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Go behind the scenes of Iain Lee's late night show and watch the videos he makes every day. It's kinda like a video diary meets Crossroads divided by reality radio.

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Phil Kay called Iain Lee to talk about London's Storytelling Festival and Iain reminds him of a song he sung once about the contents of a lady's bag...
Iain and Eloise went to watch East 17. Outside Iain was mistaken for Eastender's Ian Beale by a lady whose passion was firmly based in musical you will be able to see, they make quite a duo!
Claudia's one an only wish was to see East 17 and in particular John - We made that wish come true here.
Iain Lee had East 17's Tony Mortimer on the show. He talks to us about new singer Blair, the new album and how things got started.
Iain reads out some Pen Pal letters that we are sending to Amy our show pen pal.
We made Vinny's wish come true and took Vinny along to see the Puppetry of the Penis show. Here is how it went...
Iain Lee - Puppetry of the Penis: The boys came in to show is Be warned, this video contains nudity throughout. You can see more about them at
Iain Lee's 'Set the Agenda 2': Iain Lee hosts another succesful variety night, Iain competes in a Pradeep competition with Pez from the audience, Fantastic musical Comic Vikki Stone, Iain Lee reads some kids story books and Iain's band Boomhauer X play a song
'I'm a MAAAAANNNNNN!!!' - Iain Lee was asked to make a promo video for the sales team about what makes him a man - this is what we made for them! Eloise
Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm joins Iain on his show and talks about the Mighty Boosh, the new series of "Curb" and Top Shop.
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