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We invite a rotating guest host to put a hilarious twist on all things gaming - new releases, retro games, gaming culture, and gaming news. Recording out of Salt Lake City, Utah we bring all of the fun of gaming to your ears every week.
357 Episodes
We have some news, some layoffs, some Riblets. Then Peterson reviews Hell Let Loose and JD reviews his Dice of Destiny game, Neon White.
Lynn is back after a LONG hiatus to talk about some Baldur's Gate 3. We have a ton of news as well. JD re-picks his Dice game.
Sonic and Shadow shipped, Death Stranding 2 trailer is INSANE, new Blizzard president, layoffs and some riblets. JD does a keyboard confessional about rebuilding his PC. Then Peterson does a rundown for a simple dice game you should all learn and play with your families and friends called Bank. Peterson picks JD's Dice of Destiny game for him.
The cookie biz is steaming up this week. Notice the parody commercial in this episode is not real. There is no Hot Carl cookie. We cover the news, of course more layoffs, we review the Blurstie results, and then we go straight into Dice of Destiny to talk about Palworld for a while.
We try our best to appeal to Gen Z but we honestly just don't understand what we're even saying. Oh well. We have some light news followed by a review on Roboquest and Traveller's Rest. JD picks his Dice of Destiny game.
We got the news we didn't hit for the last couple of weeks and then we review some of our predictions from last year (specifically the ones we got right) and then make some new ones for this year. Then we make a couple of resolutions and Peterson reviews Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.
It's part 2 of the 2023 Blurstie nominations!!In this episode we make our nominations for:Most OverratedWorst SequelWorst Gamer RageWorst NameWorst Decision
It's the Blursties!!! This episode is part 1 of the 2023 Blursties. The categories in this episode are:Biggest DisappointmentWorst StudioWorst LaunchWorst BugWorst Feature
Our last Christmas-themed episode of the season. We have Aaron on to talk some brief news including the massive Insomniac leak. Then JD does a review for Space Trash Scavenger. We play some Crew, Carry, Kill with characters from Christmas movies or shows. Peterson takes a mulligan.
Two potential Blurstie noms this week in the news with Twitch and The Day Before. We also talk about Joker Gang a little I think. JD and Jenna decide whether Extremely Powerful Capybaras gets a First Impression Rose and then we play some Christmas IRL. Peterson picks his Dice game.
Episode 348 - El Scandaloso

Episode 348 - El Scandaloso


For some reason we are off the rails this week. We are talking The Day Before, Walupeach, Bungie, and Hello Games. Then we do some Be Kind, Rewind about gaming with family over the holidays. JD reviews Deliver Us Mars and we do a reroll.
Episode 347 - Push-Down Bra

Episode 347 - Push-Down Bra


Jenna joins us this week to talk about the news - Fallout TV show trailer drops, shady Russian microtransactioners, EA using AI to replicate your voice in games, kids in the US being lame and more! Then we do TWO First Impression Roses - Peterson talks about Lethal Company and Jenna talks about The Artful Escape. JD selects his Dice of Destiny game.
Gabe Newell teaches us the wise words "Suck is forever". JD asks us what games we wish they had delayed and then JD reviews Signalis.
We plan a heist. It's pretty basic, but we're hoping it'll get used in the documentary about the heist. The Game Mill is at it again and we're here for it. We also talk some other gaming news. Then Peterson revisits Baldur's Gate 3. JD picks his Dice game and Trent reviews Darkwood.
In the news - Steam will let you hide your porn games, wrongful review bombing, some Blurstie noms, and our Riblets. Then Trent gives us his rundown of Blizzcon 2023 and Trent gives us another banger of a parody song. We play some Foodio Games, and we do a dice roll.
We're recording on (around) the 5th of November so we gotsta do some V for Vendetta monologuing. We cover the new Silent Hill mess, more layoffs despite the best year ever, Ubisoft sends a ppt deck to the trolls, horny jail, and Overwatch 2 (those last two are not related). We do a new segment about dying in video games. JD reviews Skul the Hero Slayer.
Episode 342 - Eethreedius

Episode 342 - Eethreedius


Happy Halloween! The news is light this week and we keep with our annual tradition of recommending terrible, last-minute Halloween gaming costumes.
We have news. Good news, bad news, layoff news, Blurstie news, Riblet news, cookie news, all the news. Then we give a preview of some of the games coming out this year or games that were recently released that we haven't really talked about. Trent is here. Also, JD left town so we had to do a Dice reroll so we can keep these dice rolling.
It's Nextfest week so we have Aaron and Jenna on to talk through all of our played Nextfest demos and which ones to add to your ever-growing Steam wishlist. We talk about: Last Train Home, Crime Scene Cleaner, Enshrouded, Apocalypse Party, Gunhead, Bang Average Football, Neuroshima Hex, Laika: Aged Through Blood, Never Mourn, Jusant, Pioneers of Pagonia, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, and Deep Rock Galactic Survivor.
Episode 339 - Boom Diddily

Episode 339 - Boom Diddily


Chode Bagley joins us to talk about the layoffs all over the industry in our news segment. We also Ubisoft execs getting arrested, Big Oil in Fortnite, Redfall and their 30 players, and more. Then Peterson interviews JD and Jenna about Unrailed! Peterson reviews Death Trash.
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