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A Podcast Show with Sugar and Spice. Explicit content about Sex, Love , Relationships and Interviews. I am the Microphone Candy delivering Weekly Eargasms IG @KReneShow FB KReneShow 📧
107 Episodes
Welcome to Season 9☆ If you're new to the show this podcast is full of explicit content. The episodes that are featured on this podcast show are geared towards the LGBTQ lifestyles, Sex, Love issues and Whatever else I decide to talk about. In this episode I talked about how stuble on the pu$$y can be uncomfortable when having ✂️ sex with another woman. People are feeling the freak vibe because of the weather breaking and Queer 📺. ♤Conversations I'm not afraid to have... topics I love to dicsuss...You're Favorite Flava of the Rainbow 🌈.  FOLLOW - TICTOK @reneshowFB - K Rene Show - K Rene Show 📧
Season 9 is coming!!! Mark your calendars...May 8th 12 p.m. Get ready for the new season of the K Rene Show 🎧🎙🌈💎🧘🏾‍♀️
Season 8 Finale of the K Rene Show was a great one. Today I had a special guest on the show. Trauma Therapist Star Rose Bond was on the show. We had a chance to talk about childhood and adult trauma. How to rebuild and rebirth from our past? Check out the episode and l get these jewels. kreneshow@gmail.comIG _ KReneShow
Welcome back to a new episode. This week I break down how the clock works for the world. Why do we feel that we control when and how things will happen? Do you have the patience to let the universe and divine timing take care of your needs and your life? The finale will be next Saturday in season 8. Trust and Believe season 9 will be even Youtube K Rene Show
In this episode I talked about how we're not obligated to give in to people because they want us to. I broke down ways and signs on knowing how to tell if you're overextending yourself. Also talked about personal issues on how I feel used and the changes that I made to stop. Make sure to listen to the full episode to get some tips on how to say no and for reasons to say IG @_KReneShow
In this week's episode which is a day late but hey better than never ever, I broke down the differences between envy and jealousy. Do you know the signs of jealousy and envy? Have you ever been a of an Envy attack? I also show your support and love for DMV artist J Money Gibbs by checking out his single Stupid Hoes..Make sure to check out the K Rene Show Live on YouTube @K Rene Show📧 IG _KReneShow
Bonus Episode...I had the pleasure to speak to the Beautiful Lolita Leopard about Ballroom, her music career and Love. Make sure to check out the interview. Let me know what you think . You can also check out the Live video on my YouTube channel:K Rene Show thekreneshow.comIG @KReneShow
I had the opportunity to have a K Rene Show Live with Ms. Godiva Empress whom is a Virgo Queen like me. Check out the episode and get some insight about Virgos and how dope we are. Why do they hate us so much and wee are the best Lovers in the World.Check out the video interview on my YouTube channel : K Rene Show
And this week's episode I talked about moving too fast after divorce and separations. The red flags that jump off in conversations when someone is trying to get to know someone too early after they just left a long-term marriage and trying to jump back in the game. Slowing down is your only option until you really truly understand what you want and who you are. I dropped Jules about learning how to live with yourself before trying to be with someone else. How much time do you need? Red flags that you need to recognize within yourself that you're going to relive the same IG @kreneshow
In this week's episode I dropping 💎 down on reasons why single mothers are not attractive on the dating scene. Why do men/women choose not to date single moms? The ignorance is just too much....Make sure to take a listen and leave a comment.🎧Follow IG @KRENESHOW ◇
Is this episode I talk about the Vagenda. Please understand there is a difference between a Fawk Buddy and a person whom you want to pencil in in the "Vagenda " for that one time only. What makes a person worthy to be a part of your Vagenda?
In today's episode as I go live I discussed friendships how many of us have them? When you think about your friends how many of them are there for you? How many of them are opportunist? How many of them do not return and reciprocate the same friendship that you give? Look at your current friendships and see if there's anywhere where boundaries need to be set. Trust me you owe it to your peace of mind.
Welcome back to a new episode on this beautiful Saturday. In this episode I break down a lot of different fetishes that people love and want to have their partner experience with them. The ones I looked into is enough to make your jaws drop and clutch your pearls. I also included Your weekly word-of-the-day ,some advice tips for love ,sex and parenting.*There is also a giveaway *
I love a catchy title but you have to listen to understand where it comes from. In this episode I talked about the differences in spirituality and finding things that work for yourself and your life. Some things that work for other people don't work for all of us. Take a listen to my journey and how I decided to give myself a chance to do something different to connect with Higher Power.
In this week's episode I discussed how so many Women get involved with Sugar Daddys. I didn't leave the Men out because y'all love a Sugar Mama. I break down reasons as to why people get involved. I even gave you tips on how to break it off so you can be your own Mature Ass Person and get your own Man/Woman.
Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2021. Today I'm taking off in episode to start off the year discussing relationships and how people prefer older partners. What are the reasons people choose to date older? Why do younger men prefer older women? Why do women prefer to date older men? Of course I didn't leave my lady/ lady relationships out the equation 🌈
In this episode I break down the complications with Third Party encounters on a Relationship/Friendship level. Make sure to follow IG @KRENESHOW
It's that time of year where I give helpful hints and tips and tricks around the Holiday on how to keep your sex life hot especially while dealing with lockdown. Also dropping some Jewels for the ones who are single and how you can add some spice and you're single life and masturbation play!'IG @KReneShow /
In this episode I break down the comparison of communication between texting and calling. Texting is nothing but a lazy way of communication and an ineffective way on keeping a relationship strong and together. The only people who appreciate a conversation being typed continuously throughout a relationship is for the birds. Tune in and take some of these nuggets to be a better communicator.
In this Episode I break down the ART OF GOOD HEAD! Take a listen on some tips and tricks to perfect the art and create your own style of HEAD. What is pleasurable and what not to do when it comes to 2 different types of anatomy. #SayingAlltheShitYoureAfraidtoSay
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Enjoy this Latest Episode by Yours Truly. A recap from episodes throughout the season. Learn about how to set boundaries for a healthier you...K Rene

Jan 5th
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