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Author: Paul Padmore

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Welcome to My Perfect Failure, the Podcast that taps into the world of Failure.We will explore What is Failure, why does it happen and how do we move beyond our Failures. With the help of a range of amazing guests from all walks of life we will discuss and debate to get their take on this subject.
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MPF Discussion with Michael ShevackHow to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Michael Shevack  Michael Shevack has been active in inter-faith dialogue around the world, for over two decades. The author of 6 books, Shevack has taught Spirituality and Comparative Religion in the School of Social Welfare at the State University of New York (Stony Brook), and Business Spirituality at the Iacocca Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University. He’s a consultant to many companies, including non-profits, and UN NGO’s. Prior to his ordination as a rabbi, he was a “Mad Man”. He wrote G Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get, a campaign still running in 120 countries. His work on Apple Computers won him an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife Teddy, and three children, Christian, Adam, and Zoe.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road) We discuss Michael’s wonderful new book - SOUL LESSONS FROM THE WIZARD OF oz.  Michael explainsin the story of the Wizard of Oz there are deep spiritual lessons that can help us all experience greater happiness, greater prosperity, and greater wholeness. The Yellow Brick Road, and all the characters from the story, are part of the spiritual path to being a Powerful, Enlightened Soul.  Michael explains how we can all discover our very own yellow brick road and live the life of our dreams.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Engage in spiritual discipline ·         The need to find time to listen to your inner voice ·         Move past your fear and your reality will change)·         We discuss how Michael writing G Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get, a campaign still running in 120 countries.·         Everybody has their own fire where exists a gift.  We can all find gifts in our misery Purchase: Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz: How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road:·         Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz: How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road: Shevack, Michael: 9781796300949: Books Contact Michael to hire or to collaborate· Contact Michael on his website·         Michael Shevack | Michael Shevack   
   MPF discussion with Tom ZiemannCreating the Relationship Of your Dreams with Thomas E. Ziemann About TomThomas E. Ziemann is a motivational speaker and spiritual researcher.  Tom delivers engaging, uplifting lectures on Relationships, Life Purpose, Meditation, and Anger Management. Tom has written three acclaimed books, "Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams: How to Manifest It from Fantasy to Reality",  “The Department of Zenitation: A Laymen’s Guide to Making Spirituality Work in Real Life”, and “Taming the Anger Dragon: From PISSED OFF to Peaceful”. All three are available on  He is the proud father of two brilliant daughters, married to his best friend, and is a loving Cat Daddy for their ten cats.  He lives near Portland, Oregon. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Creating the Relationship Of your Dreams) Tom explains his journey of learning, personal growth and evolution to developing the relationship of his dream which starts with loving you  Tom provides a host of insights on how we too can develop relationships of our dreams whilst also taking us through his fabulous new book. "Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams: How to Manifest It from Fantasy to Reality” Some of the areas we cover. ·         Find the deep love only you can find yourself·         How we can use our body to control our emotions·         The importance of Forgiveness (Marvellous things can happen when we learn to forgive·         Know yourself and what you want·         To have the relationship of your dreams, you must know yourself Contact Tom· Purchase Creating the Relationship of your Dreams· Connect with Tom on Facebook·  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:   
 MPF Discussion with Glenn LundyExtracting your Greatness with Glenn Lundy He is a husband to 1, a father to 7, and the host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind. He’s been seen at places like Hustle and Grind Con, Grow Your Business For God’s Sake! and many more stages across the country. Glenn has been spotlighted on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and is an expert in dealership culture development, and leadership training. With 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, Glenn lead a dealership from 120 cars a month to an 800% increase in sales in five years, becoming the 2nd largest used car franchise in the country. His unique style makes him one of the most coveted GM’s in the business. Glenn has the unique ability to help identify the areas for growth in your store, and teach creative ways to invoke your dealerships spirit. With a background in sales, and finance, he uses his skill sets to create growth, as well as tapping into the mental side of human development.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Extracting your Greatness) Glenn reveals after life events conspired to leave him homeless, Glenn decided to look from within and turn his life around and find his greatness.  Amongst other things Glenn focussed on structured days, discipline, creating great habits and routines.  Today Glenn is not only achieving his greatness but helping people all over the  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Extracting your Greatness) Glenn reveals after life events conspired to leave him homeless, Glenn decided to look from within and turn his life around and find his greatness.  Amongst other things Glenn focussed on structured days, discipline, creating great habits and routines.  Today Glenn is not only achieving his greatness but helping people all over the world archive theirs.  Some of the areas we cover.·         How Glenn squeezes nearly 20 hours out of every day·         How to create freedom in a busy day·         The importance of Understanding our worth and value·         The benefits in business if we focus on our people·         We discuss Glenn’s popular Podcast, Rise and Grind Glenn’s website· Rise and Grind Podcast· Change your life with Glenn’s “The morning 5” free guide· (Download for your free copy) ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
  MPF discussion withAwaken your Resilience with Oumar Dieng A brief background:About OumarHe is a motivational speaker, business, and life purpose coach.  He helps people who are stuck in life gain clarity on their personal and professional goals so they can get unstuck and live the life they want.  He lived in a refugee camp after a deadly mob attacked his home which caused him to be separated from my family.  He fled to another country where he reunited with his family and later went on to have a successful corporate career in the U.S.  After overcoming life’s changing hardships and loss, he learned to harness the power of resilience and positive thinking to shed his limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles and live a successful life.   On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Awaken your Resilience) Oumar discusses the awakening of his resilience at the age of 15 when he had to use resilience and courage to keep himself, family and friends from a life threating situation when they found their home under siege from an angry mob.  Listen to Oumar’s inspirational story and how he is now inspiring and supporting people all over the world to live their best, giving them access to their own resilience through his teaching. Coaching and experiences.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Surviving ethnic cleansing and an angry mob·         Learning how to survive in a refugee camp at the age of 15·         Oumar discusses the importance resilience played in being separated from his family as a child·         Micro-resilience events: how to leverage life’s small challenges to cope with any challenge·         Anchor memories: change your state of mind by simply recalling a specific memory  Work with Oumar· Motivational Voice Podcast· Oumar’s Instagram·  Oumar’s Facebook·  ·         MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF discussion with Natsune OkiMastering your Best Self with Natsune Oki     About Natsune  Natsune is a self-mastery enthusiast and renowned deep thinker. She is the author of The Game of Self-Domination and the host of LifeUpEducationTV. Having built her life up from nothing multiple times—including being almost a kicked out high school student in Japan — Natsune  has not only gone on to finish her University education in Business and Economics in the United States as a foreigner, but she’s worked with hundreds of innovators, entrepreneurs, and next-generation thinkers in Seattle. Despite her young age, she’s helped dozens of CEOs and young start-up founders skyrocket their successes – all while building her own online businesses on the side. Passionate about creating lifelong success and inspiring others to reach their full potential, her goal is to help people reach their dreams and master their resilience in life.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Mastering your Best Self) Natsune shows by having a truly courageous outlook on life we can all achieve our personal goals and reach great personal heights.  Natsune explains the trick to mastering ourselves is to learn from our failures and seize the opportunities that exist within all our failures.  Some of the areas we cover: ·         We discuss Natsine’s courageous outlook on life·         You are your own responsibility·         Don’t focus on what other people think of you·         Failure is an event, less about you·         Failure is the parent of Success  The Game of Self Domination Book Giveaway· Natsune’s book: The Game of Self Domination· Book press release: The Game of Self Domination· Life Up Education TV· Natsune’s Instagram· Natsune’s Facebook· Natsune’s Tik Tok·         TikTok: Natsune’s YouTube·   
MPF Discussion with Josh ElledgeUp your Influence with Josh ElledgeJosh is the founder of, he has seen it evolve into a purpose-driven platform bent on totally democratizing access to influence. they turn entrepreneurs into influencers, thought leaders, and authority experts so they can achieve more sales, revenue, and provides step-by-step done-with-you tools, online coaching, and PR hacks for entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their sales by attracting their perfect audiences--all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR services. Unlike traditional PR companies, business owners aren’t obligated to purchase the whole overblown ball of PR wax, they can pick and choose the PR services that are most meaningful to their business to get the most impact from their budget.Josh is also a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies that he needs most in the world. Years ago, he addressed his family’s spiraling grocery costs by transforming himself into America’s coupon-crusading “Savings Angel.”Using his PR experience as a U.S. Navy journalist, Josh became an influencer with his digital consumer advocacy and lifestyle brand which has grossed more than $6 million in sales. He spent less than $500 in advertising--literally less than he spent on the toner for his office printer!Having side-stepped a potentially ruinous PR budget for his own start-up company, Josh wondered if he couldn’t pass on his PR magic tricks to other new business owners and entrepreneurs and help them keep costs down while becoming an influencer. He came to believe that he has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs serve the world with their collective messages while growing their revenue!On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Up your Influence) Josh charts his fascinating journey to success from his career in the US Navy as a Navy journalist, to his long career as an entrepreneur and the many lessons he has learnt over the years,  Josh discusses amongst many things the importance of serving your audience to help them up their influence and brand and how to pivot your business during difficult times such as COVID.  Some of the areas we discuss.·         When you have a Platform, you have an obligation to serve your audience·         Grossing over $6 million in sales  revenue while only spending $500 on adverting·         Josh turning his 7th business into a 7 figure per year business ·         How to up your influence with your audience·         Pivoting your business during COVIDContact Josh· Twitter· Angel Podcast· Entrepreneur Podcast· Confidential· 
MPF Discussion with Dan RookDan Rook & The Birth of Chash TeaWorking in national newspapers, He first wondered why newspapers were considered poor value for money, yet people would pay a higher price for a cup of coffee. Despite this changing marketplace, with the growing trend for quality food and drink that was well-sourced, it was confusing to him that tea – our National drink – was not part of this shift towards quality!Curious that Better Tea must exist, He decided to find out. Industry reports from the British Library at an as yet untapped demand for ‘speciality’ teas. So, after weekends in shopping centres quizzing everyone with a coffee cup in their hand (Qu.1: What about On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Birth of Chash Tea) Dan takes us on a Journey, describing his decision to leave a safe and comfortable career working in the national newspaper industry for one of UK’s biggest publishers.  Dan’s burning desire to find career and personal satisfaction led him into the untapped world of Specialist Tea. Dan eloquently describes his decision to leave a safe career and the challenge of educating people that access to real quality Tea was now available at Chash Tea.  You will learn from Dan’s story that you too can transition successfully into a new career.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Pivoting to a brand-new career: All roads leading to Chash Tea·         Finding an Industry Ripe for Growth·         Transitioning to an industry to improve people lives·         Dan discusses starting his new career from scratch and working his way up  Chash Tea Website· Chash Tea Websitr· Chash Tea Facebook· Chash Tea Twitter·       
  MPF discussion with Chad WillardsonHow to Discover your Financial Freedom with Chad Willardson Chad is the Founder and President of Pacific Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm based in Southern CaliforniaChad was Elected City Treasurer for his city, managing a $350 million investment portfolioHe’s the Co-Owner of the Draft Sports ComplexHe’s married and father to five kidsHe’s been featured in: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., U.S. News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, Financial Advisor Magazine, California Business Journal, etc.He’s  also Author of Stress Free Money: Overcome These 7 Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Discover your Financial Freedom) Chad charts his  transition from a successful career at Merrill Lynch to become the Founder and President of Pacific Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm based  in Southern California.  With the release of his fabulous new book Stress Free Money: Overcome These 7 Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom.  Chad is on a mission and reveals the secrets to help us all overcome the obstacles standing between us and financial freedom. Some of the areas we cover. ·         We have less stress about money when we are okay giving back·         Create your financial plan and align with your Life goals·         Find a professional and qualified fiduciary to sharpen your financial and life goals·         Plan and prepare with what you have·         Less than 3% pf people have written goals, become part of that 3% Purchase: Stress Free Money· Capital Website: Schedule an appointment· Capital Twitter· Pacific Capital Instagram· Pacific Capital Facebook· Contact Chad on LinkedIn··         MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great·         I 
 MPF discussion with Frank 'Ed Accura' featuring Matt AndreeBlacks Can’t Swim: Is it a Cultural or a Physical ThingEd Accura is a British songwriter, producer, rapper and host of In The Deep Side podcast, songwriter, screenwriter and producer of the new documentary feature film "A Film Called Blacks Can't Swim," directed by award-winning filmmaker Mysterex (MO-AM). This film is about a black British who after watching an upsetting news report on bad weather and flooding, develops an acute phobia with water. His anxiety with not being able to swim and irrational fears of drowning pushes him into buying a life jacket which he wears everywhere he goes. He is torn between his friends who try and encourage him to learn how to swim and society who dramatically dampens his confidence with stereotypes on black people and their inability to swim. The film combines acting with real interview footage of various members of the community voicing their thoughts on the subject.  Ed is a co-founder of the BLACK SWIMMING ASSOCIATION, a charity set up to encourage black and minority ethnic (BAME) people to go swimming after figures showed they were half as likely than white people to do so.  The Black Swimming Association (BSA), the first of its kind in the UK, aims to highlight the importance of swimming as an essential life skill after research from the World Health Organisation found the risk of drowning is higher among BAME communities.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Blacks Can’t Swim: Is it a Cultural or a Physical Thing) Frank describes how a holiday to Barbados led him on a journey to confront his fear of swimming.   This journey has now become a crusade not only for Frank who is now learning to swim himself, but Frank is also bringing needed focus to a real issue within the BAME community.  Recent statistics show 95% of black adults in England  are not able to swim and 80 percent of children in England are also able to swim. Some of the areas we cover.          We discuss Frank’s ground-breaking film:  "A Film Called Blacks Can't Swim,"·         Frank explains why swimming should be a priority in  the BAME Community·         Startling Statistic: 95% of Black adults in England can’t swim and 80% of black Children in England can’t swim·         Frank discusses setting up the charity “Black Swimming association. Purchase -· Black Swimming Association· Franks Email address: ··         Framsk Email address Instagram @edaccura·         Facebook @ed accura Franks Twitter·         Twitter @ed_accura ·         Franks LinkedInLinkedIn @ed accura·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:   
  MPF discussion with Micha GoebigWhy Good is Better than Perfect with Micha Goebig About Micha Micha Goebig is a Seattle-based certified coach, speaker, and published author. Through Go Big Coaching, she wants to help people experience the amazing difference the support of a coach can makes in their lives—especially to come fully into their own and go big.Born and raised in Germany, Micha is all about being efficient and pragmatic, solution-oriented and direct. Micha’s goal is to provide clients with actionable tools and strategies to tackle their issues. Micha excels at helping people—and women in particular—strategize their big-picture plans and life transitions, establish healthy habits, set boundaries, and build the fantastic life they deserve.Micha offers her clients one-on-one sessions as well as group coaching and workshops, both in-person and online, Micha works both with private individuals and organizations. Micha’s primary workshop topics are overcoming negative self-talk, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, and self-sabotage.2019 marked my 20th anniversary of Micha being in business for herself. Before training as a coach with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches, Micha worked as a presentation trainer and founded a communication business that offers writing, editing and translation services.As writing is one of Micha’s passions, Micha has published two novels (one with RandomHouse), blog avidly and encourages clients to build a journaling routine.Micha has master’s degree from the University of Munich, taught at a few colleges in the U.S. and Germany, and later dropped out of my Ph.D. program—a fact that Micha is not proud of, but that makes Micha uniquely qualified to teach impostor syndrome workshops!Micha is available as a speaker for conference or events or as a guest on your podcast.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Why Good is Better than Perfect) Micha reveals how sometimes our pursuit of perfection can be harmful to us.  Micha discusses this in detail and provides insights on how we can remedy our pursuit of Perfection and excel.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Why good is better than Perfect·         You are worthy just the way you are·         How Perfectionism can sometimes lead to burnout ·         We discuss the difference between Perfections and Excellence  Hire Micha/Micha Website· Micha Facebook· Micha Instagram· YouTube Video: Going Beyond Perfection with Micha Goebig· Done is better than Perfect PDF· Done is Better Than Perfect Worksheet· Micha Email address ·        
MPF discussion with Cynthia ZhaiHow to make the Impossible Possible with Cynthia Zhai About Cynthia Cynthia is a Voice Coach, Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author. She’s also a TEDx speaker. Cynthia has helped business professionals and professional speakers from 46 countries across 5 continents with their voice to speak with impact and conviction, engages and inspires people to embrace change and take action. Cynthia has been a professional speaker and coach for the past 18 years and her engagement spans 5 continents in 18 countries and regions such as USA, Finland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, India, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines. Cynthia has appeared in U.S.A Discover Your Talent Show, Singapore Radio Program 938Live 4 times, Hong Kong Radio 3, and Malaysia Business Radio Station BFM as a guest speaker on the subject of Voice. She's a regular guest on podcast shows around the world. Cynthia has spoken to more than 20,000 audience members across industries, from the world’s top MNCs as K & L Gates Washington D.C., Stanford University, Sofia University, Mercer, Google, HSBC, Procter & Gamble, to Government bodies as British High Commission Singapore, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Air Force etc.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to make the Impossible Possible) Cynthia explains how she decided to leave her established corporate career and enter into uncharted territory and pursue a career as an entrepreneur.  Having faith in herself and also her desire to become a world-renowned professional voice coach, Cynthia has made the impossible possible.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Understand what business problem you are solving·         Have faith in yourself and faith in your business·         Be prepared to fail again and again and always respond·         Cynthia reveals growing pains are a necessary part of the journey for a successful entrepreneur Cynthia’s Website· Cynthia’s YouTube Channel ·  Cynthia’s Twitter· Cynthia’s Facebook·  ·         MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·     
  MPF discussion with Vicki WuscheFrom Redundancy to Reinvention Vicki Wusche Vicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and has been named in The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an inspiring speaker and author of five books including finalist in the Business Book Awards in March 2020. A regular on podcasts across Europe, America, and Canada as well as the UK, Vicki will surprise you with her take on property, finance and the next decade. Since first recognising property as the best strategy to create her financial security, Vicki has shied away from the “get rich” gurus and their flash cars and shiny shoes. Many of her talks have been said to be straight talking and brutally honest. Vicki would tell you that being successful in property takes commitment and hard work. It takes a good understanding of the market and an even better understanding of the maths involved. Vicki runs both a property training and a property sourcing business. In recent years she has helped clients invest over £5 million pounds and bought over 70 properties. Her investors typically earn 15-20% interest over three years and deals have included traditional buy-to-lets, HMO’s, semi-commercial units, developments, barn conversions and good deal of sourcing. Not bad for a “made-redundant” “single-parent”!When not on holiday scuba diving as her alter-ego The Property Mermaid, she loves having time with her growing family; now with two grandchildren, and recently discovered a love for gardening – COVID induced of course.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (From Redundancy to Reinvention) with COVID 19 having a devastating impact on the Job Market resulting in many of us either being made redundant or facing redundancy. Vicki reveals how we can use redundancy as our springboard to reinvent ourselves and use the moment to transition into the career of our dreams.  Some of the areas we cover·         Learning can enable us to reinvent our lives·         Explore rebranding ourselves so we stand out from the competition·         Focus on where the client is in your life.  Who will buy you?·         Look at the current ingredients you have in your life that could be your gateway to your new happy & fulfilled career·        What is your Zoom idea? Website· your success with Score card· Vicki Twitter· Vicki Facebook·    
  MPF discussion with Ashanti JohnsonThe Power of visualisation with Ashanti Johnson About AshantiMental Fitness Expert and founder of 360.Mind.Body.Soul, Ashanti Johnson, created 360MBS in 2010 for those ready for a mental and physical change. This group fitness gym offers 4 fitness floors including a barre, cycle and functional training studio with over 50 classes taught per week by 15 certified fitness Instructors. Ashanti herself battled weight gain throughout her teens and 20s and noticed a key pattern that her weight gain was a side effect of her stress level & emotionality. Once she began to acknowledge her inner turmoil, connecting her mind to her body and building her spiritual connection, the weight fell off with little effort. She got certified in 2005 in Group Fitness and Personal Training through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as well as Senior Fitness, Pound and over the years began to teach everything from kickboxing to meditation. She realized through her own story getting fit has as much to do with diet and exercise as self-love and "mental fitness." She began 360 doing mental fitness workshops in addition to fitness classes and meal plans and the results lead to over 25,000 pounds lost in the past 8 years. Ashanti did a Tedx Talk about the Power of Visualization and how we can manifest our visions through mental fitness. She continues to speak and teach about the mind, body, soul connection online and in person monthly. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Power of Visualisation) Ashanti explains the power of visualisation, how she has used visulisation to transform her life and also the lives of her clients.  On this episode Ashanti explains how we to can use visulisation to transform our lives. Some of the areas we cover. ·         Ashanti explains visulisation ·         Today Ashanti has successfully helped Chicagoland lose over 50,000 in wight loss·         We learn Ashanti’s 3 steps to successfully visualise ·         Ashanti explains why “Going through the motions is the death of contemplation” Ashanta’s website· 360 Mind Body Soul·  Ashanti Instagram·  360 Mind Body Soul Facebook· Ashanti 360 Twitter· The Power of Visualization | Ashanti Johnson | TEDxWillowCreek·
MPF discussion with LaYinka SanniHow To Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni About LaYinkaLaYinka Sanni is a self-transformation expert who has been supporting women to transform their lives from the inside out for over 5 years.She started her journey in the client seat for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy, and after seeing and feeling the beauty that came from her overcoming overwhelm,  ditching self-blame, and embracing her God-given worth, she stepped into her calling to motivate and empower other selfless and dedicated women to find themselves again and show up in the world as they were created to be. Through classes, programmes, workshops, podcasts, and talks she’s given over the last 5 years, LaYinka delivers her message from and with heart — real, raw, and deep — with the aim for her audience to not be wowed, but to be inspired to make movement in their lives and bring about positive change.  As well as being a mum of 3 and a wife, LaYinka is also a co-host on an ever-growing online show, ‘Honest Tea Talk’, where she and two friends bring pertinent topics to the table and discuss them openly and honestly. On the show, LaYinka is known to drop what viewers have dubbed #LaYinkaLines, otherwise known as truth bombs.As the CEO of her company that thrives on working from the heart, LaYinka's programmes are grounded in the belief that every woman is valuable and has what she needs to shine brightly; and it's LaYinka's mission to bring women home to themselves so they can fulfil their greatest potential. As a passionate and multifaceted woman, LaYinka's energy commands attention, and her words, rooted in care and love, move women to take inspired action — big and small — and this is the LaYinka edge.On this episode of My perfect Failure (How to Ditch Self-Blame) I am joined by LaYinka Sanni.  LaYinka reveals once she asked herself the question:  How would her children remember her if she died.  This question led to LaYinka taking control of her life, ditching her crippling self-blame.   Today LaYinka inspires women all over the world to ditch their own self-blame and to live their absolute best lives .  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Ditching self-blame·         The importance of refuelling ·         Facing our hard truths will elicit the changes in our life we truly desire·         The quality of our life is based on the quality of questions we ask ourselves LaYinka Website: ·  LaYinka Instagram Handle: · LaYinka Facebook Handle: ··          MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website:       
MPF Interview with Dr Benjamin HardyPersonality and YouBen provides fascinating insights into his fantastic new book - Personality Isn’t Permanent.  ABOUT BenDr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work. His blogs have been read by over 100 million people and are featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, and many others. He is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today and from 2015-2018, he was the #1 writer, in the world, on  He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system in February 2018 and, one month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins, who were born in December of 2018. They live in Orlando.   ABOUT THE BOOK  Personality Isn’t Permanent. Personality Isn’t Permanent debunks the pervasive myths of personality that have captured pop culture. For example, personality tests like Myers-Briggs and Enneagram are not only psychologically destructive but are no more scientific than horoscopes. Personality Isn’t Permanent provides science-based strategies for reframing past memories, becoming the scribe of your identity narrative, upgrading your subconscious, and redesigning your environment. When you know the truth of personality, desired personal change can be dramatic and directed. When you don’t, personality is something you seek to discover rather than create. On this episode of My Perfect Failure we discuss Ben’s groundbreaking book “Personality Isn’t Permanent” Some of the areas we cover ·         We can change our Personality·         We should set goals based on our future self·         Ben explains why personality tests are not reliable·         We must have the belief that things can change  Purchase your copy of – Personality Isn’t Permanent ·         link ( Ben’s Website· How to turn difficult situations into progress | Benjamin Hardy | TEDxOrlando· The 100 Percent Rule That Will Change Your Life | Benjamin Hardy | TEDxKlagenfurt·          MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: 
MPF Discussion with Miha MatlievskiHow to Beat Failure with the Failure Coach Miha Matlievski About MihaIn 2009, Miha had four companies go bankrupt overnight: landing him $5 million in debt.  Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as he looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving AH-HA moment. He realized that failure was a normal part of life.When he admitted to himself that he failed, and recognized he needed to stop blaming others and blaming circumstances, that was the turning point. It was then that he made a choice to learn from his failures. Once he changed his focus, he realized he could do things differently in the future to help others. Since then, he has fully recovered and was able to create a business that he scaled to 8 figures in less than a year. His life’s mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with failure. Especially entrepreneurs.On This episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Beat Failure with the Failure Coach Miha Matlievski) You will learn how  Miha’s world turned upside down after he went from having a successful business  & career to finding himself $5 million in debt literally overnight. Miha miraculously paid off his debt, building a multi-million-pound business, and eventually selling to a Fortune 100 company.  Today as the Fail Coach Miha helps entrepreneurs all over the world recognize and use their failures to their advantage to propel them to achieve their personal and career dreams and goals.  Some of the areas we cover: ·         Miha finding himself $5 Million dollar in personal debt literally over night ·         Contemplating suicide to escape the pain·         Miha’s ah-ha moment (Turning his life around)·         Miha’s work as the Fail Coach (Helping Entrepreneurs all over the world understand the importance of failure)·         We should have a logical relationship with failure not an emotional one ·         If we have a healthy relationship with failure, we will learn to fail fast & often  Miha’s Fail Coach Website· The Leverage of Trust Miha’s Facebook· Miha’s Twitter· ·         MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Hayley LuckadooBouncing back after Hitting Rock Bottom with Hayley Luckadoo About Hayley Hayley is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and big dreamer who took a hobby business born out of a college dorm room and turned it into a successful multi-business success story. She runs on hard work and Dr. Pepper, and if it comes in pink you better believe she wants it.  She spends her days dreaming up new ways to help women everywhere grow their business and achieve their dreams. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Bouncing back after Hitting Rock Bottom) Hayley reveals how she became a serial entrepreneur after hitting rock bottom.  Hayley had to cope with her relationship of 6 years ending at the age of 21, just 1 month before she was due to marry.   At the exact same time Hayley found out she wouldn't be able to finish her last year of college because her financial aid had been cut.  Remarkedly Hayley used these experiences and bounced back to launch numerous successful businesses, become a motivational speaker, Coach, Podcaster and met the man of her dreams.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Bouncing back after hitting rock bottom·         Hayley talks about how she performs better under pressure·         Hayley is a walking example we can achieve our dreams when we have a strong Mindset·         Sometimes all we need to do is give themselves permission ·         Hayley’s Podcast: Females on Fire Hayley’s website· Hayley’s Instagram· Hayley Facebook· Hayley’s Workbook – helping you to stay on track to achieve your dreams & goals  MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great  My Perfect Failure contact me Work with me: paul@myperfectfailure.comMPF Website: Insta: follow: Twitter: Facebook MPF Private Group: 
MPF Discussion with David and Dana HagstromLearn How to find Career Independence with your own Online Marketing Business  About David and Dana Hagstram David and Dana Hagstrom retired from their respective positions as a pastor and paralegal. They moved abroad in 2016 and are now servants of a different kind. As online business strategy coaches, David and Dana work with others in the industry providing effective breakthrough strategies to boost their home business success. They are also helping folks imagine the future they want to retire to someday. In this process, they challenge you to start thinking about how soon your “someday” might be. You can find them inside their online coaching community offering a clarity building retirement program, a premium 12-week strategy coaching experience, and affiliate marketing tools and solutions. David and Dana live in Mexico with their three Japanese Chins and love traveling to the U.S. to visit family and friends, as well as to attend conferences, workshops, and masterminds. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Learn How to find Career Independence with your Own Online Marketing Business) David and Dana reveal after one evening when they realised they would need to work another 6-8 years before retiring, this led them on a path to take drastic and decisive action.  You will learn how they have become Online Marketing experts, creating revenue streams not just for themselves, but also helping their students all over the world, giving them financial and career independence now and for their retirements.  David and Dana also discuss how they are using their retirement realisation to help their students/client learn from their insights and retire well and retire happy.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         David and Dana realising they would have to work 6-8 years before they could retire·         David and Dana taking drastic action and moving from America to Mexico·         We have to become a better version of ourselves to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves·         David and Dana believe we all have gifts to share with the world. David & Dana’s website· David & Dana:l Learn hoe to generate  leads for your business.· David & Dana’s Facebook: account· David & Dana’s Twitter: account · David & Dana’s YouTube: account· Instagram:·   MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great My Perfect Failure contact me MPF Website: Insta: follow:   
MPF Discussion with Tom DehnelAddiction to Recovery with Tom DehnelAbout TomIn his 20s, Tom went from being a smart young man with a promising career to a full-on heroin addict. His addiction started when he was prescribed opioid painkillers by his dentist, and slowly degraded to the point where he was broke, evicted from his apartment, and in trouble with the law. Today, Tom runs his own marketing consultancy in San Francisco. In this episode of My Perfect Failure, we will hear how Tom’s addiction started from his inability to deal with perceived failure, and how getting over that fear has helped him recover.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Tom describes the moment his world changed, being prescribed opioid painkillers as a child·         Tom discusses experimenting with Pot at 13·         Tom reveals it took him 10 years to admit he had issues that he needed to resolve·         We discuss Tom’s process of recovery and interventions·         Tom discusses how acceptance played an important factor in his recovery ·         Today Tom wants to support all addicts by making them aware that hope and recovery is accessible to them and they too can rebuild their lives  Tom’s Website· Subscribe to Tom’s YouTube Channel ·  Brilliant Video by Tom: FAILING 100 TIMES (getting over your fear of failure)· Hire Tom/Connect with Tom on LinkedIn · MPF -  Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at or the platform of your choice that would be great My Perfect Failure contact me Work with me: paul@myperfectfailure.comMPF Website: Insta: follow: Twitter: Facebook MPF Private Group: 
MPF Discussion with  Karen ChastonThe Journey to Becoming My Own Best Friend with Karen Chaston About Karen Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. As a C.P.A. and former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen ran on the corporate treadmill until the day her world came tumbling down. The constant effort of juggling everything was taking its toll even before tragedy struck when her son, Dan died at 27 in July 2011. Karen’s suffering and disappointments became the catalyst for her to STOP, take a Conscious Loving Breath and realise she’d been living in a “Groundhog Day Daze” and did not recognise who she had become.  She then went on a personal and spiritual growth journey, that she likes to call “The Journey to Becoming My Own Best Friend.”  Along the way, Karen was guided to realise that “Death” comes to us all, in many forms as we journey through life. Be it a death of a loved one, marriage, partnership, job, pet, health, wealth and many more.  Karen is passionate about supporting you on your Beyond Loss journey of discovering and unwrapping the gift that any loss brings. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Journey to Becoming My Own Best Friend) Keren talks candidly how she has overcome 2 major losses in her life and used her experiences to become her own best friend.  We discuss Karen’s beyond loss webinar where she informs attendees how we can  move beyond any kind of loss (loved one, divorce, job, health, wealth and many more) We also discuss Karen’s beyond loss retreat where attendees leave with the tools to cope with any kind of future loss they may encounter.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Karen discusses her 2 major life losses·         We learn there are 4o different loss events we can encounter·         Karen breaks down the lesson to becoming your own best friend·         The quality of our life comes down to the quality of questions we ask ourselves This provides a pathway for anyone across the globe to learn keen to Join Karen’s Retreat·         How to move beyond death, divorce, job loss and many other losses·         Ways that will assist you to stop the grieving and suffering.·         In-depth insights into yourself and what this loss means for you moving forward·         A step by step process that will assist you to move beyond any kind of loss (now and in the future.)·         A detailed ‘all areas of your life’ action plan, that will assist you to close the gap from where you are now to where you would like to be.For more information please visit: Or join Karen’s Beyond Loss monthly webinar at: Or email Karen at
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