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Author: Mark Howard

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Mark Howard is an Intuitive Business Coach and has over 20 years of experience in growing businesses. He was also born with the gift of Psychic Mediumship and uses these additional gifts in helping businesses in ways that over coaches cannot.
He has also launched the FOCUS Program which is a unique system to help businesses to develop and grow further.
17 Episodes
If you run workshops or training or considering going to then finding a venue to cater to you can be costly. In this podcast, I give you the best ever tip for affordable training rooms that will save you literally $$$
How long does it take to prepare for your presentations? Do you know how to aim it right for your audience? In this episode, I give an example of how preparing for one presenter went drastically wrong, and how one business coach stunned a teacher with his preparation questions.
In this episode I will go through the three must-have business tools you can start using NOW, which will save you time, money, retain clients and convert sales. Implement these today and you will see an immediate change you the way you work and how you work!
App Review - Bonjoro

App Review - Bonjoro


Bonjoro is a free app and service available for both Andriod and IoS. It allows you as a business owner to connect directly with your customers to increase client satisfaction and trust, as well as those in your sales funnel to increase sales conversions. Integration into all the top CRMs, Sales systems, Online stores, and mailing systems, this is the one must have App for your business.
How two franchises went head to head in a small town and the comical effect it had. Sometimes you can be competing with those that are not your competition - you waste time, money and energy pursuing something that was never there!
How to sell a Pussy Mirror

How to sell a Pussy Mirror


Yes, you read that correctly. A recent personal experience for me saw a successful sell an item that has affectionally been called the pussy mirror - and it has nothing to do with cats!
An article in the UK press highlighted a big business decision change carried out by a Nursery school when they changed their menu to a full Vegan menu. This in itself should not have been an issue but not letting ANY of the parents know of the change has had a big backlash As business owners just how transparent are you with your customers? In this podcast, I highlight the issues and problems you as a business owner could be facing.
How many times have you told "friends" and family on facebook about an idea or business incentive, get tons of response but ZERO sales? In this episode, I explain why this happens and what you need to do to ensure you get sales. ------------------------
The Tea Journey interview

The Tea Journey interview


The Tea Journey is a fast-growing online business from Cape Town and in this episode, it was my privilege to interview the owner and Founder, Danielle Banfield about her experiences in starting up a company, the challenges she had and the new changes she is bringing on board to take her business to the next level. ________ To find out more about the Tea journey please visit ________
SEO companies tend to be expensive and do not guarantee results. Although the major corporations tend to employ full-time SEO engineers, how can a startup or SME get a foothold without paying over the odds? Does Google really need everything that SEO companies tell us it needs or are they blinding us with science? The truth maybe not as it seems and getting higher rankings on Google may not need the use of an SEO company at all! _____
If you have been asked to go to a business networking meeting such as BNI or First Friday, you might be a little lost at what to do. Indeed many experienced networkers are not taking full advantage of the opportunities that are open to them and in this podcast, I give you the top 6 tips to ensure you get the best out of any business networking you attend _______________
Many businesses offer different products and services and some may be outside of their actual core business. The issue is that they tend t start to look like a One-stop-shop fits all and this ends up diluting their core business and people start to question what is it they actually do. The phrase "Jack of all trades, Master of none" bring this way of working into focus
DIY are you saving money

DIY are you saving money


DIY sounds like fun but should you restrict this to your home or extend it into your business as well? The problem is many business owners and especially startups think that doing work that they can pay someone else to do, themselves, will save them money in the long run. The reality is they are actually doing more harm to their business and losing money at the same time!
Isn't it frustrating? You work hard to manage and grow your mailing list and then you get people unsubscribing. In this episode, I tell you 2 techniques that will convert those unsubscribes back to your list and even turn them into clients.
In this epsiode, I explain why so many business owners fall down on trying to go cheap on their services and undercutting their competition. Understanding your worth and your value will ensure that you meet your client needs and requirements.
In this episode, I take you through one of the simplest techniques that I teach business owners to ensure that not only do they have ht right product BUT their product is what their clients want to buy. All this without even spending any money on making the product or service and ensuring you are hitting the 20% market audience that will buy.
In this epsiode, I talk about the importance and why you need to profile your clients. By understanding their needs, fears, dreams, and desires, you are able to market directly to them. Many SME's will fall short of doing this simple step and the fact that you need to do this in order to later do advertising, can save you a lot of money and see a quicker ROI
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