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The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show
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The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

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Jessica Laberge is an accomplished outdoorswoman, emergency manager, and incident management team member. Her weekly show will focus on the all-hazard responder community and the ever-changing challenges faced.
The All Hazard Show airs / drops on Tuesdays.
6 Episodes
Global Business Continuity

Global Business Continuity


Zach comes from Public Health and his career in Emergency Management has taken several interesting turns. He now works with a large athletic company in Beaverton, OR as their Global Business Resilience Program Manager. A very interesting topic - Zach discusses with us what the Global role looks like in the private sector. Unique challenges, frameworks, lessons learned and more.LinksZach - -
Nowell walks us through the importance and dynamics associated with having a strong local plan for your training & exercise calendar. What state resources are available to the locals for assistance and how it's better preparing Colorado for real-world incidents.SponsorWeb -
Tom Winters - KS IMT Duty Officer/Call out organizer; Training and Deployments, Virtual Solutions to Emergency Operations Center management and operations.SponsorWeb -
Bob de Groot explains the ShakeAlert System that the USGS is utilizing in conjunction with State resources to give early warning for earthquakes along the west coast. Join us in this very interesting discussion as we dive into the current and future applications for these tools.LinksWeb - -
In this episode we talk with Dave Zader about how the department and collaborators utilize a living version of their Structure Protection Plan. Dave explains how this tool has helped them in response, coordination and communication – all very important on a fast-moving incident. We also give a preview to an amazing response tool you’ve probably not heard of. The ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) used by the military and special forces is now made available to first responders. Check out the video links below for more information and find a whole discussion on this topic on the Technology Podcast Show.LinksWeb - CO. - Video
All Hazards Airport

All Hazards Airport


In this episode, we’ll talk with the Emergency Program Senior Manager for the Port of Portland. Three airports, Four marine terminals, Five business parks – Emergency Readiness, planning, EOC development, and resiliency planning.Links to BCRWeb - Nora: Nora.Yotsov@portofportland.comWeb:
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