice, no matter what they say, or what the circumstances are.For full show notes visit:
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