Discoverbtg-dad; battling parental alienation
btg-dad; battling parental alienation
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btg-dad; battling parental alienation

Author: btg-dad

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I am an alienated parent of three. Part-time psychiatric nurse, part-time writer. I am also an online activist against parental alienation. I use my knowledge of mental health and lived experience of parental alienation to promote awareness of parental alienation.
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Due to parental alienation btg-dad is unjustifiably denied a relationship with any of his children. This is due to the illegal actions and behaviours of the other (resident) parent. The family justice system has threatened to put the other parent in prison if they do not permit a relationship between btg-dad and their children. However the family justice system is flawed, outdated and simply does not care. btg-dad will never give up on his children.
I Have Four Children

I Have Four Children


A heartbreaking account of a mother's experience of parental alienation. For more podcasts on parental alienation go to
An anonymised story of alienated children within the family justice system.  A family justice system that openly fails to safeguard children against harm. For more information on parental alienation go to
An alienated parent's experience of the flawed system that is the family justice system. For more information on parental alienation go to
How my best friend helps me face parental alienation.
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