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We invite a rotating guest host to put a hilarious twist on all things gaming - new releases, retro games, gaming culture, and gaming news. Recording out of Salt Lake City, Utah we bring all of the fun of gaming to your ears every week.
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This week we go monster hunting in the news. We're hunting Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Amazon in our news segment which is interspersed with some radio plays. Then JD gives out a first impression rose and Peterson reviews Buddy Simulator 1984. JD picks his Dice of Destiny game.
Buckle up cause this is a wild ride. In the news segment we talk US gamer stats, Twitch the casino, the Netflix of gaming, the Steam Deck, the Stream Deck, scalpers gonna scalp, Tencent, and JD's regular (?) sales report. We do some Foodio games for discontinued food and Peterson reviews his Dice of Destiny game ATOM RPG. We reroll the dice.
This was supposed to be a shorter episode, but we got carried away with the news. Tencent being creepy, Apex hackers from Titanfall, WoW disappointment, Ubisoft's toxic work environment, sexy Cap, and shooting Lebron. Then JD Asks what game was ruined by the story and Peterson picks his Dice of Destiny game.
Loads of news this week with non-mini Nintendo announcement, file archiving, Playstation don't play, Houser studio 2.0, EA talking ads again, new First Amendment Twitter clone infested by Sonic smut, Bobby Kotick, and ES6. Then we play Love It, Leave It with puzzle games, JD gives his first impression of Infra, and reviews Pirates!
A video game press event for the books, Oculus ads strike 1, Marvel's Avengers screws up again, Cyberpunk's launches 6 months later, Windows 11, and Pokemon Go all in the news this week. In Dear Game Devs we pitch games that would benefit from the Chivalry treatment and JD calls us out on our Steam buying habits/wishlists. JD does a pseudo-review for Sea of Thieves. Big Ladies Good.
Episode 219 - Keep Pumping

Episode 219 - Keep Pumping


GTA Online cancelled for older consoles, XBox box art, and Oculus ads. We break down a few games that we didn't talk from the E3 series of shows and JD and Peterson review/gush over Chivalry 2. JD picks his Dice of Destiny game.
This week we start off with some news, but it's mostly about E3. We review the list of games we're most excited for that were talked about or announced at the E3 show this year. Then we start a new dice roll to give us the Double Jubble Juggle...I guess...
Episode 217 - God Five War

Episode 217 - God Five War


The Deathmoths encounter a new threat. Tall Mommy news for Dani, God of War 5 delay and drama, Need for Speed no longer needed, Battlefield 6: The Call of Duty, The case of Nintendo v some guy named Matt, Injustice indeed, and JD talking about Harry Potter. We fire some shots during kudos, JD asks what our favorite sequel is, and we play Love It, Leave It for in-game temperatures. Mulligan on DoD.
The Deathmoths are dwindling. We start with some CDPR news, some talk about The Elder Scrolls and game development, Epic v Apple update, Skull & Bones, Far Cry 6, leaked potential Valve handheld, and Netflix possibly entering gaming. JD asks us what games we'd like to fix and how and we talk the Good, Bad, and Ugly of video game movies from the past decade.
Episode 215 - Stack & Crack

Episode 215 - Stack & Crack


We start with some news about the Cyberpunk lawsuits, Ubisoft reportedly does nothing as a response to those misconduct allegations, GTA player beats game taking 0 damage, and Blizzard at a crossroads. Then we do some kudos and poodos, JD asks us what surprise genres would make a good movie, and Peterson plays a game full of innuendo. Dani picks her Dice game.
We have a lot of news this week - Lightforge Games, another Ubisoft delay, Sega 'super game', New World in the news again, Gabe breaking news at, Switch shortages, and WB Games breakup. Then Dani talks RE:8 and Trent talks about Pokemon Snap. We play some foodio games about food delivery/takout and Dani reviews her Dice of Destiny game, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.
We have a lot of news on this episode - RE8 mods, Frostpunk mobile, Activision financials, The Division ftp and mobile announced, more E3 entrants, the Apple v Epic case is insane, Australia courting game devs, and PS5 shortages. We talk about what we're currently playing, what games we would love to see mods for, and Peterson has a first impression rose (or does he?).
This week Peterson is laid up with Covid, so Dani, Trent, and JD try to fill his shoes. We talk about your odds of winning the Newegg shuffle, Bobby Kotick's salary, and the latest Game Boy game. Later, we give out some foodos, talk about new Game Boy games we want, and then whine about waiting.
It's a Covid-filled episode as Peterson is in the throws of Covid. KOTOR remake announced, Discord NOT selling to Microsoft, Square Enix at E3, Assassination attempt over bunny skins, Kaplan is out, and Gamestop CEO quits - makes millions. We have a listener email, talk about Sasquatch, JD asks about gaming disappointments and JD reviews his Dice game - It Takes Two.
Bioshock 4 may be open world, Amazon cancels Lord of the Rings MMO, and JD can't find a PS5. We get some listener kudos, we ask the game devs for a new trend, JD asks us what other on-rails games should be given the open world treatment, we play Foodio games a la buffet, and JD takes a mulligan to finish It Takes Two.
E3 is back on, JD has some...thoughts about Intel's Bleep app, AoE4 released a gameplay trailer, EGS is losing millions and they are good with it, and more. We get the best voicemail we've ever received. Also, Peterson makes up some fake games and hides them among real ones - can you guess which are fake? We "99" some other games, and JD picks his Dice game.
Activision at it again with online only single-player games, The Avengers game is a mess still, Microsoft gets into the war business finally, gamers are MAD about MLB the Show. We talk about what games we'd like de-makes of. Peterson reviews Loop Hero and his Dice of Destiny game, Hardspace Shipbreaker.
Microsoft is making some more XBox name changes and they predictably make no sense. Microsoft is in talks to buy Discord, Amazon Game Studios triples down, rumored Switch features, Stop Watch 2021, and Razer purposefully delays irl Waterworld. We talk about how to take care of yourself as a gamer, give an update to the Chicken Wars, and run through the 2021 video game hall of fame nominees.
Episode 206 - Skudz Fut

Episode 206 - Skudz Fut


Bomberman R Online gets a little life, fan fixes GTA Online and gets paid for it, and EA is on Game Pass but also they suck. Activision sucks, too. JD freaks out about Age of Empires 4 and brings us along with the freakout. We talk about the best childhood gaming afternoons, what we like and don't like about crafting and Peterson picks his Dice of Destiny game.
JD is getting fat on cookies, we have a new TMNT game coming out, Bethesda and Game Pass, FIFA Ultimate Team controversy, EA College Football, and JD goes full GAnon with Age of Empires. We review a couple of board games - Quacks of Quedlinburg and Nusfjord, then we play Foodio Games with St. Patrick's Day food. JD has us mash game studios together and Aaron reviews his Dice of Destiny game.
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