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Author: Irene Falcone from Nourished Life

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Talking Clean with Irene is a show about how to kick the toxins out of your life and live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. On the show, we talk to scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and the creators behind the beautiful organic brands we love. Hosted by Irene Falcone, clean-living expert and Founder of Nourished Life.
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This might be a controversial opinion, but I think that skin care is the most important investment you can make! In this episode, you’ll find out how you can rejuvenate your skin and experience the magic of natural spa treatments without even needing to leave the house.This week I’m talking to Megan Larsen, the founder of Sodashi, one of Australia’s most luxurious organic skin care brands – and one of the pioneers of Australian natural beauty! Since its creation in the '90s, Sodashi has become a globally recognised brand that is now used by organic beauty therapists and facialists in exclusive, high-end spas around the world. Megan tells us the story of how Sodashi came about after she discovered a massive gap in the market and decided to combine the best of essential oils and skin care in her kitchen.An expert in essential oils and aromatherapy, Megan gives invaluable tips and advice on how to make the most of your skin care routine. She talks us through the Sodashi range, why it’s a bit more expensive than other brands and why we don’t necessarily need to conform to one “skin type”. Megan even addresses the controversy surrounding whether essential oils should be used in skin care, and also guides us through the basics of her book, Startups and Self Care (available from Booktopia, Sodashi, Amazon and Kindle). Key takeaways:The Sodashi range combines the benefits of essential oils and skin careThe Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturizer was the very first product Megan made and is still her best-selling product today.Megan says essential oils are some of the best anti-ageing ingredients in skin care but must be used correctly.Sodashi skin care products can be mixed and matched together, without needing to stick to just one skin type.If you’re not sure where to start, try a Sodashi cleanser, skin drops (or face polish) and a moisturiser. Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
When I started my low tox journey, I had absolutely no idea where to begin. It was incredibly hard to wade through all that research. Thankfully, nowadays, if you’re trying to live a low tox life but don’t know where to start, this week’s episode might change your life forever! Alexx Stuart, author of the bestselling book, Low Tox Life, joins me to share her expert tips and advice on how to kick the toxins from your life.Alexx started living her own low tox life through her blog, which turned into ebooks and online courses, and now her amazing book! We talk about what living a low tox life actually means, which products to replace first as well as Alexx’s favourite toxin-free goodies. We also cover why castile soaps are so amazing and versatile, why you need to look out for triclosan in the ingredients list of mainstream cleaning products, and even how to deal with mould in your house.And finally, Alexx really will blow your mind on the topic of food waste. We are often so caught up in what we choose to eat, but I had no idea about the extent of global issues caused by food waste. Key takeaways:The key pillars of living a low tox life are food, body, home & mind.Triclosan (an ingredient used in some mainstream cleaning products) has been banned in hand wash and hand sanitisers across the U.S. – in a study, it could not be proven to be more effective than soap and water.There’s no need to rush or panic – it can take a while to transform your home into a completely low-tox environment.Focus on the quick wins! Three small life changes are changing the water you drink, swapping your soap and replacing your pillow.If we all reduced our food waste to nothing, it would be equivalent to removing half a billion cars off the roads per year. Products and resources mentioned: Low Tox Life: A Handbook for a Healthy You and A Happy Planet – available at Nourished LifeDr Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps  – available at Nourished LifeSearch “organic latex pillow” or “organic cotton pillow” on Google for local low tox pillow optionsWaters Co water filters, jugs and drink bottles – available at Nourished LifeQueen B Beeswax CandlesLow Tox Life podcast – Show #75: Cate Burton cracks open the candle industry Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Until recently, I had a terrible addiction to having a pick-me-up coffee at 4:00 pm, every day. That was until I discovered these natural superfood lattes and swapped that addiction for a much healthier one, which gets me through my day without ANY caffeine!On this episode, Lisa Morrison, the nutritionist at Nutra Organics, talks us through the amazing benefits of these delicious and healthy lattes, which are all made by an Aussie, family-run business. Lisa talks us through all the different flavours and what time of day we should have them, including the Velvet Latte, Golden Latte, Mermaid Latte and my favourite — the Lunar Latte! But that’s not all… Lisa also takes us through the incredible range of Nutra Organics collagen powders, protein powders, vegan broths & bone broths and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives for a nutritious boost of goodness. Key takeaways:Nutra Organics lattes are supposed to be addictive – in a good way! Velvet Latte = detox, Golden Latte = anti-inflammatory, Mermaid Latte = energising, Lunar Latte = sleep.All the lattes are caffeine-free, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners! They can be enjoyed by the whole family, including kids.The Collagen Beauty powder uses a specific type of collagen designed to target hair, skin and nails, while the Collagen Body powder is designed to support our bones.Both vegan broths and bone broths are great for adding a boost of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into our daily diets. Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Some of the worst headaches I’ve ever had have been from walking through the perfume section of a department store, and in this episode, we’re investigating why! My guest is Vanessa Megan Gray, the founder and formulator of Vanessa Megan Advanced Organic Skincare and Perfumes. Vanessa is the queen of natural perfume – in fact, hers are truly the best natural perfumes I have ever smelled, and she’s here to tell us how she does it.In this episode, Vanessa reveals some of the toxic secrets contained in many mainstream perfumes, including phthalates and parabens. She uncovers the potential side effects of synthetic fragrances and their connection to our health, and also provides much needed insight into why we need to start choosing healthier alternatives.Vanessa’s goal is to create healthy alternatives to synthetic products and her all-natural perfumes are all that and more – they’re luxuriously bottled, smell just as good as our old mainstream favourites but don’t contain any of those nasties. Let Vanessa explain exactly how to get the most out of your natural perfume! Key takeaways:Synthetic perfumes may potentially be as bad as passive smokingMainstream perfumes may not disclose all ingredients – up to hundreds of synthetic ingredients can be hiddenIf you have to wear a synthetic fragrance, only spray it on your clothes, not your skinFor a long lasting natural perfume, apply to ‘warmer’ areas of the body to activate the scent, e.g. the base of the neckEssential oil-based natural perfumes provide aromatherapy benefits too Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Absolutely no one loves breakouts or hormonal acne, and in this episode, Dr Vivian Tam is here to help us get rid of them for good. Vivian is a doctor of Chinese medicine, cosmetic acupuncturist and the creator of the all natural Zilch Acne Formula. She initially created Zilch to treat her patients, but after achieving a 90% success rate in her clinic, she decided to make it available for us all!In this episode, Vivian talks us through how Zilch, a Chinese medicine based formula, can help to target different types of acne naturally. She talks us through exactly what makes Zilch different to other acne products on the market, and also opens our eyes to the importance of skin care and the lifestyle changes that are just as essential in keeping adult acne at bay.If you or your teenager are suffering from any type of acne, you won’t want to miss this invaluable advice from Dr Tam. Enjoy! Key takeaways:Zilch works from the inside out and doesn’t have to be taken long-termZilch can help with adult hormonal acne as well as teenage acneYour skin care and lifestyle also play a huge role in maintaining long-term resultsZilch can be used by men and teenage boys tooThe tablets can be crushed into powder if you can’t take them Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
This week’s episode gets a little bit dirty — we’re talking about sex toys! I’m joined by Alexandra Fine, who is a sexologist and the co-founder of Dame Products. Alexandra holds a masters in clinical psychology focused on sex therapy and actually made the prestigious Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list in 2018, so she knows everything there is to know about making sex toys that women actually want to buy!Dame Products is a collaboration between Alexandra and mechanical engineer Janet Liberman. Together, their focus has been on closing the ‘pleasure gap’ (listen to find out what it is!) with a line of vibrators designed by women for women. In this episode, Alexandra talks us through how Dame sex toys were created, how to use them and what makes them totally gamechanging.While talking about sex can be a little uncomfortable for some of us, Alexandra looks forward to a future where sexual experiences can be shared to create more positive interactions in the bedroom. Trust me, you do not want to miss this episode! Key takeaways:Dame Products were specifically designed for women by women to help close the pleasure gapDame aims to remove the taboo around talking about sexual pleasureAdvertising sex toys on social media is very challengingAlexandra believes good sex is not just a physical act but is also related to mindfulnessWaterproof sex toys can help meet the demand of busy mums! Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Love your guts! Your gut health, I mean. My guest in this gut health special is Lee Holmes, the founder of Supercharged Food and creator of the amazing Love Your Gut Powder. In this episode, Lee explains how diatomaceous earth can help to cultivate a healthy microbiome in your gut, and how it’s different to the stuff we use in the swimming pool!Lee talks us through the many benefits and properties of diatomaceous earth, including the science behind how it removes bad bacteria from our bodies, the minerals it contains and all the ways we can use it in cooking and baking.An experienced wholefoods chef, health & nutrition coach and published author, Lee brings a wealth of knowledge on all things gut health, while still keeping it simple for those of us who need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to nutrition. Key takeaways:Food-grade diatomaceous earth is the fossilised remains of algae – it’s vegan and full of mineralsThe negative charge in the powder is what captures and transports the bad bacteria out of your bodyKids may also benefit from taking diatomaceous earth – just half a teaspoon hidden in their food!You can take the powder to prep the gut before travelling to countries without the best water supplyRegarding inhalation, it’s totally fine for everyday use in the kitchen. You don’t want to purposely inhale it though, just like any fine particle Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Learn about exactly why you need to change your undies… change to bamboo undies, I mean! I’m talking about why we should all be wearing bamboo undies (as well as how often we should be replacing them.) My guest is Shaun Greenblo, the CEO of Boody Eco Wear, an Australian, family-owned brand which makes the softest and comfiest bamboo underwear and clothing you’ll ever wear.An expert on all things eco clothing, Shaun dispels myths and misconceptions about bamboo, telling us why we should choose bamboo over cotton and all the ways we can make sure it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Shaun also talks us through the importance of producing only the bare essentials, rather than making a tonne of clothes that will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. He reminds us why we should choose clothes which are not only designed to last a long time but are also manufactured with ethics in mind.There is a lot of controversy surrounding bamboo and its sustainability, so let Shaun help clear up some of the misinformation as well as provide insights into what makes bamboo such an easy choice when it comes to buying a fresh pair of undies. Key takeaways:Boody’s bamboo fabric is environmentally sustainable and ethically madeBoody bamboo clothing is slow fashion, rather than fast fashion.A pair of bamboo undies can last years and can be disposed of thoughtfullyBamboo is both a cooling and warming fabric – it is breathable but also insulating.Boody has received a wide range of official certifications surrounding manufacturing, production and safety. Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
Lisa Bronner is proudly carrying the family flag with her grandfather’s world-famous Dr Bronner’s soap business, which started way back in 1948. In this episode, she shares the history of these “magic” soaps and how they’ve actually become more relevant in the 21st Century than ever before.Famous across the globe, the classic Dr Bronner’s castile soap is incredibly versatile and can be used for more than 18 different uses on ourselves and around the home. Lisa explains exactly what sets these soaps apart from the rest, how to make the most of them, and why it’s possible to use the same soap for dishwashing and cleaning your face!Lisa also dispels the myths surrounding palm oil in Dr Bronner’s, once and for all, explaining that the family business is completely transparent about only using sustainably sourced, fair trade palm oil. She clears up these grey areas, talking us through Dr Bronner’s initiatives to educate on sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients and the importance of fair trade.Made from nothing but plant-based, natural ingredients, Lisa bursts the bubble myth and explains how the Dr Bronner’s soaps perform even better than their mainstream synthetic counterparts. She also sheds light on the history of ingredients in personal care products and why we should start shopping smarter.Lisa also has her own blog called ‘Going Green with a Bronner Mom’ which focuses on helping us live clean and eco-friendly lives. Key takeaways:Dr Bronner’s castile soaps are completely natural, with no synthetic or animal-based ingredientsThese multipurpose soaps have a whopping 18 uses – everything from cleaning to washing our faces!Dr Bronner’s was the first company in the USA to use 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles and paperThere is such a thing as sustainable and ethical palm oil – no animals or habitats are harmed in the production of Dr Bronner’s soapsBubbles ≠ clean! Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
What if you could replace your entire skin care routine with just one single product? Well, Ross Macdougald has found a way to do exactly that, and it can actually transform your skin for the better. Ross is a highly experienced chemist and the founder of Biologi, a unique and innovative range of single-ingredient serums made from Australian native fruit.Biologi’s secret lies in an innovative extraction method, which actually allows them to take the liquid matrix which flows inside plants and bottle it up for the most potent and powerful skin care possible.In this episode, it’s revealed that most other skincare products may only contain 2% active ingredients, while Biologi delivers pure, natural and stable nutrients, such as vitamin C, direct from the plant to our skin.A true expert on all things chemistry, Ross discusses the benefits of each serum in the Biologi range, exactly how to use them, and how to choose correctly based on your skin type. Key takeaways:Biologi is the world’s first single-ingredient serum which delivers stable, natural Vitamin C – directly from a plantYour current skincare might not be anywhere near as powerful and active as you thinkThe nutrients found in Biologi are vastly different to man-made ingredientsMake sure you choose your serum based on your skin typeIf you experience sticky skin after using Biologi, it means it’s working! Links and resources: Join my podcast Facebook Group: Connect:
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