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Babs Faseesin is the chief strategy officer at RIOTT Consulting. An expert at leveraging the power of brands to secure the competitive edge, Babs has worked on projects for several leading brands across North America, Europe, and Africa, including Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Procter and Gamble, and Nestlé among others. His keen insights into the development and implementation of high-impact business transformation, marketing, and brand development initiatives have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Through his professional experience as a strategy consultant and extensive involvement in the community as a life coach, he has seen the tremendous value of personal development perspectives. As a prolific public speaker and trainer, Babs has continued to transform the fortunes of organizations on an international scale through his seminars, organizational development initiatives, and knowledge pieces. He has equally influenced young upwardly mobile professionals across the globe with his highly inspiring teachings and pragmatic trainings.  Faseesin is also the author and the creator of the platform "Cracking The Code of Life" helping people crack their code of life, allowing them to access their full potential.On this episode of My Perfect Failure "How To Recode Your Life" Faseesin reveals how he always had a fascination with business and entrepreneurship and how to navigate all the obstacles in his way to achieve success in business.  Faseesin's journey has allowed him to crack the code of his life.  Today through his book and course, Faseesin is now allowing us all to crack the code of our lives. Some of the areas we cover.Fabs deciding to pursue a life in businessFabs deciding to prove his family wrong and become a success in businessWhy Babs decided to create his own companyWe discuss Babs book and platform "Cracking The Code of Life" The importance of MentorsPurchase: Cracking The Code of Life: Cracking the Life Code: Keys to Master Your Mindset, Habits, and Behaviors for Personal Success eBook : Faseesin, Babs: BooksFind out more about Cracking the Code of life: 
MPF Discussion with Mike ZellerThe Genius Within with Mike Zeller About MikeMike Zeller is a man of many paradoxes.It’s true that his businesses have made over $300 million in sales, and that he himself has founded or partnered in over 20 ventures with a heavy emphasis on social entrepreneurism. It’s also true that he studied under masters of the industry such as Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham and many others. And yes—he’s even mentored over 100 high-level entrepreneurs from four different continents.Mike wants you to know that we all have something very powerful inside us that was given on the day we were born. Some call it a gift, some call it a talent; still others—a dream. Maybe it’s been hiding for many years or maybe you’ve known about it for some time.Mike has found his Genius Within and today he is helping us all find our genius within.On this episode “The Genius Within” Mike explains how we all have a genius within just waiting for us to discover, On this episode of My Perfect Failure “The genius within” Mike discusses his ground-breaking book the “The genius within” and reveals how we can all find our genius within.  If you feel like you are not living your best life, then this is a must listen for you. Some of the areas we cover. Purchase: The Genius Within·  Contact Mike·  ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow:  ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:  
 MPF Discussion with Lauren FonvielleLearn How To Transform Your Life with Lauren FonvielleAbout LaurenLauren is an Integrative Energy Practitioner, specializing in EFT/ Tapping for stress, anxiety, and trauma. She guides her clients on a journey of self healing breaking through obstacles - physical, mental, or emotional - that are keeping them feeling stuck and in pain.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure ( Learn how To Transform your Life)  Lauren reveals after suffering deep stressand anxiety resulting in the onset of body pains.  After starting Yoga Lauren started to practiceother modalities such as mediation, reiki healing and EFT (Emotional Freedomtechnique) and Laurens life was transformed. If you are suffering from stress,anxiety or perhaps body pains then this is a must listen for you.  Some of the areas we cover What is EFT (Emotional Freedom technique)Lauren discusses how her life was transformed after starting to practice  EFT (Emotional Freedom technique).How to find your purpose in your painLauren discussed how tapping works and how it can help us transform our lives. Contact Laurenfor a free 30 min stress relief session: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Email:   Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
Transform Running Title …..Allison DeSalvo MPF Discussion with Allison DeSalvoTransforming Your Life with Song with Allison DeSalvo About AllisonAllison DeSalvo is the owner and director of World of Song. She is a singer-songwriter, children’s artist educator and entertainer, and kids’ yoga instructor with a background as a professional actor and singer. She is the creator of the Music, Art & Me and YogAmi -Kids Yoga Programs. World of Song is a creative arts multi-media educational program for young children interweaving music, art, stories & kids’ yoga to nurture connections from an early age that inspire learning and living with love. www.worldofsong.comAllison’s BIOLong before performing for families, children’s entertainer Allison DeSalvo could be heard singing up in a tree at her childhood home in San Francisco. Like many little girls her passion began as an aspiring ballerina at the age of three, continuing on to study dance, theatre and voice. She completed her formal training at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, earning her a BFA in Drama. She is a member of Actors Equity. Throughout her 30 years, Allison has shared her talents and expertise in early childhood in arts infused events at numerous festivals, museums, nature centers, libraries, and schools in the NY, PA, CA, and China. She is also a co-founder of The Creative Living Room, a local arts center in her locale.Allison celebrated the release of her 2nd family music album, It’s a Beautiful World, on October 4, 2021.  The music explores the gifts that are experienced through friendship, family and in our interactions with nature’s changing seasons, and inspires caring about each other and our earth. World of Song continues to develop programs and products that encourage children’s appreciation of the arts in a loving spirit of learning and joy.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Transforming Your Life with Song) Allison discusses how music, song and dance has been in her life since she was a small child and how it has formed a central part of her life ever since. Today, Allison recognises the ever-increasing importance of the creative arts in helping children develop their sense of self, their language, and evolve in the skills that support the foundation of their emotional well-being and lives.  Some of the areas weWe discuss Allison’s love of music, dance, and songAllison’s love of music taking her to New YorkAllison realises that she wanted her work to provide a healing qualityAllison discussed the importance of meeting her mentor.We discuss Allison’s company “World of Song.We discuss Allison’s new album “It’s a Beautiful World” Purchase Allison’s “It’s a Beautiful World” via the link below
Pellegrino is a cross cultural expert, motivational speaker, and communications, Pellegrino Riccardi has spent the last 30 years travelling the globe connecting with people. The common thread running through these many roles is making a connection with audiences through their hearts and minds, and also helping the people he communicates with to connect and interact more effectively with each other.Pellegrino was born in the UK in an Italian family, and has lived in Norway for the past 21 years. His multicultural background, along with his first-hand cross-cultural work experience over the last three decades has given Pellegrino a solid basis from which to provide his audiences with practical tools and insights into what makes people tick and how to get the best performance out of them.Pellegrino Riccardi is widely recognised as being one of Scandinavia’s top cross-cultural experts. His clients include a diverse range of international organisations, including banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, government and public sector.Pellegrino explores how to build corporate cultures, how to create vibrant work environments, how to get the best out of yourself and others around you, as well as other human-interaction fields such as how to create unforgettable customer experiences, sales and negotiations.The son of an immigrant and an immigrant himself, Pellegrino Riccardi has recently become more and more involved in the pressing issues of immigration and refugees, helping people deal better with the influx of diverse and often conflicting cultural values.Pellegrino’s style of public speaking is a seamless fusion of masterful storytelling and observational humour in what he calls “edutainment” (education + entertainment). Coupled with a unique combination of powerful visual and multimedia effects, Pellegrino takes his audience on a visceral and emotional journey. “I don’t just want my audiences to understand my message; I want them to feel it too,” says Pellegrino.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Embracing Your Vulnerability) Pellegrino provides insights and wisdom on why when we begin to embrace our vulnerability and shame we can begin to heal regadless of the situation we may have encountered.  The abiliy to embrace our vulnerability is a skill we must all learn to master.  If you would like to heal in anyway then this is a must listen for you.  Some of the areas we cover.⦁Why we can only grown when we go outside of our comfort zone⦁Why we must all talk about our failures⦁Pellegrino explains what is "Constructive Discontent"⦁The imortance of showing our vulnerability⦁We discuss Pellegrino's book "Drowning Quietly - Memoirs of a mans shortcomings"⦁Connect withPellegrino: ⦁Purchase Pellegrino's book.  book "Drowning Quietly - Memoirs of a mans shortcomings". ⦁Amazon book link. ⦁Contact Pellegrino:
MPF Discussion with Chad WillardsonProviding Financial Literacy For The Next Generation with Chad WillardsonChad created and trademarked the Financial Life Inspection® , wrote two best-selling books "Stress-Free Money" and "Smart, Not Spoiled," He has also accumulated additional awards and accolades including Top of the Table Club, Million Dollar Round Table, Top 1% of Financial Advisors worldwide) And Five-Star Professional Wealth ManagerChad is also the President & Founder PACIFIC CAPITAL, 2011-Current EXPERIENCE Senior Vice President- Investments MERRILL LYNCH WEALTH MANAGEMENT , 2003-2011 Elected City Treasurer.He is also co-owner of and The Draft Sports Complex, and the CoFounder of the GravyStack app. Which is changing the way kids and teens become financially independent by making it fun, easy, and lucrative to learn entrepreneurial skills and principles of smart money management.GravyStack helps kids Game, Learn, Earn™ in real time through an app that teaches financial literacy through quests and challenges. GravyStack kids have fun making real money and exp while learning the fundamentals of spending, saving, and sharing. Parents, grandparents, friends, and family can cheer on kids and give them even more opportunities to tackle challenges for money.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Providing Financial Literacy for The Next Generation) Chad provides important insights on the importance of financial literacy and why financial literacy and gamification are the perfect combination to inspire kids to learn about financial literacy in a fun way.  Some of the areas we cover.•The importance of Financial Literacy •Chads passion for giving people access to financial literacy•GravyStack giving kids access to financial literacy•Setting kids up for financial successWork with Pacific Capital• Chad on LinkedIn• Smart-Not-Spoiled-Skills-Leaving-ebook• Free Money - Overcome These Seven Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom• •Work with me:•MPF Website: •Insta: follow:  •Twitter: •Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Liam NadenHow To Create Success by Re-Balancing Your Brain with Liam NadenThrough research into the brain, neuroscience, psychology, and human behaviour - as well as his own personal transformation - Liam Naden has uncovered how your brain is biologically designed to bring you a happy and fulfilling life. Problems and stress are optional! Liam’s own story is a rags to riches to rags to riches rollercoaster. After a successful life in business, he became homeless and penniless before rebuilding his life in a much better - and happier - way. This caused Liam to search for the real cause of success and failure in life - and he discovered through research and testing that it has to do with the mechanics of the brain.Liam is a speaker, teacher, author, and researcher. He teaches Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR), a process for eliminating problems and taking control of your life by rebalancing the four parts of your brain. Liam also has a number of highly regarded programs for couples and individuals to help them heal their marriage or relationship. (Available at the episode of My Perfect Failure (How To Create Success by Re-Balancing Your Brain) Liam explains that our brain is actually designed to bring us happiness, the challenge that the majority of us face is that we do not know how to use our brains.  Liam explains how we can all find our own happiness, find happiness by applying Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR) to our lives.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         What is Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR)?·         We learn how we can re-balance our brain·         Liam explains the right way we can use our brain·         We learn how NSR can help us when we are dealing with problems·         We discuss Liam’s Neuro State Rebalancing Program  Secure your 20% discount to Liam Neuro State Rebalancing program by quoting discount code MPF:  Listen to Podcast episode: How to Achieve Your Goals 100% of the Time – Guaranteed  Subscribe to Liam’s podcast:  Using Your Braing for Success  Subscribe to Save and Strengthen Your Marriage  Connect with Liam at his Connect with Liam a his website: marriage and relationship coaching at  Listen to Liam’s first podcast on MPFUsing Your Brain for Success ·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Lisa TahirHealing Our Emotional Wounds with Lisa Tahir Lisa is passionately committed to supporting as many people as possible on their journey of healing their emotional wounds and living a fully empowered life. Using her podcast, ‘All Things Therapy’ as a platform to Change Consciousness One Conversation at a Time, Lisa helps people remodel their beliefs at the level of cause, which is thought centered, and she accompanies them on their journey to wholeness as an accountability partner. Her guests include Marianne Williamson, John Gray, PhD, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Alan Weiss, and others.As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 20 years, Inventor with a US Patent, Certified Thought Coach, EMDR Level I, and Reiki Level II practitioner with private practices both in New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, she loves speaking on the methods she’s developed in her book. Lisa is also the author of (The Chiron Effect) Lisa reveals how to use the astrological placement of the minor planet Chiron in your birth chart to identify the core wounds and unconscious patterns that block your capacity to have self-empathy and to forgive. Provides practices and affirmations to help each sign placement shift self-destructive patterns.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Healing Our Emotional Wounds) Lisa provides revealing and fascinating insights into how we can heal ourselves when we transform our thoughts, create new beliefs, and realise our desired outcomes.  If you would like to transform your life, then this is a must listen for you.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Why we should wrestle with our thoughts.·         The benefits of selecting positive affirmations.·         What is our new story beyond our wounds.·         We discuss Lisa’s book - Chiron-Effect-Healing-Astrology-Self-Forgiveness·         How we can start to access more of our happiness·         We discuss Lisa’s Podcast – All Things Therapy Lisa’s website·  Purchase Lisa’s book - Chiron-Effect-Healing-Astrology-Self-Forgiveness·  Connect with Lisa on Instagram· Connect with Lisa on Twitter· ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:    
MPF Discussion with Kim WhiteTransform Your Blockages and limitations with Kim White Life Architect Kim White, and the KWC team, transform blockages and limitations into freedom, peace, and goal achievement. He has been healing for nearly 3 decades, having created his own methodology based on the spiritual teachings of his mentor, Victor Barron.  In the early 1990s, Kim discovered healing through his passionate investigation on improving human performance, especially during pursuit of his own Olympic dreams.  Kim and his team work on homes, businesses, and individuals. The transformational healing is done with God's unconditional love and compassion and is immediate.  Kim has written four books, Is Your Money Running on Empty?, 201 Day Achievement Principle (a book and companion journal), and Winning the Game of Life, all of which can be found on Amazon. To know more about Life Architect Kim White, visit his LinkedIn bio. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Transform Your Blockages and limitations) If you have any type of blockage which is disrupting your life enjoyment either physically, mentally from a personal or work perspective then this episode is a must listen for you.  Kim breaks down how after major personal disappointment he found his like calling, helping people and businesses remove their blockages and limitations and allowing them to transform their lives.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Kim breaks down Space Clearing.·         Kim discusses discovering Kinesiology·         Why we should not ignore the energy of our building·         Kim discussed the importance of changing his mindset around turning his weaknesses and turning into strengths·         Kim discusses running the 4-minute mile Work with Kim· Connect with Kim on Instagram· Connect to Kim on Facebook ·  ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:       
Discussion with Nate RifkinDaoism Saved My Life with Nate Rifkin About NateNate Rifkin used to be suicidal, drank alcohol every morning, suffered financially and even worked on street corners. However, after discovering Daoism a spiritual discipline that helped him transform his thoughts, emotions, and ultimately succeed in business and life.  Nate shares very honestly his struggles and the steps he took to rebuild his life.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Daoism Saved My Life) Nate reveals how he was able to put his struggles into perspective and step by step transform his life after discovering Daoism. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Growing up in a dysfunctional family·        Daoism: Fining the benefits of deep inner work·        Why failure is an important part of what might work for you·        Why we should Surrender to what truly is going to work for you·        The journey, struggle is required. To Mind out more about Nate – Purchase his book· ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow:  ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
Discussion with Warren CoughlinHow To Achieve Profit with Principals with Warren Coughlin Warren has been coaching entrepreneurs to success and freedom since 2002. Warren is also a recovering lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a former college professor as well as an actor and theatre director. That array of experiences has given him a pretty wide perspective on leadership, success, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Warren has a passion and for helping his clients Build Businesses That Matters. Warren believes that we all have far more potential than we believe or use, and Warren loves helping his clients (Entrepreneurs) bring their potential to life.  He loves seeing people happy and fulfilled in both their lives and their businesses. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to achieve Profit with principals) If you want to know how to defy the odds when they are stacked against you and live your best life with purpose then this episode is a must listen for you.Warren has been defying the odds from day one as his parents were told he was not meant to live when he was born.  Warren has since gone onto achieve much since his early days.  Warren explains the tools that we can employ to live a successful life with purpose.  Some of the areas we cover. ·        Warren’s parents being told he was not meant to live.·        Warren explains his numerous career transitions·        The importance of taking the positives in difficult moments·        Align your profit/work with principles·        Warren explains why entrepreneurship is one on the most powerful forces for positive and social change·        Why strategy and culture make a great marriage Contact Warren Listen to Warren’s Podcast: Business That Matter Podcast·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow:  ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Michael PhillipsThe Education Advocate with Michael PhillipsMichael is a Social Entrepreneur, Education Advocate, Purpose Agent, and Faith Leader creating positive change in developing social impact initiatives to solve community-based and systemic problems. He is the appointed Chairman of Board for 50CAN, the leading education policy advocacy organization in the US, and he serves as a board member of KuriosEd, a non-profit, educational organization created by faith-based leaders primarily focused on servicing Black Communities.His story is the epitome of the necessity of advocacy, resources, and opportunities, for young, underprivileged students. After losing a parent, getting in a life-threatening car accident, and having his college scholarship revoked, he turned to sell drugs to make ends meet. After his house was raided and he was arrested, a judge gave him the opportunity to go to college rather than complete his 30-year sentence in prison if found guilty. He unhesitatingly chose to go to college, which completely turned his life around.Once he discovered that education was the path to becoming who he was created to be, he found his purpose and broke the school-to-prison pipeline that captures massive numbers of children who are trapped by their environment, policies, and community culture. On This episode of My Perfect Failure (The Education Advocate) Michael shares his story of why he became an education advocate and describes the conditions of a broken educational structure that must be rebuilt with urgency.  Some of the areas we cover.·         Michael explains his tough upbringing ·         We the discuss the deficit mentality ·         How the school system can improve the black community·         Michael explains why the wrong lane can have the right turn·         The difference between failing and failureContact Michael· ·        When Kids Learn on Broken Chairs/ Michael Phillips: TEDx WilmingtonED Purchase Michael’s Book: Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns: A Pardoned Man’s Escape from the school-to-prison pipeline and what we can do to dismantle it·  Book Suggestion: For Entrepreneurs Only· ·         Insta: follow:  
 MPF Discussion with Armida Abreu MartinezThe Divine Growth Coach with Armida Abreu Martinez Armida Abreu Martínez is the CEO & Founder of Divine Growth Coaching and a #1 best selling author for Collaboration, visionaries share a new way of living. Armida's passion and purpose is to help her clients heal through deep and painful insecurities as well as relationship struggles and hardships. Armida obtained her Love and Authenticity Certificate as well as her Whole Healing Certificate from Authentic Living, where she learned how to facilitate internal healing by uncovering and addressing the root causes of external symptoms. Additionally, she earned her NLP Certification from the Association for Integrative Psychology which is helping her serve her clients with overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking behavioral patterns, creating more freedom & choice over their mindset and developing stronger and healthier relationships.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Divine Growth Coach) If you have ever wanted to know how you can find your self-worth and, how you can go onto flourish in all aspects of your life then this is a must listen for you.  Armida breaks all this down in this discussion and explains how she did just this. And today Armida supports clients all over the world helping them heal from deep rooted insecurities and go onto flourish in their lives.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         How Armida found her self-worth·         Dealing with guilt and shame·         The importance of becoming more aware of our thoughts·         Getting people back into their heart Space Contact Armida· Follow Armida on Facebook·  Follow Armida on Instagram ·         https://ww Follow Armida on YouTube·  ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF Discussion with John FollisTrue Stories of Madison Avenue with John Follis  |  | John Follis creative ad work led to the founding of follis/DeVito/Verdi, one of New York's most awarded agencies. His successful campaigns have been featured in national press, textbooks, and a Harvard Business case study. | | As an industry thought leader John's been on CNBC and ABC and written for ADWEEK and Ad Age. As a requested speaker he's addressed The World Business Academy, New York Business Expo and Yale University. Additionally, he's taught at SVA, FIT and Parsons School of Design. To help businesses with their video, John formed Big Idea Video in 2013. John's also made time for dozens of worthy causes for which he's received honors at The White House and The UN. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (True Stories of Madison Avenue) If you want to know how to recover from being fired 4 times in 7 years and what it was like to work in the advertising mecca of Madison Avenue then this is a must listen for you. John breaks all this down whilst also illuminating our discussion as he describes some of his short films from his hugely enjoyable True stories in advertising short film project. Some of the areas we cover. ·         Recovering from being fired 4 times in 7 years·         John discusses his True Stories in Advertising short Films project·         The importance of having a Plan A·         Sorrel Ridge Jam – How John’s Agency innovative campaign proved a huge hit.   John Follis - True Stories in Advertising short Films·  John Follis Wikipedia· John Follis – Getting Fired 4 times ·  Contact John Follis· ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:   
 MPF Discussion with Sope AgbelusiUsing Failures As Stepping Stones with Sope Agbelusi About Sope Sope Agbelusi is a husband, father and founder of MindsetShift, a leadership development company that focuses on shifting mindsets and disrupting culture thereby creating authentic, inclusive and equitable leaders as well as a culture that enables individuals to flourish and put people before profit. He is also a speaker and host of the Everyday Leadership Podcast where he interviews leaders across various sectors learning how they lead themselves both personally and professionally in the hope that he inspires others to recognise that they are leaders as well as leadership is not about position or title. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Using Failure as stepping Stones) Sope is one inspirational guy who demonstrates the ability how to continuously thrive and flourish after setbacks and become a leader and also help leaders lead better during crisis. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Sope describes the importance of living with authenticity.·        Owning your identity·        Why we should always ask questions·        The importance of listening·        Regaining your power  Website:· LinkedIn:·        How Good Are Your Leadership Skills, find out in under 6 mins - ·        My Perfect Failure contact me  ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF Discussion with Christian De La HuertaAwaken The Soul of Your Power with Christian De La HuertaChristian de la Huerta is an award-winning author, respected spiritual teacher, sought-after retreat facilitator and founder of Soulful Power, offering transformational retreats and workshops awakening participants to their deeper sense of purpose, empowering radical internal and external shifts. Christian says, “when participants can uncover and overcome long held fears that hold them back, this is when they begin to experience the true joy and fulfillment of living on purpose, which also allows them to become catalysts for our plane,  Chris has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TedX stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”t’s spiritual and cultural evolution.” On this episode of My Perfect Failure, (Awaken The Soul of Your Power) If you would like to access your real purpose and soul power then this is the perfect episode for you. Christian describes a number of methods he uses for his clients which allow them to transform their lives. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Christian discusses the importance of Breath work.·        We discuss different types on breath work and their benefits.·        Finding and using power where we don’t put other people down.·        Using breath work to supress emotions.·        The benefits in being in your own power.·        We discuss Christian’s new book “Awakening your Soul Power” Christian’s website· Purchase - Awakening-Soul-Power-Heroically-Yourself ·        My Perfect Failure contact me  ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
 MPF Discussion with Sarah JonesFailure is Fuel – with the right mindset! With Sarah JonesSarah Jones - Published author, speaker, accredited personal & executive coach helps motivated, ambitious professionals & executives improve their career, find a new career, and help teams accelerate success & performance.Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Sarah has always been tenacious, entrepreneurial & unafraid to speak her mind. At times being the only woman in the boardroom amongst international corporations in her early 30s, she is a beacon of strength for leaders and individuals.In Sarah’s former career, she was a leader in corporate affairs but founded Sarah-J Coaching to help individuals & leaders become their personal best in life and their careers.  She is dubbed the phrase 'regroup, reboot, and reinvent' - a three-step change process - having helped to pull out individuals from the trenches & into their own spotlight through her transformative and action-based coaching approach.  Her book ‘From Vulnerable to Invincible’ helps readers identify how to step into their challenges, reframe & learn, to launch themselves to success. She also regularly contributes to the media such as BBC, The Guardian & Sky. She regularly speaks and has delivered empowering talks for Pearson Business School and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). On the episode of My Perfect Failure (Failure is Fuel – with the right mindset) If you’ve have ever wondered how you can use failure as fuel and develop a string mindset then this is the perfect episode for you as Sarah breaks this down.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Sarah describes the benefits of Regrouping, rebooting, and reinventing.·         Sarah Explains the benefits of a Growth Mindset·         We discuss how Sarah has helped her clients prosper during the Pandemic·         Sarah explains why our comfort zone holds us back·         Sarah explains why we should be careful who we share our goals withKey links – web site and social media ·         My Perfect Failure contact me  ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF Discussion with Al Jones Creating Financial Freedom with Al Jones Al Jones is a native son of Phoenix, Arizona and a 1984 graduate of Maryvale High School. After being honorably discharged from the US Army, he moved back to his hometown and began creating user-friendly games for mobile devices, live shows, playing cards, and more. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Creating Financial Freedom) If you want to hear an inspirational story how a young boy took on responsibility from his mother to help her avoid the dread of money collectors as child.  He learnt to accept responsibility and negotiate all as a young child. Today he has dealt with his own financial challenges and is now helping his clients gain good financial credit.  Some of the areas we cover. ·                Al taking on responsibility as a child.·                Al discusses how he learnt with debt collectors for his mum.·                How Al beat dealt with his gambling problem·                How Al is helping client gain great financial credit·                We discuss Al’s book ,  (My Journey From Bad to Excellent Credit  ) Purchase Al’s book -   (My Journey From Bad to Excellent Credit  )·        Connect with Al on Facebook·        Connect with Al on Instagram·       ·        My Perfect Failure contact me ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF Discussion with Robert SchulzHow to Gain Financial Wealth with Robert Schulz  Rob Schulz is the founder and president of Schulz Wealth, Ltd. Named on Investopedia’s list of 100 Top Financial Advisors in 2019 and 2017, he is also a former instructor for the Certified Financial Planner™ certificant program at the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Christian University. For more than 25 years, his smart, no-nonsense budgeting and investing strategies have helped hundreds of everyday people take control of their money and attain real-world financial success. Rob is also the author of the book” thoughts on Things Financial” On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Gain Financial Wealth) Rob provides valuable insights on the habits we can all apply to take control of our financial outlook and the role a Financial Planner plays in improving their clients’ financial prospects.  Some of the areas we cover.    ·        We all have a financial moment of truth.·        Rob breaks down the role of the financial planner·        How financial planning can help us prepare for difficult moments·        Rob discusses the pleasure of helping his clients·        We discuss Robs book “ Thoughts on Things Financial” Contact Rob· Purchase “Thoughts on Things Financial”·   ·        My Perfect Failure contact me ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
MPF Discussion with Holly CopelandUsing Your Mind to Understand your Body with Holly Copeland Holly is Naturally curious; she loves analysing data and using data and technology to understand our external and internal worlds. Holly finds the mind the most fascinating topic of all and what neuroscience is learning about the mind's role in individual body and global coherence and how we are connected by quantum energy fields.  This blends well with her formal training as a wildlife conservation scientist, with a 20-year career with The Nature Conservancy. Holly is deeply passionate about the earth, wildlife conservation, planetary well-being, and has strong skills analysing and finding patterns in data.   On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Using Your Mind to Understand your Body) Holly describes how she became tired of her own mind and her journey to understand her own mind and fix. Holly relives this journey and explains how we too can awaken our mind and heal our body.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         How Holly felt she was trying to fill a cup that had no bottom.·         How solving our inner piece is the shift we need to make.·         How to use our mind to fix our body.·         Finding inner freedom Work with Holly· Contact Holly· Instagram: ·         @heartmindalchemist Facebook:· ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
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