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Discussion with Nate RifkinDaoism Saved My Life with Nate Rifkin About NateNate Rifkin used to be suicidal, drank alcohol every morning, suffered financially and even worked on street corners. However, after discovering Daoism a spiritual discipline that helped him transform his thoughts, emotions, and ultimately succeed in business and life.  Nate shares very honestly his struggles and the steps he took to rebuild his life.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Daoism Saved My Life) Nate reveals how he was able to put his struggles into perspective and step by step transform his life after discovering Daoism. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Growing up in a dysfunctional family·        Daoism: Fining the benefits of deep inner work·        Why failure is an important part of what might work for you·        Why we should Surrender to what truly is going to work for you·        The journey, struggle is required. To Mind out more about Nate – Purchase his book· ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow:  ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
Discussion with Warren CoughlinHow To Achieve Profit with Principals with Warren Coughlin Warren has been coaching entrepreneurs to success and freedom since 2002. Warren is also a recovering lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a former college professor as well as an actor and theatre director. That array of experiences has given him a pretty wide perspective on leadership, success, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Warren has a passion and for helping his clients Build Businesses That Matters. Warren believes that we all have far more potential than we believe or use, and Warren loves helping his clients (Entrepreneurs) bring their potential to life.  He loves seeing people happy and fulfilled in both their lives and their businesses. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to achieve Profit with principals) If you want to know how to defy the odds when they are stacked against you and live your best life with purpose then this episode is a must listen for you.Warren has been defying the odds from day one as his parents were told he was not meant to live when he was born.  Warren has since gone onto achieve much since his early days.  Warren explains the tools that we can employ to live a successful life with purpose.  Some of the areas we cover. ·        Warren’s parents being told he was not meant to live.·        Warren explains his numerous career transitions·        The importance of taking the positives in difficult moments·        Align your profit/work with principles·        Warren explains why entrepreneurship is one on the most powerful forces for positive and social change·        Why strategy and culture make a great marriage Contact Warren Listen to Warren’s Podcast: Business That Matter Podcast·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow:  ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Michael PhillipsThe Education Advocate with Michael PhillipsMichael is a Social Entrepreneur, Education Advocate, Purpose Agent, and Faith Leader creating positive change in developing social impact initiatives to solve community-based and systemic problems. He is the appointed Chairman of Board for 50CAN, the leading education policy advocacy organization in the US, and he serves as a board member of KuriosEd, a non-profit, educational organization created by faith-based leaders primarily focused on servicing Black Communities.His story is the epitome of the necessity of advocacy, resources, and opportunities, for young, underprivileged students. After losing a parent, getting in a life-threatening car accident, and having his college scholarship revoked, he turned to sell drugs to make ends meet. After his house was raided and he was arrested, a judge gave him the opportunity to go to college rather than complete his 30-year sentence in prison if found guilty. He unhesitatingly chose to go to college, which completely turned his life around.Once he discovered that education was the path to becoming who he was created to be, he found his purpose and broke the school-to-prison pipeline that captures massive numbers of children who are trapped by their environment, policies, and community culture. On This episode of My Perfect Failure (The Education Advocate) Michael shares his story of why he became an education advocate and describes the conditions of a broken educational structure that must be rebuilt with urgency.  Some of the areas we cover.·         Michael explains his tough upbringing ·         We the discuss the deficit mentality ·         How the school system can improve the black community·         Michael explains why the wrong lane can have the right turn·         The difference between failing and failureContact Michael· ·        When Kids Learn on Broken Chairs/ Michael Phillips: TEDx WilmingtonED Purchase Michael’s Book: Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns: A Pardoned Man’s Escape from the school-to-prison pipeline and what we can do to dismantle it·  Book Suggestion: For Entrepreneurs Only· ·         Insta: follow:  
 MPF Discussion with Armida Abreu MartinezThe Divine Growth Coach with Armida Abreu Martinez Armida Abreu Martínez is the CEO & Founder of Divine Growth Coaching and a #1 best selling author for Collaboration, visionaries share a new way of living. Armida's passion and purpose is to help her clients heal through deep and painful insecurities as well as relationship struggles and hardships. Armida obtained her Love and Authenticity Certificate as well as her Whole Healing Certificate from Authentic Living, where she learned how to facilitate internal healing by uncovering and addressing the root causes of external symptoms. Additionally, she earned her NLP Certification from the Association for Integrative Psychology which is helping her serve her clients with overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking behavioral patterns, creating more freedom & choice over their mindset and developing stronger and healthier relationships.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Divine Growth Coach) If you have ever wanted to know how you can find your self-worth and, how you can go onto flourish in all aspects of your life then this is a must listen for you.  Armida breaks all this down in this discussion and explains how she did just this. And today Armida supports clients all over the world helping them heal from deep rooted insecurities and go onto flourish in their lives.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         How Armida found her self-worth·         Dealing with guilt and shame·         The importance of becoming more aware of our thoughts·         Getting people back into their heart Space Contact Armida· Follow Armida on Facebook·  Follow Armida on Instagram ·         https://ww Follow Armida on YouTube·  ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF Discussion with John FollisTrue Stories of Madison Avenue with John Follis  |  | John Follis creative ad work led to the founding of follis/DeVito/Verdi, one of New York's most awarded agencies. His successful campaigns have been featured in national press, textbooks, and a Harvard Business case study. | | As an industry thought leader John's been on CNBC and ABC and written for ADWEEK and Ad Age. As a requested speaker he's addressed The World Business Academy, New York Business Expo and Yale University. Additionally, he's taught at SVA, FIT and Parsons School of Design. To help businesses with their video, John formed Big Idea Video in 2013. John's also made time for dozens of worthy causes for which he's received honors at The White House and The UN. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (True Stories of Madison Avenue) If you want to know how to recover from being fired 4 times in 7 years and what it was like to work in the advertising mecca of Madison Avenue then this is a must listen for you. John breaks all this down whilst also illuminating our discussion as he describes some of his short films from his hugely enjoyable True stories in advertising short film project. Some of the areas we cover. ·         Recovering from being fired 4 times in 7 years·         John discusses his True Stories in Advertising short Films project·         The importance of having a Plan A·         Sorrel Ridge Jam – How John’s Agency innovative campaign proved a huge hit.   John Follis - True Stories in Advertising short Films·  John Follis Wikipedia· John Follis – Getting Fired 4 times ·  Contact John Follis· ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:  ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:   
 MPF Discussion with Sope AgbelusiUsing Failures As Stepping Stones with Sope Agbelusi About Sope Sope Agbelusi is a husband, father and founder of MindsetShift, a leadership development company that focuses on shifting mindsets and disrupting culture thereby creating authentic, inclusive and equitable leaders as well as a culture that enables individuals to flourish and put people before profit. He is also a speaker and host of the Everyday Leadership Podcast where he interviews leaders across various sectors learning how they lead themselves both personally and professionally in the hope that he inspires others to recognise that they are leaders as well as leadership is not about position or title. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Using Failure as stepping Stones) Sope is one inspirational guy who demonstrates the ability how to continuously thrive and flourish after setbacks and become a leader and also help leaders lead better during crisis. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Sope describes the importance of living with authenticity.·        Owning your identity·        Why we should always ask questions·        The importance of listening·        Regaining your power  Website:· LinkedIn:·        How Good Are Your Leadership Skills, find out in under 6 mins - ·        My Perfect Failure contact me  ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF Discussion with Christian De La HuertaAwaken The Soul of Your Power with Christian De La HuertaChristian de la Huerta is an award-winning author, respected spiritual teacher, sought-after retreat facilitator and founder of Soulful Power, offering transformational retreats and workshops awakening participants to their deeper sense of purpose, empowering radical internal and external shifts. Christian says, “when participants can uncover and overcome long held fears that hold them back, this is when they begin to experience the true joy and fulfillment of living on purpose, which also allows them to become catalysts for our plane,  Chris has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TedX stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”t’s spiritual and cultural evolution.” On this episode of My Perfect Failure, (Awaken The Soul of Your Power) If you would like to access your real purpose and soul power then this is the perfect episode for you. Christian describes a number of methods he uses for his clients which allow them to transform their lives. Some of the areas we cover. ·        Christian discusses the importance of Breath work.·        We discuss different types on breath work and their benefits.·        Finding and using power where we don’t put other people down.·        Using breath work to supress emotions.·        The benefits in being in your own power.·        We discuss Christian’s new book “Awakening your Soul Power” Christian’s website· Purchase - Awakening-Soul-Power-Heroically-Yourself ·        My Perfect Failure contact me  ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
 MPF Discussion with Sarah JonesFailure is Fuel – with the right mindset! With Sarah JonesSarah Jones - Published author, speaker, accredited personal & executive coach helps motivated, ambitious professionals & executives improve their career, find a new career, and help teams accelerate success & performance.Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Sarah has always been tenacious, entrepreneurial & unafraid to speak her mind. At times being the only woman in the boardroom amongst international corporations in her early 30s, she is a beacon of strength for leaders and individuals.In Sarah’s former career, she was a leader in corporate affairs but founded Sarah-J Coaching to help individuals & leaders become their personal best in life and their careers.  She is dubbed the phrase 'regroup, reboot, and reinvent' - a three-step change process - having helped to pull out individuals from the trenches & into their own spotlight through her transformative and action-based coaching approach.  Her book ‘From Vulnerable to Invincible’ helps readers identify how to step into their challenges, reframe & learn, to launch themselves to success. She also regularly contributes to the media such as BBC, The Guardian & Sky. She regularly speaks and has delivered empowering talks for Pearson Business School and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). On the episode of My Perfect Failure (Failure is Fuel – with the right mindset) If you’ve have ever wondered how you can use failure as fuel and develop a string mindset then this is the perfect episode for you as Sarah breaks this down.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Sarah describes the benefits of Regrouping, rebooting, and reinventing.·         Sarah Explains the benefits of a Growth Mindset·         We discuss how Sarah has helped her clients prosper during the Pandemic·         Sarah explains why our comfort zone holds us back·         Sarah explains why we should be careful who we share our goals withKey links – web site and social media ·         My Perfect Failure contact me  ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF Discussion with Al Jones Creating Financial Freedom with Al Jones Al Jones is a native son of Phoenix, Arizona and a 1984 graduate of Maryvale High School. After being honorably discharged from the US Army, he moved back to his hometown and began creating user-friendly games for mobile devices, live shows, playing cards, and more. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Creating Financial Freedom) If you want to hear an inspirational story how a young boy took on responsibility from his mother to help her avoid the dread of money collectors as child.  He learnt to accept responsibility and negotiate all as a young child. Today he has dealt with his own financial challenges and is now helping his clients gain good financial credit.  Some of the areas we cover. ·                Al taking on responsibility as a child.·                Al discusses how he learnt with debt collectors for his mum.·                How Al beat dealt with his gambling problem·                How Al is helping client gain great financial credit·                We discuss Al’s book ,  (My Journey From Bad to Excellent Credit  ) Purchase Al’s book -   (My Journey From Bad to Excellent Credit  )·        Connect with Al on Facebook·        Connect with Al on Instagram·       ·        My Perfect Failure contact me ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF Discussion with Robert SchulzHow to Gain Financial Wealth with Robert Schulz  Rob Schulz is the founder and president of Schulz Wealth, Ltd. Named on Investopedia’s list of 100 Top Financial Advisors in 2019 and 2017, he is also a former instructor for the Certified Financial Planner™ certificant program at the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Christian University. For more than 25 years, his smart, no-nonsense budgeting and investing strategies have helped hundreds of everyday people take control of their money and attain real-world financial success. Rob is also the author of the book” thoughts on Things Financial” On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Gain Financial Wealth) Rob provides valuable insights on the habits we can all apply to take control of our financial outlook and the role a Financial Planner plays in improving their clients’ financial prospects.  Some of the areas we cover.    ·        We all have a financial moment of truth.·        Rob breaks down the role of the financial planner·        How financial planning can help us prepare for difficult moments·        Rob discusses the pleasure of helping his clients·        We discuss Robs book “ Thoughts on Things Financial” Contact Rob· Purchase “Thoughts on Things Financial”·   ·        My Perfect Failure contact me ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:    
MPF Discussion with Holly CopelandUsing Your Mind to Understand your Body with Holly Copeland Holly is Naturally curious; she loves analysing data and using data and technology to understand our external and internal worlds. Holly finds the mind the most fascinating topic of all and what neuroscience is learning about the mind's role in individual body and global coherence and how we are connected by quantum energy fields.  This blends well with her formal training as a wildlife conservation scientist, with a 20-year career with The Nature Conservancy. Holly is deeply passionate about the earth, wildlife conservation, planetary well-being, and has strong skills analysing and finding patterns in data.   On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Using Your Mind to Understand your Body) Holly describes how she became tired of her own mind and her journey to understand her own mind and fix. Holly relives this journey and explains how we too can awaken our mind and heal our body.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         How Holly felt she was trying to fill a cup that had no bottom.·         How solving our inner piece is the shift we need to make.·         How to use our mind to fix our body.·         Finding inner freedom Work with Holly· Contact Holly· Instagram: ·         @heartmindalchemist Facebook:· ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
MPF Discussion with Christine BairdFinding Your Self-Worth with Christine Baird Christine is a podcast consultant and host who teaches business owners and their teams to make podcasting a core part of their marketing strategy – at the scale of thousands of listeners and millions of downloads. After six years in corporate sales, she did a career 180 and has been working in podcast production, content strategy, and audience development since 2014. She worked on Lewis Howes’ brand, The School of Greatness, for four years, where she got to grow his top-ranked podcast from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million.Now she’s pivoted to supporting more influencers create and grow their shows and impact. She consults and strategizes on top podcasts, and she trains teams to become in-house producers of high-quality media. She also hosts her own podcast, the Worthfull Project, and is the co-host of the Think Like a Producer podcast. She’s passionate about owning her worth and inspiring others to do the same. Some of the areas we cover. ·         Christine’s and the importance of Self-Worth·         Why Christine decided to leave corporate America·         How Christine connected with Lewis Howe’s& help build his amazing Podcast “School of Greatness”·         Building Her Boutique Agency  ·         Contact Christine to create your Podcast ·         Connect with Christine   ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
 MPF Discussion with Dr Joe MartinRags To Riches To Ruined Redemption with Dr Joe Martin Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning internationally known speaker, author, professor, and certified "man builder" who helps men win at what matters and frustrates them most as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders.  He's authored or co-authored more than nine books, includingMan Accomplished! Are You the Man?, and The Real Man Spiritual LeaderBlueprint.  He's also the host of the #1-rated podcast for Christian Menon Apple Podcasts (with more than 1.9 million downloads), and he's interviewedmore than 475 men from all over the world from company presidents to prisoninmates. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Rags To Riches To Ruined Redemption) Dr. Martin summarizes his life, he went from rags to riches to ruined to redemption.”  Having it all by age 30, losing it all by age 40, and gaining it all back by age 50 - now hosting the #1-rated podcast for Christian Men on Apple Podcasts!  Today Dr Martin helps men all over the world flourish and live lives of real purpose.  Some of the areas we cover.·         Rags To Riches To Ruined Redemption·         Having it all at 30 and losing everything·         The importance of meeting his mentor·         The importance of asking people how they achieve·         Why we should be prepared to do the work·         We discuss Dr. Martin’s no1 rated podcast – real men connect Dr Martin’s Website· Dr. Martin’s YouTube Channel·  Connect with Dr Martin on Facebook·  Connect with Dr. Martin on Twitter·  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:    
 MPF Discussion with Anthony BrinkleySupercharge Your Resilience with Anthony Brinkley Anthony Brinkley is an established leadership expert, author, resilience training coach and a change agent. He is the CEO of On Brink Consulting, a leadership development firm providing expert resilience training, motivational speaking, and team building to military, government, large corporations, private groups, as well as not for profit entities. Prior to starting his firm, he was the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 11th Wing of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Anthony served as the principal advisor to the commander on all enlisted issues and was responsible for all personnel, logistic and workforce development matters. During Anthony’s military career, he obtained Chief Master Sergeant distinction, a leadership position achieved by only 1% of the enlisted Air Force. Anthony has provided oversight for $3 Billion worth of aviation assets. Anthony has led a contingent of aviators, maintenance personnel and supported troops during Operation DESERT FOX. His unit flew 204 combat missions with 100% mission effectiveness.He has managed over 130,000 people in over 14 bases across the world, to include Korea, Turkey and the Philippines. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Supercharge Your Resilience) If you are curious how you can turn disadvantage and setbacks into opportunity then this is a must listen for you. Anthony Brinkley is has turned this into an art form.  Learn how you can supercharge your resilience and become a master in your chosen field. Some of the areas we cover. ·         You cannot address what you have not acknowledged ·         Why you should bounce forward·         Stay ready, sou you never have to get ready·         Live your life to improve, not to prove·         Failure is just a data point, focus on your new knowledge  Anthony Website:· Contact Anthony:·   Subscribe to Anthony on YouTube: ·  Contact Anthony on Email · ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
 MPF Discussion with DR. RONALD DWINNELLSLessons For Life & Leadership with DR. RONALD DWINNELLS Ronald Dwinnells, MD, MBA, is a pediatrician and a certified physician executive. He is the CEO of ONE Health Ohio, an integrated community health center program serving the medically uninsured, underinsured, and underserved populations in northeast Ohio. His clinics have served more than one million patients during his 35 years at the helm. He is also the founder and president of the Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation (, whose mission is to support and improve the lives of children, adolescents, and young people suffering from behavioral and mental health issues. He has authored and published several scholarly works on health-care delivery systems and is on the faculty of local universities, teaching topics on leadership, health-care delivery programs, health disparities, and physical diagnosis. Dr. Dwinnells attributes his personal and professional growth and life’s good fortunes to hard work, a good attitude, the love of life, and being raised in two cultures—Japanese and American. His extracurricular activities include mountain climbing (including Mt. Rainer, Fuji, Hood, St. Helens, Pikes Peak, Baker, Whitney, Shasta, Washington, and two continental high points of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus), running competitive road races, gardening, traveling, reading, creative writing, and exercising. He lives with his wife, Kathy; his daughters, Erin, Sarah, Emily, and Abbey; and his favorite (only) son, Adam, in Poland, Ohio On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Lessons for Life & Leadership) If you want to understand how you can turn your adversities into opportunities and enhance your leadership skills, then this episode is a must listen for you.  DR. Ronald reveals how he has used resilience and adversities from a young age to work hard and turn adversities into opportunities.  The life lessons he has learnt have played a significant role in all the amazing professional and personal successes he has experienced to date. Some of the areas we cover. ·        How adversities provide an opportunity to learn.·        How Ronald’s resilience came from his mum.·        Finding Ronald’s passion became Ronald’s purpose.·        Why good leaders need to know when to let go.·        How we can thrive when we have made mistakes.·        We discuss Ronald’s book – (Don’t pick up the dog hairs)  Purchase Book – Don’t Pick Up the Dog Hairs.·  Butterflies and Hope·  Contact Facebook: One Health Ohio·  Connect o Twitter: One Health Ohio·  
MPF Discussion with Mark KumarHow to Use Your Knowledge To Make Money with Mark Kumar  Mark is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur; he coaches entrepreneurs to run a profitable online business by sharing their own advice.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Use Your Knowledge To Make Money) If you have bundles of ideas and knowledge which you would love to monetise, but you’re not sure how to make this a reality, then this a must listen for you. Mark is a natural entrepreneur and has been monetising his knowledge for years and today he is helping his clients monetise their knowledge to great effect.  Some of the areas we cover today. ·        What exactly is a lifestyle entrepreneur?·        Why you should take the midnight test·        Why you should ask 5 friends of friends about your product or service·        The Importance of testimonials·        Why referrals are important to your business growth Work with Mark· 
MPF Discussion with Monica OrtegaThe Power of Pivoting with Monica OrtegaMonica Ortega is a professional on-camera host, speaker, and actress from Holt, Michigan. She created the online travel show Monica Goes in 2015 to inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and go on adventures. As someone who's afraid of everything, she'll put herself through almost anything to show that if an average everyday person like her can do these things, anyone can.  She's produced and hosted over 100 episodes, created destination videos for over 40 DMO's, and been featured on Matador Network, USA Today's 10Best, Insider Travel, REI, and more!   Monica has spoken openly about how her personal setbacks have helped her pivot into creating a life that she loves. She speaks at events around the country helping others to embrace change and create their own dream life. Monica emcees at some of the biggest music festivals in the nation and has been seen in over 20 commercials on TV. She is also a co-host on the podcast Stumblin' Forward which is all about the missteps of entrepreneurship and life.   When she's not traveling, Monica can usually be found out on a hiking trail with her adventure dog Millie exploring their new home in Denver, Colorado.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Power of Pivoting) If you are like many of us who have dreams and goals, but just feel they are beyond reach.  Maybe you have failed before, you don’t have the confidence to transition then this is the episode for you.  Monica has made an artform out of pivoting and kicking her fears and doubts into touch, Monica really does have the blueprint when it comes to pivoting.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         The art of Pivoting·         We discuss Monica’s book “The Power of Pivoting”·         Turning setbacks into setups·         Being an actress and travel host·         How to embrace the unexpected changes. Monica’s Website· Monica’s YouTube Channel· Connect with Monica Goes Show Facebook· ·         Connect with Monica Goes Show Instagram 
  MPF Discussion with Regina Huber How to Become A Courageous Leader with Regina HuberRegina Huber is Founder & CEO of TRANSFORM YOUR PERFORMANCE, where she drives transformational leadership and guides her coaching clients to increase their influence and impact as leaders. With eclectic experience on five continents, she is a multicultural and multilingual Transformational Leadership Coach, an International Inspirational Speaker, and Author of the book Speak up, Stand out and Shine, a white paper, and her signature framework Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)TM. Regina is a Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)® Advanced Skills Practitioner, an Expert Contributor at SheSource Women’s Media Center, a Thought Leader at WIN (Women’s Information Network), and an Advisory Board Member of a Nigeria-based foundation. Over the years, she has been actively supporting multiple organizations in Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Everything she does is in the service of freedom, her top leadership trait is curiosity, and her big passions are humanizing inclusiveness, co-creation and dance. For more details, visit: On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Become A Courageous Leader) We get a glimpse into Regina’s electric life which has taken her around the world, living in several different continents.  During this period Regina has had to overcome disappointments, betrayals, but within this she has found courage, the ability to deal with the moments process and move forward with a newly found zeal.  Today Regina helps her clients all over the world to become courageous leaders.  Some of the areas we cover.·         Overcoming business betrayal·         Why we must step out of our Victim Mindset to move forward·         Courage is in our hearts, fear is in our minds·         Passion is something you feel good about or something you desire to change·         To dance you have to be courageous   Regina’s Website·  Contact Regina·  ·         Connect with Regina on LinkedIn  Subscribe to Regina’s YouTube Channel ·  Regina Leadership article 
  MPF Discussion with Steve PredaTurning Our Failures into Blessings with Steve PredaSteve has spent more than 20 years helping business owners prepare their businesses for sale, finding buyers and investors for them, and coaching CEOs and leadership teams to build buyable businesses. Steve has assisted more than 250 companies and business owners in such endeavours and tell the stories of more than 40 of them in his new book: Buyable -- Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast-Growing and High-Profit Business. Along the way, Steve also shares how he made his own business buyable after all. Throughout Steve’s career, he has been fascinated by thequestion of how Buyable Businesses are created. Some of Steve’ clientsintuitively got it and built companies others wanted to buy, whereas manystruggled with owning a business that found no willing investors. In severalinstances, Steve’s team would find only a single interested buyer to close adeal, while at other times, more than a hundred bidders were not enough tofinalize a transaction. What made these businesses unbuyable?Steve’s experiences over the past 20 years, first as amergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor and later as a business coach and acurious student of management principles, led Steve to discover how any viablebusiness can be developed into a Buyable Business.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Turning Our Failures into Blessings) If you want to be inspired by how our failures can be blessings in disguise, then this is totally the episode for you. Listen in and see how you can replicate Steve’s example and turn your failures into blessings.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Steve’s definition of failure ·         Turning failures into blessings·         Surviving the financial crisis·         How Steve turned his business around to sell·         We discuss Steve’s book – Buyable  Work with Steve·  Purchase Steve’s book – Buyable ·  Connect with Steve on Instagram·  Connect with Steve on YouTube·  Connect with Steve on Twitter ·  Connect with Steve on Facebook· 
 MPF discussion with Florian Horing FAILURES ARE PRACTICE TESTS Around the year 2010 Florian decided to leave the paved roads he had created for himself and start on an adventure into the unknown. After living in a Berlin based rooftop penthouse, he left for an 8-month journey in a van that brought him into Sahara including a 4-week solo food walk in the desert. After having seen another way of living life he kept on traveling and embracing the simple life.  Florian built and ran a lodge in Zanzibar, with a have a 280.000sm plot with lions in Africas largest National Park, climbed several of Africas highest mountains and sailed for 6 month in a tiny historic wooden boat. Through all of that time he coached and took customers onadventurous coaching journeys, even on Kilimanjaro. Florian sees in his clients that there is no default optionto live life. You can create your life by dreaming just big enough, youjust need to learn to say HELL NO to everything that is unimportant ordistracting in your life to create the room for a HELL YES LIFE.Florian believes it is important that people are allowed to make mistakes. nobody is born perfect end everybody who pretends to be is lying. the question is what you do with your failures. do you repeat them or are you willing to learn.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Failures Are Practice) If you feel like you are not quite living the life that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning.  You’re not sure how to take big actions or decision to change your life, then this is the episode for you. Florian will inspire you with his ability to make just those important decisions aligned with his all around zest for life.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Why Flo needed to arrive at his Perfect Failure·         Getting a better feeling of what he really liked.·         Who & how do you want to be remembered·         Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery all we have is now·         Flo his clients to create their vision Check out this Resource Florian has created just for you  Florian’s Website- Simplicity of Happiness·            Florian’s Instagram·            Florian’s YouTube·            ·                     Florian Facebook   
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