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A man with a mic talking about everything and anything he likes, from his throne, the couch.
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In this week's episode I give you an update on Movember, my lip slug and my challenge (or lack there of...), I break down my weekend, lovely little weekend. I talk State Of Origin and how good it was, I talk some movies and joining Binge and getting stuck in the paradox of choice. My back's shagged itself again and this leads me to talking about messages from the universe and I discuss some realisations over the course of the month. All this and more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode (Movember, Part 2) I am joined by fellow mo bro and all round legend Eli Butler. I don't know Eli really really well but know him enough to see his oozes optimism and walk the walks. We go into Eli's journey from enjoying fitness, to working in the industry, changing within his chosen industry and now running his own business and gym. Eli takes me through his philosophy on why he does what he does, how he loves helping people and how he's grown himself through his owns fears and battles. Do yourself a favour and listen to the poddy as he shells out nuggets of gold over the hour we chatted. Eli Butler, all round nice guy and top bloke - Lend Us Your Ears.
In this weeks episode I open the show with a bit of weekend chat before diving into why I am doing Movember and what it is about. I go pretty deep in this episode, the idea was to be very open about my own experiences and dealing with feelings of anxiety and possibly depression. This podcast is dedicated to creating awareness for anyone having a particularly bad time, I hope this poddy helps you. More to come in this space... Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode I breakdown the weekend but in particular the AFL and NRL grand finals, I talk my obsession with grass and my favourite group on facebook now 'Australian Lawn Fanatics'. I talk a cool Van Halen Story (Van Halen Lost Weekend, youtube it). I give you an update on the first relationship counselling session my partner and I had, it was honestly gold, more to come here. I breakdown my plans for the poddy in November and I set out the challenge for November aka Movember - queue the porno moustache! All this and more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this weeks episode I bring back an old poddy guest and all round top bloke Jarrud Sukjai and we talk conspiracy theories. Jarrud laps this stuff up so I really wanted to get him on the show to discuss a few of the worlds biggest conspiracy theories after dabbling in some myself over a few shows recently. We go deep, we may ruffle feathers but we mean well. Have a listen and try not to be offended. Lend Us Your Ears.
In this weeks episode I discuss why I recorded the show a day late, hint hint, I had a bad day. I give my predictions on the Brisbane Lions game this week as well as both NRL games and which teams will make the finals for both codes. Chat my weekend and a few funny stories that happened. I talk doing a strength session at the gym Sunday morning and setting consistency with going to the gym, I talk going viral, I give Eddie Van Halen a shout out and share 10 facts about the guitar god and I chat about my plans for November. All this and more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode I chat my long weekend, I chat three wins I've had in the last week (sold a car, got a promotion and sold my first KOTC shirts). I discuss a conspiracy theory I have never heard involving Paul McCartney and him being dead. I also chat a bit of mental heath, in particular anxiety, been a while since I've touched on anxiety but it reared it's ugly head and wanted to share some words on it. Bit of a scattered poddy after the long weekend but nevertheless the poddy is here to help you through the working week. Lend Me Your Ears.
In this weeks episode I chat about my weekend, standard. I breakdown the 2 title fights at UFC 253, I talk a little bit of Broncos and their new coach Kevin Walters. I talk about telling the truth to friends and family about certain things that could potentially offend them, I talk Joe Rogan (the podcast GOAT) and his deal with Spotify and how Spotify are losing the plot. I mention another fear, I mention a new show Mr Inbetween and I have another two punchable offences to share with you, oh and I also tell you why I don't like wearing thongs. Lend Me Your Ears.
In this weeks episode I talk, in length about our family trip to Birdworld in Maleny and how I faced a fear by doing so. I touch base on a personal topic regarding counselling, in particular relationship counselling and how this topic is important to share. I talk selling my car and dealing with mechanics, I have another punchable offence and I share a couple of good news stories... This and a whole lot more so as always, Lend me your ears.
In this week's episode I talk about the first line of King Of The Couch shirts going live! I give my mum a birthday shoutout (HB MUM!) I discuss a few meals, Italian and Chicken schnitty's (how good), I talk a couple of questions, mainly NRL related, bringing back the biff and Bennett back at the Broncos, I talk Hannibal and Scream 5, I discuss a couple of good news story around Jarrod Croker and I talk facebook groups and also give you my 2 cents on Only Fans, fascinating world we live in. All this and more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode I talk a whole lot of random stuff, starting with Fathers Day and what a lovely day it was, I give you a little review of the new Coopers Hazy IPA, I give you a banger recipe for fish taco's, I talk some financial advice around selling my cars and adjusting my loan rates and I go deep on The Lizard People... And I have 2 punchables offences for you, all this and a bit more. Lend Me Yours Ears.
G'day legends, in this weeks episode I talk about hurting my bloody back again, I talk a lot about movies, feel good movies and one called Devils Dust. I talk about a doco called heal and more so about a doco series unwell and the fasting episode and my thoughts on a few types of fasting, from this I go a little into diet, giving my 2 cents on what some kooks will try. I give a couple of tributes to Chadwick Boseman and Riley Gale and I talk a bit about covid-19, my thoughts on what's currently happening and if I see an end to it or not. Sprinkled with my own personal flavour of course... Oh and the shows now got over 5000 listens so I give you and myself a big shout out - Lend Me Yours Ears.,
In this week's episode I sit down with a good mate of Bec's (now mine to) Jaimi Sukjai. Jaimi and I talked about a lot of cool topics and it was a proper good time. From running her own business, the pros and cons, using social media as her main tool to promote her business and how important it is. We got deep on haircuts that are back, we share what we'd like to do next with our her. We talk fashion, in particular ugly but practical fashion, we talk having the confidence to pull anything you wear off. We talk kids and parenting and giving them the right answers. We talk positive body image, for both sexes. We talk some of the recent bad things that are happening in the world and even Michael Jackson get's a mention.... This was a cool convo and we go deep but have a laugh at the same time. Lend Us Your Ears.
I am back - in this week's episode I discuss our whole move, the ups and downs and annoyance of moving. Dealing with a bad Real Estate and all the things that come with moving but I do gush over the love for our new home. I discuss the last couple of weekends and the highlights, some family gatherings and a little boat ride with the family, I hurt my back coming off the boat too, classic. I discussed connecting with Bec and the importance of this. I also give my thoughts on the recent Anthony Seibold allegations... I actually talk a lot tonight, just listen, I'm back baby after a week off. Lend Me Your Ears.
Missed a week but I am back! in this week's episode I discuss quite a few things, I talk moving and why I missed last week's episode (one was recorded and will be posted soon), I talk collecting random things and having to cull when moving and also what to do with things you collect but aren't using anymore. I go in depth about the little one's first trip to daycare and how I got a massive lump in my throat. I talk about when someone passes away and you feel like you'd knew them more when they were here, I use an example of a recent musician who passed away. I give a huge shout out to Moffat Beach where we are moving from, I shout out 2 shows, Two Minutes To Late Night (youtube) and I See You on (netflix) and I give my 2 cents on the 2 chicks who jumped the borders into Queensland. Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode I chat my weekend and a few things in the past week, I discuss how I think the Broncos can be fixed, I talk my emotions being a bit up and down this past week, I talk about Arabella going to daycare this week, I discuss Peppa Pig, I talk about an ad I saw for a toy called 'The Booty Shaking Lama' legit, it's a thing. I talk feeling uncomfortable about certain things now I am a dad, and this rolls in talking about the Jeffrey Epstein doco. All this and a lot more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this weeks episode, I am having a farking good time having a chat. I go deep on the weekend and sending it with loved ones, in particular Bec on our Friday night. Hit up Stu's baby shower, watched the Broncos game, watched UFC 251 (Full breakdown in Episode 55), I share some good pizza recipes (badly). I talk about intermittent fasting last week and my 2 cents around it, I enjoy by the way. I talk a lot about breath work, something that really interests me at the moment but I also listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with James Nestor so I discuss the things I learnt plus want to get involved in. I also talk The Sinner Season 3, I recommend a movie called 'Kill List' and talk about watching the first episode of the Jeffrey Epstein doco, ew... Lend Me Your Ears.
JUST BLEED! My 2 cents on UFC 251!
The poddy turns 1! We've been going strong for 12 months now so this episode felt good to do. I discussed my last week off, smashing the beers with family and friends and battling the pandemic known as 'Man Flu'. I talk about the last year and something of things I have really enjoyed discussing and highlight quite a few things, being honest and pegging to name a couple. I talk about a little story about Arabella and her daycare visit, I answer 3 questions, I give 2 movie reviews, one in particular you should really watch, 'Queen and Slim', I give some shouts, I have some funny stories, I rant about Dyson's hand driers and I have a good news story from none other than the legendary beer known as Coopers. All this and more - Lend Me Your Ears.
In this week's episode I answer quite a few questions I got, all good and all answered with unbridled enthusiasm... I even let you all know my favourite sex position. I chat a little bit of sport, namely what the f*ck is doing with the Broncos. I talk my weekend, in particular the lack of drinks I had (that was a good thing), connecting with Bec Friday night and just family time i general. I caught up with a great mate over the weekend so I gush over my friends for a bit. I give you an update on my week at the gym last week, how my week panned out being healthy and making changes. I talk slow cooked bolognase. I also have a dig about fat people walking slow, very serious content. Lend Me Your Ears.
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