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No matter how hopeless your condition may be in the sight of men, there is no room for despair. All things are possible to God. You have a promise of restoration. JESUS is as good as He is powerful. Hope therefore in Him.
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We have a predicament in our nation. The Government is paying people large sums of money not to work. People are not going to work if they can stay home and enjoy themselves and still get a check. Businesses are struggling to find new workers. Many blame the monthly federal unemployment benefits. As a result of all that is happening. there is a spirit in this nation - a spirit of slothfulness. And I am afraid that this spirit is creeping into the Church as well.
"A true Christian living in the world is like a ship sailing on the ocean. It is not the ship being in the water which will sink it, but the water getting into the ship. So, in like manner, the Christian is not ruined by living in the world...but by the world living in him. Our daily avocations, yea, our most lawful employments, have need to be narrowly watched, lest they insensibly steal upon our affections, and draw away our hearts from God." (The Biblical Illustrator)
"They have acted according to the dictates of their own lusts, have set up their own will, the wills of the flesh, and the carnal mind, in competition with, and contradiction to the will of God. They have walked after the imagination of their own hearts; they would do as they pleased, whatever God and conscience said to the contrary." (Matthew Henry)
"When the darkness of evil prevails in the intellectual world, or the moral world, or the social world, then there will surely be abounding error, moral mischiefs, spiritual depression, and vital disease." (The Pulpit Commentary)
"The word of command has always been, Follow Me. We must eye Him (JESUS) as our leader and captain, and tread in His steps, and walk as He walked - follow the prescriptions of His Word, the intimations of His providence, and the directions of His Spirit - follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes. In vain do we hear His voice if we do not follow Him." (Matthew Henry)
"The Christian race is easy when the runners are strong and the course is smooth. But oh, it is very difficult when the hearts are heavy, and the hands nerveless, and the limbs are weak, and the way is rough and steep!" (The Pulpit Commentary)
"If the apostle's time demanded wakeful spirits, much more do these times. Alas, how many so-called Christians are fast asleep! The enemy is upon them, and they do not heed the approach...They are not awake to the calls of duty...We must shake off the torpor of indifference. Sleepy men are an easy prey to evil!" (The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary)
Time To Go Higher

Time To Go Higher


"The life of a Christian is a race, wherein he must run, and hold on, if he would obtain the prize. It is not enough that we run in this race, by a profession of Christianity, but we must run well, by living up to that profession." (Matthew Henry)
"The Lord's especial presence was revealed upon the mercy seat between the cherubim, and in all our pleadings, we should come to the Lord by this way: only upon the mercy seat will God reveal His grace, and only there can we hope to commune with Him. Let us ever plead the name of Jesus, Who is our true mercy seat, to whom we may come boldly, and through whom we may look for a display of the glory of the Lord on our behalf." (Treasury Of David)
"Jesus Christ is the best of shepherds, the best in the world to take the over-sight of souls, none so skillful, so faithful, so tender, as He, no such feeder and leader, no such protector and healer of souls as He." (Matthew Henry)
Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil


"No net of trouble can so hold us that the Lord cannot free us. Our afflictions may be numerous and complicated, but prayer can set us free from them all, for the Lord will show Himself strong on our behalf." (The Treasury Of David)
An Irreverent Age

An Irreverent Age


"The greatest concern in our prayers and in our lives should be the hallowing of the name of God. It is of utmost importance that God Himself be reverenced, honored, glorified, and exalted. In our prayer and daily walk, we must be intensely concerned with the reputation of God, His Church, His Gospel, and His kingdom. To do something that brings scandal upon the name and character of the Lord is a hideous sin that puts Him to open shame." (The Full Life Study Bible)
"God is the Judge of all the earth; He gives charge to all, takes cognizance of all, and will pass sentence upon all." (Matthew Henry) God's eyes are open. He is regarding, recording, and reserving to bring to judgment when the books are opened. What do your ways and works look like? Make them good for you will be judged accordingly.
Martin Luther said - "Christ is alive, otherwise I would not wish to live an hour." Fredrich Miconius said - "Christ liveth, and reigneth, otherwise I should be utterly out of hope." "The Living God" was the most glorious and distinctive of all the names of God. God was known to the Israelites as "The Living God" from the time of Moses. As a Christian, you serve the same God! He is "the living God!" Your testimony is - "The LORD liveth!" And "because He lives, you shall live also."
"There are many things which we know, but are not the better for, because we do not consider them, we do not apply them to ourselves, nor draw proper inferences from them." (Matthew Henry) It is so important that we "consider" what a God He is with Whom we have to do. One of Satan's chief devices is to keep men from "consideration" - especially when it pertains to the Character of God. That is why, in this message, we will think deliberately about the Sovereignty of God.
"Now, if we start in the journey of life without a guide, we shall be sure to go astray and wander from the right path. We shall find many guides offering their services, but who will only lead us on to ruin. We are better without them. The only safe guide, on whom we may always rely with confidence, is JESUS our Savior." (The Biblical Illustrator)
"The fact that God knows the heart, or that He understands all the secret thoughts, purposes, and motives of people, is one that is everywhere affirmed in the Scriptures." (Barnes' Notes)
Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way


"Amid the darkness which everywhere presses upon us, God is the lamp of His people, the source of their comfort and gladness." (The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary) The Apostle John gave us the sum of what they heard from Jesus' preaching - the sum of all that He said. That "message" was - "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all." Jesus is the "Light of the world." He also is the God Who "shows His people light in their darkness."
Both Jonah and David faced great danger and death. Both found deliverance in Yeshuwah - "Salvation." Both came to the conclusion - "Salvation is of the LORD." "Salvation belongeth unto the LORD." Are you facing danger today? Are you surrounded by the threat of death? Settle it in your heart today that "Salvation is of the LORD and "Salvation belongeth unto the LORD."
"In the Christian Church, there is a mixture of nominal and real Christians...The false are the careless or indifferent; the self-righteous or sentimental; the hollow-hearted or hypocritical. The true are penitents, believers, new creatures...The Head of the Church knows the true character of all its members...The Head of the Church will separate the precious from the vile..." (The Biblical Illustrator)
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