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Did Elon Musk buy our podcast...? We do some news and then Peterson reviews a board game - Galaxy Trucker. Peterson also reviews Dave the Diver. Jenna picks her Dice of Destiny game.
Jenna joins us for some news about Kojima studio offers, Sega creating "Mega Game", Gears of War film, Square Enix is dying, and Ash finally Wins! JD and Jenna review SpiderHeck and Peterson reviews Total War: Warhammer 3.
Episode 291 - Grinching Off

Episode 291 - Grinching Off


We finally got together to record another in-person episode. We've got the news, Peterson plays a Reindeer Game with JD and Trent, JD asks us some Thanksgiving questions, and Peterson picks his Dice of Destiny game.
JD bungles a spooky story, Peterson played some Hearthstone Mercenaries, we pitch ideas for a spooky VR haunted house, and JD reviews the Stanley Parable.
We're light on news this week, but not light on awesome. JD and Peterson talk about Overwatch 2, we confess some silly things that scared us in games, and JD selects his Dice game.
Episode 288 - The Zesty Dad

Episode 288 - The Zesty Dad


JD and Peterson played a throwback game with Toe Jam & Earl. We give our annual bad costume ideas and JD reviews his Dice of Destiny game, Resident Evil Village.
Episode 287 - The Demonsode

Episode 287 - The Demonsode


More Tencent in the news, Sony reportedly to flood the market with PSVR2, CDPR is back with the hype game, and Streets of Rogue 2 announced. We played a whole bunch of demos so we're going to talk about them: Cosmoteer, Dredge, Floodland, Forever Skies, Death Trash, Extremely Powerful Capybaras, Evil Wizard, Doodle God Universe, and Ship of Fools. JD selects his Dice of Destiny game.
Google is shutting Stadia down, Playstation is offering tech support whale tiers, Saudi Arabia investing in eSports, Skull & Bones delayed, and Netflix building a game studio in Finland. JD asks what makes us drop off of a video game and Peterson reviews his Dice of Destiny game Diplomacy is Not Option.
Episode 285 - #PackStrike

Episode 285 - #PackStrike


We're going on #packstrike and vowing to not spend money in Madden. Easiest strike ever. We have some crazy news about Twitch, NVIDIA, Tibia (not the bone?), and GTA VI. Peterson does a first impression of Ring of Pain and Jenna reviews Cult of the Lamb.
Episode 284 - Playtested

Episode 284 - Playtested


GTA VI footage leaked online, some guy named Guillermo thinks Ubisoft is doing okay, Gamestop coming in with huge .50 raises, Disney Marvel game announced, RIP G4TV Part 2, EVGA has had enough!! Peterson accidentally creates a new segment discussing the playtest of Moonbreaker. Peterson reviews Disney Dreamlight Valley. Aaron reviews his Dice of Destiny game, Jack Move.
Wacky news this week - new Dreamcast hardware, Meta announces a conference, Overwatch 2 is not exciting, Gamestop doing some wire tapping, CEO fight, Pitchford selling used clothing now, CD Projekt Red learns nothing, and Meta gets unethical. JD and Peterson get wacky with a chip-themed Foodio Games, JD gives a first impression for WWE 2K22, and Aaron picks his Dice of Destiny game.
We got your gaming news. Tencent is doing things, the Microsoft acquisition case has now moved to the UK, something called orb debt, and Valve says they're making games. Peterson revisits Sea of Thieves, Aaron reviews Gloomhaven, and Peterson reviews his Dice of Destiny game Strange Horticulture.
Episode 281 - Scaramount+

Episode 281 - Scaramount+


We go deep and yet just scratch the surface of the 3-Bit conspiracy. We go over some news, we get a voicemail, we do a new segment called Sequel Versus, talk about open worlds, and Peterson selects his Dice of Destiny game.
A lot of news this week including Nintendo joining the scumbags, cool Kyiv supermarkets, Saint Row killing Embracer stock, video game movies are here, PS vs Xbox: Brazil Edition, and more. We talk about gaming through the pain and Jenna reviews Rumbleverse.
Episode 279 - Fair Dinkum

Episode 279 - Fair Dinkum


The news this week is pretty short, but full of laughs. We get a voicemail from afar. Peterson does a first impression of Turbo Golf Racing. We talk about mounts in games and Jenna picks a fighting game.
This weeks' news segment is a doozy. A newsie...but not the Christian Bale one. We pitch some multiplayer to single player games. Peterson re-reviews Legend of the Keepers and Jenna reviews Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion.
JD and Aaron always talk about wrestling now so that inspired this week's intro. Then we do some news and cover several games we've been playing. Multiversus, Powerwash Simulator, and Dinkum. Jenna picks her funny Dice of Destiny game.
Jenna brings back the schwing in this week's episode. We got the usual news, Peterson asks about what random chores/jobs would make a good video game, we talk about QA in video games, and we play some BBQ Foodio Games. Trent reviews Dyson Sphere Project and we reroll the Dice.
In the news - Facebook/Meta/Oculus accounts no longer really kind of required, Unity CEO has strong words for mobile devs, Nintendo buying animation studio, China approves a round of games, Bayonetta horny toggle, Stopwatch '22, Sony acquires Bungie, Dr. Disrespect grift, Embracer Group video game vault, skate., Russia developing their own engine. JD does a First Impression for a Goonies board game, we do a new segment called Revisiting Hours, and Trent gives his first impression of Dyson Sphere Project.
JD and Peterson go completely off the rails this week. Seriously, it's pretty wild. In the news - Gamers run off gaming veteran Ron Gilbert, Mass Effect 4 gets some good news, a blockchain gaming console built by choads, Diablo Immortal is doing well, Skull & Bones "gameplay" reveal, Stopwatch '22, and ReedPop takes over E3 2023. We do a ton of kudos, including Peterson's review of the Uncharted movie. We play some summer drink Foodio Games, we play Reindeer Games, and Trent takes a mulligan.
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