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I talk to Jason Myers, trailer editor (and my karate partner).We talk about the world of editing trailers, salvaging bad films and working with Michael Bay on Transformers.He tells us how to make a trailer, his trailer geekiness and the Golden Trailer Awards.We talk editing sport, using music so good in trailers that they put it in the film and the worst films.Jason, over a Japanese whisky, tells us how Tom Cruise took away his Super Bowl spot, getting to the cinema early to watch his work and the thrills - and frustrations - of how they select trailers after months of work.
Over a gold rush and a whiskey sour, I talk to the Closet Files - a pair of high-flying personal stylists.We talk fashion, dressing men and styling women for work and leisure.They explain why clients need a stylist, going through people’s wardrobes and working with celebrities.We talk about authentic style, telling clients the truth and working with Mariska Hargitay and Alyssa Milano.And how to dress for divorce court…
We talk to Sportiqe co-founder Jason Franklin.He tells us about catching a Hulk Hogan shirt at WrestleMania, how being a ball boy for the Chicago Bulls changed his life and wearing personalized hoodies.He cracks open a Japanese whisky and explains why he founded Sportiqe, his children stopping strangers in the street to talk about their clothing and his dream of working with Taylor Swift.Jason talks about the importance of music to his life, why fans want premium merchandise and Christmas presents for the extended family.A great chat about sports, apparel and going on a first date chauffeured by one of the world’s most famous basketball players.
The whisky podcast is back and we have the excellently-voices Benjamin Percy aboard.The comic book writer tells us, over a Lagavulin 16, which super heroes would drink, how comics helped him as a kid moving cities and why Marvel is so good.We talk nerds, Batman and how hard it is to write novels.While I drink Wolfburn, we cover the growth of comics, his career ambitions and how Endgame changes the industry.And his next novel, Sky Vault, releases in September of this year -
American in Paris, Hollywood writer and whisky lover Patrick Macmanus is the latest guest on the podcast.We explore learning languages, Americans abroad and what makes a good leader.Over a Dalmore 12 and a Glenfiddich Grand Cru, we swap whisky stories, what makes a good Hollywood writer and diplomatic life.And he tells us why he wants to drink a Japanese whisky with LBJ and in a Washington cemetery.
We talk to hat-preneur and marketeer Alan Miller.We talk fashion hats, washing hats, hat designs and basically all things hat.Over an Alexander Murray, he talks about owning 100s of hats, all-mesh hats, corduroy hats, wool hats, numbered hats, baseball hats, who buys their hats and his favorite hats.He explains why he founded his hat company Official League, hat culture and whether he would wear a Yorkshire flat cap.
We talk to sports exec (and sports fanatic) David Siegel.We discuss his love of sport, pitching to his heroes and how bad some of the national anthems were at Dodgers Stadium.David tells us about a career in a baseball front office, sport as entertainment and his greatest memories with the Los Angeles Dodgers.We talk about LA's sporting riches, his work with the LA Sports Council and what is coming next for this sports-mad city.And we talk Johnnie Walker Blue, Sandy Koufax and Tommy LaSorda.
We talk rock music, whisky, crypto and the future of banking with the extraordinary Bob Schukai.The EVP of Open Banking at Mastercard tells us his about love of Orange County rockers Social Distortion, his fascination with technology and buying a coffee with Bitcoin.We talk about biometrics in banking, fraud and using your palm to pay.We also cover the future of money, the importance of privacy and the end of cash.And why he wants to share an Oban with MLK in Atlanta.
We talk to former British diplomat-turned-novelist Leigh Turner.Leigh tells us about his new novel Palladium, getting clearance from the British Foreign Office to write these books and the motivation behind his new career.We discuss managing crises - from civil unrest to planning for earthquakes and plane crashes, why representing the modern version of diplomatic life is so important and writing what you know.Leigh talks us about his early books - The Skip outside the Lenin Museum, Blood Summit and his anthology of hotel stories - and as the previous Ambassador to Ukraine, we talk about the conflict with Russia and what happens next.And he tells us why he wants to drink Macallan with the Queen.Home - Leigh Turner/Robert Pimm: novels, short stories and more (
We speak to endurance athlete and motivational speaker Grant Lottering.He talks us through his near-death experience on an Italian mountaintop after a horrific bike crash, his road to recovery and his journey to inspire others.We discuss his charitable work, making the most of his second chance and his 72-hour non-stop ride across Southern California.Grant talks in great detail about the moment he  nearly died, his faith and the ‘angelic’ visit from the Italian doctor who saved him.An inspiring and painful story of one man’s journey to make something of the second half of his life.
Joining us for our first live interview in 2 years, it is American Idol favourite Elliott Yamin.He tells us his story of driving hours to a first audition for Season 5 of the show and his ascent to finishing third.We share a Bowmore 10 and discuss the power of music, the challenges of instant fame and his months on tour with American Idol playing full stadia across the US.He talks about working with Stevie Wonder, becoming a 'Barry Fanilow' and the singing education he got as part of the show.Elliott discusses fame, his gratitude to the show and his current music career.And there is even time to talk sports, dog walking and parenthood.
I speak to whisky impresario Chris Uhde.He tells his story of failed rock star to whisky expert, why he fell in love with scotch and learning about whiskies from around the world.We talk scotch, rice whisky, as well as Belgian, Indian and Welsh drinks.Chris talks about collecting whisky, the enjoyment of sharing a dram with people and talks us through some of the best whisky he as tasted.He explains how he became - and remains the Los Angeles Voice of Whisky - and why he would want to share a whisky with his grandmother.And we share a Fukano.A fascinating discussion with a real whisky expert.
An independent baseball team in Oregon have been going viral due to the exploits of their mascot - a giant pickle.Over a glass of Bulleit, we talk to Ross Campbell, General Manager of the Portland Pickles about Dillon T. Pickle and his exploits.You'll hear about his viral - and inappropriate - picture, being mislaid by Delta on the way back from the Dominican Republic and then being stolen by a porch pirate.Ross gives us the inside story of the pickle who made all the late night shows, the Daily Mail and the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
We talk to Emily Cloke, British Consul General for Southern California, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada.Over a glass of Balvenie, we talk diplomacy in a pandemic, remote working as a parent and diversity in the British Foreign Service.She tells us about the work of a diplomat in Los Angeles, the value of the creative industries and working with the Mayor on climate change.We take about the soft power value of sports, movies and whisky (and gin and tea!), what she hopes to achieve as the world opens up and meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger.
We talk to Johnny, who has built a substantial following pairing whisky and donuts.As we share a dream and a sugary cake, he explains how this bit of fun turned into a serious endeavor and a change of career, the world of savory donuts and his work in the whisky industry.Johnny tells us about shakshuka donuts, hot chicken donuts and the simple pleasures of blueberry glazed donuts.We talk pairings with whisky, building a community and he tells us the importance of donuts to Americans.
In the first episode of 2022, we talk to wedding and event designer Charley King.She tells us about the extraordinary world of events in Los Angeles, working with elephants and llamas (including one that fell in a swimming pool!) and helping people create special moments with friends and families.She talks through the importance of making weddings personal to the couple, navigating the complicated world of cancellations in a pandemic and how masks designs have improved in the past two years.Charley tells us about the impact of Covid on her business and 'her couples', finding the right way through the past two years and how much events have changed.A fascinating insight into an intriguing world.
We talk to the passionate Michele Kajiwara, SVP Premium at the STAPLES Center.She talks about selling sports experiences in a Covid world, the impact of the social justice movement and how much she missed the thrill of live entertainment during the pandemic.Michele talks passionately about the sports experience, tells the story of being invited to a funeral of one her clients and how all the stories were of shared experiences and what it is like to be in a sports venue when something truly historic happens.She talks about Kobe Bryant, his impact on her and the night he scored 81 points.And she explains why she wants to share a Japanese whisky with Bob Marley in the Seychelles.
We talk to Shaun Robinson, manager of the Hilton Anaheim, California's third largest hotel.He tells stories from his 30+ years in the business including meeting Pele and Muhammed Ali, how we got his start as a waiter in Newport Beach and dealing with power cuts.He talks about having to furlough most of his 1200 staff due to the pandemic, how they dealt with 9/11 and the glitz and glamor of working in Beverly Hills.Shaun talks about why he left Liverpool to work in hospitality, when Stevie Wonder played in the lobby of his hotel and explains the leadership lessons he learned along the way.A fascinating behind-the-scenes take on life in the hospitality business by an entertaining and thoughtful leader.
We talk to the only Scotsman to headline on the Las Vegas Strip, Jimmy Denning.He tells us about sharing limos with Wayne Newton, how Matt Goss mixes his whisky and being sick in one of the most expensive suites in Vegas.He explains the different sides of his adopted hometown, living life there to excess but also what real life  off the Strip is like.Jimmy talks about his serious brush with Covid, when his band will return to the Strip and why he wants to share a Macallan with Garth Brooks.
We talk to Clare Risman, former British diplomat and now Executive Director of the St George’s Society of New York.We talk about the historic charity, their role supporting everyone from Titanic survivors, to creating a 9/11 Memorial Garden to the wide range of support they provide today.We discuss running a charity during a global pandemic, how donors are treated like investors and ways of giving beyond just financial.Clare talks about her time in Government, the adventures supporting the GREAT Campaign including trying to navigate a London Bus around New York, introducing Prince Harry to the Queen of Dragons and her adventures with the Red Arrows aerobatic display team.A fun and interesting discussion about modern diplomacy and charity.
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