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Ross Thornley and I are on a similar mission; to make sure nobody is left behind as we enter an exponential and accelerating future, which led to an amazing and fun conversation. Ross is the author of two books: Moonshot Innovation and AQ Decoded, an exceptional entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the future of work. Driven by the idea that a person’s ability to adapt to unanticipated changes is the most important skill to master in today’s workplace, Ross launched AQai, an HR/EdTech platform. In this episode, Ross shares why understanding our Adaptability Quotient is so important, what it means to be adaptable, and how we can increase our ability to adapt and thrive in today’s economy."Entrepreneur and 'AQ' Pioneer. Author of Moonshot Innovation & AQ Decoded. Ross’s work is opening up new frontiers in HrTech and EdTech. Leveraging conversational AI and predictive analytics his company’s platform enables people, teams and organizations to successfully navigate accelerating change. His ability to contextualize diverse and complex subjects, inspire and engage audiences makes him a highly sought after international speaker." - WALL STREET JOURNALConnect with RossAQai - - Seeing The Invisible: Adaptability And The Future Of WorkAQai Assessment - AdaptabilityBook - Moonshot InnovationPodcast - Decoding AQTyrrell’s English Crisps - Wanky VegCreators of Last Resort - COLR
This episode is brought to you by Creators of Last Resort, the startup network and community for disruptive tech entrepreneurs. Samson Mow is a true tech pioneer so I'm stoked to have him on the show. Samson is a well-known figure in the blockchain ecosystem as well as a visionary entrepreneur in the online gaming space. As the Founder and current CEO of Pixelmatic, he created the revolutionary multiplayer online game called Infinite Fleet, which recently closed a multi-million dollar private round of funding. He also serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, a leading bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure company, where he was instrumental in launching the Liquid Network sidechain. In this episode, Samson shares a little about his backstory of getting into emerging technology as we dive into subjects spanning bitcoin, blockchain, virtual reality, and online gaming. We also discuss the current state of bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem as well as explore the convergence of online gaming, cryptocurrency, and distributed ledger technology.Connect with SamsonTwitter: @ExcellionLinksPixelmatic: https://pixelmatic.comBlockstream: https://blockstream.comJameson Lopp: of Last Resort:
Dr. Gabriele Rizzo is a visionary futurist and an enthusiastic innovator. He is NATO Member at Large (“world-class expert drawn from academia, industry or government”) for Strategic Foresight and Futures Studies, and he leads deep futures visions in Defense and Security for the United States, Italy, Switzerland, NATO, and European institutions, and advised European Defense Agency and United Nations. Gabriele also serves as Professor of Strategy at Sapienza University. He is the CEO and Director of Futures, Longviews.We cover a number of interesting topics such as...Is the coronavirus a bioweapon?What we should know about deepfakes.Is the US Space Force necessary and what are the potential unintended consequences of it?Connect with GabrielePersonal - LinkedInCompany (Longviews) - LinkedInLinksPhys Org - Futures Work - Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast - Foresight Summit - Space Force - on Nvidia’s Deepfake Technology - Foresight Primer by European Commission – European Policy and Strategy Center -
My guest today is the one and only, Roger Spitz. Roger's experience is a perfect example of the power of utilizing foresight and futurism in important business decisions and transactions. He's the former Head of Technology M&A for BNP Paribas where he advised on over 50 M&A transactions with a total deal value of $25bn. He's now the founder of Techistential, a global foresight, strategy, and futures thinking organization. In this episode, Roger shares some key insights that will help you thrive, rather than just survive, during this time of technological evolution. Connect with RogerTechistentialLinkedInTwitterInstagramImportant LinksXploration Centre Virtual Retreat: Your Life: 100-Year Life: Taleb: Riley’s article: Why Solarpunk, Not Cyberpunk, Is The Future We Need Right NowRoger’s MIT Technology Review article: Innovation Starts When You Fall Off The Edge Of The Playground
In this episode, I’m joined by the founder of 5-Figure Workweek, Michael Marcial. As a business mentor and developer of personal brands, Michael has helped his clients generate over $20M. He’s also an in-demand keynote speaker and can be heard on over 200 podcasts. But don’t let his current success fool you into thinking his path has been easy...because it hasn’t. I wanted to get Michael on the show to share his business wisdom and vision for the future, but more importantly, I knew his personal story of overcoming self-doubt and uncertainty to rise from the ashes like a phoenix would be a powerful message for us in today’s COVID-19 world. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay inspired!  Connect with MichaelFacebook@MichaelMarcial6
Johnny Boyd is on the front lines of innovation as the Director of Sports at Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering. In his role as the Director of Sports, Johnny plays part strategist, part consultant, and part futurist, which is a job I envy as a sports fan and exponential technology enthusiast. In this episode, Johnny and I talk about the future of fan engagement, using exponential technologies to create the sports stadiums of the future, how to cultivate a future focused culture and team along with other informative and fun topics. We also talked a little bit about the potential effects of COVID-19 on the sports industry, which is obviously relevant right now. Johnny shares a number of very practical things you can do today to increase your level of future literacy and attack new opportunities. Check it out and please share this episode with your networks and communities.   Connect with Johnny BoydLinkedInTwitter: @ArchConfidence
My guest today is Dr. Andy Hines. Dr. Hines came highly recommended to me by a number of listeners so I was thrilled when he agreed to join me to discuss foresight and future literacy. Dr. Hines is motivated by a professional hunger to make foresight practical and useful, and he believes that foresight can help deliver the insight that is so needed in today’s organizations and the world. His goal is to infect as many change agents as possible with this message, which is why he’s honed a skill set designed to make foresight more actionable and his efforts are paying off, big time. As a co-founder and board member of the Association of Professional Futurists, the Program Coordinator of the Graduate Program on Foresight at the University of Houston, and the author of 5 books, Dr. Hines has created a solid foundation for business leaders to become professional futurists. This episode is full of valuable insights so I hope you’re ready to take notes.Helpful LinksHinesight (Personal website for speaking, workshopping, and consulting)LinkedIn@futurist_AhineGraduate Program on Foresight at the University of HoustonTop 10 Books on Foresight
GlobalFoundries is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies, generating annual revenue of over $5b and DP Prakash is the Global Head of Innovation tasked with the job of creating the company's future. DP is a dynamic leader and an innovator at his core. In this episode, we discuss the end of Moore's Law, the future of the semiconductor industry, quantum computers, and how DP is using exponential technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual/augmented reality to optimize operations and fuel innovation.BioDP Prakash is the Global Head of Innovation in the CIO office of Global Foundries with a focus on improving enterprise productivity through AI ML AR VR applications. His work includes industry leading innovations that speed up documentation of standard operating procedures by 10x, cut training time by half, reduce cognitive load in operations, deliver remote expert assistance, and redefine human machine interface for digital twins powered by AI engines.As Chief of Staff in 2017 to the current CEO of GlobalFoundries, DP Prakash has experiences in all aspects of leading and managing an organization of thousands of technologists. Spanning Research, Development and Manufacturing leadership roles, DP Prakash has numerous product yield ramp experiences gained through 17 years at IBM and 5 years at Global Foundries.In 2018, DP Prakash and his Team, in collaboration with the University of Southern California, demonstrated for the first time the VR capability to visualize walking inside chips made with nanotechnology.Along with two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM, DP Prakash holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, an MBA with honors from Jack Welch Management Institute, a certificate in Film Producing from UCLA School of Film & Television, a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. In 2019, DP Prakash also completed a certificate program on leading Innovation from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Creating a business from scratch with no money, no business experience, and no contacts that grows from zero to $1M in revenue in the first year with practically zero marketing costs seems impossible for most people. And when Sue and Alisa, the mother-daughter team behind Minky Mamas, got started, making $1M wasn’t even a fleeting thought. They simply needed to find a way to make some extra cash and decided to put their skills to work by creating a handful of one of a kind, handmade patchwork Minky blankets. With the blankets done, they hosted their first ever Facebook Live event with the hopes of selling just one blanket. To their surprise, they sold out. The decision to use Facebook Live turned out to be their silver bullet and with that silver bullet, combined with their work ethic, pure love for their community, the desire to serve others, and a high quality product, they’ve grown their community to over 15,000 people, their Facebook Live events get thousands of viewers per episode, and they sell out of their inventory nearly every show. This is a truly inspiring story that will help aspiring entrepreneurs get started on their journey. Join the Minky Mamas Facebook community: the Minky Mamas website:
What’s up everybody? Today I’m joined by the one and only, Jason Feifer. Jason is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a popular international speaker, and the host of three podcasts. Other than being the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur, Jason is best known for his incredible work with the Pessimists Archive podcast, where he explores the history of why we resist new things. On one of my favorite episodes, Jason dives into the crazy beliefs and dangers of bicycles, expressed by public figures, peeking with a news article where the writer states that every cyclist has killed at least one person. It seems unimaginable today, but people really pushed back when bikes first hit the mainstream. Jason’s ability to draw a clear line between historical stories where influential people resisted new things to how influential people today spread fear mongering on how new technology is ruining us, is a remarkable gift he possesses and is a major reason the Pessimists Archive is popular among entrepreneurs and technology innovators who deal with these types of opposing voices on a daily basis. His other podcasts are Problem Solvers, a podcast for entrepreneurs to help them identify how to overcome business challenges and Hush Money, a fun podcast Jason co-hosts with Nicole Lapin about the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. Jason is an expert storyteller and has the energy of an 8 year old excited about life, which makes him super fun to talk with and learn from. He has interviewed and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders and from those interactions he’s identified a few power levers that can be applied to increase your potential for a successful outcome in business. In this episode, Jason shares the common traits of successful entrepreneurs, how to communicate with busy leaders like him to build relationships that lead to meaningful opportunities, the future of communication with the shift from mass communication to personalized interaction, and the power of good storytelling. Check out his work in Entrepreneur Magazine and make sure to subscribe to his podcasts, which reminds me, I’m told podcasts with lots of 5 star reviews makes it easier for potential listeners to find my podcast so if you like what your hear, please take a minute to subscribe to The Way of the Futurist podcast and consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or whichever app you use to consume podcasts. I’d greatly appreciate it. As a quick heads up, Jason had a hard stop so I didn’t want to waste any time, which is why I dove straight into the interview without the typical intro. Connect with JasonWebsite: @heyfeiferInstagram: heyfeiferPodcastsPessimists ArchiveProblem SolversHush Money
What’s up everybody? Today I’m joined by an internationally known futurist. Bryan Alexander is a researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher working in the field of how technology transforms education. He’s spent nearly 20 years working with hundreds of colleges and universities, helping them understand the impact emerging technologies will have on their schools and how they can leverage these technologies to build sustainable models of the future. We touch on a number of topics I’m sure you’ll find interesting, but here’s a little teaser; we talked about his futurist book club, surveillance capitalism and what comes next as well as VR as a platform for digital storytelling and of course I asked Bryan about the future of higher education. Bryan is one of a kind and it was an honor having him on the show. Before we get into the interview, I want to plug Bryan’s new book, Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education. It hits bookshelves in January 2020, but you can pre-order it now on Pre-Order Bryan’s Book: AmazonConnect with BryanWebsite: @BryanAlexander LinkedIn: Bryan Alexander
What’s up everybody? Welcome to The Way of the Futurist podcast. On today’s episode I’m joined by Jeff Crane. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who’s been launching internet businesses since the 90’s including a dating website, a social network predating Facebook, a professional fundraising organization that landed him on a 40 under 40 list, a credit card website that ranked in the top 10 sites in the category, and a decentralized identity company to name just a few. And although Jeff is a startup junkie, what truly defines him is his ability to build deep personal relationships quickly. The first time I met Jeff I was blown away by his ability to make me feel like we’ve been friends forever  and by the end of our conversation, I was ready to follow him into battle. Jeff is a natural leader and master communicator so it’s no surprise his true passion is teaching the art of non-verbal communication. In this episode, Jeff shares how and why he got so good at reading people and teaches a few of his methods for connecting with anyone.
What’s up everybody? Welcome to The Way of the Futurist podcast where I interview future focused leaders to provide you with the tips, tricks, and tools to begin thinking and acting like a futurist so you’re prepared to dominate in business and life as we careen towards our emergent future. On today’s episode I’m joined by Cole Winans, an expert in AI, mobile technology, and computer vision. Cole is the founder and CEO of a leading AI platform company called Flyreel, which we’ll discuss in detail on the show, and his 100 successful deployments of enterprise and consumer products is proof that he’s a master at identifying ways to combine his knowledge and experience from numerous technologies in varying fields to create unique products. Cole is also a 2X Ironman and hockey champion so it’s safe to say he’s a disciplined guy who knows how to achieve at the highest levels.Quick shout out to Randy Hamilton. Randy is one of the most talented business leaders I know and is responsible for connecting me with Cole. Check out his company Clutchgrowth if you run a B2B SaaS company. Connect with ColeFlyreel: Cole Winans Twitter: @colewinans
A recast of Adam Carroll's interview of Brian Nelson on his Build A Bigger Life podcast. Adam Carroll's TEDx Talk (4.5M views) - A Bigger Life Podcast - A Bigger Life Retreat -
I have a fear...and lucky for you, we dive into it on today’s episode. I talk a lot about the future of technology with my guests, but today we’re taking a quick detour to talk about relationships and more specifically, the impact massive unemployment caused by automation and technological evolution will have on personal relationships within the home. Plus lots more.Roya Mattis is a leader of leaders. She leads an organization comprised of thousands of women, is a devoted wife and mother, a relationship expert (thanks to hundreds of hours spent with the Tony Robbins organization, Brendan Burchard, and other personal transformation leaders), and a truly remarkable human being. Roya is also an award-winning business leader, speaker, and coach. For the past 18 years, Roya has worked primarily with women, but at her core, she’s an advocate for women AND men. After many years of success in business, her new divine calling is to help women understand and use feminin and masculine energies to create powerful relationships while empowering them to realize their own unique “SHE-ness”. Roya loves sharing her message so please contact her if you’re looking for a podcast guest or speaker. She thrives on stage in front of groups of 5-10k people and of course you already know how great she is as a podcast guest after listening to this episode.Connect with RoyaWebsite: www.SHE-ness.comEmail: SHE-ness@SHE-ness.comInstagram: @royamattis & @SHEnessTribeFacebook: SHE-ness TribeSelf-awareness app we discussed: Wired2Perform
What’s up everybody? Welcome to another killer episode of The Way of the Futurist podcast. Today’s guest is none other than Richard Titus. I came to know Richard through our shared connections from the crypto community and knew right away that he was the real deal. What I didn’t know, but learned during this conversation, was that he’s a technology rock star AND a committed family man and father. I would need a separate episode just to cover his full bio so here’s just a quick snapshot before we get started. Richard was named to the Wired 100 list in 2010, he launched Razorfish and Schematic, which are two of the world’s largest digital advertising agencies. He was a Senior VP at Samsung, and the Controller of Future Media and Technology at the BBC in Great Britain. Today he’s a venture investor and executive coach. In this episode we talk about:- Richard’s early days touring with the Beach Boy’s as a sound engineer - His self-proclaimed greatest the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" - What led to his phenomenal success- How he sifts through all the amazing opportunities coming his way to decide what to work on- The impact of AI on society- The importance of being exposed to new ideas, thinking, and experiences- And most importantly, how critical it is that we are intentional in how we raise our children and support our lots more. Now that I’ve set the stage for an incredible listening experience, lets get to it. Connect with RichardWebsite: @richardtitusWikipedia: Killed the Electric Car:
What’s up everybody? Welcome to another episode of The Way of the Futurist podcast. Today’s guest is the amazingly talented, Marissa Brassfield. Marissa started her career as a writer and journalist, but is now well-known for being an exponential technology evangelist and the Operations Goddess for the Abundance Group. For the past 7 years she’s worked side-by-side with the popular entrepreneur and futurist, Peter Diamanis, and was the co-creator, along with Peter, of the world’s greatest technology conference, Abundance 360. I’ve attended the event twice and can confirm it’s greatness. Marissa is now sharing all of her knowledge and experience with her community as the founder of Ridiculously Efficient. In this episode, Marissa shares the tools she uses to stay current with exponential technologies...and even shares one of her secret sources that she’s never shared before. We also talk about the process she used to successfully train her team to think and act like futurists. And for the first time ever, on public record, Marissa shares the detailed story of how she met and began working with Peter Diamandis. It’s a story of boldness, curiosity, and persistence. Marissa is a natural leader and cares deeply about people and relationships. We finish the conversation talking about the work she’s doing now to help people around the world achieve their unique flavor of freedom. I hope you enjoy this interview with Marissa as much as I did. Now before we get started, I have to apologize for the sound quality. I was traveling during this episode so it’s not as crisp as I’d like, but I guarantee you won’t even notice once we get started. Marissa was just that good.Get connected to MarissaRidiculously Efficient - - @efficientThings mentioned in this episode:Abundance 360 - A360Futurism.comSingularity UniversityMIT Technology ReviewFuturity.orgPeter's 6 D'sPeter's book "Abundance"Theranos Documentary
In this episode of The Way of the Futurist podcast, I interview my long-time friend and mentor, Lincoln Cannon. I talk to Lincoln about his experience teaching himself how to code before the days of the internet, the creation of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, his involvement in bitcoin, startups, and the OS Fund as well as what the future of technology holds for humanity. Lincoln is a technologist, philosopher, and leading advocate of technological evolution and postsecular religion. He is the founder of the human enhancement company, Thrivous, which develops and distributes nootropics to enhance cognition and geroprotectors to support healthy aging. Lincoln is also the founder and current board member of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, the world’s largest advocacy network for ethical use of technology and religion to extend human abilities. Links to Items MentionedThrivous - World Table - Transhumanist Association - University - LinksPersonal website - - @LincolnCannon
Today's episode is a special 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing episode with Rod Pyle, a bonafide space geek. Rod is a space historian and futurist who has written 15 mass market books on space and another 3 books for internal use at NASA. His four latest books have all been published this year, which makes him one of the most accomplished authors today. In this episode Rod and I talk about the moment he knew he would work in the space industry and how he worked his way into positions that led him to work with NASA in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Johnson Space Center. We also explore the future of space travel and the space industry. Rod is hopeful that international collaboration on space exploration will help with international relations. Rod is an amazing storyteller and believe me, he has stories to tell.Today would be a great day to share this episode as America celebrates the accomplishments of NASA and the Apollo 11 mission.To find Rod's books, visit
Jeff Jessee is the 2019 US Senior Surfing Champion...but he wasn’t always the man he is today. This episode is different than the others. Instead of focusing on emerging technologies and futurism, we focus on overcoming self-inflicted hardships. As entrepreneurs, business leaders and generally as human beings, we deal with hardships and obstacles that we must overcome to find success. Many of us are dealing with situations that require us to make massive changes in our mindset and actions if we want to continue on our entrepreneurial and business paths, which is why I believe this episode is so important. In this episode we dive deep into Jeff’s dark past and learn how he was able to break the shackles of addiction and past mistakes to begin living a happy and fulfilling life. His story was so compelling and impactful that I had to include it in this podcast.   
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