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This year Airbus is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Meet Jeff Burridge and Martin Agüera, both senior communications officials for Airbus. They will take you to every corner of the company, from an experimental simulator to an assembly line where 12 jets are put together under one roof. Get the behind the scenes view and meet the fascinating people that have made Airbus a global giant in the aerospace industry today.

So get on board, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

4 Episodes
Jacques Rocca is Airbus’s History Man. He sees the company’s achievements as part of a heritage that should be preserved. His passion to ensure that the past can be put on display now, led him to join the ‘AIRitage Project’ that collects and preserves aviation history from documents to whole aircraft. For the past ten years, he has also been the director of Airbus’s heritage department.So who better than him to take us on a private tour of Aeroscopia, the incredible aviation museum in Toulouse. "When I joined Aerospatiale in 1997, I understood that there is a very important history, heritage, which should be protected."
The Paris Air Show is the place where the industry and the public gather every two years to discover what’s new and exciting in the world of aviation. Airbus’s Chief Technology Officer is always in demand during the show, meeting with potential customers and others. The current CTO, Grazia Vittadini had a particularly busy week. Among other things, she signed an agreement with six other CTOs committing to sustainable goals for the aerospace industry.Grazia has ascended through Airbus’s ranks to reach the position she finds herself in today. She started off as an engineer designing window frames and now oversees the whole range of technological development for Airbus’s fleet. We spoke to her about her career and what she envisions for Airbus’s future.“Imagining the impossible is the subtitle of my job.”
In this episode Barbara Kracht – one of Airbus’s original employees, number 007 – goes down memory lane, recalling how the company grew from a modest start-up to a global aviation giant. The daughter of Felix Kracht, who was one of the company’s founders, she spent almost 40 years with Airbus, notably as head of Media Relations.Barbara tells us about Airbus’s beginnings, including witnessing the A300 first flight and some of the challenges commercially and technically of the early years.“We did not exist, we had to fight for everything.”Correction: the A330 crash Barbara refers to happened on 30th June 1994, and not 1974.We'd welcome your feedback using #WeMakeItFly.To find out more about Airbus go to, or follow us on Twitter @Airbus.
Introducing We Make It Fly

Introducing We Make It Fly


Airbus is turning 50 this year! So join us as we launch a new podcast, We Make It Fly.At Airbus, we make commercial aircraft—you’ve probably been on one. But we also make helicopters, fighter jets, space rockets and even the Mars Rover. In this podcast, you will meet the people who have played a part in turning the company into a global giant in the aerospace industry.Get on board, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.We'd welcome your feedback using #WeMakeItFly.To find out more about Airbus go to, or follow us on Twitter @Airbus.
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