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Empath Chronicles by Oracle Of The Ether
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Empath Chronicles by Oracle Of The Ether

Author: Oracle of The Ether

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An audio documentary of my experiences exploring & learning what it is to be an empath.
95 Episodes
Keeping up with the Jones
You can't fool the universe
A clear channel
Chaos & order
You tried it edition😂
The proof is in your Ascension.
Don't hate the playa hate the game
How to heal yourself ☯
Destroying gender roles🤔
No One Escapes Judgment

No One Escapes Judgment


🌈s w e e t d a y🌻
Is you a clone or an agent, karma served raw & uncut
Just Another ritual 👀
What's lurking in the shadow (●__●)
(」゚ロ゚)」 Arrested development🛡
Obsessed & possessed. Psalm 23
In the lions den
Old souls turn renegade🔐
Everything isn't always what it seems to be, it's easy to fall off & get trapped in the matrix.
What don't kill you will only make you stronger
Comments (4)

Miss T

TY TY I don't know much about my SN Pisces. I met some Pisces people; they are outwardly emotional. I know much about my NN Virgo

Jul 10th

Miss T

Yes, I'm much calmer now that my DNOTS is over, so I have a better understanding now when things begins to surface for me to purge.

Jun 5th

Miss T

Word up hey for real tho. Protect thy energy. Namaste Peace 💃Shalom 🐒

May 31st

Miss T

TY TY great insight Namaste

May 19th
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