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Why Can’t I? Podcast with Sarah Hagstrom
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Why Can’t I? Podcast with Sarah Hagstrom

Author: Sarah Hagstrom

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Sarah Hagstrom is a long-time entrepreneur who started out as a health coach, she is on a spiritual journey helping other business owners and coaches tap into their hearts and share their gifts in a way that leads to an unlimited abundance of money, time & fulfillment. This podcast is an example of what balance, ease and joy in business look like without compromise. If you’re interested in health & wellness, entrepreneurship, becoming the best version of yourself, or spiritual growth, you’re going to love the Why Can’t I? podcast.
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Today I interviewed Empowerher podcast host Kacia Ghetmiri, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster with over 8 million downloads, real estate investor & event host. She shares the season of business she’s in, transitioning to all in-person events and real estate, what it’s like to be new at something and how to take the first step.Connect with Kacia:@kacia.ghetmiri & @empowerher.podcastConnect with Sarah: out Inner Money Flow: Other things you’ll learn in this episode:- How to build an engaged brand- What it takes to create a podcast with 8 million downloads- How to overcome imposter syndrome- How to take the first step even if it feels super overwhelming- What it’s like to navigate a period of stuckness and lack of clarity in your business and lifeI really hope this episode inspires you to share your message and live your life with purpose,Sarah Hagstrom
In this episode, we'll dive into the topic of personal growth and healing, specifically exploring how to release judgment, overcome stubbornness, and embrace inner work as an entrepreneur. I'll share some of the insights and tools I've discovered on my own healing journey, as well as practical tips and strategies to help you move through any personality patterns that may be holding you back.If you enjoyed this personal share, tag me on instagram and let me know: If you’re an entrepreneur ready to do some of this inner work, join me Inner Money Flow:
One of the most powerful things we can share with you is how to connect to your inner guidance. Without that connection, you may find yourself struggling to create the life you most desire.This episode would be great if you could use some positive energy in your life right now, feel like fear is controlling you, you’re having a hard time moving forward in your business, and you’re ready to reach your full potential.If you’re ready to move out of worry and step into flow with your business, Peter and I would love to welcome you into our Inner Money Flow program. You can join us here: https://innermoneyflow.comThe program is open to new entrepreneurs, those on a spiritual journey, health coaches, past clients, and friends. I hope to see you inside.
After reflecting on the coaches and entrepreneurs I've worked with, I am sharing some growth patterns I’ve noticed. If you’re ready to step into your dream business or life, this episode may be the fast track you need, much of it has to do with deep inner work. The students that get the best results are those who are true to themselves and listen to what their soul is telling them vs social media trends or what other entrepreneurs are doing in their businesses. If you’re ready to tap into your own flow and stop chasing the algorithm, join us in Inner Money Flow:https://innermoneyflow.comConnect with Sarah on Instagram: 
This show is for entrepreneurs who desire a life of abundance and success while still staying true to their desires for a balanced, joyful life.In addition to trusting the process, we will also cover how to start sharing your gifts, and release attachments. At the end we'll share affirmations, and a powerful experience to play with during the week ahead.Our work has always been about balance, trying easier, and providing services that empower others. You can read more about us here:
Today I have my husband Peter on, talking about how we’re helping entrepreneurs and coaches move past doubt & fear once and for all. If you’re ready to move forward and share your message with the world this episode has some great tools and exercises for you. If you love it, please leave a review or let us know.Join us in Inner Money Flow, our spiritual path for entrepreneurs: with Sarah on with Sarah & Peter on Instagram:
If you’re looking for some ideas on how to start your day for abundance, manifestation, overall health, and calling in exactly what you want, I’m sharing mine. This is a simple routine I created while dealing with my own health challenge and I love it even more than the routine I had previously. Use this as a guide, put your own spin on it, and then let me know what yours looks like. If your morning routine needs a revamp, this is the episode for you.Connect with Sarah on Instagram: me in Inner Money Flow, for entrepreneurs who desire a life of abundance and success while still staying true to their desires for a balanced, joyful life. Less force, more flow:
Today I have the lovely Natalie Grace on the Podcast explaining how we can use Tarot cards to tap into our intuition, she also gives us an overview of what the Akashic records are and how we can access them. I share with Natalie about my spiritual awakening and how we've been helping others discover their purpose with our new spiritual path. Natalie holds a sacred mission to activate fellow lightworkers and wayshowers by empowering them to step into their truth, and I'm excited to share this conversation with you.Connect with Natalie Crystal Aura Tarot: www.crystalauratarot.comConnect with Natalie on Instagram:'s Podcast: www.theinitiatespodcast.comConnect with SarahConnect with Sarah on Instagram: with The Coach + Grow Co: Inner Money Flow:
If you’re a coach and wondering how you can run your business without it taking over your life, this is the episode for you. If you’re a health coach and feeling overwhelmed with the tech or all of the programs, if you’re burned out with social media, this episode will be like a big hug for your heart. My word for 2023 is simple, and in this episode you’ll learn how I’ve been simplifying my business so I can fully enjoy my time on this planet. I hope you love it.Join Inner Money Flow: Tools for Coaches: with Sarah on Instagram: with The Coach + Grow Co. on Instagram: Email us:
Inner Money Flow

Inner Money Flow


This episode is for you if you’re ready to do the Inner Work required to manifest your dream life and create unlimited abundance in your business. I chat with my husband, Peter Hagstrom, about our new spiritual program, Inner Money Flow, why we created it, what energy work is, and how to tap into the greatest potential that is available to all of us. It’s all about moving out of the mind, no longer forcing your way to success, and instead moving in the body and finding your flow.Join Inner Money Flow: with Sarah on Instagram: with The Coach + Grow Co. on Instagram: Email us:
If you’ve been thinking about getting on TikTok to promote your health coaching business or to sign clients, this episode is for you, my friend. Adele breaks down how she grew to over 170k followers by having fun and sharing her message. She takes all of the pressure off of posting and shares from the heart, which is what we are all about at The Coach + Grow Co. I hope you love it and if you do, let us know on social media or via email.Connect with Sarah on Instagram: with The Coach + Grow Co. on Instagram: Connect with Adele on TikTok: us:
If you’re feeling burned out as we wrap up the year, you are not alone. Tune in today as I share simple tips for overcoming burnout and working in alignment with your strengths and desires. Let’s tap into some of that feminine energy and end the year with a more balanced approach to business.Connect with Sarah on Instagram:@Sarah_HagstromConnect with The Coach + Grow Co: @TheCoachandGrowCoTake our quiz and find out which program is right for you: 
Jessica Gilman joins the podcast today; she’s part of the Launch, Coach + Grow coaching team and is a health coach herself. Her main focus is weight loss and holistic healing using nourishing foods. Today she shares her personal journey of finding her way as a health coach and someone on a healing journey. We cover imposter syndrome, changing your niche, running a podcast with your best friend, and so much more.Connect with Jessica on Instagram: with Sarah on Instagram:
Today I have my husband, Peter Hagstrom, on the podcast as we dive into our spiritual awakening and the journey we've been on this year as I heal my physical body and awaken my spiritual and emotional body. It’s been a wild ride but one we’re really excited about sharing with The Coach + Grow Co. community.Connect with Sarah on Instagram:
In this episode I talk to health coach Christine Terrio about how she shifted her mindset from an “I can’t” to an “I can” mindset. We also talk about the importance of showcasing your health journey as a health coach and how powerful your imperfections can be.Learn more about LCG for new health coaches: with Sarah on with Christine on Instagram:
You’re ready to launch your health coaching business online and curious about what to invest in? Today I’m sharing the honest truth about 4 things you think you need but really don’t. If you want to learn what I do recommend investing in, come over to our Instagram.Connect with Sarah on Instagram: with The Coach + Grow Co. on Instagram: we recommend for new health more about LCG for new health
Today we have our very own Kanna Laird, head of client happiness and success at The Coach + Grow Co. Kanna is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and registered nutritionist focusing on emotional eaters. Now Kanna helps our students in Launch Coach + Grow. She talks about her success as a health coach, best advice for new and experienced coaches, and reminds us to lower expectations for overall happiness.Connect with Kanna on Instagram: with Sarah on Instagram: more about LCG for new health
This episode really breaks down the steps needed to sign your first client online as a new health coach. If you need help finding clients, I know you are going to love this one. I talk about how these steps helped me not only sign my first client but scale my health coaching business.Connect with Sarah on Instagram: more about LCG for new health coaches:
If you’re curious about what to spend your limited amount of time on, this episode is for you. Today I go all over the place, talking about working with a Shaman, connecting to your heart, and a more feminine way to run a coaching business online. I also talk about Instagram reels, collaborations, and using Facebook as a health coach. If you’re tired of the masculine way of marketing your business, this will be a great episode for you.Connect with Sarah on Instagram: us in LCG Live:
If your limiting beliefs have been running the show, we should rewrite them and boost your confidence. So today, I'm sharing the importance of community, daily habits, and boundaries.Connect with Sarah on support launching your wellness brand in Launch, Coach + Grow:
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