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The podcast of life stories. Tell your story on this podcast
Michael Rivera

Michael Rivera


Michael discusses growing up in Hong Kong, discovering his passion for Archaeology, the difficulties he faced going to college half a world away in an unfamiliar culture and society which at times made him feel unwelcome and marginalized, how he ... Read Entire Post



Cory talks with Ash about her life, from Detroit to Texas and beyond. Ash opens up about the culture shock of her move, when seeking help for medical needs was answered with religion, what affect alcohol had on her life, ... Read Entire Post
Bob aka Rob Jung

Bob aka Rob Jung


“I’m a storyteller. Sometimes, I put those stories on paper. That makes me a writer. When they get published, I become an author. But, essentially, I’m a storyteller.” – Rob Jung, https://robjungwriter.comIf you enjoy this podcast please consider recommending ... Read Entire Post
Bite Size Biographies, the new biography podcast about life stories, is coming soon.Click to Subscribe onApple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsRSS... Read Entire Post
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Cory Thorpe

Hi all, commenting to let you know we read this comments section and are interested in your thoughts! Thank you for listening.

Nov 8th
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