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Character Matters with Todd Dionne

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WHO you become is more important than WHAT you achieve. Becoming > Achieving. The reason I started this podcast is because I believe that our society is primed and ready to dive deeply into the issues related to Character. People are realizing that Character Matters. Here are the reasons Character will be an incredibly important topic in the years to come. 1. You want to be a better you. 2. You don't want to be like "them". 3. You want to be a person that can be happy with yourself and the outcomes of your life. 4. You want to influence others to be better. 5. You truly want to make the world a better place and you realize that begins with a better you. This podcast has been created to focus on the topic of personal character development. It is my intention to provide great, relevant content on the topic of character development and to suggest tools and resources that will further enhance your striving to become who you have the potential to become. It is my hope that as we journey together that I can help you understand how the world really works and how you relate to it, relate to yourself, relate to others and relate to God as well.Yes, there is a faith based element to my podcast but my intention is to never be preachy but to simply use all of the "best" resources to explain, illustrate and apply universal PRINCIPLES so that you can live life abundantly. My hope is that by being engaged with this podcast you will be able to make the changes in your life you want to make, improve the areas you want to improve, become the person you want to become and create the future that you want to create. Who can benefit from this podcast? People who want to begin their personal growth journey. People who want to improve their mindset and attitude. People who lead others. People who want to get the most out of life. People who want to add value to others. People who want to be better at what they do. People who want to change or improve improve their lives.
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In this podcast I have the opportunity to interview two business owners and business influencers in Austin, TX.  Joel Coffman and Scholley Bubenik head up the Ethics in Business Alliance in Austin whose purpose is to help businesses become aware of the importance of ethical business practices to enhance a company culture that can create more business opportunities, enhance company reputation, improve employee retention and customer satisfaction. Those are just a few of the potential benefits of joining the Ethics in Business Alliance movement. Discover more at Support the show (
In this episode I continue to explore how the Ten Commandments, one of the world's longest standing social contracts, is still relevant today and why we should continue to explore the implications on culture and society if we eliminate them from our national and personal consciousness. Support the show (
In this episode you'll discover what is required to have a moral foundation for strong character. Morals are deeply rooted in religion and influenced by philosophy. Essentially, morals are personal values, but as we will see these values cannot be subjective from one individual to the next. As you'll hear there needs to be some kind of universal moral honor code that at the very least sets the lowest limits of acceptable behavior. I suggest that if you start anywhere you might ought to consider the 10 Commandments, especially since morals are influenced by both religion and philosophy. It seems like a very basic place to start building a foundation. I think you'll appreciate looking at the 10 Commandments in the way that I have communicated them in this episode. In the episode I'll cover the first 5 of the 10 commandments. So dust off those bibles and get ready to check the quality of your moral foundation. Support the show (
Maybe Stephen Covey had the right idea when he stated, "Most of the great cultural shifts – ones that have built great organizations [and might I add nations and societies] that sustain long-term growth, prosperity and contribution to the world – started with the choice of one person. Regardless of the person’s position, these people first changed themselves from the inside out."In this episode I ask some tough questions about our character and what current events reveals about the character of our nation and of our fellow citizens. The reason for the protest is justifiable however the riots, looting, death and destruction of private property should make us reflect on the motives, intents and excuses people make for turning violent and destructive.Where does the reform that is needed begin? Right now Character Matters more than one can imagine. It will be the difference between finding and implementing mutually beneficial solutions or alienating one another and things remaining the same. Support the show (
In this episode we will explore the one key character trait that must be developed so that you can turn challenges, failures, and setbacks into stepping stones for success. Unfortunately, many people give you far to early therefore they do not experience the fruit of their efforts or see their dreams become reality. You'll discover 11 steps you can take that can help you to develop and maintain a state of perseverance so that you are prepared to overcome hopelessness which will enable you to (per) make it through (severe) grave and serious circumstances.  Don't overlook the role of perseverance in your life and how it is used to mold you character for greater opportunities and challenges and greater levels of success. Support the show (
On today's episode you'll hear the definition as integrity as a virtue but I will take you deeper introducing you to the The Law of Integrity. It's likely that you have never heard integrity explained in the manner that I explain in this episode. Integrity is the core virtue of all of the virtues therefore your character will align to your virtues or vices, whichever governs you inner life. The Law of Integrity will help you understand why you are the way you are and why your character is what it is. I'll not just help you know what it is that is limiting you I'll also take you past just putting band-aids on your character by providing 6 suggestions that can help you on your journey towards high-grade character. Support the show (
In this episode I interview Pat Williams about his most recent book, Character Carved in Stone - The 12 Core Virtues of West Point That build Leaders and Produce Success. You will be encouraged and challenged to pursue your character development as you hear Pat's insights that he provides from his own character journey and what we can learn from the virtues taught to future leaders at West Point Academy. . I encourage all you who are leaders, influencers and upcoming leaders purchase and add this book to your library! Amazon Link follows or you can find the book in the business section of major bookstores. the show (
Today, I discuss the book, The Character Gap - How Good Are We?, with the author Dr. Christian B. Miller. Dr. Miller's book dives into the topic character using studies and research that can help one come to a more realistic conclusion about his degree of character. Dr. Miller doesn't stop there. He also encourages us to take the steps to improve our character by making real life application of research, philosophy and spirituality. I highly recommend that you purchase and of course read this book for yourself because one of the first steps to improve your character is self awareness and this work will make you acutely self aware of the condition of your character. You can purchase the book through the Amazon link provided and you can follow Dr. Miller on social media using the tag - @CharacterGap B. Miller is A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and Director of the Character Project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton World Charity Foundation. He is the author of over 75 papers as well as two books with Oxford University Press, Moral Character: An Empirical Theory (2013) and Character and Moral Psychology (2014). He is also the editor or co-editor of Essays in the Philosophy of Religion (Oxford University Press), Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology (Oxford University Press), and several other volumes. Support the show (
Are you tired of compromising your character for short term gain or small time wins? It is time that you learned the steps you can take to stop compromising and start winning in life. In this episode you will hear sin defined in a way that is broader than moral compromise, broader than what you may be familiar with yet gets to the heart of the reasons you often do compromise your character for short term gratification. This isn't a theology lesson, although I do refer to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden, this is a mindset lesson and it is in this story that we can see ourselves and the reasons for all types of compromise in your life, compromises that often tell you much about you and how much you value self and others. Isn't time to break out of the scarcity mindset? There is a whole garden available to you to meet your needs in a positive, helpful, constructive and life giving manner. Support the show (
The root cause of a restricted or diminished character could be limited, scarcity mindset. Besides if you believe that everyone else gets there's and gets "there's" through unethical or immoral means then why shouldn't you do the same? In this two part series I will be sharing with you the importance of developing an abundance mindset and how developing an abundance mindset can super charge your character formation. You'll hear a very familiar story, the story of Adam and Eve, explained and applied. Maybe you'll see yourself in that story for the first time. Maybe you'll conclude that to many people are picking from the same tree ignoring the rest of the garden! My hope is that your eyes will be opened to the rest of the garden as you discover the truth that this world has been created with abundance. Your key take away may be something like this. "God's limitation to not eat from the one tree is an invitation to eat from all the others."Support the show (
In this episode I share with you the last 3 of the Six Action steps you can take for character formation. Each of these action steps or attitudes are essential for you to become who you want to become so that you can achieve what it is you want to achieve in life. These actions steps will allow you to increase your influence with others too. Besides everyone wants to know someone they can emulate and model their lives after. The last 3 actions steps are Make small changes, Do good works and do great work, and lastly Speak Great Words - to yourself and to others will change your life for the better and keep you on the path to become the person you desire to be.Support the show (
In episode three I cover the first 3 of 6 actions steps that you can take that will help you evaluate and develop your Character. The first steps include self-awareness, maintaining a malleable mindset and putting yourself in the presence of great people through podcast, books, conferences, or coaching. You will begin to see noticeable improvements by intentionally acting on the first 3 actions steps, but stay tuned for part two when I will cover the last 3 action steps. I'll take you on an emotional journey with me as I recall some life changing experiences that caused me to rethink my life, my purpose and the questions I began to ask myself about my own character formation. Support the show (
Frodo, the hobbit hero of the Lord of the Rings, faced an immense challenge with regular tests of his character during his saga of returning the ring to be destroyed. The ring promised power to anyone who wielded it. Frodo took on the burden that was to much of a temptation to weak willed and weak minded men. During his journey we see both Frodo's strengths and weakness and we see him grow through the challenges. The ring tested his character and will and so did the journey, but in the end he proved his character, saved himself and many others too! The Lord of the Rings saga truly captures character through story. But in many ways it is more than a story. It is also your and my story too. What will we become as we face the challenges and tests of life? How will those test impact us? Will we become better through them? Can we see ourselves becoming better? Becoming "proven"? Attaining proven character requires three ingredients. 1. You 2. Challenges and Test 3. Taking responsibility (response ability) for our responses to those tests. In this episode I share some valuable truths that can assist you, whatever your level of character, at attaining PROVEN character so that you can become a Frodo in the time of weak willed and weak minded people. Support the show (
Character Defined

Character Defined


Character is not easily defined, but it easily identified. As a matter of fact when you think of character you most likely think of a person who has inspired you, whom you want to emulate rather than a rigid definition. That is the nature of Character. You know good character when you see it likewise you know bad character as well. In this episode I not only want to make an attempt to define character, but also implore you to make your character one of your highest priorities because WHO you become is more important than WHAT you achieve. Support the show (
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